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The so-called Martial Artists' Declaration was, in fact, a life and death waiver. In this "Family Class Evaluation," people were fighting for the social status of their families. It was a matter of their families' honor, interests and even their prosperity and survival. It was, of course, a fight to the death without any regard for sensibilities and feelings.

Even if you were friends off the stage, you would become irreconcilable foes on the stage. Their only goal would be to beat their enemy to protect their family seats.

Five powerhouses were fighting for the Humble Class seats. They were the Gu and the Wen families from River County, the Niu family of Eastwood Town, and the Blue and the Li family from the Nine Du Town.

Among these families, the Li family was the only aristocratic family. They were the defenders. The rest of the four families would challenge them. However, because River County's Gu, Wen and the Niu family of Eastwood Town were all after the Humble Class seat of the Qin family, and the Qin family had gone to fight for the Wealthy Class seat, these three families would fight for that Humble Class seat.

The other Humble Class seat would be bestowed upon the winner of the challenge between the Blue and the Li family of the Nine Du town.

After the five Humble Class challengers had gone onto the stage, they all expressed their hot-blooded opinions and signed the life and death waiver. Then, they went down the stage. Before their big battles, they did not wish to speak any further and just wanted to get on with it!

For their family to survive, they would march forward regardless of death, blood and the loss of lives!

The family was the foundation of one's survival. In a family, you could bear the calamity together and put one's life in the hands of others. One would not hesitate to die for their family!

Between the Prominent Classes, both the Zhou and the Summer families were powerhouses in River County. These two families usually fought over their businesses. Thus, they were also long-standing enemies. After they had gone up to the stage, they seethed with hatred and rage. With gnashed teeth, they swore that the other would suffer a miserable death.

Regarding who would die tragically, and by whose hands, it would be revealed after the competition.

At this moment, the competition between the Prominent Classes was no longer the event that everyone was looking forward. They were looking forward to the fight for the Wealthy Class seat.

Everyone wanted to know what kind of thoughts had possessed the Qin family that had made them challenge the Wealthy Class. Did they genuinely have the confidence to challenge the Wealthy Xu family?

Everyone was looking forward to it.

The representative of the Xu family, the defending family, spoke his statement first.

That representative of the Xu family was an uncle of Xu Sanli. He was an influential elder and warrior in the Xu house.

From his look, the elder was obviously furious. With an angry and disdainful tone, he said: "I have never heard about any Qin family before. I don't want to say much. I will say only a few words, ever since the Xu family had acquired its power, whoever had dared to challenge the Wealthy Class Xu family have all ceased to exist. This time, the Qin family will not be an exception!"

These words were haughty and aggressive, which fully displayed the power and confidence of the solid foundation of a Wealthy Class family. If they hadn't the strength, they would not have dared to speak these offensive words.

And these words were also smooth and slippery that were specifically targeted toward the Qin family. There wasn't the slightest implication or mention of the Venerable Da Xi family in that Xu elder's words.

That Zhen Wu Holy Place representative smiled and did not make any comments. He said to the Qin family: "The Qin family should also send a representative."

At this moment, Qin Lianshan did not know where to turn. Just as he was about to go up, Qin Wushuang stopped him.

Qin Wushuang walked up onto the stage with a composed attitude. Under the gazes of tens of thousands of people, he looked steady and confident. He said slowly: "Everyone, on the day of my Martial Arts Student Exam, several well-dressed old aristocratic masters stopped me, my father and my sister. They lectured us about the so-called aristocrat's etiquette. One of the old masters even warned my father, saying something about knowing when to advance and when to retreat. He told my father that he should have the determination to let go. Everyone would probably not know the meaning of these words. To put it bluntly, although this old master came from the Wealthy Class, he is still quite greedy. He coveted my family's foundation. He planned to use threats to get my family give up its Humble Class seat and hand over our family's assets. I want to ask each and every one of you, in our martial arts world, is there such a thing as giving up without a fight? Who would do such a thing, and be labeled a coward like this?"

