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Chapter 408: Unexpected Interception

A stream of swishing sounds emerged from the forest, it was as if the wind was blowing the leaves to create such rustling sounds . Qin Wushuang made a hand sign to Bao Bao .

Understanding his intention, Bao Bao scrambled back and hide behind Qin Wushuang . At the Dispersed Praying Mountain, Bao Bao's previous identity had been openly known . Currently, the news of how Bao Bao had turned into the Gold Monkey King had most likely spread throughout the entire Dispersed Praying Mountain . Thus, even if Bao Bao were to appear with his previous appearance before his evolution, he would get recognized .

Bao Bao returned to Qin Wushuang and in a flash, he had transformed back into that appearance of a slim human youngster . This way, unless it was someone that had a much higher level than Bao Bao, they would never recognize that this young teenager was him . At least at the Dispersed Praying Mountain, no one with such keen eyes existed .

Unleashing his perception at full power, Qin Wushuang had already sensed an ambush completely surrounding them . He stopped his footsteps and said lightly: "Whoever you are, just come out . "

A long stream of forceful laughs emerged from all around them . Many figures consecutively scrambled out from the darkness, one, two, three…Ten had come out!

Each of these ten people was dressed in the clothing of adventurers . Yet, from the looks on their faces, treacherous intentions could be seen . Apparently, they had come with bad intentions .

 "You…" Qin Wushuang said in a low voice and with a calm gaze, he glanced at each person . He was curious about the background of these people that dared to block their way in the Dispersed Praying Mountain .

 "Ha ha ha, kid, you are courageous . You dared to wander randomly in here by yourself . " A guy with a pair of triangle-shaped eyes said coldly .

 "Just what do you guys want that you dare to block the way during daylight?" Qin Wushuang asked to probe their intentions .

 "It none of your business what we are after . Since you are here, you will listen to us obediently . If you know the situation, show us the valuable goods . Perhaps, we might even consider letting you go . " The other guy with a forthright appearance said with an imperious tone . He did not put Qin Wushuang in his eyes at all .

Qin Wushuang sized each of them up and clearly, these ten people were all Upper Sky elite warriors . Although he did not know their background,

from their clothing, they should be adventurers from the human countries .

Only, with his past experience, adventurers from the human countries would rarely act like bandits toward each other in public .

It was true that robberies between adventurers have happened before . However, that usually happened if one was certain that the other party had acquired an extremely valuable treasure from the Dispersed Praying Mountain . Additionally, he must be sure that he had it .

One had never heard about such brazen robberies that did not have any sense of objective or motivation .

Showing a calm look and reassured demeanor, Qin Wushuang appeared to not feel any trace of pressure . His actions had indeed, left these people stunned .

"Hey, I'm talking to you! Aren't you scared out of your mind?"

Qin Wushuang's mouth twitched and he shook his head helplessly: "If I've counted correctly, there are ten of you guys . I am afraid it would not be easy to spill the few valuable goods I might have . "

That guy with the triangle-shaped eyes sneered: "It's our business how we split it . Take out your things first and let's see if you can trade your life for them . "

Qin Wushuang clicked his tongue and shook his head: "Alright, I will show you guys . "

In a flash, the ancestral giant spear appeared in his hand . He stuck it deep into the earth and shook it .

Qin Wushuang said with a smile: "I heard that this spear is at the Void Martial Stage . If you guys like, feel free to take it . I am just curious how many lives this spear can be traded for?"

That forthright guy from before yelled: "Void Martial Stage? I don't think you know how to bluff . "

Qin Wushuang said leisurely: "Of course I am not bluffing . "

He patted the body of the spear with his right hand lightly . Instantly, that ancestral spear flew up like a long dancing dragon and spun in the sky . As it spiraled in the sky, it appeared like the revolving disk .


As the long spear dropped to the ground, it stabbed itself into the top of a green stone firmly . When the spear dropped, it had penetrated into the stone as if it was stabbing into a piece of tofu . In one motion, half of the spear's body had slid into the stone .

That calm and collected smile lingered on the corner of Qin Wushuang's mouth: "Whether it's valuable or not, please judge it for yourself . "

With his action, even the most idiotic person could see his intention . Without any pageantry,

pageantry, he was showing off his force! That guy with the triangle-shaped eyes seemed to be the leader . His eyes flickered and he put his fingers into his mouth to let out a short, sharp, and piercing whistle .

Almost with the same movements, those ten people pulled out their weapon and spread out to surround Qin Wushuang in a big circle .

With a cold tone, that person with the triangle-eyes asked: "Kid, who are you, state your name!"

Qin Wushuang gave a loud laughter: "Who am I? I didn't even ask you guys that question . "

That forthright man shouted: "Stop talking nonsense, let's go and kill him, tear him apart . "

After having received Qin Wushuang's instruction, Bao Bao had not made a sound . Hearing the shouts of these guys that sounded like a group of bandits, he laughed: "Boss, so they are really bandits?"

Qin Wushuang only jeered and did not speak a word . He would not believe that this group of people were truly bandits . Although ten Upper Sky warriors was not a particularly strongest force, in the human countries, ten elite warriors at the Upper Sky was considered to be a strong force . Normally, those adventurer teams would not have such orderly coordination and equipment . Not to mention that even if they were adventurers, he still would not believe that these adventurers were bandits .

