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With a squeaking sound, the door was pushed open. Qin Lianshan, his father, walked in.

Qin Wushuang was sitting cross-legged on the bed. When he saw his father, he got down from the bed with a smile. Then, he carried a chair for his father.

In these past few days, it was apparent that Qin Lianshan had not been having good days. The fight against the Wealthy Class Xu family had brought him unimaginable pressure. No matter how hard he had tried to arrange their strategies, he always felt that with the tiny population of their Humble family, it would be very difficult for them to win.

"Father, there is still a few days left before our fight with the Wealthy Class Xu. You must rest well, and there is no need to worry too much. We will cross that bridge when the time comes."

When Qin Wushuang saw his father's bloodshot eyes from being overworked, he could not help but feel a bit guilty and comforted him.

"Wushuang, I think… we should give up on this challenge." Qin Lianshan's mouth felt tasteless when he spoke those words..

For more than half of his life, he'd always strived to be the first and had never stepped back even if he'd had a knife over his head. Now, clearly, he had gone through a lot of torment to speak these words.

"Give up? Father, in the aristocratic world, it is easy to take a step back. However, it is tough to take a step forward. If we give up now, we will be downgraded to civilians. How could we give up? Moreover, I can not find any reasons for us to give up!"

Qin Wushuang was high-spirited and full of vim. This time, he must let the Qin family return to an authoritative position in River County. He wanted them to once again step into the core aristocratic circle.

Qin Lianshan sighed: "Wushuang, Father knew you had encountered some fortuitous opportunity. However, I still want you to give up, do you know why?"


"That Wealthy Class Xu family is proficient in planning strategies. There are rumors about how they have already extended their hand to Southcloud City and sucked up to the supreme authority over there—The Xi Men Feudal Lords! Wushuang, you are still young, even if you've encountered a fortuitous opportunity, it has not been very long, why not just wait another twenty years…"

"Father, I've only heard that the back waves of the river would push forward and compete to be the first at all times. It is an irresistible trend. Now, we are at the National Commentary and have gained some momentum. It is time for our Qin family to show our strength. If we take a step back now, I am afraid there is only sheer cliffs, precipitous rocks, and a bottomless abyss behind us. Have you not heard that Gou Sheng's words? He is waiting to drop the stone on us as soon as the Qin family loses its aristocratic seat. I believe that within River County, there are more than one or two households that have this kind of intention, right?"

Qin Lianshan did understand these reasons. He did consider them before. However, the Xi Men Feudal Lord family was indeed like an insurmountable mountain. Even if they only moved one of their fingers, it would be enough to turn any of the Humble families to dust in an instant.

When he thought about the mighty Feudal Lord powerhouses, Qin Lianshan, as proud as he was, could not help but lose his fighting spirit.

"Father, who cares if they are the Xi Men Feudal Lords? Can they be stronger than the Zhen Wu Holy Place? In Bai Yue Country, as long as the Zhen Wu Holy Place has not declared the death of the Qin family, we still have a chance. Moreover, it would be one thing to suck up to the Xi Men Feudal Lords; it would be another matter if they could request their help. Even if the Xi Men Feudal Lords are willing to help them, can they enter the battlefield?"

Qin Wushuang obviously could not openly reveal the truth for now. If he did, what would the Xi Men Feudal Lords do? As long as they blocked the rise of the Qin family, he would not mind stepping them flat into the ground!

"Only offspring of the main family from each household could fight in the "Family Class Evaluation."" Qin Lianshan knew very well of this rule. Suddenly, a bright light flashed across his eyes. He asked with a thick voice, "Wushuang, has Xiu'er been spending a lot of time with the eldest son of the Da Xi recently?"

Qin Wushuang laughed: "Father, it is rare for my sister to meet such young man with whom she shares a lot of common interests. You should be happy for her on this matter."

Qin Lianshan showed concern on his face: "Wushuang, you are, after all, too young. You don't understand the complicated things beneath these matters. Not only is the Venerable Da Xi family far above the Humble Qin family, that Da Xi Ming already has an arranged marriage. And the one he is going to marry is the princess of the Xi Men Feudal Lord family. Everyone within River County's aristocratic circle knows about this. If Xiu'er angers the Xi Men family over this matter, it would be terrible…"

Qin Wushuang could not help but laugh: "Father, this issue is still uncertain. You are worrying too much. Since we don't have things to do now, we should discuss how to fight against the Xu family, us father and son. As for the Xi Men family, you shouldn't care about them too much. As long as we can win the Wealthy Class seat on the battlefield, even the Xi Men Feudal Lords cannot change the truth. The Emperor grants the aristocratic position through the Zhen Wu Holy Place. What does it have to do with the Xi Men family?"

