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With the death of Mr. Xue, the battle had completely fallen under Qin Wushuang and his spiritual beasts' control. The other two at the Profound Void Martial Stage were also killed one after another.

The remaining elite warriors at the Transformation Void Martial Stage were powerless to stop Qin Wushuang and his comrades' killing spree, much less escape for their lives.

Including Mr. Xue, all sixteen martial artists had been completely eradicated without any doubt.

 "So refreshing, ha ha, it's truly so refreshing!" One Horn Mystical Horse and Pure Altar Precious Pig all laughed. Apparently, the battles of these two nights had more or less helped to satisfy their craving.

Only through such battles would allow them to experience the thrill of battles.

 "Sky Phoenix, look around and see if there are any fishes that had escaped the nets, or any ears to the wall." Qin Wushuang gave the order. Hissing Sky Phoenix gave a chirp and flew away.

After several days of taking the initiative to attack and setting up ambushes, it had allowed Qin Wushuang and his friends to take control of the situation of the Dispersed Praying Mountain completely.

They also kept pushing forward their defense line.

Presently, between the border of the Orderly Mountain Prefecture and Dispersed Praying Mountain of the Xuan Yuan Mound, large groups of freelance martial artists gathered around the area on the border. These freelance martial artists had already viewed the Dispersed Praying Mountain as a forbidden zone.

Those freelance martial artists who had escaped from the Dispersed Praying Mountain had disseminated their nightmare-like encounters to everywhere. This had poured a bucket of cold water onto those freelance martial artists who were still dreaming of going to the human countries. From head to toe, they shivered in coldness.

The news of how Profound Void Martial Stage warriors continually dying was enough to make most freelance martial artists stop their footsteps.

Death was not a joke. Even if these freelance martial artists possessed divine skills that ordinary people did not have, in the end, all lives were equal.

Before entering the Divine Dao, everyone would only have one life. No one would bet their life as a joke.

This way, the border between the Dispersed Praying Mountain and the Orderly Mountain Prefecture had almost resulted in a traffic congestion.

Especially at the Iron Wood State city that was located at the border where freelance martial artists from all parts of the country gathered in this city. This had instantly put the Iron Wood State city under tremendous pressure.

Fortunately, the Iron Wood State city had considerable accommodations. Although too many freelance martial artists had rushed in abruptly, it did not cause the city to descend into chaos.

At this time, these freelance martial artists had lost their previous fanatical spirits. For those who had been to the Dispersed Praying Mountain and escaped, each of them hung their heads dispiritedly. Inwardly, they were filled with various emotions such as fear, dread, and a sense of disinclination.

 "Darn it, indeed Divine Treasures are good things. All those Profound and Transformation elite warriors lost their lives. Along the way, the remains of many corpses were strewn about. It seems the Divine Treasure do hold tremendous attraction!"

 "I am suspicious about how those desolate and remote human countries where birds would not even leave their droppings would even have Divine Treasure? Everyone, speak up, did we got fooled by someone? Where did this information come from? Who was the first one that spread this information?"

As soon as this person said these words, the other freelance martial artists fell into a deep contemplation. Some smarter ones could not help but nod: "That's right, if the human countries truly had a Divine Treasure, they could nurture geniuses. For all these years, the human countries should be full of talented people. However, did you ever hear of some exceptional figures from the human countries?"

 "Isn't there a Qin Wushuang? Or is it because there are more rumors than what the eyes had seen. Who knows how powerful that Qin Wushuang is?"

 "Isn't that right? He only built some tiny reputation in the human countries and bluffed his way all the way to the Xuan Yuan Mound. I feel that most likely we were fooled by some people."

Such opinions began to quickly emerge more and more. Instantly, it had created an extremely lively scene at the Freelance Martial Artist Union at the Iron Wood State city.

At this time, in one of the room inside the union, a man dressed in black cloak was standing before the window. Behind him, a subordinate stood respectfully.

This person in the black cloak was Luo Ting of the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect. That respectful subordinate was Black Panther, the errand man that would throw away his life for Luo Ting.

 "Did you hear that, some people are already suspicious!" Luo Ting's tone sounded somewhat unhappy, "Black Panther, your manipulation of the public opinions still did not achieve the best effect. Or else, others would not have seen the slightest flaws."

Black Panther felt somewhat wronged. He had used almost all of his efforts to make those rumors appear genuine. As for the matter of people becoming suspicious, for anyone that could make a thoughtful decision, they would become suspicious after encountering the situation at the Dispersed Praying Mountain.

 "Young Master, the primary problem now are the identity of those killers at the Dispersed Praying Mountain? Could it not be that Qin Wushuang? From their description, it seems that among those killers, there are people and spiritual beasts. It feels like Qin Wushuang's group!" Black Panther spoke carefully.

That Luo Ting shouted: "Impossible! A while ago, the information stated that Qin Wushuang had appeared at the Wild Flame Cliff. He would not have made back to the human countries before me! Black Panther, do you think the travelling speed of that Qin Wushuang is faster than mine?"

Black Panther said: "I am only afraid that Qin Wushuang is a crafty rabbit with three burrows. Who knows if he had truly come to the Xuan Yuan Mound? Perhaps, that seemingly genuine information from Iron Holler could have been a fake one. It could even be an illusion created by that Qin Wushuang intentionally?"

