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Mu Rong Xu's general facial features were picturesque. When she leaned against the window, her celestial-like figure gave her an incomparably dignified feeling. Presently, her mind was tumultuous like the overflowing seas and rivers as she was feeling excited by this bold thought.

She was an intelligent girl. She knew what kind of result would be brought if she did it. Perhaps, the Floating Snow House would become completely hostile with the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect.

Perhaps, for Mu Rong Xu, she would attract even more criticism and more censure. After all, gossips were a fearful thing. If she helped the Stargaze Palace to get rid of that Luo Yun because of her friendship with Qin Wushuang, and then she went for him to file a complaint to the Heavenly Emperor Mountain, the topic of their relationship would be impossible to stop from being the talk of people around the world.

After all, even at the present state, the rumors of the outside world stated that Mu Rong Xu had developed an affection toward Qin Wushuang.

Despite this aspect, this thought of Mu Rong Xu did not leave her cold. On the contrary, more and more it ignited her. She felt that she needed to do something.

At least in her viewpoint, this was a meaningful matter and worth taking the risk.

That night, Mu Rong Xu was up all night. Early next morning, suddenly Little Bamboo walked in in a hurry: "Mistress, Mistress, Young Master Qin is downstairs."

 "Really?" Inwardly, Mu Rong Xu trembled as she could not help but become nervous, "He's coming up?"

 "No, Young Master Qin said he will be downstairs and will not come up. Before his departure, he wanted Mistress to play a piece as a farewell." As Little Bamboo said this, she covered her mouth and laughed softly, "This Young Master Qin is truly reserved and courteous. He's different than those skirt-chasers."

 "Mistress, your instrument." Bustling around, Little Bamboo already started making preparations.

As if sharing a mutual understanding, Mu Rong Xu sat before the window and started to play with her fingers that resembled the roots of the scallion. Initially, the sound of the zither was melodious. Following Mu Rong Xu change in mood, the music of the zither became gentle as if the sound had also become intoxicated with this alluring morning dawn. The sound had become more touching following the emotion of the performer.

Downstairs, Qin Wushuang listened to this zither music. It resembled the dialect of the oriole in the mountains, or like the choking of the voice of the spring where a trace of indescribable emotion flowed within the music.

After a while, the sound of the zither died away. Waves of warmth flowed through Qin Wushuang's heart. These two did not speak a word from beginning to end with only the sound of the zither delivering their emotions. Yet, it had surpassed more than ten thousand words.

Mu Rong Xu stood up and looked outside the window. Acting refined and courteous, Qin Wushuang cupped his hands in a bow and turned around to leave. He walked forward in large strides.

This situation seemed to incorporate the artistic concept of how in the cold and windy day, the hero was leaving forever.

Watching Qin Wushuang's departing figure, Mu Rong Xu felt slightly disappointed inwardly. Yet, she was no longer perplexed as she was in the past. Vividly, a kind of mutual understanding had formed between these two hearts.

 "Little Bamboo, let's also head out." Mu Rong Xu adjusted her state of mind and turned around to give a gentle smile.

As soon as Qin Wushuang walked out of the Sky Breaking City, he departed towards the direction of the Dispersed Praying Mountain. Along the way, human martial artists continually rushed towards the direction of the Sky Breaking City. When they saw Qin Wushuang heading to the Dispersed Praying Mountain alone, they looked at him with an expression as if they were looking at an idiot.

A few of the kind-hearted freelance martial artists also voiced their warnings. However, Qin Wushuang rejected them with a smile. Soon, he had arrived at the pass.

The Nine Raven Temple disciple in charge of looking after the pass looked at Qin Wushuang with an inconceivable expression: "Sir, everyone is currently returning from the Dispersed Praying Mountain, you are going there instead?"

Qin Wushaung smiled and nodded: "You would only allow people of the Xuan Yuan Mound to come to our human countries, and would not allow me to head to the Xuan Yuan Mound?"

Seeing Qin Wushuang speaking with such a tone, of course those people would not stop him and let him go.

Once he had entered the Dispersed Praying Mountain, immediately, Qin Wushuang changed the expression on his face completely. When he found a remote place, the first thing Qin Wushuang did was to check that azure blue armour. After he had verified nothing was wrong with the equipment, he took out the twelve sealed scrolls.

These twelve sealed scrolls were different than ordinary sealed scrolls. At least in terms of appearance, it appeared much more sophisticated.

It was clear that this was a master's work. It was clearly not something made by some mediocre talisman master.

Qin Wushuang had received instructions and knew the background of these twelve sealed scrolls. There were also instructions written on top of it after he had looked through it one after another.

Qin Wushuang knew that at his present stage, he could only summon five of the twelve sealed spiritual beasts. These would be two at the Transformation and three at the Profound Void Martial Stage.

This was enough.

Of course, he would control the summoned spiritual beasts completely and they would obey the owner completely. Besides, although these spiritual beasts listened to the owner's commands, they would not lose their own spirituality during the battle. During their performance in the battle, they would unleash their full potential.

In other words, they were not puppets that would fight wherever you pointed them to, they were super spiritual beasts with their own combat initiatives.

There wasn't much difficulty when summoning the spiritual beasts. Once he made the correct hand gestures and poured in his spiritual Qi, he would summon them at will.

As five different resplendent ray of lights flashed, instantly, the sealed scrolls emitted five clouds of smoke. Then, five different spiritual beasts of different appearances flew out.


