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 "Mr. Xue, how come there are only three bodies? Where is the other one?" That guy with the short gourd figure could not help but ask.

The face of Mr. Xue seemed to have been bitten by a viper as his facial muscles kept twitching: "Cunning! They are truly cunning! Do you all still remember that young man? The one with the somewhat silver eyes? For sure it's him, he poisoned these three friends to death! It seems that a guy with malicious intentions was mixed in with us!"

 "Silver eyes? A poison user?" That scholar was stunned, "Regarding this aspect, he seemed to resemble the third sibling, Ying Long of Kong Dai. Do you all remember this person?"

"Ying Long? It's not right, Ying Long should have silver hair and silver brows! For that young man, I remember his hair being black! I would not have remembered this point incorrectly!"

That scholar said with a miserable tone: "Hair can be changed, but how many people with silver eyes have you seen in the past? At the same time how many have you seen before that specializes in using poison?"

Instantly, these words left everyone dumbstruck. This was the truth. In the freelance martial artist world, it was rare for a person to have silver pupils. It was rarer for someone with silver eyes that specialized in using poison.

However, someone still expressed their confusion.

 "That's not right. If that person was Ying Long, then how did Kong Dai die around this area, and his body left hanging? No matter how little that Ying Long values loyalty, he could not have poisoned Kong Dai to death and then put him on public display? Besides, Kong Dai was an elite warrior at the Profound Void Martial Stage. Even if that Ying Long wanted to do it, he did not have the skills to do it!"

 "That's right, could it be that the body of that Kong Dai was fake?"

Mr. Xue denied firmly: "Kong Dai's corpse would not be fake. On this point, I am absolutely sure of it. Kong Dai was definitely the real one. Whether this person is Ying Long, then I have no clue."

 "Mr. Xue, presently, only sixteen of us remain. Regarding the number and the background of the enemy, we still have no clue."

 "Yes, it's useless if we continue this way.

Mr. Xue gave a long sigh and fixed his gaze on the night sky. He also had no clue. With the enemies being able to act so freely to this extent, it was apparent that they had completely destroyed the morale of this side.

Suddenly, that guy with the short gourd figure called out: "Mr. Xue, I say, we have gotten off on the wrong start. We should not have just waited here. Talk about it you guys, what do we gain by waiting here? To wait for others to go first? Everyone is thinking this, yet who is so stupid to be the first one? Thus, from the beginning our mind had been ruled by fear. If those people did not run backwards and everyone runs forward, the enemies will not be able to stop us, with their lack of manpower."

Although this guy with the short gourd figure spoke crudely, his words had won a generally favorable response. Presently, everyone could see that the enemy had been deliberately setting up the formation to stop them from moving forward. Then, they had used dividing tactics to separate and kill us, which has led to the current situation.

Otherwise, if a few hundred freelance martial artists charged forward with their full power, the enemies would not even know whom to stop even if they wanted. Even if someone died during the chaos, it would never lead to the current situation.

Since that Mr. Xue held a high reputation, everyone fixed their gazes onto him. Apparently, they were waiting for him to make the final call.

 "Everyone, it seems just defending will not solve anything! To retreat or to move forward, everyone shall vote! If more people vote for retreat, we will retreat! If the majority favors advancing forward, we will move forward at full power, what do you think?"

 "Ok, let's all listen to Mr. Xue. Let's do it!"

Seeing everyone agree unanimously, Mr. Xue nodded and continued to speak: "Those who vote for retreat, please raise your hand. If you do not raise your hand, it means you support going forward."

He glanced around and only two or three people lifted their arms with hesitation. When they saw no one raising their hands, they lowered their arms halfway.

 "Ok, this way, everyone feels that waiting to die will not work. Then we will choose to dash forward! Sixteen people will work together and see who will make it through to the end. If we make it, it's victory!" Mr. Xue gave high encouragement.

At this moment, another round of cold laughter emerged from the air: "Playing this trick again? You, Xue, if you want others to work for you and cover you to break through this death zone, then I must tell you that regretfully, your scheme will not work!"

 "During the day, when I let you guys go, you did not. It means you have all given up on living. Since you choose death, then I can only abide by your wishes."

After he had finished speaking, that voice gave another eerie laugh and disappeared from the sky.

At this time, everyone suddenly felt a strong vibration from beneath their feet. It seemed that all of a sudden, the sky was falling and the earth being rent as all the ley lines beneath the ground started to vibrate. It left all these strong warriors unstable. All of them stumbled unsteadily from side to side.

 "Everyone be careful, most likely this is an attack from underground!" Mr. Xue immediately made a prompt decision and shouted, "Everyone, utilize your flying skills!"

Those who stayed here at least had the strength at the Transformation Void Martial Stage. Each of them had a method to fly in the air. Thus, each of them performed their magical skills to rush to the sky.

How could they know that this was Qin Wushuang's strategy. He wanted to force them into the sky and launch an attack.

