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 "Sky Hissing Phoenix, you will be in charge of assisting and attacking from the sky. You will listen to my orders directly."

 "Mystical Horse and Precious Pig, you will be my left and right hands and listen to my orders directly. The three of you are the main battle force, prepare yourself."

 "Yes, Master!"

Suddenly, Qin Wushuang remembered something: "I know that after you got sealed, you no longer possess the skill to continue your training and restoration. If you notice that you are lacking spiritual Qi, tell me beforehand. I will let you return to the seal and provide spiritual Qi for you guys."

Hearing Qin Wushuang mention having such a method, the five major spiritual beasts were overjoyed. They rubbed their fists and wiped their palms, seeming full of enthusiasm.

After Qin Wushuang had distributed the tasks, he ordered: "Listen for the signal and await my orders. Any of the martial artists at the Perfect Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force are not allowed to pass."

Qin Wushuang clearly knew that in the human countries, Perfect Stage would be the strongest level of martial arts. For freelance martial artists of the human countries, most of them would not surpass the Advanced Stage.

If they were Perfect Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force, for sure they must have come from the Xuan Yuan Mound.

To the Xuan Yuan Mound side, for those freelance martial artists without the level of the Perfect Stage, for sure they would not be qualified, nor have the courage to come to the human countries.

Even if those rumors were true, for sure it would not concern them.

In the first day, large groups of martial artists from the human countries continued retreating from the Dispersed Praying Mountain. For these freelance martial artists, the strongest had not surpassed the Middle Stage. Qin Wushuang and his comrades had of course let all of them pass and did not beat the grass to scare the snake.

For the next three days, it was only martial artists of the human countries that had passed through. Qin Wushuang estimated that most likely, martial artists of the human countries should have been completely left the place.

In other words, perhaps, those freelance martial artists of the Xuan Yuan Mound that did not fear death would enter the stage.

 "For the people of the first group, we must make the killing move, to make an initial show of strength. I will let them know that even if it's in the human countries, they would not be able to wreck havoc as they desire." Qin Wushuang set up a secret vow.

Ever since Qin Wushuang had entered the Xuan Yuan Mound, after going through the battle with the Hundred Leaf Qin Clan, being hunted by General Manager Su, losing touch with Bao Bao and Lone at the battle of the Crest Mountain, immediately followed by the bloodshed in Bowl Valley, it had brought a huge change to Qin Wushuang's mind.

The anger accumulated inside his heart had also been in a constantly ascending trajectory.

Now, when he remembered the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect's deadly pursuit, the conversation between Luo Ting and Black Panther at the Wild Flame Cliff, a wave of fury lingered inside his heart.

At the Monkey King Mountain, the Silver Monkey King had designated the mountain a forbidden area. He forbade all monkey disciples from going out and at the same time, he would not let any foreign freelance martial artists to approach the Dispersed Praying Mountain.

This was the Silver Monkey King's smartest choice at this moment. To face the upcoming chaotic situation, the Silver Monkey King knew that the only thing the Monkey Clan could do was to protect themselves.

Seeing a group of six people infiltrating the Dispersed Praying Mountain quickly from the Phoenix Reversal Mountain, the Silver Monkey King sighed inwardly: "This is the first group, and also the start… Disaster has arrived at the human countries. I truly hope it would not turn into that massacre and a calamity like ten thousand years ago."

The Silver Monkey King saw each of the six people were Void Martial Stage elite warriors. None of them were at the Spiritual Martial Force.

Clearly, these six were a team of freelance martial artist. From their formation, they did not appear to be a group of mob formed temporarily.

They were extremely organized and showed strict discipline. Regardless of moving forward or resting, they appeared to have their own style. They were not freelance martial artists that would fight on their own through their extreme mutual understanding.

Presently, the sky was gradually darkening. These six people were not in a rush to travel. Instead, they chose a rather remote place to set up camp.

They knew that after they had entered the Dispersed Praying Mountain, they were not far from the human countries. The closer they approached the human countries, they more they could not let down their guard.

Inside the tent, a big person with scattered hair was reading a map attentively under the lights. This map was indeed a map of the human countries.

Three people surrounded him. Apparently, these three-people viewed this big guy with the scattered hair as their leader. They did not utter a word and waited for him to speak.

After a while, this big guy with the scattered hair gave a soft nod: "We're almost there, we are less than ten thousand miles away from the border of the human countries. After we enter the human countries, it will still take us a few ten thousand miles to arrive at the Great Luo Empire, the six of us who travelled day and night should be the first group here."

 "Boss, the earlier we come, the greater our opportunities."

"Yes, Boss, after we pass the Dispersed Praying Mountain, let's not stop and charge straight to the destination in one burst of energy. The earlier we get the things we want, the earlier we can leave."

Declining to comment, that big guy with the scattered hair smiled lightly and tapped on the map with his finger lightly.

 "I understand your feelings. However, you must know that although we can do whatever we want in the human countries, we are facing countless freelance martial artists from the Xuan Yuan Mound that also acted immediately upon hearing the news. Although we have rushed to the human countries upon learning the information, you must know that those who departed later than us would not arrive later."

This big guy with the scattered hair had made thoughtful considerations as he extended two fingers: "We will divide into two teams. For one side, three people will head to the Bai Yue country, the homeland of that Qin Wushuang. For the other team, they will head to the Stargaze Palace, the training sect of Qin Wushuang. Second, you will take Third and Fourth to the Stargaze Palace. I will take Fifth and Sixth to the Qin Heavenly Royal Mansion."

