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Ever since they had inflicted grave damage to the Nine Palace Faction, the momentum of the Stargaze Palace's rise had been unstoppable in the human countries. The rise of the Stargaze Palace had also helped to stabilize the Great Luo Empire's position as an Upper-Ranking Empire.

In the current human countries, the Nine Palace Faction had completely collapsed. Naturally, the status of the Red Dragon Empire had also fallen and was now powerless against the other three Upper Ranking Empire.

Happy occasions seemed to happen in succession. Ever since the Great Luo Empire had been promoted to the Upper Ranking Empire, those disciples of the Stargaze Palace was also stimulated. They had poured more energy into training and received gratifying breakthroughs.

Currently, many of those Core disciples had experienced a breakthrough. They were no longer at the Initial Stage, where each of them had entered the Middle Stage.

Wei Yi had even entered the Advanced Stage. Indeed, he was exceptionally impressive. Of course, Wei Yi had the natural spiritual roots. It was not enough to be joyous to have entered the Advanced Stage. Most importantly, he had been stimulated by Qin Wushuang and had more motivation to train. As time passed by, he also received delightful achievements and was not too far from that Perfect Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force.

The most heartening results were seen in those Palace Masters. Besides Zhuo Buqun and Tan Zhongchi, the other three Palace Masters had achieved a breakthrough and entered the Perfect Stage. This was unimaginable to them in the past. Indeed, it was a sequence of events where a hundred flowers bloomed.

Of course, everything could not have happened without Zhuo Buqun and Tan Zhongchi's massive support and advice. For training, the effects were apparent with an experienced person giving advice.

Currently, the entire Stargaze Palace was thriving.

Inside the main Palace of the Stargaze, the five Palace Masters were currently gathered. They were meeting with a noble guest. A noble guest from the Dispersed Praying Mountain.

This person had a head full of silver hair and whiskers. Despite his slim figure, he appeared to be radiating with vim and vigor. Exuding an unearthly decorated presence, this person sat in the guest seat. Yet, it was obvious that the five Palace Masters respected this person tremendously.

This person spoke with a grave tone: "Palace Masters, this time I had come in a rush, and will not stay too long. The information is absolutely reliable, and not fake at all. I hope that all Palace Masters will make immediate preparations to deal with it. Or else, when those large group of freelance martial artists cross the border, there would be no more peace for the Stargaze Palace."

 "Your Majesty had come to deliver this message from thousand of miles away, it is enough for us to recognize your earnesty." Zhuo Buqun's expression was also serious as he spoke with a sincere tone, "Although my Stargaze Palace is only a sect in the human countries, we will not let others do whatever they want. If those freelance martial artists of the Forbidden Spiritual Zones come to stir trouble, even if we must file a complaint to the Heavenly Emperor, we will get our justice."

 "It's one thing to file a complaint, but it's vitally important to protect the sect. When those freelance martial artists come, they will not hold back." This senior was the Silver Monkey King. Ever since he had entered the Refined Void Martial stage, he had selected his new appearance through the Refinement technique. He exhibited an imposing presence. If he didn't tell them that he was the Silver Monkey King of the Monkey Clan, Zhuo Buqun and the others would not recognize him.

Zhuo Buqun said: "Please rest assured, since I know the wolf-like ambition of these people, the Stargaze Palace will not resign itself to this fate. I must thank you for your great benevolence."

The Silver Monkey King said: "This is my duty. Previously, Qin Wushuang also helped my clan a great deal. Delivering this information is only a courtesy. Please make the preparations as soon as possible. With a large group of freelance martial artists currently making its way across the border, I must head back to the Monkey King Mountain immediately, to prevent some accidents."

 "Ok, this way, we will not persuade you to stay, Your Majesty." Zhuo Buqun and the others knew the weight of the matter. Of course, they would not force the Silver Monkey King to stay as they stood up to see him out.

The Silver Monkey King quickly left without any flair. After the five Palace Masters had sent away the Silver Monkey King, they gathered again. A ball of dark clouds hung over each of their minds.

Without a doubt, the news brought by the Silver Monkey King had roused even the apathetic. Unwittingly, the Stargaze Palace was facing an unseen, yet severe crisis.

And this crisis was incomparable to any of the other ones in the past.

For your information, in the past regardless how much more powerful the enemies were, their strength was only within the limits of the human countries. Although they were much stronger than the Stargaze Palace, they knew each enemy by heart.

However, this time those freelance martial artists from the Forbidden Spiritual Zones were crooks mixed in with the honest folk. There were a wide range of people at different levels. Regarding how many people would come, when they would come, they did not have any information or a basis to make any estimates.

The less they knew, the more troublesome it would be.

 "Head Palace Master, this time, the crisis is even more severe than the invasion from the Nine Palace Faction. At least, last time we knew who the enemies were. This time, we don't even know our enemies."

This was the voice of Tian Zhixing, the Fifth Palace Master. Currently, Tian Zhixing appeared somewhat anxious: "Head Palace Master, there is no time to waste, we must make a decision. Or else, it will be hard to protect the Stargaze Palace."

Zhong Wuyin, the Third Palace Master could not help but speak: "Fifth, initially when we were only at the Advanced Stage, we did not fear. Now, the five of us are at the Perfect Stage. Even if the power of the Xuan Yuan Mound is deep and immeasurable, they are all freelance martial artists. It's not like how we do not have the capital to battle."

Of course, Zhong Wuyin's statement was immediately denied by the other Palace Masters.