He still had his suspicion about the identities of these people .

Hearing Bao Bao speaking, the Purple Flame Electric Beast did not back down as he sneered: "Boss, these guys do not have have very good eyesight . Give them to me, and I will tear them to pieces without you having to move a single finger . "

Qin Wushuang nodded coldly and sent his voice directly into Lone's mind: "Remember to keep one alive . "

However, Bao Bao said: "Boss, don't I get a share?"

 "Whoever gets it, gets it!" Qin Wushuang let out a cold laugh .

Before he had finished his words, the Purple Flame Electric Beast dashed forward like lightning . Already, he brandished his deadly claws at that guy with the triangle-shaped eyes .

His speed was as fast as teleportation . Before that guy with the triangle-shaped eyes had understood what was happening, the Purple Flame Electric Beast had already pressed his claws on to his shoulder .

 "Outrageous evil creature!" Just as the triangle-shaped guy was speaking, suddenly, he let out a miserable cry: "Ah!"

This miserable cry penetrated all the way to the clouds . Indeed, it was extremely plaintive, as one could imagine .

With a crashing sound, the Purple Flame Electric Beast pulled his claws outwards and immediately, he had torn this

torn this triangle-shaped eyed person into halves . Instantly, a bloody geyser, organs, and the remains of flesh splattered onto the ground .

A mighty elite warrior at the Middle Stage of the Genuine Force did not even have the chance to resist before the Purple Flame Electric Beast had torn him into halves .

The murderous intent of the Purple Flame Electric Beast was lit up by the broken corpse and all the bloody remains . With a few roaring sounds, he traveled from left and right at a rapid speed . In a single breath, another three people had fallen to his demonic claws . Without exception, one after another, he had torn them into halves as if he was splitting apart a baked sesame seed-coated cake .

Bao Bao's speed was not slow either . Swinging the giant staff in his hand, from left and right, he had also taken down three people continuously .

Facing such sudden devastation, the remaining people had finally regained their senses from their initial panic . They turned around to run away in a state of the most unimaginable misery .

The Purple Flame Electric Beast had taken down four and Bao Bao had slaughtered three . The remaining three had been the furthest away from the danger zone . Thus, their chances of escape were more favorable than the others . As if these three had seen ghosts, these three figures covered their heads and snuck away like rats at a hasty speed .

Bao Bao threw the giant stick out of his hand .

With a giant booming sound, as if someone was conducting the giant stick in the sky, it caught up to that person who was running ahead and smashed downwards . Instantly, that person's head exploded as if a watermelon had been smashed by a heavy hammer . The red and white things had flooded out of his entire body disintegrated into bits and pieces .

The Purple Flame Electric Beast also did not hold back . As if his body had been equipped with springs, he dashed behind the back of one of the escaping people as he reared upwards on his hind legs . Putting both claws on to his shoulder, he pressed him down .

That person furiously struggled with his hands and feet while at the same time, he also let out a miserable and despairing cry .

Seeing the movements of the Purple Flame Electric Beast, Qin Wushuang immediately shouted: "Leave one alive!"

When Bao Bao heard these words, he also withdrew the giant stick that was flying at the last person . He twitched his mouth into a smile: "Boss, I almost forgot, ha ha forgot, ha ha . "

These two guys were the kind that enjoyed killing . Once a battle started and as they had entered combat mode, their brutal nature would come out . After all, beast blood ran through their body .

Bao Bao lifted that person and tossed him before Qin Wushuang . He poked the skull of that person with his giant stick and said lazily: "You without the eyes, I can send you off to heaven if I just poke you a little harder with my stick, do you believe me?"

That person was scared witless and his legs had turned limp . A moment ago, Bao Bao and the Purple Flame Electric Beast's killing movements had been too fast and ruthless . They had never seen or heard of such methods .

Thus, although this battle had closed its curtain in lightning fast speed, the psychological and mental impact left upon this person could not be remedied in such short time . One could say that his entire sanity had been completely destroyed .

The Purple Flame Electric Beast also walked over as he cursed: "It's not fun enough . I only ripped four people apart, and it seems they are not that strong . Boss, what's the use of leaving these two scratchy fishes alive, let's just tear them all apart . "

Despite his talk, he would not dare to act outrageously without Qin Wushuang's consent . Not to mention that he would not dare to make his own decisions . Thus, he threw that prisoner down with embarrassment .

The mind of the person caught by the Purple Flame Electric beast's had been completely destroyed and he had become incontinent . His face was pale as ashen and he trembled like a quail without stopping .

Both Bao Bao and the Purple Flame Electric Beast could not help but laugh: "Boss, this person is at least an Upper Sky warrior . Why is he so useless and scared out of his wits, ha ha . "

Qin Wushuang also could not decide whether he should laugh or cry . However, considering how tyrannically the Purple Flame Electric Beast had unleashed his killing methods, it was not strange that when this person got caught he would lose his wits .

 "Bao Bao, search their bodies . See if they have any corresponding equipment of an adventurer or some form of identity . " Qin Wushuang instructed .

Bao Bao went to carry out Qin Wushuang's instructions and acquired nothing after a round of searching . Besides some lame equipment sets that could not even interest Qin Wushuang, where were those adventurer equipment and resources?

Indeed, they were not adventurers!

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