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Peace returned to River County. Zhang Yao's death did not cause any waves. The expected revenge from Prominent Zhang family never came to pass.

Even the Wealthy Xu family that were behind the Zhang family did not make any moves. It was as if everyone had forgotten about the matter.

Could it be that the Zhang family were too scared? Or were they planning to move in the dark?

Or could it be because the Qin family were already under the protection of the Da Xi family as everyone had guessed?

Qin Lianshan did not blame Qin Wushuang after he had learned the truth. On the contrary, he was jubilant. His son's strength had been impressed upon everyone after he had killed someone like Zhang Yao, a warrior at the peak of the Power Force. Now, they would have a higher chance to protect the Humble Class seat of the Qin family in this "Family Class Evaluation" session.

Finally, the "Family Class Evaluation" that had arrested Qin Lianshan's life in the recent days had begun.

In River County, all the aristocratic families gathered together in the River Square. A big festival was going to unveil itself here!

The gathered aristocrats consisted of one Venerable Class family, three Wealthy Class families, eight Prominent Class families and twenty-six Humble Class families.

There was a total of thirty-eight aristocratic seats in River County when added up.

The Venerable Da Xi family held the supreme status, and none of the other powerhouses were eligible to challenge them. Thus, there was no need for them to participate in the "Family Class Evaluation" and they would still keep their status.

For the three Wealthy Classes, the Xu, Qian and the Yun family also maintained a stable status. From the current rankings of the powerhouses in River County, those who were eligible to challenge them did not have the intention, at least for now.

Thus, all three Wealthy Classes were complacent in their belief that their status would remain unchanged.

As for the Prominent Classes, there would most likely be one or two changes among the eight families.

The Humble Classes would be the ones to experience the biggest changes. The outside world estimated that at least three or four Humble Classes seats would change hands.

In other words, three or four of the Humble Class families would lose their aristocratic seats. At the same time, three or four of the civilian families would be able to enter the ranks of the aristocracy.

However, it was only an estimation. The Zhen Wu Holy Place still needed to announce the actual situation.

Therefore, the first thing that happened in the "Family Class Evaluation" session would be to announce the exact changes. These changes would be according to the registrations where families made their intents clear.

For example, if five civilian families wrote their intent to challenge the Humble Class seat on their forms, then one would need to know which specific seats they were targeting.

If only two families were targeted, then there would be seven families to fight for two seats.

The rest of the unchallenged Humble Class seats would automatically remain unchanged.

All tens of thousands of eyes in the square gazed at the representative of the Zhen Wu Holy Place. The official cleared his throat and spoke in a high-pitched voice: "Everyone, we meet again after twenty years. In our Bai Yue Country, we uphold a prestigious tradition; that is, martial arts rule the country and the strong will make our country even stronger. The twenty year "Family Class Evaluation" would be the best stage for each family to demonstrate their strength! Next, I will announce that in this session's "Family Class Evaluation," two Humble Class seats are being challenged. These two seats are from the Qin family of Eastwood Town and the Li family of Nine Du Town! Five powerhouses will fight for the seats. They are the Gu, and the Wen families from River County, the Niu family from Eastwood Town, the Blue and the Li family from Nine Du Town!"

After he had said these words, this representative stopped for a moment. It was tradition to give people at the scene some time to digest the information to see if there were any mistakes.

Qin Lianshan was panicking. He stared at Qin Wushuang and asked: "Wushuang, did you fill out the registration form correctly? Our family is being challenged, how come our family's name did not appear on the list?"

Qin Xiu was also shocked: "Wushuang, you…"

Qin Wushuang pulled his father and older sister down, and said casually: "Father, don't panic! Let's hear him finish talking, ok? At this moment, can you not have a little more confidence in your son?"

Qin Lianshan was dumbfounded. Inwardly, he thought that no matter how confident you were, it would be useless if you did not register. Confidence alone would not solve the problem!

The rest of the people also started to engage in lively conversations.

"Haha, it's strange! That Qin family of Eastwood town is so weak? Others have challenged them, and they did not have the courage to defend their seat. Have they given up?"

"They are, after all, a family with hundreds of years of traditions. It's sorrowful that their family has fallen generations after generations!"

"That's right, how would the offspring of the Qin family even show their faces to their ancestors after death…"

"Didn't the outside world say that the Da Xi family supported the Qin family? It seems that such support does not exist!"

Constant streams of mocking and ridiculing words turned Qin Lianshan's head blank.

Someone said again: "What do you know? Most likely the Qin family is playing a big game! Even if they give up their Humble Class seats, could they not go after the Prominent Class?"

"Yes, that's right! I almost forgot that the Qin family have an abnormal heir. He instantly killed a mighty warrior at the peak of the Power Force. His strength is at least equivalent to a Stage Three or Four Warrior of the Genuine Force. It's not impossible for them to challenge the Prominent Class!"

A strange light flashed across Qin Lianshan's eyes, could it be…?

Qin Xiu's also looked at her little brother questioningly: "Wushuang, did you fill out the form to challenge the Prominent Class?"

Qin Wushuang smiled: "Keep listening, don't be impatient."

