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Lately, Qin Lianshan had been having a lot of dreams and would dream different signs of misfortune. For a time, he dreamed Qin Wushuang floating before him with a badly mangled body. Then, he dreamed how the Heavenly Emperor Qin Clan had been annihilated and how elite warriors slaughtered everyone in the Heavenly Royal Mansion.

These nightmares disturbed Qin Lianshan and made him feel ill at ease for a long time.

Because of this, Qin Lianshan brought the old and the young of the entire family to pray at this Qin ancestral house. He prayed to the ancestral warrior spirits. In the end, he honestly missed his son.

 "Ming'Er, how do you feel recently?" Qin Lianshan asked Da Xi Ming.

Da Xi Ming answered with ease: "Ever since I had consumed that Green Jade Ice-Heart fruit, my training has advanced rapidly. I've already consolidated my foundation in the Middle Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force."

 "Yes, Ming'Er, you need to work harder. I've also thought that since Qin Wushuang had advanced rapidly, our Qin clan cannot depend on him alone. The greater our strength, the more stabilized the position for the Heavenly Royal Mansion. When we face enemy invasion, we will have more assurance."

 "I understand. Father, presently in the human countries, there shouldn't be many people who would dare to hit us. We must be cautious of the potential trouble from the Forbidden Spiritual Zones." Da Xi Ming had a farsighted vision.

"Ming'Er, you are right. With Wushuang's reputation out there, the greater the wind blows, the more conspicuous we become. We must not drag Wushuang down."

Just when Da Xi Ming was about to speak, Qin Xiu said: "Father, if Wushuang heard your words, he would not be happy. We are all family, how could there we speak of dragging each other down."

When Qin Wushuang listened up to this point, he was also moved. In a flash, he entered the ancestral house.

 "Father, Brother-in-law. Sister is right, we are a family, how could there be any saying of regarding each other as outsiders?" Qin Wushuang was emotionally stirred.

His sudden appearance had surprised the family tremendously. Even Da Xi Ming looked at Qin Wushuang with a dumbfounded look. Apparently, he was abnormally surprised by his appearance.

 "Wushuang!" Joyous lights filled Qin Lianshan's eyes.

When a family was united, of course there were a lot of endlessly affectionate words to speak to one another.

However, Qin Wushuang knew that he must not expose his identity at the moment. After all, some people already learned that he had entered the Xuan Yuan Mound.

If he reappeared in the human countries now, of course, people would become suspicious about how he had travelled across a great distance. This way, the secret of the Seven Deadly Formation Arrays would possibly be exposed.

In a way, from the Judgemental Prefecture to the human countries, an elite warrior at the Refined Void Martial Stage would only make it back in at least ten days to half a month.

When they had returned to the Royal Mansion, Qin Wushuang had explained the reason for his return.

Qin Lianshan's expression had become grave as he heard his words. Then, he gave a long sigh: "Ming'Er, Xiu'Er, it seems my dreams were a premonition."

Yet, Qin Xiu felt aggrieved: "Wushuang, that Heavenly Luo Daoist sect had bullied you intolerably. Especially that Luo Ting, even if you hold grudge with the Nine Palace Faction, it's all in the past. The Heavenly Luo Daoist should not be this despicable in their pursuit of revenge for the Nine Palace Faction."

However, Da Xi Ming did not find it strange: "That Luo Ting thought himself as the son of heaven. Dealing with us, of the human countries, how would he not treat us as tiny ants, and squeeze us whenever he wants? For such a person, it would not have mattered if we didn't offend him. Once we did, for sure he would be absolutely unbridled."

Qin Wushuang gave a long sigh: "Right now, the reasons are no longer important. Most importantly, certainly our Heavenly Royal Mansion will get harassed by those freelance martial artists from the Xuan Yuan Mound. If I had not made it back, the situation would be extremely dire."

Qin Lianshan and the others knew clearly that if those elite warriors of the Xuan Yuan Mound had come to the human countries, it would be a nightmare for them!

 "By the way, Wushuang, where are your two friends?" Suddenly, Qin Xiu remembered it.

Feeling a burst of sadness, Qin Wushuang could not help but become dispirited when he thought about Bao Bao and Lone: "Sister, on our way to Xuan Yuan Mound, a lot of things had happened. Bao Bao and Lone had fallen into a volcano, to cover me."

 "They are…dead?" Losing all color, Qin Xiu appeared incredibly shocked.

Qin Wushuang shook his head firmly: "They would never die, I believe that they did not die! This is my prediction, I predict that they are still alive!"

Regardless, this time, Qin Wushuang would face the attack of the foreign enemies by himself. Without the help of Bao Bao and Lone, the situation would be more difficult.

However, Qin Wushuang had his own trump cards, the twelve sealed scrolls. He could summon five of them. According to the message left by the owner of the Seven Deadly Formation Arrays, those twelve sealed scrolls had twelve spiritual beasts and were arranged in the order of the twelve Zodiacs.

Two of them were at the Transformation Void Martial Stage, three at the Profound Void Martial Stage. Additionally, there were three others at the Perfect Stage, two at the Profound Mysterious and two at the Common Mysterious stage.

Currently, since Qin Wushuang was at the Refined Void Martial Stage, per the condition of summoning across two levels, he could summon the spiritual beasts of the Eastern Dawn Nation. This way, it should not be a problem to deal with most situations.

Among the freelance martial artists, an elite warrior who had trained up to the Profound Void Martial Stage was already incredible. For Perfect Void Martial Stage, even in the Xuan Yuan Mound, they were extremely terrific existence. Certainly they would not come to the human countries easily. For this aspect, Qin Wushuang had some realization.

During this trip through the Xuan Yuan Mound, although he only went to the two places of the Orderly Mountain and the Judgemental Mountain prefecture, he had witnessed the tip of the iceberg of the overall strength of this land.