One of the guy dressed in green robes with had a wide forehead, and lion-like nose nodded: "Ok."

Of course, this person was the second in command of the group.

Another skinny guy suddenly asked: "Boss, do you think that rumored Divine Treasure belongs to the Qin Clan? Or that Stargaze Palace?"

That guy with the scattered hair said: "According to the map, that Stargaze Palace is neighbor to the Endless Eastern Sea. The Eastwood Qin Clan is located in the hinterlands of the human countries. Considering the terrain, the Stargaze Palace holds a greater possibility. However, considering the surname of Qin, I must conclude their ties with the Heavenly Emperor Qin Clan. Didn't that Iron Holler mentioned that Qin Wushuang is an offspring of the Heavenly Emperor Qin Clan? Thus, it's very possible that Divine Treasure is at the Qin Clan."

 "Divine Treasure…Boss, if we can get hold of the Divine Treasure, in the future, we Creek Mountain Six Devils can also occupy a mountain and establish our own sect. It would be much better than being a freelance martial artist and getting looked down on by others."

 "Yes, we get unfair treatment everywhere by being freelance martial artists. Boss, we must succeed this time!"

However, the big guy with the scattered hair was not blindly optimistic like them as he said: "Don't be too blindly optimistic. For this matter, it seems that we have got some advantage. Yet, it does not mean it's first come, first served. Everyone must be prepared mentally. If our blitz strategy does not succeed, we must be prepared for a prolonged war."

 "Prolonged war?" That Second with the lion-like nose in green robe was confused: "Boss, why do we have to be mentally prepared for a prolonged battle?"

"Think about it, with the active discussion in the Xuan Yuan Mound, who can promise that this news did not spread out to the human countries? Once it reaches the human countries, would that Heavenly Royal Mansion and Stargaze Palace sit and wait? For sure they would think of a way to deal with it."

 "What about it? Everyone knows the strength of those in the human countries. The strongest would be at the Perfect Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force. Any of us can sweep them." A chubby guy said.

The big guy with the scattered hair said with a smile: "Fourth, regarding battle power of the sects in the human countries, it's not worth mentioning. Indeed, even if Fifth and Sixth steps out, it's enough for them to take down any sect of the human countries. However, don't forget, there is a good saying of how a strong dragon cannot repress a snake. In the human countries, they are the local thugs. Even if they are not powerful, they were grown with two legs. With legs, they can escape!"

Lion-nosed Second also nodded thoughtfully: "Boss is right, if they abandoned their nest to escape elsewhere, it would be extremely troublesome to find them in these massive lands."

 "Therefore, if the blitz strategy does not work, it's possible to fall into a prolonged battle. By that time, we will face many more enemies." The guy with the scattered hair stopped for a moment and said again, "Although the human countries only have about a few hundred miles of land that is equivalent to a prefecture in the Xuan Yuan Mound, it would be like finding a needle in the ocean trying to search for one person."

We will just conduct a thorough search. Even if they have grown wings and can drill into the ground, they will be found." That Second with the lion-nose said.

The giant guy with the scattered hair gave a sigh: "If this situation turns into a searching expedition, the probability of this good fortune falling into our hands will become miniscule."

 "Yes, therefore, we must race against time and launch a surprise attack. Let's aim to take the first drink from the bowl of soup."

The giant guy with the scattered hair nodded and said to that skinny and chubby guy: "Third, Fourth, go out and replace Fifth and Sixth. I have instructions for them."

 "Yes!" Those two guys stood up and accepted the order respectfully.

In a moment, suddenly, the sound of piercing whistle emerged from outside. As soon as this short whistle was heard, the complexion of both the giant guy with the scattered hair and lion-nosed Second stood up at the same time.

 "What's going on?" Lion-nosed Second grabbed the weapon instantly. It was strange shaped weapon that resembled a saw.

The door curtain of the tent was lifted instantly and that skinny Third rushed in while panting. With an ashen-faced, his expression was extremely fearful as he said stammering: "Boss, it's not good, not good at all!"

 "What?" That giant guy with the scattered hair twisted his thick eyebrow and flung his long hair to the back of his shoulder. From his lightning like eyes, he shot out waves of radiance.

 "When the two of us went out, we could not find Fifth or Sixth. Initially, I thought they left their lookout posts. Yet when we looked around for them, they were missing!"

"Just when I issued the warning, Fourth also got picked off by a monster."

 "Monster?" Despite being knowledgeable and experienced, the giant guy with the scattered hair could not help but be stunned, "At this Dispersed Praying Mountain, the strongest powerhouse are the Monkey Clan. The Silver Monkey King of the Monkey Clan only has the strength of the Refined Void Martial Stage. Besides, what other powerful existence are at the Dispersed Praying Mountain? Where did these monsters come from? Are they from the Monkey Clan?"

That skinny guy still revealed a terrified expression as he shook his head like the drum-shaped rattle: "Not the Monkey Clan. That monster had a giant body and a pair of giant wings. He was extremely fast and took Fourth in one move."

Although that chubby guy was the Fourth ranked among them, and at the Refined Void Martial Stage, he had decent skills. At least in this Dispersed Praying Mountain, there should not be anything that existed to threaten him!

Fifth and Sixth were also elite warriors at the Refined Void Martial Stage. They had disappeared without a sound, without any resistance?

When he thought about this point, that giant guy with the scattered hair could not help but tremble with fear!

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