The instant they flew to the sky, Hissing Sky Phoenix flew out to kill. He flapped the earth-shattering wings and opened his mouth to unleash rounds of fireballs as hot as the sun. The speed of the fireballs were a feast to the eyes.

Since this Hissing Sky Phoenix was at the Profound Void Martial Stage, his strong attack power even left Qin Wushuang dumbfounded. The extreme power unleashed by this fireball had turned the surrounding space into a giant stove. A few elite warriors at the Transformation instantly felt a burst of throbbing as they could not even breathe freely. They could only hold on barely.

At this moment, One Horn Mystical Horse dashed from the gaps of the air. The one horn on his head spinning at a high speed, like a drill.

The powerful impact directly pierced two elite warriors at the Transformation Void Martial Stage into four pieces, like a destructive divine weapon. The badly mutilated bodies slowly fell.

That Pure Altar Precious Pig did not allow himself to be outdone. Although his fat body made him appear like a giant and round ball, his speed was not slow.

As soon as this fat pig dashed forward and launched himself, his powerful forward momentum that resembled a genuine ball left these freelance martial artists dumbstruck. They only felt a giant spiritual beast shooting at them abruptly.

Next, his bloody mouth opened widely like a sacrificial bowl and extended his giant bloody tongue to unleash a wave of strong absorption power. This power had formed into bloody red whirlpool while at the same time, it unleashed a wave of intolerable stink…

Divine skill—Devouring!


Whoosh whoosh!

With three continuous sounds, the Primordial Spirits of all three freelance martial artists had been swallowed by this divine devouring skill. Only three flabby corpses were left behind as they slumped into the dust with despair.

These three spiritual beasts at the Profound Void Martial Stage joined hands to unleash this attack. This teamwork had been practiced countless times and one did not know how much battle contribution they had made during the actual combat.

In the space of one breath, seven to eight freelance martial artists had lost their lives.

This caused that Mr. Xue to feel dumbstruck. Clearly, he never expected that the impact could be this tyrannical. When that Mr. Xue saw the situation was not going well, he turned around to leave.

That Pure Altar Precious Pig laughed: "Hey, that guy in red robes, where are you going?"

Despite being strong, Mr. Xue knew that he would only face death if he fell into the encirclement of these three devilish guys. Of course, he would not answer and put his life on the line to rapidly fly away.

In the darkness, he did not bother with the direction. Precious Pig laughed: "You want to leave? Let me see where you can go!"

Before Precious Pig finished speaking, suddenly, that Mr. Xue's entire body felt a burst of strange coldness. In the middle of the air, his body suddenly shivered.

Almost at the same time, three rays of green lights shot from the sky directly targeting the fatal parts of his body.

He made the move. Qin Wushuang, who had lain suppressed for all this time had finally unleashed his move!

This was Qin Wushuang's first time unleashing his full power since he had returned to the human countries. This was his strongest unleashing of his accumulated anger.

These three arrows represented Qin Wushuang's extreme blazing fury.

At the same time, it also represented Qin Wushuang's determination to pursue justice without a second thought.

Even facing an elite warrior at the Profound Void Martial Stage, Qin Wushuang did not back down. To fight, he would fight to the end!

Like a meteor chasing the moon, three rays of green lights travelled at a swift and fierce speed. Clearly, it revealed Qin Wushuang's power during his peak state.

To unleash these three arrows, Qin Wushuang had waited too long.

This was a warm-up before shooting Luo Ting to death, and also a test for Qin Wushuang!

Since they were all Profound Void Martial Stage warriors, if these three arrows could not shoot this one at the Profound Stage to death, then what capital would he have to kill Luo Ting?

To rely on the five great spiritual beasts? Naturally, it would be impossible for Luo Ting to not have any trump cards!

It would be Qin Wushuang's best chance to win over the enemy through this indestructible Graceful Spiritual Bow!

He filled these three arrows full of his fury. In the blink of an eye, the arrows had arrived before Mr. Xue.

For a time, Mr. Xue was stunned. The fatal points of his entire body seemed to have been pierced by invisible nails as he did not use a single evasive skill.

In fact, it was because the speed was too fast and he had no time to react.

In the midst of the chaos, Mr. Xue initiated a spell to emit waves of overflowing protective gold lights. This gold light shot layers of halo for it tried to stop the motion of the three green jade arrows.

However, he had underestimated the power of the Graceful Spiritual Bow. Those three green jade arrows charged forward violently and shattered the gold lights.

Instantly, three bursts of green lights nailed into Mr. Xue's entire body.

Qin Wushuang let out a long exhale. When the green jade arrow pierced a body, this person would only receive one ending, that would be death!

Suddenly, the green lights exploded. Like a giant balloon that had exploded suddenly, the body of Mr. Xue was shattered!

The three waves of green lights flew back in a spiral motion when Qin Wushuang recalled the arrows with his hands. This divine skill of controlling the green jade arrow had only been mastered when Qin Wushuang entered the Refined Void Martial Stage.

This way, it ensured Qin Wushuang would be able to use the Graceful Spiritual Bow to launch continuous attacks!

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