In the Xuan Yuan Mound, the number of freelance martial artists were the most numerous. However, there were few among this group had reached a high level. The elite warriors in a Forbidden Spiritual Zone, like the Xuan Yuan Mound mostly had come from a sect.

With the Orderly Mountain prefecture as the example, the strongest sect was the Dark Blue Cloud sect. They were on par with the Primary Central sect and sat between third rate and second rate.

Among these powerhouses, the strongest leader only trained up to the Perfect Void Martial Stage.

If one of them truly possessed the strength at the Exquisite Mysterious Boundary, basically they were leaders of the true second-rate sects. For example, Mu Rong Qianji was one. Such figures were equivalent to a Lord of an area in the Xuan Yuan Mound. Although he was not a figure in the top-tier groups, his name was among the upper ranks in the Xuan Yuan Mound.

Nominally, they were second-rate. However, for your information, across the entire Xuan Yuan Mound, only the Eight Gates of the Heavenly Emperor Mountain could be called first-rate, plus a few other first-rate powerhouses possessing the power to compete for the Eight Gates.

Adding up all of it, there would be no more than fifteen powerhouses considered first-rate. Next, it would all be second-rate powerhouses. For that group, there would not be more than fifty of them.

The Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect and the Floating Snow House were well-known powerhouses among the second-rate.

The leader of these second-rate powerhouses would certainly surpassed the Perfect Void Martial Stage. They were the most formidable existence that had shattered the void and entered the Exquisite Mysterious Boundary.

Regarding this point, Qin Wushuang already received proof from Mu Rong Qianji. Earlier at the Crest Mountain, even when Qin Wushuang had the Graceful Spiritual Bow, he could not even touch the shadow of Mu Rong Qianji, not to mention attacking him.

In other words, to Qin Wushuang, the Exquisite Mysterious Boundary was still an unreachable existence.

With these considerations, Qin Wushuang formulated a meticulous battle plan.

Of course, Qin Wushuang would not fight head-front with these foreign powerhouses. This time, he had returned to relocate all his family and the trusted aides of the Heavenly Royal Mansion.

The entire Heavenly Royal Mansion would also carry out a strategic retreat.

Only by relocating his family would Qin Wushuang be able to fight absolutely unrestrained. The relocation of his family would of course be to that secret cave inside the Great Cang Mountain, the Second Circle of the Seven Deadly Formation Arrays.

Of course, Qin Wushuang still did not feel reassured. After all, that cave had an entrance at the at the cliff. To ordinary elite warriors, they would not find it.

However, to those Transformation Void Martial elite warriors that could fly in the sky, if they flew by accidentally, most likely they would find some traces.

Thus, Qin Wushuang must make sure it was absolutely safe.

When he thought here, Qin Wushuang spoke to Qin Lianshan: "Father, I need you guys to relocate for a while. During this time, I will arrange for you guys to temporarily reside in that cave inside the Great Cang Mountain. No need to bring too many people, just bring all the trusted aides."

Naturally, the trusted aides of the Heavenly Royal Mansion were a group of suicidal warriors trained by Qin Wushuang single-handedly. Plus those Butlers, Qin Lianchuan, and others.

Qin Lianshan understood the situation as he nodded: "This is simple, I will just announce to the outside world we are going on a hunting trip for a year or six months. Of course it would not be a problem."

Qin Wushuang said with a smile: "Good, this is a good reason. Let's do it this way."

 "Brother-in-law, you are in charge of transporting some necessities to that cave. It must be a quantity that could last for half a year for hundreds of people."

 "This is easy, let me do it, I will take care of it in three days."

Qin Wushuang said: "Good, it's settled. Father, you will announce to the outside world of going on a hunting trip."

Qin Wushuang was full of worry: "Wushuang, if those bandits come and cannot find us, would they make a move on our subordinates at the Royal Mansion?"

 "Father, rest assured. These freelance martial artists are much more crafty than foxes. They know best what they can do and what they cannot. They were tempted by rumors and are aiming for those nonexistent Divine objects. They don't have the guts to kill innocents. Or else, when this thing is exposed, of course someone would destroy them."

The ten thousand year contract had stated clearly that martial artists of the Forbidden Spiritual Zones must never lay a hand on the innocent civilians of the human countries.

Qin Wushuang's words had allowed Qin Lianshan to feel assured.

 "Father, I still have to go to the Stargaze Palace. Those bandits only have two targets, one is our Heavenly Royal Mansion, and the other is the Stargaze Palace."

Naturally, Qin Lianshan had understood this fact thoroughly as he nodded: "Wushuang, this is your duty. Stargaze Palace had helped you to achieve the things you have now, you must not forget your roots."

 "Ok, Wushuang, there's no time to lose. Head to the Stargaze Palace immediately. I will prepare to announce the hunting mission."

 "Uncle, you better come home quickly. I'm waiting for your return to tell me the stories of the Xuan Yuan Mound." Little Chengcheng also joined in the fun.

Qin Lianshan said: "That's right, Wushuang, I also await your return to tell us about the Xuan Yuan Mound."

 "Ok, Father, Sister, Brother-in-law, I will return immediately after I've made arrangements at the Stargaze Palace!"

After bidding farewell to his family, Qin Wushuang left the Heavenly Royal Mansion quietly and rushed towards the Stargaze Palace. The distance between the Bai Yue Country and the Stargaze Palace of the Great Luo Empire was not close. In the past, Qin Wushuang needed some time. Yet, to him now, it would only take four to six hours when using his wings to fly.

Along the way, Qin Wushuang was also extremely careful. He felt rather gratified that the Great Luo Empire was stabilized. At least for now, there were no signs of infiltration from foreign enemies!

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