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Before the ten seconds were up, each of the remaining disciples of the Archaic sect had arrived in the mountain square. Each of them watched the one young man and two beasts stand on the high ground with an imposing manner. Just looking at them left them unable to ignore them.

Qin Wushuang raised his Dragon Fury Soul high and revealed Gao Yue's body to all the Archaic disciples: "Open your eyes widely and watch closely, this person is Gao Yue, your Archaic Head! He colluded with the Nine Palace and lure the wolf into the den. He is not ready for death yet. Today, I will let him see with his own eyes how I will destroy the Archaic Mysteries sect!"

 "Lone!" Qin Wushuang shouted in a low voice.

"Here." The Purple Flame Electric Beast stepped forward.

 "Don't you like to tear things down? It's all yours to tear down, all the big and small palaces. Whether you burn them or just tear it down, it's all up to you."

The Purple Flame Electric was overjoyed as the ferocious intention grew in his eyes: "Alright!"

Bao Bao said depressedly: "Boss, am I not part of it?"

 "You will watch them from the side, you will take down whoever dares to move from that spot."

Bao Bao laughed: "That's better."

 "Move!" From Qin Wushuang's tone, there was not a trace of mercy.

Upon receiving the instruction, the Purple Flame Electric Beast gave a loud roar and shook the entire mountain. His body turned into a lightning bolt that smashed right into the mountain gate of the Archaic Mysteries sect.

For a Perfect Stage spiritual beast, the power of their body was unimaginable to ordinary people. With this one collision, it knocked down half of the front palaces of the Archaic Mysteries sect.

Continuing his momentum, the Purple Flame Electric beast smashed into it again and the entire front palace collapsed.

After the palace had collapsed, the Purple Flame Electric beast opened its mouth and waves of genuine fire lit up all the ruins of the entire front palace mercilessly!

Then, the Purple Flame Electric beast continued to bombard the surrounding of the main palace with his flames.

Each time he unleashed his breath, the color on the faces of those Archaic disciples would darken. Gao Yue's face had turned as pale as the ash that drifted from the ruins. He closed his eyes in despair. He wanted to swear, yet he did not even have the ability to move his mouth…

This time, almost all the elite warriors of the Archaic Mysteries sect had followed Gao Yue out on the expedition. Thus, although a portion of these disciples that stayed in the sect were also Upper Sky, they only held ordinary positions in the Archaic Mysteries sect and were not counted among the ranks of the Core disciples. Naturally, they did not possess a strong bond with those Core disciples.

Currently, despite their mixed feelings, under Bao Bao's glare, how could they dare to exhibit any abnormal movements?

In addition to the main palace, the Purple Flame Electric beast had destroyed all the other palaces. The Purple Flame Electric also knew that the main palace should be the strongest one of all. He would need some time to destroy it. Thus, he had picked the easy ones first and would destroy the main palace afterwards.

Suddenly, Qin Wushuang said: "Hold on."

He tossed Gao Yue's body and said to Bao Bao: 'Catch!"

Bao Bao caught him and Qin Wushuang arrived in front of the main palace in a few jumps. He said with a smile: "I will do it."

The Purple Flame Electric Beast moved to the side: "Ok."

Qin Wushuang gathered all his power and jumped into the sky. Like the giant bird that had soared to the sky, he extended his arms.

Then, he swung the Fury Dragon Soul whip in his hand. Instantly, as if the soul of the dragon had awakened, a dark red spiritual Qi gathered in the tip of the whip and lashed out.

With an imposing manner like a rainbow, and like the light of a blade, it slashed down.

This slash possessed the temperament of a landslide and an earthquake.


From this attack, a weapon at the Void Martial Stage had unleashed all the power. Under this attack, that entire formidable fortress-like main palace shook. Next, waves of cracks like cobwebs appeared on all four walls and continued to spread.

Since this attack had worked, Qin Wushuang launched two more attacks.

Boom, boom!

Rubble and debris kept flying from the roof of the main palace, the wall had started to crumble

 "The rest is yours." Qin Wushuang smiled lightly and flew backwards.

 "Great!" The Purple Flame Electric beast twitched his mouth into a smile and attacked again. He twirled around in four directions. Each time he changed his direction, he would send out a stream of genuine fire.

Initially, different spiritual defenses were set up on the inside and outside of this main palace. These defenses were resistant against fire. However, since Qin Wushuang's three whip attacks came from a Void Martial Stage weapon, all the spiritual defenses had been destroyed and shattered.

Thus, when the Purple Flame Electric beast breathed out his genuine fire, it was like setting aflame dried wood and ignited instantly! Whoosh…

The fire soared to the sky and the giant main palace was engulfed in a sea of fire.

Before Qin Wushuang flew back to the mountain gate, he said coldly: "From this moment, the legacy of the Archaic sect will cease to exist! Those who wish to live, destroy your dantian this instant. Or else, you can die with your sect!"

Currently, there were thousands of disciples gathered in the square. Although most of them were Initial Stage disciples, they more or less still possessed a sense of belonging and fondness of the sect. When they saw their sect being destroyed, tears ran down their faces, falling down like the rain. Some righteous people all stepped forward and shouted: "Although the Archaic foundation has been destroyed, our spirit will not! Today with the mountain gate destroyed, besides dying with it, I have no other choice! Those who do not fear death, you shall live and die with the mountain gate. Those who fear death, destroy your dantian and drift into a purposeless life!"

After these people had finished speaking, without holding back, they charged towards the fire. However, how could this genuine fire be ordinary fire?

These disciples were not powerful. As soon as they charged in, they melted like wax men leaving no remains.

 "Our bodies can die, but our spirit will live on. I'm also willing to die for the sect!"

 "I also don't want to live a meaningless life!"