Especially for Leng Qiuchi, the Fourth Palace Master shook his head with determination: "Third, although we have achieved outstanding breakthroughs, a Perfect Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force across the Xuan Yuan Mound is already difficult to enter into the mainstream. If they were only elite warriors at the Refined Void Martial Stage, it would have been fine. According to what the Silver Monkey King had said, this is a great commotion. Certainly not only those at the Refined Void Martial Stage will come. Transformation Stage, even elite warriors at the Profound Void Martial Stage will act once they hear the news. Think about it, if an elite warrior at the Transformation Void Martial Stage comes, what capital do we have to battle them?"

As Leng Qiuchi had mentioned, if they were elite warriors from the Profound Void Martial Stage, they did not have the capital to battle with them. The entire Stargaze Palace would only receive a bloody purging.

Zhuo Buqun looked at Tan Zhongchi and asked: "Second, what are you thinking?"

Tan Zhongchi said lightly: "It's fine for us. I am rather worried about Wushuang's safety in the Xuan Yuan Mound. Those rumors had been aroused by Wushuang. Divine Treasures, ha ha. I had been to that Eastwood Qin Clan, although it's a precious place, the so-called Divine Treasures are nonsense. Wushuang's Graceful Spiritual Bow had been given to him as a gift by his friend. Although it's powerful, it's not necessarily a Divine Dao weapon. Head Palace Master, I think that most likely, someone had spread those rumors deliberately."

Zhuo Buqun nodded slowly: "Second's words makes sense. I've also considered that it might be a scheme against Wushuang"

Zhong Wuyin said: "Whether it's a scheme or not, it has happened. We can only deal with it."

 "How about we go to that Eastwood Qin? Last time during the Nine Palace Faction invasion, Wei Yi and others went to that cave to seek refuge." Tian Zhixing suggested.

 "It's not appropriate. Last time, the enemies were from the Nine Palace Faction. This time, the enemies would be more formidable. It's still uncertain whether that cave is insured against their strength. I think, like the old rules, we should dismiss all the disciples and leave the enemies with an empty nest."

The Five Palace Masters all had their own thoughts and suggestions.

Everyone fixed their gaze on Zhuo Buqun.

Zhuo Buqun said: "This is not appropriate either. The Stargaze Palace is the foundation left by our ancestors. It's definitely not proper to abandon it. Or else, when the Stargaze Palace is destroyed, how could we face our Stargaze ancestors after we pass away?"

The other four Palace Masters all nodded silently. Indeed, it was not proper at all to abandon the foundation of the Stargaze Palace and run away.

Suddenly, Tan Zhongchi said: "Head Palace Master, we've already gotten ahold of the three spiritual keys to the Endless Eastern Sea. I think this is an opportunity."

Tan Zhongchi's words had attracted the attention of other Palace Masters. All of them nodded and fell into silence.

 "Second, you mean?"

 "Head Palace Master, to avoid this crisis, we only need to activate the seal of the Endless Eastern Sea. We will send the Core disciples into the sea."

"There is great risks to the exploration of the Endless Eastern Sea. If we send the Core disciples to the sea, if none of them could return, the future of the Stargaze Palace would be dark."

 "Third, when we dispatch them to that place, it's not necessary for them to explore. They will only enter, travel around its borders, and not go deeper into the Endless Eastern Sea. After the crisis has passed, we will let them out. We all went to the Endless Eastern Sea. During the initial journey, besides the big waves, there weren't many risks."

Besides Zhuo Buqun, the other three Palace Masters all nodded thoughtfully. They felt that Tan Zhongchi's suggestion was reasonable.

However, Zhuo Buqun smiled bitterly: "Second, I'm only worried that after this battle, would the five of us still have the chance to open the seal of the Endless Eastern Sea for them."

 "Head Palace Master, even if we are fighting a battle to the death for the foundation of the Stargaze Palace, we can entrust the spiritual key to others. Let the person doing the safekeeping leave the Stargaze Palace. For this matter, regardless of those Guards, or the Shakyamuni, we can entrust it to them."

For a long time, Zhuo Buqun was in contemplation. Then, he gave a long sigh: "I am afraid we can only arrange it this way."

The Five Palace Masters all had a load on their mind. Apparently, they felt a profound lack of strength to face the upcoming events. They never even felt this sense of powerlessness in the face of the invasion from the Nine Palace Faction.

At this time, suddenly, Tan Zhongchi's eyes lit up: "Wushuang?"

In the direction where his line of sight had stopped, Qin Wushuang floated in, without a sound. Like a breeze, he gave people the feeling of being unable to catch what is true and what is false.

When the other four Palace Masters saw Qin Wushuang, their faces were full of exultation.

Qin Wushuang went up to bow: "Greetings to all Palace Masters!"

 "Wushuang!" Tan Zhongchi grabbed Qin Wushuang's arm with great excitement.

 "Wushuang, you are back!"

 "There is hope for the Stargaze Palace!"

Seeing their expression and performance, Qin Wushuang could not but help feel surprised: "Palace Masters, could it be that you already know?"

 "Wushuang, the Silver Monkey King of the Dispersed Praying Mountain had just left. He delivered the information regarding the events at the border to us. We already have an understanding of the situation!"

 "Yes, Wushuang, did you rush back after hearing the news?"

Qin Wushuang said angrily: "All of this is due to the schemes of that Heavenly Luo Daoist sect!" Immediately, Qin Wushuang explained Luo Ting's scheme in detail.

His words caused each of the five Palace Masters to burn with rage. They were felt deeply embittered by Luo Ting's despicable and shameful actions.

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