The more casual his tone was, the heavier Qin Lianshan's heart became. He felt that his son still hadn't grasped the delicacy nor the seriousness of the situation..

"Father, I plan to use three fights to decide the outcome of the Wealthy Class challenge. Among the Xu family, the Xu patriarch, Xu Sanli should be the strongest. After him, the next strongest should be the two elders. At the very least, these three should have the strength of Stage Four of the Genuine Force. As for the others, at the most, they would be at Stage Three of the Genuine Force. Father, are you interested in fighting them?"

Qin Lianshan said: "I have a ninety-percent chance of winning against people below Stage Four."

In these past few years, Qin Lianshan had refined his tendons and bones via the technique. His strength had soared by leaps and bounds and he was no longer like his previous self.

"Ok, it's settled. If the other party sends out a Stage Three Warrior, then Father will go. For those people above Stage Three, I will fight them. This time, us father and son will combine our power and sweep away the forces of those aristocratic powerhouses in River County!"

Qin Lianshan acknowledged his son's strength. He was greatly motivated when he witnessed his son's high spirits. Just as he was about to speak, Qin Xiu's footsteps could be heard coming from outside.

"Wushuang." Qin Xiu pushed the door open with her face beaming with happiness. When she noticed that her father was also there, she called out while blushing: "Daddy."

"Xiu'er, what has made you so happy?"

Qin Xiu's face slightly turned red, and in her hand, she held an invitation: "Daddy, Wushuang, a moment ago, Young Master Da Xi sent an invitation. He invited us to visit his Da Xi castle."

When Qin Wushuang saw Qin Xiu's smiling face, he had already guessed this matter would be related to Da Xi Ming. However, he did not expect that the Venerable Da Xi family invited the Humble Qin family.

After Qin Lianshan had finished reading the invitation, he revealed a confused expression. He felt proud, yet somewhat worried.

"In three days, the second Missy of the Da Xi family will celebrate her twentieth birthday. They have invited our Humble Qin family to the feast."

When the Venerable Da Xi family set a banquet, they had never invited Humble aristocrats before. And yet, they had invited the Humble Qin family this time. The three Qin family members would be lying if they said they were not feel proud.

Only, to a little Humble Class, it would be troublesome for them regarding what kind of gifts to bring.

"Daddy, are we going?" Qin Xiu asked because she was worried about personal gains and loss.

Qin Lianshan smiled bitterly: "Since the Venerable family has invited us, it would impolite not to go."

"Then let us go." Qin Wushuang had a good impression of two of the heirs of the Venerable Da Xi family.

"It's easy to go, but it would be troublesome trying to come up with what sort of gifts we should bring. Xiu'er, since you are a girl, what should we give to Da Xi family's second Missy's birthday?"

"Father, others will obviously bring expensive gifts for the birthday of the second Missy. We will just present our token of appreciation and not to lose out on our courtesy on the gifts. There is no need to spend time pondering on this matter." Qin Wushuang did not think much of it.

"It is because of these four words, "To not lack manners." It is indeed troublesome." Qin Lianshan sighed.

"Haha, if Father trusts us, then allow me and Sister take care of it."

Qin Wushuang did not feel the need to ponder on it. At the moment, the Qin family was only a little Humble Class. It would be enough if they could send out an appropriate gift equivalent to their social status to show their appreciation and courtesy. If they were to try and offer up luxury goods, others would be suspicious of them trying to suck up.

At this crucial moment, it was important to keep a steady attitude.

Qin Xiu immediately answered: "Wushuang, let's go and look on the streets. I know a jewelry shop in River County that has beautiful jewelry.

As she had finished speaking, she grabbed Qin Wushuang's arm and walked out.

Qin Lianshan could not help but feel an ache in his heart as he watched his daughter's back, her figure reminded him so much of his dead wife. He gave a long sigh as he remembered the matter between Qin Xiu and Da Xi Ming. He could not help but feel worried.

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