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Since he had been intimidated by Qin Wushuang's imposing manner, that shopkeeper had understood something as he knew that these three would not be easy to bluster. He had no choice but react to the mood of the atmosphere: "Ok, earlier of what I did was simply the norm of the business. Honestly, your storage bag is not that precious. I see that you guys are in urgent need of money. I will give you guys thirty gold crystal stones. This is a generous offer, if it were someone else, at most you would get fifteen."

Qin Wushuang calculated that although thirty gold crystal stones were not a huge sum of money, it would last them for ten days to half a month.

At the moment, he did not want to waste his energy bargaining. Thus, he put the storage bag onto the counter and said: "As you said, thirty gold crystal stones!"

 "Boss, aren't' you letting this dude take advantage of us?" Lone still felt somewhat unconvinced.

On the other hand, Qin Wushuang was unbothered: "Wu Yan, don't speak anymore, this is it."

He knew that Lone had a hot temper. In fact, this small matter was not worth mentioning.

That shopkeeper took out thirty gold crystal stones modestly. Then, he took out the sheet and was ready to write a promissory note for the exchange. Qin Wushuang waved his hand: "I will not redeem this thing. It's a proper sale. How would I have the patience to maintain this agreement with you."

After he had finished speaking, he took those gold crystal stones and left with ease.

 "Ha ha, Boss, we have money now? Let's go drink a bit somewhere!" Bao Bao was an optimistic person. Since they had money, he thought about entertainment.

When he saw Lone still had some anger, Bao Bao said jokingly: "I say, Senior Lone, you are angry at everyone from day to night. It seems that you have not properly assimilated into the life as a human. These little things are not worth haggling about."

Qin Wushuang also laughed when he saw Lone's eyebrows twisted together: "Lone, it seems that you need to learn from Bao Bao. The human world is completely different than the beast world. You will know after some time that these little things are not worth mentioning."

Lone gave a long sigh: "I am not angry, it's just that I only wanted to beat them up when I saw their faces."

Bao Bao laughed: "You will kill them in one fist move. Then, trouble will come."

"Let it come, who cares." Lone was rather straightforward.

However, Bao Bao said lazily: "Senior Lone, if trouble comes due to this little matter, I don't want it. Would we still have any peaceful days?"

 "Ok, stop arguing. Let's go find a place to drink." Since Qin Wushuang had experienced the depressing situation of being penniless, he would not hold back with money in his hands.

As soon as the three of them left this street, two figures appeared from the corner of the street. They watched the departing figure of Qin Wushuang from afar and these two memorized their looks in detail.

"Hook, did you seek them clearly? These three guys are fat sheep. Report to the Manor Master that if we can take down these three fat sheep, we will not have to worry about food and drink for three to five years."

 "Ha ha, I saw them clearly. Senior Brother Biao, you should keep an eye on them and I will report to the Manor Master."

"Go quickly!" That Senior Brother Biao urged him and said, "I will see where they have gone. We cannot let such fat sheep walk out of the territory of the Green Tree Gang."

Qin Wushuang never expected that as soon as they had arrived at this Ironwood State City, the local bully would immediately fix their eyes on them. In the Ironwood State City, this Green Tree Gang was a non-mainstream powerhouse mentioned by the Silver Monkey King.

Being a non-mainstream powerhouse did not mean that they had nothing to offer. Only, compared to the vast Xuan Yuan Mound, they could not enter the mainstream.

Although they could not become part of the mainstream, even this little tributary had tremendous resources and energy at a place like the State City. Additionally, this Green Tree Gang stood on a level between the third-rate powerhouse and the non-mainstream powerhouses. They were not extremely powerful if one were to discuss their strength. Yet, even if they were considered weak, they still counted as strong bully in the Ironwood State City.

These three found a restaurant and ordered some fine dishes along with three jug of alcohol. Without restraint, they enjoyed drinking to their heart's content. Although this meal was not exquisite, it had costed them two gold crystal stones.

For the three jugs of alcohol, Lone had drank two of them. When he walked out of the restaurant, he could not even speak clearly. Bao Bao could not help but laugh as he knew that clearly, this was Lone's first time drinking alcohol. In the past, before his Shape Refinement, Loen could not drink alcohol with his vicious looking appearance

Now, since this was his first time drinking so much alcohol with his refined human shape, it was good that he could still walk on his own.

Bao Bao laughed: "Senior Lone, I didn't know that you had a good tolerance for alcohol."

Lone let out a loud laughter: "Of course, look who you are talking to."

Qin Wushuang said in a low voice: "You two, don't use your old names. Remember, you guys are Wu Yuan and Wu Yan. Wu Yan is the second, and Wu Yuan is the third brother."

Bao Bao laughed: "Haha, Boss, I forgot."

Just as they were walking, suddenly, Lone's eyes looked forward and saw that beneath a bridge, a bunch of dirty guys were warming their hands by the fire. They were also holding an iron drill with something skewed on it to broil it on the fire. A trail of smoke emerged from the cooked skewers.

 "Boss, I didn't expect that there would be beggars in the Xuan Yuan Mound." Lone could not speak as fluently since he was somewhat tipsy.

 "Where else do beggars not exist?" Bao Bao did not find it strange.

