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Da Xi Ming continued to moan and groan bleakly.

Qin Wushuang had been greatly shocked by the unexpected news. The Xi Men Feudal Lords—Southcloud State's biggest bully that governed eight counties. They were very powerful and had many mighty warriors in their families.

Within the two or three thousand miles of the Southcloud territory, they were the only Feudal Lord family. Additionally, among the forty or fifty Feudal Lord powerhouses in Bai Yue Country, they were ranked fifth.

In Bai Yue Country, the Emperor was the principle ruler. He had divided the territories among four Royal families.

Each Royal family governed eight states. In total, there were thirty-two states in the entire country.

Each state governed eight counties, and each county ruled over twenty to thirty towns. And each town controlled many big and small villages.

This ascending pyramid of power was what made up the governing system of Bai Yue Country.

Inside each county, a Venerable family usually controlled the territory.

And inside a state's territory, a Feudal Lord powerhouse usually ruled.

Further up the pyramid, the four Royal families controlled the four Royal territories of Bai Yue Country.

And the Imperial Capital served as the core power of Bai Yue Country. It was a place where the Emperor stayed and where the Zhen Wu Holy Place was located.

Inside River County, the Venerable Da Xi family would be the supreme authority. No one would dare to challenge their authority. However, across the Southcloud State, the social status of the Venerable Da Xi family would not be as dominant.

Inside a state, there were at least eight or more Venerable powerhouses. Because, besides the powerhouses in each county, Venerable powerhouses also existed in principle state cities.

Only, in a state, regardless of how many Venerable powerhouses there were, the supreme authority would always be the Feudal Lords!

A Feudal Lord family's strength was equivalent to five Venerable families. And they also had a superior advantage in the strength of their warriors.

The essential qualification to become a Venerable family would be a Stage Six Genuine Force Warrior. However, to become a Feudal Lord family, a family, at the very least, needed to have a strong Stage Eight Genuine Force Warrior to oversee the family.

The distance between the two classes would be enough to cause many Venerable families to bow their heads before the Feudal Lords.

Qin Wushuang was not unfamiliar with this fact. He, of course, understood the root of Da Xi Ming's pain.

As the only Feudal Lord powerhouse in the Southcloud State, if the Xi Men family wanted to marry a daughter to you, how could you refuse?

Besides, the strength of the Xi Men family was quite apparent. Regardless of whether they used gentle or threatening methods, they could easily suppress the Venerable Da Xi family. To clarify, there were thirty-two states in the country. And each state had one Feudal Lord family. Then, inside the four Royal cities and the imperial capitals, there were dozens more Feudal Lord powerhouses. Thus, at least forty or fifty Feudal Lords existed in total.

Among these Feudal Lord powerhouses, twelve of them were recognized as the strongest. They were known as the "Twelve Great Feudal Lords" in Bai Yue Country. In other words, they formed the core ruling force of Bai Yue Country.

And since the Xi Men family ranked fifth among the "Twelve Great Feudal Lords," their apparent strength left the Da Xi family feeling powerless.

"Big Brother Da Xi, what are your plans?" Qin Wushuang wanted to know Da Xi Ming's bottom line.

A trace of perseverance appeared on Da Xi Ming's handsome face. He whispered: "Little Brother Wushuang, if, in this life, I cannot be together with your sister because I had to marry that girl from the Xi Men family, then I would rather die than live. I have thought about how I could resist them, and I would have already refused this forced marriage if I was alone. But I… Each and every movement of mine is related to the survival of the Venerable Da Xi family."

Qin Wushuang listened to him silently and did not speak a word.

Da Xi Ming said sadly: "Since I can not resist them while I am still alive, only death can set me free, right?"

"Death?" Qin Wushuang said lightly, "Big Brother Da Xi, how can you be the one my sister entrusts her life to, if you spoke of death so easily?"

"Of course I do not talk about death lightly!" Da Xi Ming suddenly lowered his voice, "I plan to find an opportunity and fake my death. Then, I will travel far away from Southcloud State and practice martial arts. I will return to River County when I have acquired the strength that will allow me to no longer fear anyone from the Xi Men family. Only, I know this will cause much grief to have your sister to flee with me…"

Qin Wushuang lightly nodded because this was most likely the best method that Da Xi Ming could think of to avoid the marriage in a roundabout way. However, this kind of life on the run, maybe Da Xi Ming could bear it, but not his sister Qin Xiu since she did not have any talent for martial arts training. Most likely, as the days grew, she would grow increasingly unaccustomed to this type of lifestyle, which would cause great trouble. Besides, Qin Wushuang had always seen his sister as someone more important than his life, especially since this was his second chance to remedy his previous life's regret. How could he be willing to let Qin Xiu suffer?

He would never allow his sister to experience this pain. Besides, that Xi Men family were not idiots. It would not be easy to hide the truth if they requested to see the person if they were alive, or a corpse if the individual was dead.

