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Yi Chenzi’s heart sank. It was more or less what he had expected.

That Second Martial Saint’s expression also changed rapidly. Earlier, he had guessed some parts. However, inwardly, he still had held some hope. Naturally, his heart turned cold when hearing Qin Wushuang speak those words. He knew that Qin Wushuang was very powerful. During this time, his abnormal show of strength had proved that fact.

Even the First Martial Saint, Yi Chenzi, could not win against him. The power of this kid had indeed instilled fear in him.

"Marquis Wushuang, I know you are a disciple to the Stargaze Palace and you are also the National Scholar of the Great Luo. However, the West Chu also has people in the Stargaze Palace. We have three Core disciples in the Stargaze Palace. Two of them are even direct disciples to the Fifth Palace Master. Marquis Wushuang, today you came to cause trouble at the West Chu. Tomorrow, are you confident that our Core disciples would not go to the Bai Yue to stir trouble? If revenge breeds revenge, will there ever be an end to it?"

Yi Chenzi spoke forcibly out of a sense of righteousness. Although his tone was stern, inwardly, he was fully alert in anticipation of Qin Wushuang suddenly attacking.

Qin Wushuang listened silently with a shadow of a smile on the corner of the mouth. Hearing Yi Chenzi finish speaking, he asked casually: "Yi Chenzi, hearing you speak this way, are you forgetting when the West Chu went to cause trouble at the Bai Yue? Your Second Martial Saint was the direct cause of the death of my Martial Saint. So he does not need to pay a price?"

Yi Chenzi said seriously: "I agree that if you want my Emperor to wear mourning clothes to go pay respects at your country. However, the Second Martial Saint is one of the pillars of the West Chu. I cannot allow you to touch him."

 "Yi Chenzi, you certainly make some good judgment. Your Martial Saint is a pillar, and my Martial Saint is not?"

Yi Chenzi fell in silent. He knew that it was not easy for the Bai Yue to stomach their anger over the loss of their Martial Saint. However, he could never agree to use his Martial Saint to trade his life!

Firstly, the West Chu could not lose their face. Secondly, to a Subordinate Country, a Martial Saint was someone of great value.

"Yi Chenzi, today, regardless of having a tongue like the reed, I will take away the life of the Second Martial Saint! Or else, everyone from the Bai Yue will not accept it. Even more so as an Upper Sky of the Bai Yue, how could I explain this to my people!"

As Qin Wushuang finished speaking, his body suddenly shot forward toward the direction of the Second Martial Saint. At the same time, the snake shaped whip also shot forward from his hand.

After the battle with Qiu Lingde, the Second Martial Saint’s internal injuries was only healed about seventy or eighty percent. When he saw Qin Wushuang approaching to kill him, he did not delay and waved with the short stick from his hand to formed a Spiritual shield to protect the fatal points on his body.

Without any hesitation, he kept stepping backwards. He knew that when an Upper Sky did not have his internal injuries completely healed, he would never be able to battle with an Upper Sky of the same level. Or else, he would be digging his own grave.

Apparently, this Qin Wushuang’s Upper Sky stage was much higher than him. Regardless of confrontation or getting hit by him, the consequence would be severe.

While he retreated backwards, the Third Martial Saint who was next to him waved the sword to slash at him.

Although the Upper Sky sword technique of the Third Martial Saint was very simple and unadorned, it was useful. Six consecutive sword attacks slashed from different angles. It appeared clumsy, but was aimed towards the fatal points all over Qin Wushuang’s body. Indeed, he was very experienced.

He was attacking the fatal points and Qin Wushuang was forced to defend.

With a sneer, suddenly, Qin Wushuang jumped from left and right continuously. That Third Martial Saint only felt something flashed across his eyes and realized that Qin Wushuang had evaded him.

 "Hmph, you wanted to attack me with so little skills?" Qin Wushuang did not even look at him and pulled out the Violet Sun Sword with his left hand. He swung his arm and slashed while looking back. In one brush, the attack went to slash the chest of the Third Martial Saint.

This sword attack was like the antelope hanging itself on the tree with the horn in which no beasts could find its trace. On the surface, this sword attack seemed careless, it had incorporated the sword intention of the . Within the seemingly vanishing attack, countless variable attacks was hidden.

That Third Martial Saint could not help but feel stunned when he saw this sword attack showed no vitality. Inwardly, he thought how this Qin Wushuang was so powerful on the use of the whip, how could he be this clumsy with the sword?

Fortunately, he did not become impulsive and overextend. Instead, he pulled back his sword intention and took two steps back to protect himself.

Indeed, after brushing off this one sword attack, in the following, the next wave of sword attacks went towards him like the moving clouds and the flowing water. Instantly, sword light flashed and swirled up a ground of dust. When the sword Qi gathered these dusts, it formed a clear and visible sword light.

It was as if a long red dragon was wreaking havoc at the Zhen Wu Holy Place of the West Chu.

The Third Martial Saint only felt his breathing become obstructed and was feeling extremely uncomfortable. He kept stepping backwards and could not make another slash with the long sword in his hand. Only, he was left with the strength to defend, how could he still have the strength to attack?

Just when he was feeling pressured, finally, Yi Chenzi’s chain sword went to roll over quickly. It formed a wave of whirlpool to sweep towards Qin Wushuang’s wave of sword Qi.

With a cold sneer, suddenly, Qin Wushuang withdrew his body. His footsteps appeared strange that could not be described by words. He went around these two Martial Saints and rushed forward. Again, he rolled with his snake shaped soft whip and moved to smash the head of the Second Martial Saint.