Luo Ting shook his head in denial: "Black Panther, my instincts tells me that Qin Wushuang had absolutely entered the Xuan Yuan Mound. Regarding his current whereabouts, I cannot determine that at the moment. I can only say that this guy is extremely cunning."

Black Panther gave a long sigh: "If those murders and ambushers of the Dispersed Praying Mountain are not Qin Wushuang and his group, who could it be? From my investigation, the Dark Green Cloud Daoist sect and Primary Central Sect did not send people to the Dispersed Praying Mountain. In other words, these two major sects are not very interested in that rumor. Perhaps, they are much more interested in Qin Wushuang than his family and sects."

 "I don't care about the identity of those ambushers! In the end, my desire is that they no continue to live and stop the footsteps of these freelance martial artists! With those guys guarding the Dispersed Praying Mountain, if they do not move out, certainly these martial artists will not pass the border!"

Thinking to this point, Luo Ting's handsome face was twisted as his facial muscles trembled slightly. He said angrily: "That Qin Wushuang is having really good dog luck, even someone at the Dispersed Praying Mountain is shouldering the burden for him?"

 "Young Master, I hear the Monkey Clan of the Monkey King Mountain have some friendly relation with Qin Wushuang. Could it be something done by the Monkey King Mountain?" Black Panther issued this question again.

 "Monkey King Mountain? First, they do not have the guts; second, they do not have the strength!" Again, Black Panther rejected Black Panther's suggestion.

Up until now, the course of events seemed to have gotten away from Luo Ting's control. At least, the situation at that Dispersed Praying Mountain was something Luo Ting would not have thought about, even if he broke his head.

Suddenly, Luo Ting asked again: "Any news of that slut?"

Black Panther shook his head with dismay: "Recently, I have been paying attention to the movements of those freelance martial artists at the Dispersed Praying Mountain, and did not hear any news in relation with Miss Mu Rong. Young Master, all those freelance martial artists had entered the Dispersed Praying Mountain, could it be that none of them passed through the mountain and entered the human countries?"

Luo Ting said with a bad mood: "If I know about it, I would not be so confused."

Amidst their conversation, suddenly Luo Ting turned around with an unsightly expression. He made a gesture to motion Black Panther to not utter a word and to used his spiritual perception to listen.

Not knowing what was going on, Black Panther followed Luo Ting's instructions and used his spiritual perception to listen.

He only heard a voice asking loudly down at the hall: "Is that true? Your information is also a piece of rumor right?"

 "I don't know whether it's true or fake, I also heard from someone! That person is really young and had a pair of strange silver eyes. He spoke it with earnestly and made me believe it."

 "After some careful analysis, I do feel it makes some sense. Since that Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect did not succeed in killing Qin Wushuang, and with the rumor between Qin Wushuang and Miss Mu Rong, it would be strange if Luo Ting was not flustered and exasperated. If this is the scheme engineered by Luo Ting, it's not strange for him to spread rumors intentionally. I think it's worth believing it!"

 "Luo Ting? That Luo Ting, young disciple with the number one potential of the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect? Impossible? Can disciples of the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect be so low?"

"Ha ha, disciples of the sects are not necessarily more noble than us freelance martial artists. Most likely they are more despicable than us!"

 "I always felt that this matter was not trustworthy. If it was truly done by Luo Ting, this is something that would destroy his reputation completely. In case someone was to disclose it to the Heavenly Emperor Mountain, even the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect will also suffer. If the other major sects of the other Forbidden Spiritual Zones decides to go after this matter, the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect will not get off easily!"

One sentence after another, the crowd became engaged in a lively discussion.

And Luo Ting's expression appeared wretched and full of fury as if someone had owed him a few hundred million crystal stones and refused to repay him.

"Did you hear that? Black Panther, is this the good thing you had done?" Luo Ting had almost gritted his teeth, "I only told you to arrange a small matter, and you led the muddy waters back to me!"

Black Panther felt that he had been wronged: "Young Master, I really did it with extreme care, and certainly you would not get exposed! For sure there is something hidden going on."

 "Damn the hidden matters!" Luo Ting was almost going mad. He knew the result better than anyone. If the truth was investigated and it was discovered that it was caused by him, even if the Heavenly Emperor Mountain would not look into the responsibility of the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, the entire sect would certainly become a public enemy to the world of freelance martial artist!

Only, never in Luo Ting's dreams had he imagined that Qin Wushuang, the one he had tried to frame was preparing to counterattack!

 "Young Master, once the rumors spread out, the situation would become unfavorable to us. What should we do?"

 "What to do? Categorically deny it! This is not a robbery case, without thieves or loot, no one will punish us! Anyways, you already killed those who had spread the rumors. No one can do anything without any proof!"

Luo Ting was rather cold and appeared shameless.

 "Regardless, you must take out those snipers of the Dispersed Praying Mountain. The rumors will be impossible to stop the unreasonable greed of freelance martial artists. Black Panther, I don't care what methods you use, you must make those bastards of the Dispersed Praying Mountain disappear!"

Luo Ting was utterly discomfited and exasperated!

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