Although this Xuan Yuan Mound was a Forbidden Spiritual Zone, it was mostly ordinary citizens. Only, among the countless ordinary people, the Xuan Yuan Mound had nurtured elite warriors that were ten or a hundred times stronger than people from the human countries.

Suddenly, Lone had an idea and said to Qin Wushuang: "Boss, could you give me three or five gold crystal stones?"

Bao Bao laughed: "Second, in the past you are a crazed killer. Could it be that today you have developed kindness and plan to deliver all living creatures from suffering?"

Lone cried out: "Go to hell with your delivering all living creatures from suffering. Bao Bao, I am going to put on a good show for you."

After he had finished speaking, he scrambled beneath the bridge and shouted at those beggars: "You lot, instead of staying here, do you want to eat good food, and stay at a clean hotel? Sleep on comfortable bed?"

After feeling stunned for a moment, those beggars glanced at Lone with apathetic eyes and turned away. They had in fact, ignored Lone's questioning.

One of them whispered: "This drunk man drank too much horse pee and came to play with us."

When Lone heard him, he did not get angry. Instead, he continued to shout: "Listen well, you beggars. Today, I have a lot of money and no place to spend them. I pity you guys and I will treat you to eat at a restaurant and stay at an inn. Don't tell me that you don't need it, you won't get a second chance."

After he had finished speaking, he tossed those few sparkling golden crystal stones. Instantly, the looks in those beggars eyes had changed. They gathered together and started to discuss amongst themselves.

"Is this drunk man mad?"

 "I think he does look mad!"

 "But that gold crystal stone is real. How about we test him?"

When Lone heard their discussion, he only jeered: "Test what? Just follow me, and I am not lying to you guys!"

Qin Wushuang had instantly understood his intention when he saw Lone's action. Smiling bitterly inward, he didn't expect that although this Lone had not assimilated into human society, he had already learned how to unleash his anger with methods besides violence.

Those beggars threw away the things in their hands when they heard the genuine words from Lone. Then, they ran after him.

As they headed to the door of that previous inn, Lone turned around and said: "Wait here and don't show yourself. I am going to ask."

Qin Wushuang and Bao Bao only smiled. They knew that the resentment inside Lone would not be so easily mollified. They should let him play as much as he wanted. When he had played enough, he would feel at ease.

Lone turned around to walk into that inn. The elderly innkeeper was busy calculating the finances with that abacus. The clerk was holding his cheek in his hand and was waiting for the time to close the shop.

When he saw Lone walking in, a trace of a mocking smile emerged from the corner of his mouth. Yet, he did not speak and only watched him with a pair of cold eyes. However, the expression on his face clearly stated that it would be useless to talk his way in, being the poor guy from the countryside.

Lone asked in a loud voice: "Kid, let me ask you, is it true that I cannot stay at the inn without money, right?"

That clerk laughed coldly: "That's right. Without money, even if you are a respected older gentleman, even if you are the head of a house, you cannot stay here!"

Lone sneered at him: "So with money, even the most lowliest of life can stay here, right?"

 "That's right, you are the most respected senior with money, and I will make sure you are well treated."

 "So as long as I have money? Anyone can stay, right?" Lone asked with a cold voice.

 "That's right, do you have the money?" That clerk asked with a mocking tone.


Lone slapped the five gold crystal stones from his hand: "Seven single rooms!"

That clerk was somewhat surprised when he saw he him throwing down those stones. However, he immediately regained his calm and laughed faintly: "What's the use of showing off, who hasn't seen this little money!"

 "Stop talking, give me the rooms." Lone urged him.

That clerk extended his hand and drew three of the five gold crystal stones from the five: "Single rooms are thirty silver crystal stones for one. Three times seven is twenty-one. Seven rooms are two hundred and ten silver crystal stones. I will take three gold crystal stones and give you back ninety silver stones. Us business people never cheats the old or young, nor country people."

After he had finished speaking, he threw seven room plates where seven keys hung on there.

Lone sneered and said: "What's the hurry in giving me back the difference? The rest is enough to put together a table of dishes, right? Doesn't your inn also have a restaurant?"

 "That's easy, wait here!" That clerk intended to go to the end with Lone. From beginning to end, he had spoken with a trace of mocking intention.

Lone laughed grimly: "You lot, come in."

When those beggars heard Lone calling them in, all of them rushed in. As soon as these seven people had walked in, instantly, a complicated smell filled the hall of the inn.

The ingredients of this smell were extremely complicated. It smelled like the sour stench from the pickled vegetables fermented for a few months, like a rotten smell of the dead dog that had died for ten days or half a month; plus, the sweaty stench from not taking a shower for a few years, and the rotten smell of picking garbage from the dump…

All different types of smells coupled together to form this most unique stink. Instantly, an indescribable stench had engulfed the entire hall.

Immediately, that clerk was dumbstruck. Next, he covered his nose and threw up on the scene. This stench was too strong.

Yet, those beggars was full of mischievous smiles and only urged: "Kind master, where are the good foods? Where are the comfortable beds?"

Lone pointed to that clerk lazily: "He will arrange it for you guys. He said that those who had the money will be masters and would be guaranteed the most quality service. I already paid the fee for you guys. And you will enjoy the master level treatment. Don't hold back and enjoy it to your heart's content. Don't waste my money."

Those few beggars were beaming with joy and cheered.

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