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Since Qin Wushuang had given this instruction, that Moon Palace Jade Hare would not defy his orders. When Pilfered Sky Mole told Moon Palace Jade Hare, he immediately had an idea.

He said to Pilfered Sky mole: "Mole, watch his path, and trap him with your formation. I will approach closer to use the venomous insects. Since this person also specializes in using poison, I will let him know what a true elite poison user is!"

In terms of using poison, Moon Palace Jade Hare had his unique traits. Since he and Mole all had special techniques, despite having the weakest level among the twelve sealed scrolls, they had acquired enough status.

On the other hand, Ying Long was travelling underground and observing the terrain from all around. He had basically prepared the position for unleashing the poison.

 "Inside this zone, it should be the combat area between Senior Brother and that giant guy, and that fat pig. I must use poison to put him down first."

Ying Long calculated with utmost care and was preparing to set up the poison formation. Suddenly, he felt that something pulling him from below.

Ying Long immediately looked back and suddenly, from below his feet he felt a wave of violent dragging force pulling at him. This force caused Ying Long's heart to thump.He instantly realized that something was wrong.

He immediately used all his power and stepped on his feet to try escape from this binding.

This binding power was Mole's method. This Mole had set up a tiny earth attribute formation. It used a strong earth gripping power to grab Ying Long's feet.

Ying Long's forward motion had just broken through this strong gripping power. His entire body travelled forward at a rapid speed. Inwardly, he knew that the situation was not going well and he did not dare to linger.

However, Ying Long never expected that it would have been fine if he had not struggled. Once he did, the momentum of his struggles had delivered his body forward.

Ahead of him, set up by the Pilfered Sky Mole, the sticky web with a force as strong as a spider's web caught Ying Long's entire body.

As soon as this web caught his body, regardless of how Ying Long struggled, it was useless as he was the prey trapped by the spider web. The more he struggled the tighter it became.

Pilfered Sky Mole laughed mischievously and extended his pointy head from the gaps of the ley lines. He sized this prey up with a proud smile.

 "Jade Hare, come and see, this is a rather strange guy. He appears rather young, yet he has a head of silver hair and silver brows."

Moon Palace Jade Hare also rushed to the side and said to the Mole: "Mole, go control your formation and prevent other miscellaneous fishes from approaching. Let me take care of this little guy."

Pilfered Sky Mole shot a proud glance at Ying Long and mocked: "Little one, don't struggle. The more you struggle, the more you will suffer. Rest assured, my Master has said that everyone else must die, but you can stay alive."

Ying Long's heart just kept sinking. How could he not hear that behind these two spiritual beasts, there were an even stronger existence. They had a Master that commanded them.

This way, it seems that this Dispersed Praying Mountain had already been controlled by someone. He had already set up an inescapable net for them to fall in.

After Mole had gone, Moon Palace Jade Hare crawled right next to Ying Long with a smiling face while he also laughed strangely: "Little friend, are you feeling unconvinced?"

Some traces of cold arrogance shot from Ying Long's silver pupils. He looked to the other side and pretended to ignore Moon Palace Jade Hare. Inwardly, he could not help but pray: "If this bastard touches my body, then he would be finding his own death."

Moon Palace Jade Hare approached right before Ying Long and patted his face: "Hey, little one. It's your fortune that my Master has chosen you."

Ying Long turned around with a cold smile: "You bastard, don't you know that you are on the verge of death? Are you interested in make a trading with me?"

 "A trade?" Moon Palace Jade Hare blinked his eyes and gave an evil laugh: "What kind of trade do you want to talk to me about?"

 "If you don't want to die, then you will agree to do this trade." Ying Long said confidently.

Of course, Moon Palace Jade Hare knew the intention of Ying Long. Instead, he pretended to be stupid: "Of course I don't want to die, I want to live well."

Ying Long said coldly: "Then let me go, and I can point a way for you."

Moon Palace Jade Hare laughed evilly: "Let you go? This is a good thought, but give me a reason."

 "Bastard, do you know what my nickname is?"

 "What? Tell me." Moon Palace Jade Hare said with a smile.

 "My nickname is Silver Crest Snake and my entire body is extremely poisonous. You just touched me. Invisibly, I already infected you with more than ten different types of poisons. In less than an hour, these poisons will become effective. I promise that even if you are at the Profound Void Martial Stage, you will die immediately!"

Ying Long said coldly, and it did not sound like frightening words to scare people. After he had finished speaking, he stared at Moon Palace Jade Hare and appeared to be at ease. Apparently, Ying Long felt that he already taken control of the situation enough to make the enemy release him obediently.

Unexpectedly, Moon Palace Jade Hare did not reveal the expected fear and shock. Instead, he had laughed more happily.

 "Poisons? Let me count it for you. Your hair conceals that subtle fragrance of poisonous scent. That should be the flower poison refined from the Mandara. Your nostril and oral cavity can expel a form of invisible poison gas, which should be extracted from the Silver Crest Snake? And your lapel, all different places of your body, from my observation, there is a total of thirteen poisonous objects, right?"

