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In total, the Nine Palace Faction had three Great Leaders. The main leader was named Zuo Tianci.

There were other two assistant Leaders. The first assistant Leader was elderly and his name was Zhao Heng. He had a hot temper and usually acted tyrannically. Like a crab that edwalk horizontally, he puts no one in his eyes besides Zuo Tianci.

The remaining second assistant Leader was a female. Her name was Dao Haitang. This lady had an unusual personality and her age was a mystery.

She did not enjoy killing, but also did not have a good reputation. It was because she had an unconventional nature and had taking a stubborn liking of men. Different from the usual perverted thug, this Dao Haitang loved to take virgin boys firstly, and then loved strong men.

Of course, the man she hunted must be a martial artist. Those ordinary secular men could not enter her eyes.

All three Leaders were at the Perfect Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force.

Naturally, like the other levels of the Spiritual Martial Force, the Perfect Stage also had many little different stages.

While they were all at the Perfect Stage, Zuo Tianci’s stage and power had far surpassed Zhao Heng and Dao Haitang. Although these two assistant leaders were peculiar in carrying out tasks, they were all extremely obedient before Zuo Tianci and never dared to act out of their bounds.

Thus, on the surface, there were three major Leaders. However, the main leader of the Nine Palace Faction was still Zuo Tianci. This was the absolute superiority and no one was allowed to challenge them.

Even the assistant Leader would come to a certain death if they dared to offend Zuo Tianci.

The Elder of the Law Enforcement Palace was only allowed to go in after someone had permitted him to enter the Lotus Flower Palace. Currently, the three great leaders were sitting in their seats.

 "It i an honor to be in the presence of the three great leaders."

 "Ha ha, Elder Liu, don’t mention it. Last time, when the Nine Refinements Ying Yang Wine was stolen, it was your Palace in charge of catching the culprit. I must ask, how are the results after all this time?" Zuo Tianci did not speak loudly and did not put much pressure in his voice. However, just these few words caused cold sweat to emerge on Elder Liu’s spine.

 "Great Leader, I am ashamed to say that the search has failed. And the majority of the disciples we sent out have died. If I’ve guessed correctly, the information was wrong from the beginning. That thief is extremely strong and I suspect he had an accomplice. That thief escaped to the borders of the Eastern Empires. The Archaic Mysteries Sect of the Heavenly Lake Empire sent out two of their Palace Masters, and still, they could not catch that thief…"

 "The two Masters of the Archaic Mysteries Sect?" There was a trace of suspicion in Zuo Tianci’s eyes. Although the heads of the Archaic sect did not enter his eyes, they were after all, Advanced Stage warriors. Since two Advanced Stage warriors could not catch that thief, could it be that the information had been wrong from the beginning?

Suddenly, Dao Haitang, the second assistant leader laughed lazily: "Head Leader, that Archaic Mysteries sect has never had a relationship with the Nine Palace Faction. How come, they lent their hand this time? One who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions."

 "Relationship?" Zuo Tianci laughed with some playfulness as he shook his head, "In the Tian Xuan Land, relationship is the most distrusted feeling. What does the Archaic Mysteries Sect want?"

Elder Liu of the Law Enforcement Palace immediately said when he saw the opportunity to speak: "Head Leader, the Archaic Mysteries sect had obviously done it since they want to curry favor with the Nine Palace. Currently, Gao Yue, the head of the Archaic, is here. He is resting at the guest houses and is waiting for the summon from the head leader. From what my disciple had said, the Archaic Mysteries sect seems to want to form an alliance with us."

 "To form alliance with the Nine Palace?" The first assistant leader, Zhao Heng sneered, "The Archaic sect is not weighing how much they have? What do they have to offer in return for an alliance with us? They are tens of thousands miles away, and for what purpose? Could it be that the Archaic Mysteries sect is too poor to survive, and wants to create some empty promises with us?"

This Zhao Heng had always been arrogant. Naturally, he did not think the sect of a Middle Ranking Empire had the qualification to form an alliance with the Nine Palace Faction. Even if they did form an alliance, what good would it do for the Nine Palace?

On the other hand, Zuo Tianci did not speak a word but asked in a low and muffled voice: "Elder Liu, what did the Archaic Mysteries sect propose?"

"Yes, yes." Elder Liu immediately nodded, "The Archaic Mysteries sect seems to not be doing well in the Three Eastern Empires. Recently, they have suffered a stream of failures and do not have a good relationship with the other two Empires. The continuous failures recently caused the sect to suffer a heavy loss. The entire Archaic sect is feeling a sense of crisis. Coincidentally, our law enforcement disciples had entered their country and formed a good relationship with them. The Archaic Mysteries sect seems to want to use the Nine Palace as a backer to suppress the sects of the other two empires."

 "Ha ha, it’s possible to use the Nine Palace as a backer." Zuo Tianci continued to speak, "Only, what can they offer? It should be something that is valuable?"

That Elder Liu of the Law Enforcement Palace said with a smile: "I heard that they are willing to give up some of the rights to the exploration of the Endless Eastern Sea…"

As soon as he said these words, a strange light flashed across Zuo Tianci’s eyes. Then, he laughed: "Elder Liu, you are not joking, right? The Three Eastern Empires have always seen the Endless Eastern Sea as their exclusive property and would never allow any foreign powerhouses to step foot there. Even the Red Dragon Empire is not willing to travel tens of thousands of miles to provoke the Three Eastern Empires. How could it make sense for that Archaic sect to double cross their neighbors?"