Although he spoke with a high-pitched and passionate tone, his words were provocative.

Under the stage, people replied with a booming voice: "Never yield, never be a coward!"

"That's right! It's not strange if you want my family's assets. In our Bai Yue Country, we emphasize on the survival of the fitness and the law of the jungle. If you have the skill, then come and take it! And who was this old master of the Wealthy Class? Everyone must have already guessed! That's right; it was Old Master Xu Sanli! I've already told him on the spot at that time; my Qin family will let him have our Humble Class seat. But, I forgot to mention one thing back then!"

Qin Wushuang stopped for a moment, and tens of thousands of people under the stage shouted: "What thing?"

Qin Wushuang smiled lightly and said: "The thing I wanted to say was that --- Since Old Master Xu wants my family's Humble Class seat, then they can trade it for their Wealthy Class seat!"

Suddenly, a trace of coldness flashed across Xu Sanli's face. Murderous intent filled his eyes.

Qin Wushuang's words had genuinely stung his pride as a warrior. Even if this Qin family had received the support of the Venerable Da Xi family, they had crossed the line.

Even if the Qin family had sucked up to a Venerable family, do you think that my Wealthy Xu family does not have the support of an even stronger patron?

In River County, a Venerable Class family was the supreme existence. However, if one looked across the entire Bai Yue Country, they were one of the lowest classes among the upper-level aristocrats.

Xu Sanli did not care to conceal his murderous intent as he said coldly: "Son of the Qin family, I am going to make you understand the meaning of regret!"

Qin Wushuang, of course, did not fear him and smiled coldly: "I will be waiting! I say, Patriarch Xu, you don't look too calm. Don't forget: sooner or later you will repay all that you have done when you are out here! Could it be that only the Xu family is allowed to scheme against me, and the Qin family could not do the same to you? It's only fair if we return the favor!"

Xu Sanli laughed instead of being angry: "Hahaha, a little martial arts student is talking in his dreams. I am going to see what right you have to talk about fairness to me!"

Qin Wushuang lightly smiled and did not speak anymore. However, his positive expression encouraged many people under the stage as they erupted with waves of loud cheering.

Xu Sanli saw the cheering from the crowd as a provocation to the Xu family! Inwardly, he was furious. This darn Qin family, how could they be more popular than the Xu family?

He refused to believe it. He saw there were only three people in the Qin family; there was only the father, son and a daughter that had no talent in martial arts.

What power did they have to challenge his Wealthy Xu family with such little people?

The rules stated that Humble Classes fights would be the earliest one to be carried out.

The Zhen Wu Holy Place official said: "Patriarch Xu, I must discuss a matter with you."

Xu Sanli said lightly: "Please."

"According to the rules, the Qin family challenged your Xu family. If the Xu family wins, you will retain your Wealthy Class seat, and the Qin family will automatically lose their qualification as a Humble Class. However, if the Qin family wins, they will replace you and become one of the Wealthy Class. And you guys will be demoted to the Humble Class, as the rules have stated. But, people have already challenged the Qin family's Humble Class seat. Thus, if you want to compete for this Humble Class seat, you must first participate in this duel and take the Humble Class seat in advance."

Xu Sanli inwardly seethed with frustration, he thought these were ridiculous rules. Did they not put the Xu family in their eyes? A Humble Class seat… Did you bring this up to mock me?

How could I, the Xu family, lose?

He Immediately refused: "There is no need. It is only a Humble Class seat. The Xu family and I do not put it in our eyes!"

He had used his full strength to help the Gu family to fight for this Humble Class seat because they had desired the Qin family's assets and not the seat. But it was obvious that the Xu family did not wish to waste their strength on fighting for the lesser prize, the Humble Class seat, lest they lose the bigger prize, their Wealthy Class seat. They could not lose their face.

Although competing for the Humble Class seat would be a fallback if they lost their Wealthy Class duel.

That official did not force him as he nodded: "Alright, if you are not going to compete, then the Xu family will become civilians if you lose this fight. And you won't even have a Humble Class seat!"

