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When that vigorous subordinate of Xi Men Qian noticed the tense atmosphere, he smiled ingratiatingly and stepped forward to relieve the situation: "Mr. Representatives, my young master was only joking. You should not treat what he said seriously. He only wanted to encourage a fair competition. Since that Humble Qin family is going to challenge the Wealthy Xu. As the first family of Southcloud State, the Xi Men Feudal Lords have a duty to maintain the fairness of the Family Class Evaluations in each region. He only wanted to remind the Da Xi family to stay neutral. Besides this, he had no other intentions."

The man with the sword-like brows frowned: "I genuinely hope you guys had no other intentions. The Zhen Wu Holy Place oversees the Family Class Evaluations. If any other powerhouses wanted to meddle in this affair, they would harm not only others but also themselves. Since the Humble Qin family is participating in the Family Class Evaluation, they should not receive any forms of discrimination and injustice."

As soon as he spoke these words, everyone was extremely surprised. It was true that Zhen Wu Holy Place had always acted with justice. However, that justice had always been on paper, based on principle.

Between the Feudal Lords and Humble Class, the representatives knew which side was more important as they understood the way society worked. However, this official spokesman of the Zhen Wu Holy Place sounded as if he meant to support the Humble Qin family.

Could they have heard it wrong, or had the norm changed in the Bai Yue Country? Since when did the face of a Feudal Lord family become less valuable than the existence of a tiny Humble Class family?

Xi Men Qian also felt that the situation was very strange. Under normal circumstances, even if his remarks had been inappropriate, they could just have laughed it away. This matter could have been either been taken seriously or lightly. And this representative of Zhen Wu Holy Place had deliberately wanted to turn it into a serious business.

Without a doubt, this was not because the Zhen Wu Holy Place wanted to uphold justice. They must have had an ulterior motive.

However, in today's situation, Xi Men Qian knew that he would surely lose his face since the representative had spoken. It would be a joke if he wanted to try and regain his pride.

It was likely that if he stayed any longer, it would only lead to further humiliation. Thus, he cupped his hands and said lightly: "Please forgive me for my inappropriate remarks earlier. Since this matter is over, I will leave first. Please excuse me."

As soon as he had finished speaking, he started walking away with a solemn face. Although an offspring of a Feudal Lord family could not act hostile before representatives of the Zhen Wu Holy Place, it did not mean he could not act proud.

Since the Xi Men family ranked fifth among the "Twelve Great Feudal Lords," their power was notable in the entire Bai Yue country. They undoubtedly had networks and supporters in the Zhen Wu Holy Place.

The man with the sword-shaped brows, along with that grizzly beard old man, nodded at the departing Xi Men Qian. They did not stop him.

Suddenly, Qin Wushuang smiled lightly and opened his mouth to speak: "Young Master Xi Men, I have something to say that may not sound very pleasant to your ears. But I must advise you—A man must humble himself before others do so. Regardless of whether you're a Feudal Lord, you are nothing more than a blade of grass in a sea of green. You used your identity to humiliated the Venerable Da Xi family and my Humble Qin family. Since you have insulted us, then don't blame others if they abuse you in the future."

Such provoking words had been spoken clearly and loudly, leaving everyone who heard it speechless. They had previously witnessed how Qin Wushuang had displayed his pride before an offspring of the Wealthy Class. But, they did not expect that this son of the Qin family would dare to be so outspoken before people of the Feudal Lords. Indeed, he showed no fear at all.

Those offspring of the Venerable families who had previously objected to Qin Wushuang's "treatment" of Du Xiang could not help but reflect on their actions. In fact, they were embarrassed because if Qin Wushuang, being an offspring of Humble Class, could display such boldness and resolution before a Feudal Lord. He was far more courageous than them. Under this circumstance, if it were them, would they have dared to stand up against Xi Men Qian?

Xi Men Qian's anger instantly reached its boiling point. In normal circumstance, if an offspring of the Humble Class had dared to provoke him like Qin Wushuang had done, he would have already attacked him and taught him a crucial lesson.

However, right now, he could only restrain himself in the current circumstances. He glared at Qin Wushuang and sized him up from head to toe. He said harshly: "Son of the Qin family, in Southcloud State, you are the first one that has ever dared to talk back to me, an offspring of a Feudal Lord. Soon, you will pay a dear price for this!"

"I will be waiting." Qin Wushuang smiled casually. He had been threatened by far more exceptional and deadlier people than Xi Men Qian in his former world. In the end, none of them ever managed to carry out their threats.

Qin Lianshan had been chatting with a few of his aristocratic friends and had only arrived at the main hall after the incident. He was still furious when he heard the details from Qin Xiu. When he heard that the Xi Men Feudal Lords had interfered, he became even more anxious.

In the end, a birthday party had turned into a pre-show for each of the powerhouses to fight openly and maneuver covertly.

The two representatives of the Zhen Wu Holy Place only chatted with Da Xi Heng for a moment, handed over their gifts and left soon after. That grizzly beard representative only looked at Qin Wushuang with an almost imperceptible smile. He did not show too much favor toward him.

All the guests were deeply worried and sick at heart. All of them left after a brief meal. Everyone knew that this time, the Venerable Da Xi family had offended the Xi Men Feudal Lords.

Who were the Xi Men Feudal Lords? They were a mighty existence that was recognized in the entire Bai Yue Country. The number one family and the absolute power in Southcloud State.

Compared to them, how could the Venerable Da Xi family, a little head of the county match up to them?

Da Xi Heng had noticed everything, yet he did not call attention to their behaviour and just calmly watched as they departed.

