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The management of the Xuan Yuan Mound was loose on the outside and strict on the inside. Thus, at the city gate, it did not take too much effort to pass through.

Currently, the sky had darkened. These three people arrived at an inn and was preparing to stay. After all this was the Xuan Yuan Mound, everything was different than the human countries. Thus, Qin Wushuang did not dare to neglect.

At nightfall, there were a lot of people looking to stay at the inn. In front of Qin Wushuang, there were already a few groups of people lining up to check in. It seemed that indeed, the management of the Xuan Yuan Mound was loose on the outside and strict on the inside.

The process to stay at an inn was much stricter than the human countries.

"For multiple people per room, one hundred silver crystal stones, or one gold crystal stone. For a single room, thirty silver crystals per room. Which one are you looking for?"

Crystal stones? From the back, Qin Wushuang could not help but feel surprised when he heard these words. He looked at Bao Bao and Lone quizzically, wondering if they had any crystal stones.

Apparently, these two never had the habit of living at an inn. Both revealed a bitter smile and spread out their hands to show that they had never heard of it. Inwardly, Qin Wushuang smiled bitterly as he he rubbed his nose in embarrassment. He thought that at this Xuan Yuan Mound, he could still use gold or silver. Unexpectedly, the currency at the Xuan Yuan Mound was completely different than the ones used in the human countries.

Just as he was hesitating, the queue in front of the counter opened up. It was Qin Wushuang's turn. That inn clerk could not help reminded him when he saw Qin Wushuang looking dumbstruck: "Hey, you three, are you looking to stay here or what?"

Qin Wushuang braced himself to answer: "We are looking to stay here. May I ask, besides crystal stones, are there any other things accepted as payment here?"

 "Other things?" That clerk lengthened his tone, "We are a business, and we only recognize crystal stones. For other things, regardless of good or bad, take it to a pawn shop or sell it at the flea market."

 "Crystal stones only?" Qin Wushuang was stunned.

That inn clerk saw their embarrassment and laughed with a pair of cold eyes: "What? You want to stay for free without any money? Register if you have money, if not, it's better for you to get lost and don't affect our business."

His tone and this attitude was exactly reminiscent of some snobbish and unreasonable people he'd met in the human countries. Of course, Qin Wushuang would not bother with such small characters.

He smiled bitterly, shook his head and was about to leave.

However, Lone could not take it. He felt annoyed when he saw that clerk's arrogance. Thus, he walked before the counter and slapped the table: "So what if we don't have any money? You can shout at us because we don't have any money?"

That clerk had been sitting at the reception desk for an entire day. He had been busy up to this moment and had built up a day of accumulated frustrations. When he saw someone provoking him, he could not help but become enraged: "What? Are you looking act unreasonable without having any money?"

Lone was furious: "You slave, how dare you speak like that to me?"

At this moment, the innkeeper who had been calculating the finances put down the abacus and walked over: "Guest, please don't be angry! This young man doesn't know the situation and did not speak well. However, we are operating on a low budget, indeed, you cannot register without any money. Please understand."

When the same words had been spoken by an elderly man, it made one feel much more comfortable. Although Lone was still unwilling to forgive, he could not find the moment to vent his anger.

Instead, he said: "Could we not offer some credit instead of money?"

That elderly innkeeper smiled apologetically: "If you were regular guests, it would not matter to pay by credit. However, you three seem unfamiliar and it seem to be you first visit to the Orderly Mountain prefecture right? When strangers come for the first time, I would not dare take this risk."

 "Unfamiliar at first, but well accustomed soon enough, are you afraid that we would not pay?" Lone said with ease.

When the elderly innkeeper saw this young man with the thick eyebrows and big eyes seemed somewhat mischievous, he immediately smiled apologetically at Qin Wushuang: "Guest, please understand. It's a small business and we cannot take any risks."

Qin Wushuang was unwilling to bully the weak as he said to Lone and Bao Bao: "Let's take our things to the pawn shop and see if we can get some crystal stones."

Hearing Qin Wushuang's words, Lone finally gave up. Yet, he still cursed: "Darn it, what kind of broken inn is it. When I have money, I will not stay here."

Bao Bao also felt indignant at the injustice as he added: "Even if we have to sleep on the streets, we will not stay here."

Hearing his words, that inn clerk could not hold back and laughed. He showed face full of disdain and mocking as he sized Qin Wushuang and the other three with the expression of one looking at peasants. Yet, he only jeered.

That elderly innkeeper also shook his head with a bitter smile. Apparently, he also saw through that these three had just arrived and did not even have the basic common sense.

Seeing their reaction, Qin Wushuang knew there must be some problems. When one was outside, they should not feel ashamed to ask and remedy one's ignorance. It would always be right to ask more questions and advice. Immediately, he asked humbly: "Mr. Innkeeper, to not keep it from you, us three brothers have come from the countryside. It's our first time coming to the state city and we don't know the rules. How come you guys only laughed coldly when my brother said that, is there something wrong?"

Finally, that elderly innkeeper opened his mouth to speak when he saw Qin Wushuang was polite: "Young man, I already noticed that it's your first visit. This state city is not like your countryside. It's dangerous to stay on the streets in the state city. Not to mention thieves, when the city guards go patrolling at the night, they will also bring you in if they saw you guys staying on the streets. Even if you stayed alive, it's not strange that you would be put into jail for three or five days."