How could that Second Martial Saint have expected that Qin Wushuang could escape from the encirclement of those two Martial Saints? Feeling panicked, he did not stop with his short stick and rolled it quickly to create no gaps.

He knew that because of his unhealed injuries, he had no other methods but to defend. He could only wait for the First and the Third Martial Saint to help him. With three against one, they could take this kid down.

The difficulty was, they still controlled the degree of their power when they moved. Even if the three of them could kill Qin Wushuang together, they did not dare to do so.

Once they killed Qin Wushuang, the Second Palace Master from the Stargaze Palace would undoubtedly come. At that time, the entire West Chu would instantly disappear from the map of the Great Luo.

In other words, they could only contest with him and not kill him. At most, they could capture Qin Wushuang.

Only, how could it be an easy task to capture such a young warrior?

Qin Wushuang knew that once he made one stop, the two Martial Saints from behind him would arrive and rejoin the battle. Thus, for this battle, he chose to do a moving battle.

He would fight by walking around and to never stay in one place.

If it were other people, it would be extremely difficult to fight in a moving style when surrounded by three elite warriors of the same level. However, Qin Wushuang had the strange body movement technique of the . Thus, it was not difficult for him to fight a moving battle.

When those two arrived from behind him, Qin Wushuang laughed and moved to the front. He only had one determined goal. That was to lock the Second Martial Saint down so that he could not escape.

Around the Zhen Wu Holy Place in the West Chu, four Upper Sky warriors started a great battle. The movements of the Spiritual Qi had destroyed all the plants and vegetation around them. Yellow sand filled the sky and mountains, the earth shook.

All the Pre-Sky Realm warriors in the Zhen Wu Holy Place could not withstand such powerful Upper Sky presence. All of them retreated as far as possible.

After fighting for a while, Qin Wushuang also started thinking.

"This Yi Chenzi’s strength is on par with me. It’s not easy to get around him to kill the Second Martial Saint. I must use some strategies."

When he thought here, suddenly, Qin Wushuang laughed like the long dragon charging to the vacant air with imposing manner like the rainbow.

 "Yi Chenzi, you are fighting three against one, it is indeed, extremely shameful. Since that’s the case, I will not play with you anymore. I will go for some killing at your imperial capital and come back to take the head of your Second Martial Saint. You three cannot sleep on the same bed and under the same quilt, right? Once I find the slightest crack, I will still take away the head of the Second Martial Saint! Don’t think I cannot see the truth, the Second Martial Saint’s internal injuries has not yet healed. For today’s battle, he must have aggravated his injuries again by using Qi. It would be like killing a dog, ha ha ha…"

After he had finished, with rapid steps, he jumped outside of the circle towards the foot of the mountain.

Like the meteors flashing across the sky, Yi Chenzi saw Qin Wushuang left with such rapid speed that did not give them any time to react.

 "First Martial Saint, this Qin Wushuang is going to the imperial capital!" The Third Martial Saint saw Qin Wushuang’s figure disappeared like lightning and was still in shock.

 "Go after him!" Immediately, Yi Chenzi made the decision.

Without hesitation, the other two followed him.

 "First Martial Saint, I am deeply ashamed to have dragged you all into this." The Second Martial Saint sighed helplessly.

Yi Chenzi shook his head: "It was my idea to attack the Bai Yue. You only followed the order. In the end, you got dragged into this business."

 "However, the death of that Qiu Lingde was because of me."

 "No need to speak anymore, Second, you must follow us closely. Or else, that kid would come with a sudden thrust and we would not be able to guard against him. Let’s still follow the original plan, you will stay with Third. Keep close!"


Three Martial Saints separated into two groups and rushed quickly towards the foot of the mountain.

Only after that battle, the Second Martial Saint’s internal injuries seemed to have flared up after using Qi. He felt extremely uncomfortable as the sea of internal force surged up and down.

Only, he knew that he could not retreat. He must follow them. Or else, he would give Qin Wushuang the opportunity to hunt him down while he was alone.

With the current situation, he must follow them even if he was to force himself.

The three Martial Saints arrived at the imperial capital quickly. They chased after Qin Wushuang’s Upper Sky presence. When they arrived inside the capital, they suddenly lost his presence.

 "Where did he go?" Third Martial Saint frowned his brow.

After sensing for a while, Yi Chenzi said silently: "This Qin Wushuang is extremely sly. He already shut off his Upper Sky Qi and concealed himself. Everyone, stay alert, this could be his strategy!"

 "Yes, just don’t know, where would he go to kill?"

 "No need to think about those things. As long as we three stay alive, it doesn’t matter whom we lose in the West Chu." After all, Yi Chenzi was an ambitious and ruthless character, he knew how to make choices under this situation. It was the right choice to protect Martial Saint. He must even let Qin Wushuang kill Mi Zhongheng, the Emperor of the West Chu in the worst scenario.

He could not speak these words to the people of the entire country. However, he could speak honestly among the three Martial Saints.

Revealing a solemn expression, these three looked at each other and nodded with understanding. They had made preparations for the worst.

In the worst case, they would let Qin Wushuang kill a portion of the elite warriors like he did to the Great Wu. Currently, many elite warriors in the Great Wu had gone into hiding. It would not be easy if Qin Wushuang wanted to kill them.

Besides, Yi Chenzi always felt that Qin Wushuang would not use ruthless methods to deal with the West Chu like the Great Wu. After all, the West Chu did not get engaged in battles with the Bai Yue!

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