 "Moon Palace Jade Hare, Sky Pilfered Mole sees our master!" These two spiritual beasts were not large in size. They were the two weakest Transformation Void Martial Stage spiritual beasts among the twelve sealed scrolls.

 "Hissing Sky Phoenix, One Horn Mystical Horse, and Pure Altar Precious Pig sees master!" These three were spiritual beasts at the Profound Void Martial Stage. Regarding temperament, they were somewhat different than those two at the Transformation Void Martial Stage.

Qin Wushuang looked at these five combat spiritual beasts with a measuring gaze. Overall, he was extremely satisfied.

 "Ok, I believe that you guys have been sealed for quite a long time, right?" Qin Wushuang asked with a smile.

These five spiritual beasts all nodded unanimously. From their entire bodies, they revealed a wave of powerful and fierce vitality. Many spiritual beasts did not contain this kind of vigor.

Without a doubt, the owner that had made these twelve sealed scroll had very carefully selected and put together the twelve spiritual beasts of the Zodiac order.

 "Ok, tell me your specialties and skills." Qin Wushuang said.

 "Sky Pilfered Mole, excels at travelling underground, tracking, setting traps, sneak attacks, assassination…"

"Moon Palace Jade Hare, excel at underground travelling, sneak attack, use of poison…"

 "Hissing Sky Phoenix, excel at air battle, shooting, alluring."

 "One Horn Mystical Horse, excel at charging headon above ground, extremely fast speed, and swift attacks."

 "Pure Altar Precious Pig, excel at front interception, destruction and engulfing."

These five spiritual beasts reported to Qin Wushuang their most prized techniques. Qin Wushuang listened attentively and remembered all the information in his heart. Inwardly, he was thinking about how to best utilize their skills. He would set up the battle formation into a hunting circle to stop those freelance martial artists. He would give them no way to retreat and send them on the road to death.

After about two hours, Qin Wushuang gradually formed some ideas as he began to speak: "Listen well, I know that after being sealed for a long time, you are filled with anticipation and cannot wait to be unleashed. So, I will give you guys a chance and let you stretch yourselves."

All five great spiritual beasts revealed a longing look and their eyes was filled with a fanatical expression. Clearly, as Qin Wushuang had expected, those spiritual beasts had been sealed for a long time felt oppressed inwardly, like the volcano. They needed some time to unleash themselves.

For this point, Qin Wushuang had figured out from the Purple Flame Electric Beast. He had been sealed for a few thousand years and had appeared extremely vicious and savage. He had longed for battle and could be described as a mad battle beast.

 "Listen, this Dispersed Praying Mountain is our battlefield. The pass behind us is our final defense line. Our mission is to not let any of the martial artists, not a single one, pass here!"

Qin Wushuang's tone sounded profound and had a decisiveness.

 "Sky Pilfered Mole, you excel at setting up formations. I will plan a defensive boundary for you. Within this boundary, are you able to sense anyone ahead of time if any of them try to pass this boundary?"

Sky Pilfered Mole said: "Master, unless it's someone a few levels above me, then even a Perfect Void Martial Stage would trigger my formation if they try to pass through. If it's an elite warrior at the Exquisite Mysterious Boundary, they can simply smash through the void and overlook the space laws completely, then I cannot guarantee it."

Qin Wushuang said: "Those at the Exquisite Mysterious Boundary is not within our consideration. I am only talking about the level of the Void Martial Stage."

 "Then it's absolutely not a problem!" The Sky Pilfered Mole appeared full of confidence.

 "Ok, then your first task is to lay out a defense and act as my sentry. In addition, you will also track, and launch sneak attack at these people. If needed, you will accept other orders at anytime."

"Yes, Master!"

 "Moon Palace Jade Hare, you excel at underground movement, your skill overlaps with the speciality of the Sky Pilfered Mole. You can be in charge of delivering messages and communications. However, since you excel at using poison and sneak attacks, then your primary mission is to be the assassin. You will use your assassination skills to scoop up the whole lot of those miscellaneous fishes that try to cross the border."

Moon Palace Jade Hare laughed eerily: "Rest assured master, I have at least a hundred methods to scoop those miscellaneous fishes into one net. Master, if I collaborate with the Sky Pilfered Mole, it will be exciting when I set up within his defense line."

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang was moved as he remembered those poison and venomous insects poison he had acquired from the Tortoise King Mountain. He said with a smile: "Ok, I had just acquired some venomous insects and poisonous objects, and some raw poison materials. I can give them to you to use."

After he had finished speaking, he took out all those past spoils of war and gave them to the Moon Palace Jade Hare.

That Moon Palace was overjoyed when he heard this: "Great, I was worried about having to refine the poison. Thank you for been so considerate. It's best to have already made goods for use. Mole, you will not mind us being partners, right? Ha ha ha."

The Sky Pilfered Mole stuck up his two whiskers and appeared accepting. Clearly, the Sky Pilfered Mole was restraining his fear of the Moon Palace Jade Hare's use of poison.

Moon Palace Jade Hare laughed with a shrewd voice: "Mole, rest assured. We are partners, I promise you will not touch the poison at all."

Sky Pilfered Mole gave a long sigh: "Alright, all for our master's grand plan!"

Qin Wushuang saw these two spiritual beasts indeed had their own spirituality. He felt much more comforted when he saw they were not just pure battle tools. Then, he turned around to look at the remaining three spiritual beasts.

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