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Within a short three or four days, the news of the destruction of the Archaic Mysteries sect had spread through the entire eastern territory. The entire Heavenly Lake Empire fell into an endless fear. Without the protection of the Archaic Mysteries sect, they knew that it was not long before the collapse of the Heavenly Lake Empire.

Although the Heavenly Lake Empire had other sects besides the Archaic, it was tough for these sects to support a Lower Ranking Empire. Much less becoming the backbone of a Middle Stage Empire like the Heavenly Lake Empire.

And the relative background of the one that had destroyed the Archaic Mysteries sect had spread like a pandemic. The Archaic Mysteries sect had colluded with the Nine Palace, lured the wolf into the den and suffered a consequence of their own making!

Just who had destroyed the Archaic Mysteries sect?

Under all publicity of the rumors, all the suspicions finally pointed to the Great Luo Empire and the Stargaze Palace.

In the return journey, Qin Wushuang did not linger and rushed back as quick as possible. In less than a day, he had returned to the Stargaze Palace. Currently, the Palace had already called back those Core disciples. All the higher-ups were thinking back on that battle with the Nine Palace Faction.

When they saw Qin Wushuang had returned, Wei Yi and Zhou Fu all went up to congratulate him. Especially Wei Yi: "Junior Brother Qin, from now on, all the young generation of the Stargaze will look up to you and see you as the role model."

"Senior Brother Wei, I only got some luck and encountered some fortuitous opportunities." Qin Wushuang said humbly.

Zhao Muzhi went up and smiled: "Even if these were fortuitous opportunities, it's because you have great luck. Junior Brother Qin, you are making all the Senior Brothers feel ashamed."

Zhuo Buqun walked over with a smile: "You lot, don't undervalue yourselves. Wushuang earned such achievements because of his own luck and hard work. Each person has their own path to follow. As long as you train hard, you will have a bright future."

Zhao Muzhi laughed: "Right. A talented person like Junior Brother Qin will only appear once every thousand years. And someone like me, most likely one will appear every five years. I will not compete with you."

Since Qin Wushuang was far ahead of them, these disciples maintained an even more peaceful mood. It was because their competition was already over. Instead of having other thoughts, they would rather remain calm and admire Qin Wushuang's devilish performance.

 "Head Palace Master, when I travelled from the Heavenly Lake Empire, everyone was in an uproar. However, the outside world seemed to have already begun to suspect the cause of the Archaic annihilation was our Stargaze Palace. What is our plan for the next step?" Qin Wushuang asked.

Zhuo Buqun said: "Today I called everyone over to discuss this matter. To the Stargaze, the annihilation of the Archaic Mysteries sect is a rare opportunity. We will have great hopes of seizing this opportunity, taking over the east and rising to the same level as the three Upper Ranking Empire in the human countries. Only, by doing this, we need to announce the fact about how we dealt with the Nine Palace and how we had destroyed the Archaic."

Everyone nodded as the gain and losses of this matter were apparent. To announce everything to the outside world, for sure the Stargaze would face pressure from the Nine Palace's supporting powerhouse.

However, if they did not announce it, it would be hard for the Stargaze Palace to get its name out. If they wanted to take over the east, they must seize this opportunity and the momentum to make all countries in the east to submit peacefully.

Tan Zhongchi said: "Head Palace Master, I've been thinking, although the Nine Palace was defeated, they do not know it was us. However, in the end, this fault will fall onto us. We should just act straightforwardly and announce what we did. This way, we can take over the east with thunderbolt speed!"

This idea received approval from the other Palace Masters. They also felt that a paper could not cover the fire. Since the Stargaze Palace had the power to defeat the Nine Palace faction, it would not matter if they were to admit it. They would strike the iron while it was hot and stabilize the eastern situation. They would declare themselves an Upper Ranking Empire with the east as their headquarters.

By that time, it would be impossible if the other Upper Ranking Empires were to refuse the existence of the Great Luo.

Zhuo Buqun nodded and turned to Qin Wushuang: "Wushuang, what do you think?"

Qin Wushuang said with a smile: "I think it should be done. We will be facing it sooner or later. Instead of waiting for it passively, we should take the initiative. The facts have proven that the advantage of launching a move is much better than waiting for the strike."

Qin Wushuang's words immediately earned everyone's approval. Tan Zhongchi laughed: "Yes, if Wushuang had not suggested we take the initiative to launch the pre-emptive attack on the Nine Palace, although we may still have been able to fend them off, there definitely would have been a tremendous amount of casualties!"

 "Yes, we should seize the initiative! Head Palace Master, since we've already done it once, why don't we do it again? Let's summon all the eastern countries, they would not dare to disobey!" Zhong Wuyin's ambition also surged.

If they could ascend to an Upper Ranking Empire status, then the position of the Great Luo would be completely different. The Stargaze Palace would grasp control of the entire eastern territory. The advantage of this was apparent.

While they were talking, a Core disciple walked in. He approached Zhuo Buqun urgently and said: "Head Palace Master, a report came from the outer palace, the Head Dragon of the Dragon and Tiger sect has come to visit."

"Shi Chenglong?" Zhuo Buqun and the other four Palace Masters were stunned.

A trace of a playful smile emerged from the corner of Qin Wushuang's mouth. This Shi Chenglong had come at such an opportune time. He did not come early nor later, what were his intention for coming at this time?

