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Qin Wushuang's words caused the Head Divinity Chief to fall into a deep muse. Naturally, the Head Divinity Chief wished Qin Wushuang would devote himself to righteousness to inspire reverence and shoulder the fate of the human countries. In his opinion, Qin Wushuang had the potential and the luck.

Only, if he thought about it from another angle, it was unfair to Qin Wushuang. After all, he was only a young man at twenty years old.

When the Head Divinity Chief thought about these words, he felt relieved. As Qin Wushuang had said, one should do as much regarding the amount of power he had. It would be meaningless to force Qin Wushuang to make such pointless promises.

When he thought there, the Head Divinity Chief laughed: "Your words have instantly broadened my mind. This time, I have invited you here mainly because I wanted to discuss this problem with you. Now, I feel much more at ease after hearing your standpoint."

Seeing that the Head Divinity Chief was no longer forcing his ideas onto him, Qin Wushuang felt more positive toward the Head Divinity Chief. Regardless, the altruism of this Head Divinity Chief was good. Compared to those selfish major sects, the Nine Raven Temple had far surpassed those as they were working towards the destiny of the human countries. Just this point alone had won extra admiration from Qin Wushuang.

Of course, Qin Wushuang could only place such admirations in his heart. Before he had achieved a greater strength, he did not want to get kidnapped without reason.

 "Head Divinity Chief, for the human countries to protect itself, the core decisions lie with the hidden elite human warriors from all major Forbidden Spiritual Zones. I am afraid our plans would not amount to anything meaningful with just our power alone."

The Head Divinity Chief gave a long sigh: "That's right. However, since the human countries do not have much Spiritual Qi, it is known as a barren land in the Tian Xuan Land. Those hidden elite warriors and hidden sects would never set their foot in the human countries. Thus, the fate of the human countries still remains uncertain."

Qin Wushuang gave a long sigh: "It may be true this way, however, it's not entirely impossible for the human countries to grasp fate. If the human realms demonstrated enough potential and force those hidden sects to take us into consideration, the safety of the human countries would have much more insurance."

Taking his words in deeply, the Head Divinity Chief nodded: "That's right, if a few more geniuses like you could appear in the human countries, I believe that those hidden sects of the major Forbidden Spiritual Zones would pay attention. Unfortunately, historically, a genius like you has always been scarce, if not non-existent."

Qin Wushuang laughed: "In the past few days, you have praised me more than enough."

However, the Head Divinity Chief said seriously: "This was not a compliment, but what I feel from the bottom of my heart. Although I would not dare to predict your future, I have a feeling that in the future, you will certainly become an oddball in the Tian Xuan Land! You will become the most resplendent star even in the far away galaxy."

"If that's the case, I will never forget your words from today."

As Qin Wushuang finished speaking, he stood up: "Let's talk again, I still have some business that I must take care. I will take my leave now."

The Head Divinity Chief felt somewhat disappointed: "You are leaving now?"

 "Time and tide wait for no man, please understand, Head Divinity Chief." Qin Wushuang said with sincerity.

The Head Divinity Chief was also a person that treated things philosophically. Hearing Qin Wushuang speaking this way, he laughed: "Alright, then let me send you off myself."

 "How could I trouble you to send me off?" Qin Wushuang said humbly.

 "If it was someone else, I would not take the time. However, with you, I feel familiarity at first sight and only indescribable joy. It's what I want to do. Let's go, it's not easy to enter or get out of this Nine Raven Abyss. With me sending you off, it will be faster and smoother."

Since the Head Divinity Chief had put it this way, of course, Qin Wushuang would not be so pretentious as to refuse.

After bidding goodbye with the other higher-ups of the Nine Raven Temple, Qin Wushuang started to head towards the exit of the Nine Raven Abyss under the personal escort of the Head Divinity Chief.

Indeed, the journey along the way was smooth and without any accidents.

When they arrived at the shore, just as Qin Wushuang suggest to the Head Divinity Chief that he return, the Head Divinity Chief laughed: "I would like to accompany you for some more."

Facing such great kindness, of course, Qin Wushuang could not decline. He nodded and said: "Ok."

The Head Divinity Chief made a "please" gesture and the two continued along the way. Suddenly, he asked: "Young Master Wushuang, where do you plan to go on your next trip?"

"You can make a guess." Qin Wushuang said with a smile.

"Dispersed Praying Mountain?" The Head Divinity Chief blurted the words out.

Qin Wushuang shook his head: "Not just the Disperse Praying Mountain, this time, I would also like to go and see the Xuan Yuan Mound."

The Head Divinity Chief raised his head in surprise: "Going to the Xuan Yuan Mound? It's a hundred thousand miles away, do you have a specific direction and place you wish to visit?"

Qin Wushuang laughed straightforwardly: "Since I am going to go, why should I care about the specific direction?"

The Head Divinity Chief gave a long sigh: "The Xuan Yuan Mound is incomparable to the human countries. Even a tiny sect or a small tribe can be extremely powerful. Forgive me for saying this, although you have the strength of a Perfect Stage, in the Xuan Yuan Mound, such strength would not give you any advantage. Among the sects in the Xuan Yuan Mound, even ordinary disciples are at the Upper Sky Realm. Over there, a Perfect Stage is at most, a little below average. Of course, you are young, and possess great potential…"

When the Head Divinity Chief said these words, he did not continue to speak. Of course, Qin Wushuang could understand the meaning behind his words. Despite having tremendous potential, at least at his current stage, he could not count on it to be an advantage if he were to get into a fight.

