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Qin Wushuang stopped his footsteps and moved to the side to observe attentively. He looked around at these useless people that clearly could not threaten Shang Ye.

If it was the Archaic Mysteries Sect behind the scene, they should not put up such childish plays. Perhaps, this was only a mask. Perhaps, there were some other secrets within this Hundred Battles Mountain.

After observing for a moment, one of the Upper Sky warrior stood on the platform and said: "Everyone, we built this platform to allow everyone to fight on here. If you can beat the defender, you will be eligible to participate in this capture mission. If those of you are not Upper Sky, it’s best for you to not try…"

At this moment, a black figure scrambled onto the stage and shouted: "I will challenge."

 "Who are you?" That person who was speaking on the high platform asked in a low voice.

 "Don’t worry about who I am! I came up not for some National Scholar Plate! If I can beat one person, you must take down this scroll!"

That person spoke with a strong voice. He pointed to that roll with the words "Kicking the evil monsters from the Stargaze Palace" and spoke in a low muffled voice: "It’s your own internal business for you people of the Heavenly Lake Empire acting arrogantly. What do you have against the Stargaze Palace from the Great Luo?"

This person was dressed in a body of blue robes. With thick eyebrows and big eyes, he had a straightforward personality. Naturally, he was furious when he saw this scroll. If he wasn’t inside the Heavenly Lake Empire, he would have went up to tear this scroll into pieces.

 "This way, in the Great Luo, you are a disciple of the Stargaze Palace?"

 "I am not a disciple of the Stargaze, but I am a freelance martial artist from the Great Luo! I will not allow you guys to insult the Stargaze Palace!"

That man in blue robes shouted with indignation. He flipped his hand and a giant hatchet appeared in his hands. Under the sunlight, the bright and shiny edge of the hatchet appeared especially cold.

 "Who will come forward to block three moves from my hatchet?" This guy roared.

That person retreated into the tent that was behind him. After a moment, a person walked out. Once this person had walked out, his entire body emitted a sharp wave of Upper Sky presence. Like a sharp sword, his entire temperament gave off a murderous aura.

Qin Wushuang paid close attention to this person when he walked out. He thought: "It seems that most likely, the Archaic Mysteries Sect is behind this matter. The person that just walked out is not ordinary. He should be one of the strongest among the Core disciples."

Although Qin Wushuang could not guess his strength, it made him pay close attention to the back of that tent. Just how many elite warriors were hiding behind there?

Qin Wushuang watched that blue-robed guy hold the giant hatchet tightly and initiated his Spiritual Qi. His blue dress was shredded by the Spiritual Qi and revealed his body full of muscles. Indeed, he was showing tremendous Spiritual pressure.

Although he was inside the Heavenly Lake Empire, he had a lot of courage to challenge and to defend the pride of the Great Luo Empire.

At the moment, Qin Wushuang paid close attention and did not wish for him to suffer. Since they were all foreigners, Qin Wushuang could not help but feel impressed when he saw warriors from his own country fighting for the country’s pride.

That young man who had walked out from the tent stood there barehanded and asked with a smile: "What is your name? Since you are not a disciple of the Stargaze Palace, why are you yelling?"

 "I am Cui Niu, a freelance martial artist from the Great Luo! Today, I happened to pass here and saw the words on your scroll. It is extremely shallow and would make people laugh until their teeth fell off."

 "Cui Niu?" That young man gave a mocking smile, "I hope you truly have some strength. If you only have the skill to bluff, then it’s possible that although you came up to this stage alive, you will return as a dead person."

Cui Niu roared: "Regarding the person who is bluffing, let’s see through our skills!"


With one roar, Cui Niu grabbed the handle of the hatchet and sprung with both feet. His body tightened like a bow as he chopped downwards with a temperament as if he could break the mighty river and the mountain.

Naturally, an Upper Sky battle would give out tremendous temperament. The power from this chop caused the surrounding air to surge up. With one whoosh, it sent up a cloud of dust.

When this hatchet chopped down, one only saw a white crescent moon flash as if the sky got broken up. In one brushing sound, a piercing explosion sound emerged.

In the next moment, that young man twitched his mouth and a trace of cold mocking flowed from the corner of his mouth. Like a tornado, he rolled his body and suddenly, he had disappeared from the original place.

Cui Niu did not get depressed when one of his slashes did hit the target. He used his back hand and chopped down three times continuously horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Like six pieces of flying snowflakes, three waves of attack ring formed by the edge of the hatchet blade chopped backwards again. The radiant lights emerged from the chop caused one to be unable to open their eyes.

Qin Wushuang saw that Cui Niu’s hatchet technique only showcased a masculine style. Although it was vicious, he would suffer if he met an elite warrior that excelled in body movement.

Indeed, before Qin Wushuang had finished thinking, that young man appeared on Cui Niu’s left side. A gauntlet had appeared in his hand out of nowhere.


He grabbed the air with the gauntlet and instantly, his five fingers sent out five waves of piercing wind. These winds congealed into substances and went to stab Cui Niu’s wrist. This stabs was fast and swift like the sharp mouth of flying beasts.

Cui Niu never expected that this young man had moved at such a fast speed. It had almost made him lose his basic judgment.

A moment ago, he was clearly attacking the right side of that young man with this backhanded three hatchet attacks. How come in the blink of an eye, he had reappeared to his left side?

Cui Niu left go of his left hand and threw a fierce punch towards those five waves of wind. He used his right hand to wave the hatchet and went to slash the head of that young man.