Xu Sanli snapped: "Thanks for your concern, my Xu family will not lose!"

The official smiled: "I am only telling you the rules to show the respect owed to the Wealthy Class."

Even so, from Xu Sanli's views, he felt the official had humiliated his Wealthy Class Xu family. Or else, how could he even mention the Humble Class seat?

This way, Xu Sanli had ultimately cut off this escape route.

That Zhen Wu official said in a clear voice: "Next, I will announce the "Family Class Evaluation" rules." Three families are fighting for the empty Humble Class seat of Eastwood Town's Qin family. The victor will get this seat. From the Nine Du Town, the Li and the Blue families will fight for the other Humble Class seat. The rules are as follows…"

After he had finished announcing the rules, there were no objections from either party. Thus, they finished signing the waivers.

Next, there was nothing to say about the Prominent Class fight between the Zhou and the Summer family. The winner would become a Prominent Class family, and the loser would become a Humble Class family. It would be a game between the two families. They would keep the original state or switch it around!

The rules were already explained to the Qin and the Wealthy Class Xu family. The Qin family would ascend to the Wealthy Class if they won, and the Xu family would become civilians. On the other hand, if the Xu family won, they would keep their Wealthy Class seat, and the Qin family would become civilians!

"Patriarch Xu, Patriarch Qin, you guys should discuss the details of the competition rules! The rules state that it would be one fight to determine the Humble Class seat, three fights to determine the Prominent Class seat; and for the Wealthy Class, it would be five matches to determine the winner."

The official was very patient. He must explain the rules beforehand and to ensure that this would be a fair arrangement so both winners and losers would not complain.

Xu Sanli laughed coldly: "The Qin family have already lost if they want to fight five matches. In total, they only got two men in their family! Their number would not be sufficient for the three total wins required."

"It seemed that the rules also mention that one person could fight in five battles consecutively, right?" Qin Wushuang said slowly.

"One person to fight five rounds? Are you sure your brain is still working?" Xu Sanli sneered.

That representative interrupted: "The rules did say that it's ok for one person to fight five rounds. However, it would be hard to demonstrate fairness. Just in case if that family only has one mighty warrior and the rest of them are average, and this powerful warrior happened to be slightly more powerful than other soldiers of the other family, he would have taken advantage of the legal loopholes if he fought in five rounds."

Qin Wushuang nodded to show his understanding. For example, it would be as if one family only had one Stage Five Genuine Force Warrior and defeated five Stage Three or Four Genuine Force Warriors of the other family one by one by using his strength alone.

It would be a typical example of taking advantage of the loopholes. Regarding the overall strength of both families, the latter family would surely be more powerful due to their numbers. On the other hand, the former family with the one strong warrior would only need send out that one strong warrior to win the fights. Such a situation would, of course, be unfair as it would be an uneven matchup and a significant abuse of a loophole in the rules.

"Since we have rules, then let's do it by the rules!" Qin Wushuang was confident because he had already thoroughly analyzed the rules.

"If you are going by the rules, in the first round, it will be a one on one fight. In the second round, it will be one against two. And so on, until the fifth round, it would be one against five!" That Zhen Wu official reminded him, "The rules dictate that sending one warrior to the battlefield will be difficult!"

Qin Wushuang said leisurely: "Isn't it supposed to be five matches and three wins? Most likely, there is no need for the fight to drag out till the fifth round."

That Zhen Wu official said: "Then the Qin family must send out someone that has the ability to fight against three people. This way, you can guarantee the wins for three fights!"

"One against three, right?" Qin Wushuang laughed and said lightly, "Then let it be, one against three!"

After he had said these words, the people below the stage were instantly shocked! This martial arts student was mad. One against three and his opponent were the Wealthy Class Xu! In the Qin family, who would have such swift and fierce battle skills?

Even Qin Lianshan, the patriarch of the family, could not help but be shocked. His body lightly trembled and he stood up unconsciously.

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