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Hissing Sky Phoenix accepted the order and left.

Subsequently, Qin Wushuang spoke to One Horn Mystical Horse and Pure Altar Precious Pig: "Mystical Horse and Precious Pig, listen well. The ensuing battles will most likely be more ferocious. I do not wish to see you guys quarrel. I hope to see efficiency during battles, and not a dispute caused by personal feelings. As long as you can kill your enemies in the shortest possible time, I do not care what methods you use!"

One Horn Mystical Horse and Pure Altar Precious Pig all nodded urgently: "Yes, Master!"

Qin Wushuang controlled all twelve sealed scrolls. Qin Wushuang only needed to utter the spell and all of them would be sent back into the sealed scrolls. They would be put into eternal sleep. Thus, before the Master, they were powerless.

Of course, they also realized that this Master was easy to talk to. At least, he did not order them like slaves.

To these spiritual beasts, of course they would obey his combat orders without defiance. They would not hold any ill-feelings.

In the area near the Monkey King Mountain, more and more freelance martial artists lingered here. Apparently, those bodies poisoned to death by Ying Long had caused pressure on those freelance martial artists. They even felt a strange wave of panic.

Most of these freelance martial artists had come from the Orderly Mountain or the Judge Mountain Prefecture. Some of them already knew each other. Once they recognized the bodies, their suspicion and panic-stricken mood could not help but spread.

For a time, those freelance martial artists that had come at a later time hesitated and hold themselves back. Before they had investigated the truth of the matter, of course they would not advance.

A few gutsy and highly skilled ones still moved forward without fearing death. Yet, under the ambush from One Horn Mystical Horse and Pure Altar Precious Pig, they could not break through the defensive border. Each of them had been killed.

It had not mattered if they just got killed. On the next day, these corpses would be tossed onto the most obvious place next to the main road.

This way, these hesitant freelance martial artists were frightened stiff. Each one of them knew their own strength and the strength of these dead martial artists.

After comparing, some freelance martial artists had enough self-awareness about themselves already started thinking of going back. They knew that although that Divine Treasure sounded tempting, it was incomparable to their lives.

This way, some martial artists gradually started to turn back.

When the first person made the choice to retreat, there would be a second one. Once the panic had spread, the result was apparent.

One third of the freelance martial artists that had gathered close to the Monkey King Mountain had left!

The remaining two thirds did not mean to stay definitely. Most of them just wanted to stay and observe a bit more.

When Hissing Sky Phoenix delivered the information, inwardly Qin Wushuang did not feel much joy. He knew that in the end, these freelance martial artists were like the sand washed out from the great waves. Those mediocre ones would get disqualified. Yet, those tough ones would not shed a tear until they saw the coffin.

Only by displaying the bloody facts across them would make these freelance martial artists give up completely!

Qin Wushuang decided to push forward and slaughter his way to the base of the Monkey King Mountain. He would cleanse the place of those freelance martial artists unwilling to leave.

When the five great spiritual beasts heard Qin Wushuang's decision, their blood started to boil. Apparently, they did not feel satisfied with these small battles.

Their appetite would only be filled completely if they were able to kill freely.

 "Mole, you are still in charge of setting up a formation around the perimeter. Once a fish has escaped the net, you will take care of them. If you cannot take them, issue a warning call!"

 "Jade Hare, I believe you like this scene the most, now it's time to witness your true strength." Qin Wushuang encouraged him.

Moon Palace Jade Hare was beaming with happiness: "Master, let me do it! I will let them die in extreme despair, ha ha."

 "Sky Phoenix, you are in charge of assisting Precious Pig and Mystical Horse!"

 "Precious Pig and Mystical Horse, you are still the main force. You are in charge of the cleanup on the battlefield." Qin Wushuang had finished distributing the tasks.

 "Three days, within three days, I believe you guys can hold on. After three days, I will summon you back into the scrolls and refresh your spiritual Qi. Three days should be enough for you all to do a lot of things, right?"

The five great spiritual beasts answered energetically.

 "When the sky gets dark, start moving!"

As the sun gradually dropped from the west, close to two hundred freelance martial artists remained next to the Monkey King Mountain. These people were torn between advancing or retreating. They could not accept the situation . Yet, they did not have the guts to move forward. All of them wished that someone would act as a sacrificial pawn.

These freelance martial artists rested in their own areas in groups. Each of them stayed alert against each other. Apparently, they did not trust the others very well.

Night slowly arrived. Under the curtain of night, there was not a single star. The entire night appeared extremely oppressive.

Suddenly, a shriek broke the quietness of the dark night. A tent close to the southwest direction suddenly erupted into a sea of flame. The bodies of the six martial artists inside had turned into blazing firewood. Regardless of how one tried, they could not put out this fire.