There was only one way to solve this problem. He would need to suppress the Xi Men family and ensure that they would never dare to interfere again! When Qin Wushuang thought about this idea, he immediately became furious.

"Big Brother Da Xi, how much strength does this Xi Men family have, exactly? Qin Wushuang decided to learn about the power of the Xi Men family. They could not be an ordinary family since they had scared the Da Xi family to such an extent.

"They are ranked fifth among the "Twelve Great Feudal Lords." They are awful and evil people. It was apparent to see how big a bully the Xi Men family is since they are forcing me to marry their daughter."

"Since they are ranked fifth among the "Twelve Great Feudal Lords," the strength of the Xi Men family should be equivalent to the power of all of the Venerable households in Southcloud State! I heard that they have at least four or five Stage Eight Genuine Force Warriors! Plus, the Xi Men family has Stage Nine Genuine Force Warriors!"

The basic requirement to become a Feudal Lord family was to have a Stage Eight Genuine Force Warrior. However, this Xi Men family had four or five of such of these mighty warriors. This kind of strength was equivalent to the foundation of four or five Feudal Lord households. Not to mention, they still had powerful warriors at Stage Nine of the Genuine Force.

It was not a surprise that the Xi Men Family had such an arrogant attitude. No wonder they were ranked fifth among the "Twelve Great Feudal Lords."

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang was extremely surprised. One Feudal Lord family had such strength, then what about those Royal families, and those next to the emperor, how powerful would they be?

How powerful would the Zhen Wu Holy Place be?

Qin Wushuang suddenly realized that even if he had recovered his full strength he'd had from his previous life, he would only be at the peak of Stage Nine of the Genuine Force. Even with this power, it would most likely not allow him to become invincible in Bai Yue Country! Moreover, this Bai Yue Country was only a tiny and ordinary country in this big world. When he thought about it, he could not help but feel a sense of crisis emerge in his mind.

Stage Nine of the Genuine Force was quite clearly not the peak strength in this world. Would it be the Upper Realm if he went up even more? Qin Wushuang was now one-hundred percent certain that in this world, an Upper Realm Sky Warrior must exist!

"Wushuang, what are you thinking?" When Da Xi Ming saw him lost in his thoughts, he could not help but ask.

Qin Wushuang laughed casually: "I'm thinking... Doesn't the Da Xi family have some backers above you guys to suppress the Xi Men family?"

"Yes, of course, we do! But don't forget, since we have backers, then the Xi Men family most likely also has their own backers. After all, they are one level higher than the Da Xi family, and of course, their patrons would be much stronger than ours. And under normal circumstances, the third party would not interfere with the internal conflicts within the Bai Yue families. Except under the condition where we have caused an uproar."

"Yes…" Qin Wushuang nodded thoughtfully.

It was good news if the thirty party would not interfere under normal circumstances. He quickly did some calculations in his head. With his current strength, he could reach a tie if he were to do battle with a Stage Eight Genuine Force Warrior. At the very least, he would not lose, and he would have at least a sixty or seventy percent chance of winning!

As for battling against a Stage Nine Genuine Force Warrior before he had mastered the last stage of the and the , at the very least, he would not be killed. However, it would be impossible for him to win!

If he could master the two offensive techniques, with his two lifetimes of battle experiences coupled with his exquisite and nimble martial arts, he would then have a one hundred percent of chance of beating a Stage Nine Genuine Force Warrior.

After all, he did reach the stage of invincibility underneath the Upper Realm Sky in his previous world's training environment. In his former world, he could beat any opponents.

"Big Brother Da Xi, before the Xi Men family rushes you to finish the marriage, I would advise you to stay low-profile with my sister. At least, for now, don't disturb the Xi Men family." For his sister Qin Xiu's safety, Qin Wushuang felt there was no need to anger the Xi Men family at the moment. Besides, a dark force still remained hidden. Before he had taken care of it, it would always remain a threat.

Da Xi Ming nodded: "Of course, even if I am not doing this in consideration of the Venerable Da Xi family, I still need to think of your sister. That Xi Men family is a bully and are unreasonable people. Once they hear this news, it is likely that they would make things difficult for your sister."

To make things difficult for his sister?

Qin Wushuang felt a wave of arrogance surge through his chest. He inwardly thought, the Xi Men Feudal Lords family? Ranked fifth among the "Twelve Great Feudal Lords" nationally? Second in the level of the upper aristocrats?

Who cares if they possessed immense power?

If you were reasonable, I would pay you some respect. If you are suppressing others with your power, Qin Wushuang did not intend to be respectful to them. Instead, he would take them down—Of course, his weapons would not be bricks, but his fists.

It would not matter if you were part of the Royal family or a Feudal Lord. Qin Wushuang had simple rules—To a friend, he would treat them with delicious wine. If they were enemies, he would treat them with fists.

Who cared if you were a Feudal Lord and if you were the top rated Royal family in the upper aristocrats, what about it?

Hard fists were the golden rules.

From individuals to countries, whoever had the stronger fists, then you would have a more powerful voice!

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