Qin Wushuang finally realized the light and understood that although the management of this state city seemed loose on the outside, each level of the bureaucracy was strict and organized.

Qin Wushuang cupped his hands: "Thank you for your advice, the three of us will go to the pawn shop."

After he had walked out of the inn, Lone said angrily: "Boss, what's the use of wasting your words with these slaves. We should beat them up and see if they would let us stay."

Qin Wushuang gave a long sigh for he knew this was the difference between beast race and humans. In the human society, each place had its own rules and order.

However, the beast race never had these many rules. In the event they encountered something that annoyed them, they would resolve it with violence.

 "Lone, what Boss did was called grace. Wouldn't it drag our status down if we get mad at those people?" Rather, Bao Bao had his own perspective.

Qin Wushuang laughed: "This is not about grace, but everything in the world should have an order. If we force them to let us stay for free, eat for free, then it's all out of order. It's no different to those shameless bandits. I am afraid in that case, trouble would come find us in a day. Although we are not scared of troubles, it's unnecessary to find trouble for ourselves. Most importantly, there is no need to create trouble over these small matters."

Despite being arrogant and obstinate, after some introspection, Lone also felt Qin Wushuang's words made sense. If trouble would come after them even for eating, or staying at the inn, then the trip would become annoying and dangerous.

After turning two main streets, the three of them saw a big word of "Pawn" ahead of them. Qin Wushuang laughed and said: "Let's see if the pawn shop in the Xuan Yuan Mound is a place of exploitment."

Just when he was about to walk in, suddenly, Qin Wushuang stopped his footsteps. Inwardly, he was crying out.

Suddenly, he remembered that he did not have any extra things on him. The last time he had returned to the Heavenly Royal Mansion at the Bai Yue Country, he had gave away the extra things he had, regardless of equipment, or weapons, he had cleared them out. Now, he did not have a single extra treasure.

And after the battle with the Red Maple Human Clan, besides giving away the equipment of Ye Wentong to Lin Dian, he did not take any other equipment from the others.

"Boss, what's wrong?"

Qin Wushuang smiled bitterly: "I don't think I have any extra equipment or weapons to sell to the pawn shop. If I must put up something at the pawn shop, I can only use that Nine Suns Reversal Pill."

Qin Wushuang had six of those Nine Suns Reversal Pills. He only had one left from the bunch that his teacher, Tan Zhongchi, had given him back in the day. However, when he had killed Zhu Dazhong a the Monkey King Mountain, he had acquired five Nine Suns Reversal Pills. Since he never used it again, he still had six of them remaining.

When he thought about Zhu Dazhong, suddenly, Qin Wushuang remembered that storage ring from Zhu Dazhong had stayed in his storage bag and was never used.

This object could replace the storage bag and leave the storage bag open.

When he thought here, Qin Wushuang had an idea. Instantly, he took out that storage ring with a concealed method and put it on his finger. At the same time, he cleared all the things from his storage bag and put them into the storage ring. After having done all these steps, Qin Wushuang called to Bao Bao and Lone.

As they walked into the pawn shop, that pawn shop attendant raised his eyebrows slightly. These two eyebrows that seemed to know how to talk had fully revealed the innate character of an unscrupulous businessman.

 "Customer, what kind of good things are you looking to sell here?"

Qin Wushuang did not speak any extra words as he put that storage bag onto the counter: "How many crystal stones would this storage bag be worth!"

That shopkeeper twirled his mustache that was shaped like the character eight and laughed like a deceitful businessman: "How much would this thing be worth? It can be found everywhere and isn't worth anything."

Qin Wushuang's expression had turned cold. How could he not know that this shopkeeper was beating down the price viciously. Even if this storage bag was not the most exceptional treasure, at least, it would not be at the level that it would appear everywhere.

At least, in the human countries, one must be the head of a sect to have such a storage bag. People like Wei Yi, Zhou Fu from the younger generation did not even have such a thing.

If Qin Wushuang and his friends was not in urgent need of some crystal stones, he would not have come to the pawn shop to receive such unfair treatment. A man without any money is not a real man at all.

This was Qin Wushuang's first time in his entire life that he had been troubled by money problems. Before this moment, he had never encountered such embarrassing situations. He had never thought that money would ever become a problem.

And now, upon arriving at the Xuan Yuan Mound, he had experienced the so-called saying of how difficult it was to move an inch without any money.

When Lone saw Qin Wushuang's expression darkening, he immediately cried out: "Old geezer, do you even have eyes. How dare you say this great storage bag is found everywhere? Come come come, why don't you come out?"

That shopkeeper only smiled coldly: "Why are you telling me to come out?"

 "Come and take a walk on the road, see if you can pick one up for me. Darn it, this is not how you treat a guest. Would you believe me if I said that I will burn your little shop?"

That shopkeeper said with ease: "I certainly don't believe you."

Lone had become extremely angered by him as he pulled up his sleeve: "Boss, don't stop me this time, I must burn his stupid shop."

Qin Wushuang gave a long sigh: "Shopkeeper, since you have opened a pawn shop, it's no surprise that you make money unscrupulously. However, if you think us three brothers are easy to bully, then you have the wrong idea. Since you say that this storage bag is a common item, I will go ask at the other pawn shops. If other people say otherwise, I will come back to reason with you!"

Although these words were not threatening words, there was clearly an an underlying trace of anger. Usually, business people would always bully the weak and fear the strong. Seeing Qin Wushuang acting like this, the shopkeeper softened to some extent.

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