Elder Liu said with a smile: "I also found it strange. However, that Head of the Archaic Mysteries sect is currently in the guest house. If you are curious, you can call him over at any time."

After a few moments of silence, Zuo Tianci said with a smile: "If he is here, most likely, this matter is true. However, it’s not reasonable to act overeager when this piece of juicy meat has delivered themselves to the door. There is no rush. Let’s ignore them for a few days and we will call on them when they have almost lost their patience."

After some thinking, Elder Liu was impressed by the Head Leader. They would ignore them and make them doubt, anxious and slowly start to question their decision. In that case, even if they were to make some trade after they were called, they could maximize their gains to the extreme when one side had the upper advantage.

The other two assistant leaders also nodded in agreement with Zuo Tianci’s decision.

This way, Gao Yue and the others were properly accommodated at the guest houses. Their treatment was neither grand, nor cold. They were treated like regular guests.

Although Gao Yue felt anxious inwardly, he had guessed something. Only, he was powerless since he was a guest. It was not up to him how others would treat them, a piece of fat and juicy meat.

However, whenever he thought about how the Archaic Mysteries sect was falling further each day and how the Stargaze acted tyrannically, Gao Yue’s hesitation vanished in a flash. Since he had made up his mind, he would not back down.

Zhu Dazhong complained from time to time. However, he also knew they were at the Nine Palace Faction and it was not their turn to act however they wanted. Thus, he could only feel depressed each day.

After six or seven days, that Disciple He of the law enforcement group walked over and apologized profusely: "Head Gao, the three great leaders were busy with their work and had no spare time until today. They have asked you to come to the Lotus Flower Palace."

Gao Yue was overjoyed when he heard the news. He calmed himself and followed him.

When they arrived at the Lotus Flower Palace, Gao Yue and Zhu Dazhong led their disciples behind them.

Zuo Tianci was rather gentle: "Head Gao, I’ve already heard a lot about you, no need for courtesy. Please take a seat. I have been busy with work and only got some free time today. Please excuse me for not seeing you earlier."

 "No, I wouldn’t dare." Gao Yue immediately said humbly.

After they were served with tea, Zuo Tianci said with a smile: ‘I heard that my law enforcement disciples met with some difficulty in your country, and they received some help from the Archaic Mysteries sect. Please accept my thanks."

 "Please don’t mention it, Head Zuo, it was only some small effort. It was also because we admire and respect the Upper Ranking Empire. Only, I am deeply sorry for not being able to catch the runaway criminal."

 "With such a sincere heart, I can see that Head Gao is an ardent person. I heard from my disciple that you came here to pay a visit, and also with the intention to negotiate some business with the Nine Palace?"

At this time, Gao Yue did not hold back as he nodded: "I have always admired the Nine Palace Faction for a long time. Thus, I brought a few of our disciples and wish to borrow your treasured place to train them. Hopefully, they could achieve a breakthrough in their stage. I would like you to take care of them. Of course, the Archaic Mysteries sect remembers its manners, and we have brought a gift for you."

Hearing his words, Zuo Tianci only smiled and was not in a hurry to voice his opinion.

Gao Yue knew that Zuo Tianci, this sly old fox was waiting him to tell him about the "big gift". Regarding the size of this gift, it would decide Zuo Tianci’s attitude.

 "Head Gao, it seems these disciples you’ve brought are all the young and exceptional talent from your sect. Ha ha, they seem good and have good potential."

Zuo Tianci’s words had apparently hinted or encouraged him. The intention was obvious: "Hurry and tell me what was the gift. If the gift is big enough, it’s not a problem to train your young disciples."

Gao Yue immediately understood the meaning beneath the words.

He said seriously: "Head Zuo, the Three Eastern Empires have always had an agreement. We would explore the Endless Eastern Sea every twenty years. And the gate to the Endless Eastern Sea is sealed by the spiritual Qi from each of the Three Eastern Empires. Without the spiritual key from any of the empire, the gate will not open. Thus, besides the Three Eastern Empires, the other foreign empires cannot enter the sea. My gift is that I am planning to give half of my spots to you."

Zuo Tianci laughed happily. Finally, Gao Yue had spoken the important things. Zhao Heng laughed from ear to ear as he was apparently satisfied by Gao Yue’s straightforwardness.

Dao Haitang asked slowly: "Head Gao, how many spots does your Archaic sect have?"

Gao Yue said embarrassingly: "During this Friendly Competition, the Archaic sect had suffered a great loss. Before the fight, one of our disciple with mutated spiritual roots died unexpectedly. Thus, all of our plan had collapsed and we placed last. According to the rules, we only got four spots."

Zhao Heng glared: "Only four spots? Too little, too little."

Gao Yue said embarrassed: "That’s the rule, and it has always been this way for thousand of years."

Zhao Heng cried out: "What broken rule is this? That’s the rules for the Three Eastern Empires, the Nine Palace will not accept it. Head Leader, why not let me go to the East and inform the other two empires. They must know their situation and fix the rules. At least, we must have one third of the spots, or else, how could it work?"

Gao Yue added oil to the fire as he said: "If Head Zhao could persuade the Stargaze and the Dragon and Tiger sect, it would be for the best. Everyone would be happy."

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