However, after a little thinking, he had guessed Shi Chenglong's intention. A while ago, for sure, the news about the Archaic sect's destruction had reached the ears of the Dragon and Tiger sect. They must have become restless. And when there were no news of the Nine Palace invading the Stargaze Palace, this had increased their anxiety. For sure, Shi Chenglong had come to check the news.

Tan Zhongchi gave a meaningful laugh: "Head Palace Master, this Shi Chenglong knows how to pick the time!"

Zhuo Buqun laughed and nodded: "Back when I paid a visit them at the Vermillion Empire, they did not agree to join in alliance. Now, for sure he came to pay a visit in fear. Do you guys think that should we meet them or not?

Initially, the relationship between the Stargaze and the Dragon and Tiger sect was good. However, ever since Zhuo Buqun's previous visit where the Dragon sect had turned their backs on them, the entire Stargaze Palace had become disappointed with the Dragon and Tiger sect. They knew that the Dragon and Tiger sect were not allies that they could entrust their lives to.

"Head Palace Master, why do you think Shi Chenglong has come?" Tian Zhixing asked.

Zhuo Buqun said: "For sure, Shi Chenglong came to the Great Luo looking to learn the results of the invasion from the Nine Palace. And for sure, he learned that the Stargaze was unharmed on his way here. Although he doesn't know of the Nine Palace's defeat, he has come knowing the Stargaze is fine. If we were in danger, he would have turned around to leave immediately. This is what he wants."

Qin Wushuang nodded: "Head Palace Master has hit the nail on the head."

Tan Zhongchi said coldly: "If that's the case, let's put him away and make him feel despair."

Zhuo Buqun nodded: "Second, go meet this Shi Chenglong. If he wants to discuss the political outlook with you, you will chat with him about random things. If he asks about my whereabouts, you will tell him I am training in isolation. If he asks about the Archaic Mysteries sect, you will tell him that we are the ones that did it. If he asks about the Nine Palace, then pretend to be stupid. Overall, don't let him get ahold of any information."

Tan Zhongchi smiled mischievously: "I understand. We will leave him full of confusion."

"That's right." Zhuo Buqun said with a smile, "When he falls into deep confusion, I will appear to reveal everything to him. This way, the Dragon and Tiger sect will obey without a fight. By that time, the Stargaze Palace will be able to take over the entire eastern empire!"

The other four Palace Masters nodded and complimented.

Tan Zhongchi said with a smile: "Wei Yi, Wushuang, you two come with me to meet this Shi Chenglong."

Both Qin Wushuang and Wei Yi nodded as they followed Tan Zhongchi.

Zhuo Buqun said with a smile: "I'm sure that Shi Chenglong will be surprised when he sees Second."

 "Ha ha, the Dragon and Tiger sect dodged the fight, this is the right way to treat them."

Shi Chenglong was accommodated in the front guest palace. Although he was feeling anxious inwardly, he had some ideas when he saw the disciples walking around with a leisurely expression as if the disaster had never come. However, he became even more doubtful.

He could not understand why the Nine Palace had not come, or had they just left? He thought that the Nine Palace should not be full of kind people that would just retreat. If the Nine Palace had come to the Stargaze, they should not have just done nothing and left?

 "Could it be that the Stargaze had shown some specialty and made them leave?" For now, Shi Chenglong was full of questions.

While he was thinking, the sound of footsteps came from the front palace and a dry laugh emerged from the door. When he heard this sound, Shi Chenglong was surprised: "How could it be him?"

Of course, he recognized that this voice belonged to Tan Zhongchi! The rumor had said that he had been critically injured by Zhao Heng and his injuries were beyond healing.

While he was thinking, Tan Zhongchi had already walked in: "Ha ha ha, Head Dragon Shi, what gust of wind brought you here?"

Although Shi Chenglong was feeling suspicious, he was full of smiles: "Head Tan, in just two years, you still appear as healthy as I thought. It seems that outside rumors are unbelievable. I feel extremely happy to see you are well! I'm reassured. Ha ha ha."

 "Head Dragon Shi, in the eyes of the outside world, most likely I am already pile of bones, right?" Tan Zhongchi waved his hand and went up, "Please sit down."

Shi Chenglong sighed: "The rumors said that your dantian was injured by Zhao Heng, Asssistant Leader of the Nine Palace and that you had died. It seems it's all fake news. It made me regret how another warrior had fallen in the Three Eastern Empires. Head Tan, what about those rumors…"

"They are not rumors, I am still alive only because I am tough and had luck on my side."

Tan Zhongchi waved his hand: "Wei Yi, Wushuang, come to pay a greeting to Head Shi."

 "It's an honor to meet you, Head Dragon Shi." Both Qin Wushuang and Wei Yi went up to bow.

 "No need. I've already witnessed both of your imposing presences at the Archaic Mysteries sect. Now, you both seem to have already advanced much further." Suddenly, Shi Chenglong lowered his tone, "Unfortunately that in less than two years, the name of Archaic has become history. For sure, it puts everyone in awe. Head Tan, have you heard about the annihilation of the Archaic Mysteries sect?"

Tan Zhongchi nodded with a faint smile: "Yes I've heard."

A glint of light flashed across Shi Chenglong's eyes: "Do you have any inside information?"

Tan Zhongchi laughed: "No inside news, the Stargaze did it."

As soon as he said those words, Shi Chenglong felt as if someone had squeezed his heart as his expression changed.

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