One after another, the disciples of the Archaic stepped forward and threw themselves onto the raging flame.

Although Qin Wushuang was moved, he did not stop them. He knew that these people with such a strong sense of loyalty would stick with the sect to the end. It would only result in greater trouble afterwards if he were to let them go.

Naturally, Bao Bao and the Purple Flame Electric Beast would not feel any sympathy. All of them stood on the side with a cold smile watching the show.

Qin Wushuang looked at Gao Yue and said lightly: "Head Gao, you sought virtue and have acquired it. You got it because of your own faults. If you had won this scheme, then most likely, it would be us that had been destroyed. However, you lost, this is the result and virtue you got. Since you are a grandmaster, I don't want cause any further shame to you. If you are willing to throw yourself into the fire and die for the sect, I will grant your wish."

Gao Yue's heart was dead as the ash as he nodded. His expression told him that: "You won."

Qin Wushuang said: "Ok!"

 "Lone, come and throw Head Gao into the fire. We will use the genuine fire to engulf his body. The winner takes all and this is his most desirable ending."

The Purple Flame Electric beast twitched his mouth into a smile: "Sure! It's too bad that we are going to burn him to death. It would be better to let Bao Bao swallow him, ha ha ."

However, he knew that Qin Wushuang did it this way because he did not want to dishonor this grandmaster. Instantly, he grabbed Gao Yue's body and threw him into that endless sea of fire.

Gao Yue's entire body was restrained as he was thrown into the sea of fire. As soon as the fire engulfed his body, it started to burn. In a moment, the soaring fire had devoured all of Gao Yue's remains.

Qin Wushuang said with a calm expression: "Head Gao, rest assured. From this point, all the disturbance in the Tian Xuan Land will not have anything to do with your Archaic sect."

About a few hundred of those Archaic disciples also stepped into the fire with tremendous grief. They had died together with their Head.

However, no one else had stepped forward.

Qin Wushuang nodded: "There is still ten seconds, destroy your own dantians. Then, I will let go of the grudge between the Archaic and myself. If you hesitate, please jump into the sea of fire. I will not go back with my words."

In fact, none of these disciples were at the Upper Sky Realm. However, Qin Wushuang was still being cautious as he would not allow anyone here to become trouble later.

After ten seconds, all the remaining disciples followed his instructions and destroyed their own dantians…

The fire gradually died down. The entire Archaic Mysteries sect had become a pile of burning ashes. And those disciples who had destroyed their own dantian had left the mountain in an embarrassing state. All of them ran quickly as if they were afraid that Qin Wushuang would come after them.

Qin Wushuang gave a long sigh: "From now on, the name of the Archaic Mysteries sect will ceased to exist in the east!"

Soon, the information reached the Nine Palace. When Zuo Tianci received the news, his lips trembled and for a time, he just felt like a huge failure.

And those two Elders that had managed to escape did not come out.

 "This shameful Zuo Tianci is asking to see Senior Brother Luo." Outside a chamber secret room in the Lotus Flower Palace, Zuo Tianci said with a submissive and low voice as he worried about his gains and losses.

This was his ninth time asking to see Luo Yun. Ever since he had returned to the Nine Palace in total defeat, Luo Yun had been in isolation training. No matter how much he begged to see him, Luo Yun ignored him.

Since Zuo Tianci was the general of a defeated army and with strength far inferior to Luo Yun's, he did not dare to unleash his anger and spoke carefully with no regards to his pride.

This time, he did not carry much hope. Despite being from a generation of heroes, after experiencing this total defeat at the Great Luo Empire, he was lost and did not know what to do. Thus, he wanted to ask Luo Yun for advice.

Finally, the door of the secret chamber opened slowly. Luo Yun walked out with a carefree expression. He said with a somewhat faintly mocking tone: "Tianci, is this the power of your Nine Palace? Your entire force was annihilated without knowing who did it?"

Zuo Tianci blushed with shame: "Senior Brother Luo, this time, we were set up."

 "By who?" Luo Yun asked with a scornful tone.

Zuo Tianci could not speak or explain anything. Thus, he muttered: "Most likely it came from the Nine Raven Temple! Besides them, no other powerhouses in the human countries could make the Nine Palace suffer this much!"

Luo Yun drew a deep breath and asked coldly: "Zuo Tianci, it seemed you don't have enough knowledge about what is happening in the Tian Xuan Land! Even in your human countries, there are more than those two sects of the Upper Ranking Empire that could make the Nine Palace suffer! You are only suspicious of the Nine Raven, have you ever thought that the Stargaze Palace is the biggest culprit?"

Zuo Tianci stuttered: "Stargaze…I have thoroughly investigated the power of the Stargaze Palace, there should not be any mistake. They do not have the power to do it. From my estimation, there were two to three human Perfect Stage warriors and two spiritual beasts at the Perfect Stage that ambushed us!"

Luo Yun gave a long sigh: "The fact is, the people of the Nine Raven Temple have remained stationary in their homes. The people of the Sky Travel did not make any movements. Both of these Empires were under my surveillance. If their elite warriors had sneaked in, they would not have escaped from my perception! Besides, they don't have enough motivation to do it! I don't know how the Stargaze Palace did it, but I am sure that it was a powerhouse from the east that made the Nine Palace suffer!"

Dumbstruck, Zuo Tianci felt as if he had been struck by lightning. After a while, he said: "The east? How could such demonic force have come from the east?"

 "How is it not possible? Wouldn't we know if we go and take a look?" From Luo Yun's tone, there was a trace of lightness. However, within this lightness, there was a hint of simmering fury, and a vivid murderous intention…

Zuo Tianci was overjoyed when he heard his words. Could it be that Senior Brother Luo was planning to make a move?

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