 "Head Divinity Chief, I am going to the Xuan Yuan Mound not to fight. I will not cause a scene if I can. For all matters in the world, it's quite impossible to carry out everything without risks. This time, I am well prepared to face every possibility of every situation."

Qin Wushuang was rather honest. He knew that his strength was impressive in the human countries. Because of this fact, he no longer had any motivation to linger in the human countries. Of course, he would also go to the Xuan Yuan Mound to investigate the origin of the Qin clan.

The other reason was that he wanted to use the Xuan Yuan Mound, this Forbidden Spiritual Zone to improve his own strength. Although exploring the Endless Eastern Sea was a type of practical experience, wouldn't it also be another experience to travel through those hundred thousand miles and to reach the foot of the Heaven Emperor Mountain?

Hearing his words, the Head Divinity Chief knew that since this young man had made up his mind, he would not be dissuaded by two or three of his words.

 "With your luck and fortune behind you, even if you encounter some situation, you should have the chance to turn peril into safety. Only, I have a word of advice…"

 "Please do, Head Divinity Chief."

The Head Divinity Chief sighed: "When you enter the Xuan Yuan Mound, you must always remember to not stir up too much trouble, not to mention getting involved in some conflict. The viciousness of the Xuan Yuan Mound exceeds that of the human countries by ten times!"

 "I will remember that, thank you for your kindness."

In the middle of their conversation, these two arrived at an intersection. The Head Divinity Chief stopped his footsteps and said with a somewhat sentimental tone as they were about to part: "Young Master Wushuang, I will stop here. With the long journey ahead, please take care."

Hearing the tone of the Head Divinity Chief, inwardly, Qin Wushuang could not help but feel emotional. Right now, he could feel that this Head Divinity Chief truly cared for and appreciated him.

Within his words, it revealed the type of caring from Senior to a junior. Qin Wushuang was not an ungrateful person as he bowed to him respectfully.

 "Head Divinity Chief, if in the future I succeed in my martial arts journey, I will certainly not forget your advice. If there are any times that you may need me, I will not so dishonorable as to shirk the request."

This was all he could promise.

Yet, a mad joy emerged from the eyes of the Head Divinity Chief as he kept nodding: "Great, great! Young Master Wushuang, I will not feel regretful with your words."

After waving his hand in farewell, Qin Wushuang sped up and let out Bao Bao and Lone. That Bao Bao said: "Boss Wushuang, that Head Divinity Chief is trying to bewitch you and put more responsibility on your shoulders. Don't fall into his trap."

The Purple Flame Electric Beast also nodded in assent: "That's right, that old man wants to kidnap Boss."

However, Qin Wushuang gave a long sigh: "Don't talk this way. Regardless, the Head Divinity Chief did not do this out of his own personal interest. By the way, Bao Bao, Lone, if the beast revolt were to happen again, would you guys choose to participate or stay neutral?"

Before Bao Bao had a chance to answer, that Purple Flame Electric Beast cried out: "I would not bother with that minor thing. Initially, when I got captured and sealed, I didn't see anyone from the beast clan coming to my aid. Anyways, I've always acted alone. Regardless of the Beast Clan or the humans, just don't give me any trouble and it will all be good. If anyone dares to offend me, I will just stay self-centered and not recognize anyone, even if they are my family!"

Bao Bao laughed: "To not recognize anyone? So you will also not recognize Boss?"

The Purple Flame Electric Beast twitched his mouth into a smile: "Boss is my savior, I would not dare to offend him. My line of thought has gone wrong. It's possible that I may get killed by these thoughts, and it's impossible for me not to recognize Boss."

When he said here, the Purple Flame Electric Beast rolled his eyes and said: "Bao Bao, don't just ask me, what about you? Are you going to help Boss, or stand with the Beast Clan?"

Bao Bao was also rather straightforward: "The monkey clan was sent into exile away from the Xuan Yuan Mound by the beast clan. In the world of beasts, this is too shameful. The weak clan could not even get insurance upon surviving. At the most critical moment of the monkey clan, no one came to protect us. However, Boss Wushuang has helped us at my clan's moment of utmost crisis. Who is good, and who is bad, I know it clear in my heart. Anyways, whoever goes against Boss Wushuang, they would be going against me!"

Hearing the sincere words from those two, inwardly, Qin Wushuang felt extremely moved. Everyone said that the beast clan was heartless, yet it was only a prejudice the humans had towards the beast clan. From Bao Bao and Lone, although Qin Wushuang had witnessed the different personalities and temperament of two different beasts, they still shared the same virtues.

The trip was smooth and in less than a day, they had passed the border of the Nine Raven Temple and entered the Dispersed Praying Mountain. Of course, Bao Bao would need to return to the Monkey King Mountain to take a look since they were back. Although they were far away from the ten-year promise, Bao Bao had already entered the Void Martial Stage. It seemed that they could accelerate the plan to deal with the Barbarian Clan!

Upon entering the Dispersed Praying Mountain again, Qin Wushuang no longer had the previous nervousness he had from coming here the first time. The man and two beasts used their full power to quickly travel.

Despite having entered the Dispersed Praying Mountain once before, Qin Wushuang had taken a pre-arranged road at that time. Now, since they were trying to hasten their journey, they would follow Bao Bao, the one who had been born here and knew more about the Dispersed Praying Mountain that both of them.

As they were rapidly traveling through the area, Bao Bao suddenly stopped up ahead. His eyes flickered rapidly and a look of alarm filled his face.

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