One's true color would only show under pressure, and time would reveal the truth. In such a critical moment, one could see the truth that usually stayed hidden.

Soon, almost all of the guests had left. The rest that remained were close friends of the Venerable Da Xi family.

Surprisingly, the Humble Qin family had not left.

Before Da Xi Heng had a chance to speak, Qin Wushuang said: "Patriarch Da Xi, please prepare an empty room for the Grand Matriarch. I am going to treat her illness."

Da Xi Heng blushed with shame. Inwardly, he was impressed with Qin Wushuang's magnanimity. Previously, when Xi Men Qian had given voice to his dissatisfaction, although Da Xi Heng did not drop stones on them, he had every intent to sever ties with the Qin family. Unexpectedly, Qin Wushuang did not mind and was still willing to treat his mother. It clearly showed that he was a broad-minded person.

Qin Wushuang seemed to have seen through Da Xi Heng's thoughts as he smiled: "I've already told you, I am willing to treat your mother because of Big Brother Da Xi. What do all those political maneuverings have to do with me?"

Da Xi Heng realized that the teenager before him was not someone to make empty promises. Instead, he was honest and straightforward. Indeed, he had a noble character and unquestionable integrity and did not want anything from his family.

Or else, with the previous situation, Qin Wushuang would have already left.

The roots of the elderly lady's illness lied with her network of arteries. Since her arteries and veins were damaged, the treatment should also focus on that area. He would use the gold needle to puncture the Sanyinjiao acupoint. Then, coupled with the Genuine Qi to dredge the veins, he would do this once every day, and thirty minutes each time.

In his former world, Qin Wushuang had excelled in acupuncture. When he used it, no one would even feel the needles. His supreme skill could be seen on display in the very first needle he inserted. Additionally, Qin Wushuang had practiced the Sun Force, which served as the appropriate cure to expulse the dark and moist air inside the body.

The Grand Matriarch's initially unchanging and unhealthy looking face soon showed a slight glow. It seemed that his treatment was much more efficient than when Da Xi Heng transferred his Genuine Qi into her.

"Grand Matriarch, your body will recover after I've treated you using acupuncture for half a month. Regarding how much of your power you can regain, it will depend entirely on you. Unfortunately, no human power can help you there."

Unable to conceal her happiness, the elderly lady said: "I have lived almost eighty years with half of my body already in the grave. Power means nothing to me. I only ask for the luxury of not suffering from the sickness at my old age. A'Heng, from today, the Humble Qin family will be the great savior of our Venerable Da Xi family! You must remember, the Venerable Da Xi family should never stab people in the back, especially someone that helped us!"

Da Xi Heng was submissive. He did not dare to object and only nodded.

"I know those elders in the family have separated personal and family businesses. They wanted to protect themselves before the Xi Men Feudal Lords. They are right, but I want you to remember, gratitude is the essence of a human being."

As Da Xi Heng hesitated on how to answer to her, Qin Wushuang laughed casually: "Grand Matriarch, you don't have to treat me like a savior. Although my Humble Qin family has a lower status, we are not the kind to put benefits before favors. I only treated you because I like Big Brother Da Xi. If it were someone from the Xi Men Feudal Lord who was sick and had kneeled before me to beg me, I would ignore them!"

Before Da Xi Heng had a chance to react, Qin Wushuang had already started to walk out. He joined his father and sister in the main hall and cupped his hands toward Da Xi Ming: "Big Brother Da Xi, tomorrow at this time, please bring your grandmother to the inn. I will perform acupuncture every day at the same time for half a month. She will be healthy in no time."

As he watched the Qin family leave, Da Xi Heng moved toward the door. He word a serious expression as his gaze lingered on Qin Wushuang's departing figure. After a moment of silence, he let out a long sigh.

"Why is Father sighing?" Da Xi Yang was dumbfounded.

"He is surely the one that will lift the Qin family up to prosperity! Yang'Er, forgive me for saying this, although you achieved a higher grade than Qin Wushuang on the Martial Arts Students' Exam, regarding real power, this kid… Haha, I can only say that this person is not some mediocre kid and will go very far. This little River County, very soon it will no longer be big enough for him!"

"Father, even if the Qin family had been a Wealthy Class before and had hidden their power, Xi Men Qian will definitely remember his grudge. I feel, in the future, the Humble Qin family will struggle."

Da Xi Yang voiced his opinions. Smiling, Da Xi Heng did not respond as he looked at Da Xi Ming. He wanted to know the thoughts of his eldest son.

"Qin Wushuang, he is a guy that has lived up to his name. Regardless of talent or personality, he will be unrivaled nationwide. Forget this little River County, even the Bai Yue Country will soon be too small for him. His limit is the Spiritual Realm!"

It was the highest praise Da Xi Ming could give, and the highest praise young people at Bai Yue Country could receive. Even Xi Men Qian who had defeated him in one move had never received such a high evaluation from Da Xi Ming!

Da Xi Heng nodded heavily. He agreed with Da Xi Ming's opinion: "Xi Men Qian brought his humiliation upon himself. One day, he will meet with big trouble from Qin Wushuang! Xi Men Feudal Lords… Haha, maybe it's time for a change of scenery in Southcloud State…"

Da Xi Heng gave a long sigh, this long sigh contained various complicated meanings. It was laden with expectations and traces of regret. He looked forward to the change that would occur to the stagnant climate in Southcloud State and he felt remorseful because, on the matter of Humble Qin family, he seemed to have a let a momentous opportunity slip through his grasp…

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