Bean sized beads of sweat kept trailing down from Ying Long's forehead. His silver pupil shrunk rapidly as his eyes was full of disbelieving.

The words of Moon Palace Jade Hare had been a great shock to him. It had instantly shattered all of his confidence and calm. The enemy's words had peeled him completely with the flesh and meat. He was left with no more secrets.

The unexpected blow had left Ying Long dumbfounded. He opened his mouth widely to the extent where one could squeeze a fist inside.

 "Surprised? Shocked?" When Moon Palace Jade Hare saw Ying Long's expression, he felt a joyful satisfaction inwardly. He had used the other party's proudest method to smash his mentality. Such victory and satisfaction was hard to describe.

Seeing Ying Long's dumbfounded and petrified expression, Moon Palace Jade Hare said leisurely: "I forgot to tell you that the poison you are using, I have been eating them as my meals ten years after I was born. Not to mention touching them, even swallowing them in large mouthfuls would only tickle me."

Ying Long's face was ashen as his cold arrogant eyes turned dull. He mumbled: "Kill me."

 "I already said that my Master is keeping you alive. Or else, I will for sure let you experience for free what a true poison user is!"

When Moon Palace Jade Hare said this, he led a wave of serene blue lights that resembled firelights to appear from his finger tip. Then, he gave a strange laugh: "This is the venomous insect bestowed upon me by Master. I just started to learn it. However, I must admit that although these venomous insects are mediocre, compared to yours, it's already extraordinary."

"Listen well, little friend, true poison is colorless, odorless, and would not let one have the consciousness to guard against you. Invisibly, it will plant the seed of the poison into your Primordial Spirit. It will control your body to your spirit completely! It will make you fall into utter misery, unable to live or die!"

When Moon Palace Jade Hare said these words, he pointed that serene blue lights and sent the faint flowing lights into Ying Long's forehead.

Ying Long only felt as if his entire body had been electrified as a wave of coldness travelled across his entire body. He knew that for sure it was not some good result. Regardless of how much he resisted, that cold airflow had penetrated his Mud Ball Palace, into his Dantian and directly into his Primordial Spirit.

Instantly, Ying Long's entire body froze. From his naked body to soul, he would feel bursts of twitching and throbbing. Such feeling had resembled him going into the underworld abruptly as the pores and skin of his entire body shivered.

 "Little friend, stay still! This feeling will only last an instant, next moment will be peaceful. Do not resist. Listen, now I will teach you some free poison skills. If you want to become an exceptional poison user, you must change your special appearance. You must also let people forget your nickname. Whatever Silver Crest Snake, the more famous the nickname, the more that it proves the weakness in your heart. True warrior are like the wind, and would not get caught by people. They are like the air, unidentifiable by others. With your silver hair and brows, others would know at once that you are not a good man. When meeting a true warrior, they would become alert at your appearance. Poison is not used this way. At least, your appearance must look innocent, and not cause others to become alarmed just by looking at your face…"

Ying Long listened to the instructions of Moon Palace Jade Hare, yet his consciousness began to fade…

However, the battle above the ground had reached a climax. Following the participation of Precious Pig, the Kong Dai's defense had been completely destroyed. Precious Pig had swallowed his Primordial Spirit in one move.

That guy in black clothing had been observing from the side. Seeing such a change of events, he turned around to flee in shock. How would Hissing Sky Phoenix let him escape?

Two arrow-like feathers shot out and directly nailed that man in black to the ground.

Qin Wushuang sent his voice: "Sky Phoenix, deliver the bodies of these two the places ahead. Hang it at an obvious place and let it serve as a warning!"

Qin Wushuang knew that since this Kong Dai was an elite warrior at the Profound Void Martial Stage, he should not be some nameless figure. If the body of such a person lay across the Dispersed Praying Mountain, it would serve as a tremendous shock to the mind of those martial artists coming after.

Hissing Sky Phoenix left after he received the order. After about two hours, he flew back at a rapid speed and said to Qin Wushuang: "Master, is the place ahead the territory of the Monkey King Clan? There are large groups of freelance martial artists bodies. There were many hesitant freelance martial artists who got shocked by those bodies. It was clear that they did not dare to go forward."

 "Large pile of bodies?" Qin Wushuang hesitated.

Suddenly, Jaded Hare scrambled from below with a face of joyful smile: "Master, those bodies were the work of these three guys. That guy below has already spilled everything. He said his name is Ying Long and he had poisoned all those people."

Qin Wushuang laughed: "This way, that Ying Long had saved us a lot of trouble."

He turned around to speak to Hissing Sky Phoenix: "Sky Phoenix, continue to patrol ahead and give those ignorant people some warnings. Right now the Dispersed Praying Mountain is a forbidden place. Whoever tries to cross into the human countries, they will die!"

Qin Wushuang's voice was ruthless, and a thick murderous intent flashed inside his eyes.

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