Within the spirited discussion, that representative glanced through the entire square and continued to speak: "There is only one family that received a challenge in the Prominent Class. That is the Summer family in River County. Two families are going to fight for this seat—River County's Summer family and River County's Zhou family!"

The Zhou family had a reputation of being the "Number One Humble Class" in River County. It meant that among the Humble Classes, the Zhou family was the most powerful family. And only the Zhou family qualified to challenge the Prominent Class!

It was going to be the most exciting duel. It would most likely be the highlight event of this "Family Class Evaluation" session. This duel would be the grand finale.

Next, because the Wealthy Classes and the Venerable Class were too powerful and had such a stable position, no one from any of the aristocratic families in River County would dare to challenge them.

"It will be exciting when the Zhou family go against the Summer family!"

"Right? It should be the grand finale, right?"

"I bet that the Zhou family will succeed in the challenge and proceed to become a Prominent Class!"

Qin Lianshan could not sit still anymore. It seemed that his son did not register to challenge the Prominent Class. Up next was the Wealthy Class!

There were only three Wealthy Classes in the entire River County. And these were all powerful families. With the limited number of people in the Qin family, what strength did they have to compete with these vicious Wealthy Class families?

"Father, Sister, soon it will be our turn." Qin Wushuang was still smiling.

That Zhen Wu official cleared his throat and said excitedly: "Everyone, everyone! Everyone, listen carefully, the next announcement is a serious matter! In this session's "Family Class Evaluation," we will be witnesses to a fight for a Wealthy Class seat. Everyone is surely looking forward to this major event, right? Do you want to know who is the challenger, and the one being challenged?"

"Yes!" Instantly, a booming response was heard from the River Square when everyone suddenly heard this explosive news.

The representative's words had pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a climax!

A challenge to the Wealthy Class?

Everyone thought they were hearing it incorrectly. In River County, none of the powerhouses had any strength close to the three Wealthy Classes.

Which dark horse was it? He had so much courage to dare challenge the Wealthy Class? Which family out of the Xu, Qian and the Yun Wealthy Classes would they be challenging?

The heads of these three Wealthy Classes were sitting at eye-catching positions. Initially, they kept an aloof and superior attitude and did not seem to care about the "Family Class Evaluation." However, they were now feeling somewhat anxious, frustrated and worried.

No one would dare to recklessly challenge the Wealthy Class seats. It was a life and death battle to protect a family's honor and interest; it would certainly not end without the death of the other party.

Since this person had dared to challenge them, he must have the qualifications and the skills! All three Wealthy Class families wanted to know which one of their families had been chosen? Deep in their hearts, they all hoped that this unfortunate matter would fall onto the other's families!

If this matter had fallen onto their family, they must kill their enemies with their full strength. They would destroy the opponent with thunder-like forces and not show any mercy!

It was a matter that involved the pride of the Wealthy Classes. If the tiger did not demonstrate its strength, others would bully it as if it were a sick cat. Of course, they needed to punish one to set an example to the others to regain their pride. Or else, in the future everyone would think that the Wealthy Class families would be easy to bully. As a result, everyone would be constantly challenging them.

Who was it? Those participants below the stage urgently wanted to know the answer. They jeered loudly and made a racket. The entire River Square seemed to be boiling!

That Zhen Wu official had drawn out the suspense to drive the crowd wild. He smiled: "Allow me to announce, the Wealthy Class family being challenged is—River County's Xu family!"

Every member of the Xu family's faces instantly changed when they heard these words. They felt like the entire sky had darkened.

Their dark mood slowly turned into anger accompanied by the rain and the wind. It was apparent that their mood could turn into violent rain and storm at any time!

The Zhen Wu official stopped for a moment. He became satisfied when he saw everyone holding their breath, unable to take their eyes off him. He continued: "The challenger is—The Qin family from Eastwood Town! In total, these two families will fight for this seat! Theses rivals will meet face to face and only the mightier one will win! Let us celebrate this festival…"

Although there were no cheering, people could not stop talking.

"No way! The Qin family of Eastwood Town are not very famous."

"Are they powerful? They dared to challenge the Xu family? What is the background of this Qin family?"

"A Humble Class skipping a level to challenge a Wealthy Class? This Qin family is crazy, right?"

"Haha, this is interesting. A moment ago, I thought the Qin family had given up on their Humble Class seat. But that person was right; they dared to challenge a Wealthy Class family. They are quite ambitious!"

"That's right; we should applaud them even if it's just for their courage!"

"This is the foundation and the pursuit of martial artists! Qin family, good job!"

"Yes, no matter if the Qin family fails or succeeds in their duel, I will support them! The Xu family is not something good!"

"Yes, yes. It's time to freshen the air since these three big Wealthy Class families have controlled River County for so many years."

"The strong Qin family. Rise, Qin family!"

Unconsciously, cheering sounds for the Qin family rang throughout the River Square. After all, most lower level martial artists were unyielding characters. They did not have the power to challenge the powerful foes themselves, but they hoped to see someone challenge them.

When the representative saw that the atmosphere had been stirred up, he shouted: "Representatives of each of the challenging families and the challenged families, please come to the stage and sign the Martial Artists' Declaration!"

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