As soon as these six scrambled outside of the tent, they rolled on the ground. However, regardless of how much they rolled, the large sea of fire would only continue to spread. Not only could they not extinguish the fire on their bodies, they inadvertently ignited the grass. For a time, like a fire dragon, the intensity of the fire spread to all directions.

If this intense fire did not get stopped, it would most likely burn all the surrounding tents at the same time.

"Stop them, stop them!"

Some elite freelance martial artists with quick reactions immediately responded with alarm.

 "Stop them! Kill them! Hurry!"

For a time, attacks from all four direction flew at them. The flashing and dazzling of the blade attacks appeared like waves of meteors slashing across the sky.

Under the blend of sword and blade lights, it slashed these six into piles of minced meat. When these six people were killed, the fire finally stopped spreading.

Just when everyone was still in a panicked state, suddenly, a few tents on the north and east side caught on fire. One after another, tents in all directions erupted into blazing flames.

This sudden unforeseen event immediately created chaos among these freelance martial artists.

 "Someone deliberately set the fires!"

 "Yes, who is so treacherous! Catch the culprit!"

For a time, people kept yelling and crying out at each other. During the night, one only heard the cries and did not see or catch anybody.

It wasn't until the later half of the night that the fire was finally extinguished. Some of the elite warriors among these freelance martial artists already realized that something was wrong. They took the initiative to break the barrier and meet with each other to discuss strategies.

Soon, these freelance martial artists voted on eight leaders.

Just as these eight leaders gathered to discuss, suddenly, waves of cold and sinister laughter emerged from the sky.

 "You stupid idiots, you did not stay in your Xuan Yuan Mound and came here to find your own death. Didn't you know that the Forbidden Spiritual Zones and the human countries mind their own businesses? I will tell you that if you decide to head to the south, you will find yourselves on the path to the entrance of the underworld. Those who do not fear death, feel free to come."

This cold and eerie warning sounded ethereal as a ghost wandering in the night. It gave people an enigmatic feeling as if it was drifting without a resting place.

Those eight leaders exchanged a glance and from their expression, all of them felt some level of shock.

 "Mr. Xue, regarding this voice, what do you think of the strength behind it?"

Everyone stopped their gaze at a man in red clothing and who carried red equipment. This person appeared like a ball of torchlight that combusted at a rapid speed and full energy.

This person was the most famous freelance martial artist elite warrior from the Judge Mountain Prefecture. He had strength at the Profound Void Martial Stage. Among these eight people, he was a figure with the highest reputation and status.

That Mr. Xue in red robes said with a hoarse voice: "This sound could congeal and break up, it should be at the Profound Void Martial Stage."

 "Profound Void Martial Stage?" Many of these people withdrew a breath of cold air.

However, Mr. Xue shook his head: "It's impossible to be at the Profound Void Martial Stage. If he's just at the Profound Void Martial Stage, he would not have evoked such havoc. Everyone, do you remember the two bodies that were hanged here? That's the body of Kong Dai! Who is that Kong Dai? At the freelance martial artist world of the Orderly Mountain Prefecture, perhaps many of you may know more about that Kong Dai than me! Someone as strong as Kong Dai, who is at the Profound Void Martial Stage also got killed and his corpse was shown to everyone! This means that the combat power of the enemy has surpassed the Profound Void Martial Stage! Or else, under such situation, he would not have come and gone so freely! Not to mention without revealing his figure…"

Before he had finished speaking his words, another burst of laughter emerged from the outside: "You pieces of garage, each moment from now on, most likely some of you will lose your lives without you knowing. My principle is that for you to pass through this Dispersed Praying Mountain, you can only walk on the path of death. Those who return will not be killed. For those who stays here, just gamble on your luck. We will make a move every hour!"

That Mr. Xue muttered with a pale face: "Did you hear that? Another one!"

Another Profound Void Martial Stage!

Just as everyone looked at each other in dismay, another lazy voice spoke: "Buddy, let's make a bet, from now until dawn, let's see which of us kill more little fishes!"

This sound sounded like a spell from the underworld and had deeply frayed the nerves of these freelance martial artists. Suddenly, a freelance martial artist on the north wailed like a ghost and howled like the wolves. Next, he covered his face with his hands and gave loud grieving cries.

Then, someone saw the pieces of meat kept falling down from the feet of that crying person, like the tree bark. The falling motion appeared extremely strange as if the leg had been well roasted and one was cutting it one piece after another with a knife. His expression was strange yet terrifying.

As this person gave two "surprised" chuckles, suddenly, as if something unbelievable was stuck in his throat, with both hands he clutched his neck with a sudden thrust of force.

Immediately following this, this person started to roll on the ground non-stop. His seven apertures started to shed blood. The hand he used to clutch his throat kept grabbing something in the air.

After a few struggling motions, his entire body straightened out as he lay flat on the ground. Clearly, he was dead.

When they watched this strange scene, and remembered back to those bodies poisoned to death at the Monkey King Mountain, these freelance martial artists started to quiver.

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