At this time, suddenly, a wave of golden light flashed from young man’s right hand as he shot out a gold chain to wrap around Cui Niu’s hatchet.


The clashing sound of the metal pierced one’s ears. When both of them initiated their Spiritual Qi and clashed their weapons, a bitter fiery light spread all around.

That young man used the gold chain to wrap Cui Niu’s giant hatchet into a complete bind. Suddenly, his body followed this binding power and started running at a high speed on the stage. He rolled his body and started twirling around Cui Niu like a whirlwind. Cui Niu only saw a flash before his eyes.

Suddenly, that person twisted his body and directly kicked Cui Niu’s chest. The fast speed of this kick was like a blow of the wind that would not allow Cui Niu any time to react.


Cui Niu’s body flew into the air and off the stage.

That young man also threw that giant hatchet after Cui Niu’s flying figure at an even faster speed.

 "Ah…" All the audience started to cry out lightly.

Apparently, the coming of this hatchet was going to slash this Cui Niu into halves in midair! This method was obviously going to take his life by using his own weapon!

Just as Qin Wushuang was about to make a move, suddenly, a silver light flashed from the opposite side as an object hit that giant hatchet. Colliding with this power, the hatchet went flying backwards. With even more speed added to the hatchet, the hatchet was going to hit that young man.

In a flash, those audience had no time to react. At this time, a flying figure had grabbed hold of Cui Niu’s body lightly as he put him down gently. Besides the injury from that person’s kick, Cui Niu had no other injuries.

However, that giant hatchet was twirling toward the head of that young man. The speed was incomparably fast. The expression of that young man changed drastically as he lowered his head to evade. Finally, he barely escaped this attack . That giant hatchet did not lose speed as it continued to swing onwards.

With a boom, it destroyed that giant pillar where the words of "Kicking the evil monsters of the Stargaze Palace" were hanging.

With a loud clanking sound, this giant pillar was slashed into halves and broke from the middle. That scroll was also completely shattered after getting mixed by the wind carried from the hatched and spread all over the sky.

Qin Wushuang saw this person and he was indeed, Zhao Muzhi from the Third Palace!

 "How did he come here early?" Qin Wushuang was also somewhat surprised.

Zhao Muzhi also put back the Magistrate Brush into his sleeves. He glanced toward the stage with a cold expression and said with a disdainful tone: "Although the Heavenly Lake Empire might be boring, they shouldn’t have fallen to such an extent. Could it be that the current Archaic Mysteries Sect only has such temperament to build their confidence based on these two scrolls?"

Among the Core disciples at the Stargaze Palace, Zhao Muzhi’s strength was at least in the top five. Although he did not enter the top five in the previous Core Ranking Competition, his strength was known.

Naturally, he felt displeased when he saw these words. When he made the move, he had multitasked by saving the person and destroying that roll.

Naturally, Cui Niu who was saved by him was feeling thankful: "Thank you so much for saving my life, my name if Cui Niu, how do I call you? Could you be an elite warrior from the Great Luo?"

Zhao Muhzi’s expression softened a bit as he nodded to say: "Cui Niu, nicely done."

Although these were a few words, Cui Niu enjoyed it endlessly. Cui Niu was a brave and straightforward person, but he was a person that noticed little details and observed others. He knew that Zhao Muzhi was not an ordinary person when he saw his temperament. He must be someone exceptional from the Great Luo.

Instantly, he said joyfully: "I have shamed the Great Luo with my little skills. If you had not helped me, it would be tough for me to escape this bloodshed."

Just when Zhao Muzhi was about to talk, the curtain was opened again as another person walked out. This person had a turban covering his head. His long hair danced in the breeze and with a cold expression, he looked at Zhao Muzhi: "You are a disciple from the Stargaze Palace?"

Zhao Muzhi did not fear as he said proudly: "Zhao Muzhi from the Stargaze."

 "Zhao Muzhi?" That person twitched his mouth, "Never heard it, I only heard that the Stargaze Palace had a Wei Yi who is exceptional. I also heard there is a Qin Wushuang who is also good, but a short-lived person."

When Zhao Muzhi heard these words, his expression turned icy cold. QIn Wushuang had always been a pain in Zhao Muzhi’s heart. After that battle at the Green Jade Mountain, Zhao Muzhi was deeply impressed by him after Qin Wushuang had saved his life. He didn’t expect that battle had become their final farewell. After half a year, Zhao Muzhi still had not walk out from that shadow. This time, he had left the Stargaze Palace ahead of time to use this chance to walk around and to distract the depression in his heart.

His expression changed drastically when he heard this person mocking Qin Wushuang: "Who are you, you think you are good enough to talk about Junior Brother? Come come, let me teach you a lesson today. Let’s see how much power you young generation from the Archaic Mysteries Sect have!"

That person smiled coldly: "Just what I wanted! Only, I never kill nameless people under my blade."

Zhao Muzhi knew this person had said these words deliberately to provoke him. How could he fall to his trap? He poked with the tip of his feet and flew on the stage. In a flash, he held the two Magistrate Brush in his hand.

 "Just the fact that you mocked Junior Brother Qin, I will make you shed blood within three steps!" There was a trace of coldness in Zhao Muzhi’s tone.

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang felt touched. He could not help to feel warmth. This was his colleague…

Although they might fight internally, they were closer than brothers when they were fighting against foreign enemies. Didn’t Zhao Muzhi express the friendship from being fellow colleagues to this extent?

When he thought here, Qin Wushuang felt incredibly warm inwardly.

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