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"Zhao Muzhi from the Stargaze Palace!"

 "I’ve heard about him, he is the First Disciple of the Third Palace Master. I heard that he is outstanding among the young generation in the Stargaze Palace. He is one of the candidates for the top five!"

"No wonder! He is powerful, it seems this battle will be interesting."

Those people that were watching the show talked amongst each other and engaged in lively discussions.

Secretly, Qin Wushuang observed that the two figures on the stage that were already engaged in battle. This man that had a red scarf wrapped around his head may appear somewhat strange. However, he did display good skills and was on par with Zhao Muzhi.

Qin Wushuang observed that within the Archaic Mysteries Sect, this person should be one of the top Core disciples. Or else, he would never have the capability to fight on par with Zhao Muzhi.

 "Ha ha, Senior Brother Shi Fei Lan is not a weak person. No wonder he is the super elite figure that ranked top five in the Core disciples. How could this Zhao Muzhi hold up against Senior Brother Shi?"

"Yes, for sure, our Archaic Mysteries Sect will place first at this Friendly Competition of the three Eastern Empires! Whatever the Great Luo, they will only place last since they have to come to our empire to compete, ha ha."

Undoubtedly, these people were from the Heavenly Lake Empire. Qin Wushuang was rather curious, was this arena here to recruit elite warriors to catch Shang Ye? Or was it showing off their power to the Vermillion and the Great Luo Empire?

Pretend to advance along one path, while they were secretly going along another?

While Qin Wushuang was thinking, the two people on the stage continued fighting even more viciously. Although Zhao Muzhi appeared somewhat scholarly like in appearance, inwardly, he was proud and extremely tyrannical. Now, since he had accumulated a wave of anger inwardly, he fought even more viciously as he waved the two Magistrate Brushes like dancing snakes. Across the sky, one could only see the power from his brushes surging up and down.

Although that Shi Fei Lan was good, he was taken aback when he saw Zhao Muzhi’s mad attacks. His temperament was overwhelmed by Zhao Muzhi and gradually went deteriorated.


Each time, Zhao Muzhi’s Magistrate Brush carried enormous secret power and each hit moved to target the enemy’s fatal parts. Although Shi Fei lan was good, Zhao Muzhi had gotten the upper-hand and he could not counterattack.

Because Zhao Muzhi was using two weapons, his attack frequency was fast. Thus, he was known for attacking fiercely, accurately and fast. Once he had seized the upper hand, it would be tough for the enemy to win this battle.

Since that battle from the Green Jade Mountain, Zhao Muzhi had become even stronger. Thus, he was waving the pair of Magistrate Brushes as if he had become one with the pen across the sky with boldness and imagination.

Like the bullets shooting from the automatic machine gun, he kept pressing forward with his attacks.

Shi Fei Lan retreated, and again…

Already, he had nowhere to retreat as he was at the edge of the arena. Zhao Muzhi would not even allow him time to rest as he kept pressing forward and waving his Magistrate Brushes.


The spiritual Qi emerged from the waving Magistrate Brush hit Shi Fei Lan’s shoulder.


Blood flashed across the sky while Shi Fei Lan’s body fell backwards. At this time, a white figure shot out from the tent as he caught Shi Fei Lan’s body and flipped his sleeve casually.

Strong waves of wind flipped out from his sleeve that had formed a seemingly invisible air wall. This wall had swept Zhao Muzhi backwards with its tremendous power.

After getting swept by this strong wind, Zhao Muzhi couldn’t resist as he fell back a few dozen of steps while blood surged up in his body. He stared at that white figure in astonishment.

That person pushed Shi Fei Lan into the tent and sized Zhao Muzhi up from head to toe.

Qin Wushuang saw this person that had red lips and white teeth and his face appeared young and tender. Although he was extremely short and had a baby face, he did have a few whiskers of hair besides his lips. This strange appearance gave people an extremely weird feeling.

"Disciple of the Stargaze?" This strange kid spoke.

"Cut the bullshit, who are you?" Zhao Muzhi sized this strange boy.

That strange boy laughed eerily and suddenly, his expression fell: "My name is Devil Boy, have you heard about me?"

 "Devil Boy?" Zhao Muzhi’s face turned cold, "No."

Devil Boy’s expression turned cold as he said: "Haven’t heard about me? I hate ignorant and ill-informed people. Since you’ve never heard my name, then submit to your fate. Those bastards who don’t know who I am only have one outcome, that is death!"

Devil Boy laughed strangely and extended both of his hands. Instantly, a pair of sharp claws grew on his fingertips. It appeared cold and piercing and gave off an eerie light. Just the appearance alone appeared extremely terrifying.

 "Humph, just a charlatan!" Inwardly, Zhao Muzhi was also on alert. However, on the surface, he still appeared strong as he was unwilling to lose to Devi Boy regarding temperament.

A moment ago, this Devil Boy had swept him away by simply flipping his sleeves. Indeed, he had shown himself to be far more powerful than him. He should be a Middle Stage.

However, among the young generation in the Archaic Mysteries Sect, there was only one Middle Stage and everyone knew about it. And that Middle Stage was not this Devil Boy.

 "Humph!" Devil Boy’s expression became cold again as he said, "I hate people saying that I am a fake, kid, remember, I am Devil Boy, one of the Core among the younger generation in the Archaic Mysteries Sect! When you are sent to Hell, you better remember my name correctly!"

As soon as his words dropped, suddenly, Devil Boy twisted his body and dived into the ground. With this move, he did not even dig a hole, but had disappeared from the stage.

This method caused those people who were watching below the stage start clapping thunderously.

However, Cui Niu, the freelance martial artist changed his expression: "Senior Brother Zhao Muzhi, retreat immediately, this person knows sorcery!"

Inwardly, Zhao Muzhi was also feeling somewhat surprised when he saw Devil Boy disappear suddenly. He had some inner demons over such drilling into the ground technique. When they were fighting at the Green Jade Mountain, that Elder Chen in grey robes from the Archaic Mysteries Sect also excelled in such drilling technique and was extremely tough to fight.

They only killed him by combining the power of both Qin Wushuang and Wei Yi.

Now, this Devil Boy also understood this method profoundly. Zhao Muzhi instantly jumped upwards and landed on that giant pillar. Both of his hands held the Magistrate Brush pointing downwards. As soon as he noticed a trace of movement from the ground, he would shoot the Magistrate Brush without hesitation and kill that Devil Boy!

 "Whoosh, whoosh , whoosh!"

Suddenly, giant holes appeared on the ground as waves of dirt flew to the sky.

Zhao Muzhi shot out the Magistrate Brushes and hit two parts.


The place where the Magistrate Brush had landed did not hit the target!

Instantly, Zhao Muzhi understood that this was Devil Boy’s misleading tactic. Just when he was about to take back the Magistrate Brush, that giant pillar beneath his feet split open.

With emerging coldness, a wave of devil claw moved to catch Zhao Muzhi’s legs.

If he had caught his legs, he could cut off Zhao Muzhi’s legs completely. However, there was no doubt that Zhao Muzhi was an elite warrior. He pushed up with both of his feet and twisted in the air and dropped onto the stage. Along the way, he grabbed the two Magistrate Brushes into his hand.

At the same time, suddenly, the Magistrate Brush extended as it was the speciality of these brushes. When Zhao Muzhi pressed the mechanism, the brushes would shoot out another brush from within.

That Devil Boy had just rushed over as he caught Zhao Muzhi’s two Magistrate Brushes. He twitched his mouth and with some power and in a clanging sound, he had snapped the chain including the mechanism completely.

 "Ga ga, kid, you are showing off with these little tricks?"

Like a meatball, Devil Boy’s tiny body shot over directly. Cold light emerged from two of his claws as he went to grab Zhao Muzhi.

Since Zhao Muzhi started training in martial arts, he had rarely met someone on par that could force him to use this mechanism. He didn’t expect that someone had cut off the chain within the brushes. Indeed, he had never heard about it.

With a drop, his body was about to fall below the stage. For this battle, even if he were to admit defeat, he should save his own life.

Only, Devi Boy was someone that enjoyed killing and was a devilish person, how could he allow Zhao Muzhi escape? When he saw Zhao Muzhi’s body retreating at a fast speed, he moved even faster and crossed two of his claws to target Zhao Muzhi’s throat.

 "Ah…" Cui Niu felt that his heart was about to rise to his throat. If Senior Brother Zhao Muzhi got hit by this move, he would die.

The Stargaze Palace would lose an elite warrior.

Unconsciously, Zhao Muzhi used the remaining Magistrate Brush to protect his throat.

Devil Boy laughed eerily: "A struggle right next to your deathbed, what use could it have?"

At this time, suddenly, Devil Boy felt a sharp attack flying toward his head.


Inwardly, Devil Boy felt alarmed. If he hit the target, Zhao Muzhi would for sure not escape his death. However, if he got hit by this power at the back of his head, he would suffer serious injuries. The power from this attack was extremely profound and carried a fierce Spiritual Qi. He was almost certain that this was a sneak attack from a Middle Stage warrior.

Devil Boy let out a strange cry. Suddenly, his body dropped to the ground and dropped steadily. Using this chance, Zhao Muzhi retreated a dozen metres away. He looked at that Devil Boy with a face full of vigilance and hatred.

Devil Boy cried viciously: "Who, who is doing this sneakily? If you have the guts, show yourself!"

Qin Wushuang only smiled and did not speak a word. He only watched the show with a light expression. A moment ago, he had clenched a piece of stone tightly and launched this move at the most crucial moment. He also did it secretly. While Devil Boy was dealing with Zhao Muzhi with his full attention, how would he know that it was him?

Besides, Qin Wushuang was surrounded by mediocre warriors that could not see Qin Wushuang’s secrets.

Cui Niu walked besides Zhao Muzhi, fear still lingering inside him, and said in a low voice: "Senior Brother Zhao, let’s retreat. This devil person is too strong, he must not be a Core disciple."

Zhao Muzhi nodded and was about to retreat. That Devil Boy laughed eerily: "You want to leave? Are you sure?"

Cui Niu said faintly: "Mister, since it’s a competition on the arena, we should stop when we lose. Your Archaic Mysteries Sect is after all, a major sect, even though you have set up a private competition here, you should have still some rules, right?"

Devil Boy shouted strangely: "Whatever the martial arts competition, it’s their doing. I only like to kill and I don’t understand this so-called competition. I don’t like this Zhao, if I don’t kill him, I cannot sleep well tonight and will be unable to eat my food."

Cui Niu had nothing to say regarding this person’s strange personality.

Zhao Muzhi pulled Cui Niu to the side and said in a low voice: "Devil Boy, are you one of the Core disciples in the Archaic Mysteries Sect? Could you be some Elder that is pretending to be a Core disciple. You should not disguise yourself to bully the weak."

Devil Boy said strangely: "To bully the weak? I am only sixteen years old this year, could you be even younger than me?"

Sixteen years old?

When they heard these words, even Qin Wushuang was stunned.

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