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Tian Zhixing, the Fifth Palace Master smiled bitterly. He had always been a humorous person. Unexpectedly, this Second Palace Master was even more jocular since he did not forget to mock him now.

At the moment, he did not conceal his intentions and sighed: "Second, I am sure you have heard about the matters of the Bai Yue Country. Don’t pretend you don’t know about it. That disciple of yours is riding a rising tide. He has destroyed the Great Wu and is now aiming the arrow at the West Chu."

Tan Zhongchi said lightly: "What about it? As someone from the Bai Yue Country, I need to praise him since he went back for his country when the Great Wu and the West Chu deployed their troops. If the Great Luo Empire ever encountered a crisis, I am sure that he would not dither. This is the goal of the Stargaze Palace’s training of our disciples. Why is it not good?"

 "It’s not because it’s not good. It’s just that two of my Core disciples came from the West Chu. Now, they’ve received a request for help, asking them to return. These two disciples had good control and did not dare to make their own decision. They came to ask for advice from me. Since we are the seniors, we need to consider our disciples. If I don’t step out, wouldn’t it disappoint my disciples? Just this matter, tell me, shouldn’t we create some rules to restrain the disciples?"

 "Restraint?" Tan Zhongchi raised his brow, "Why should I? When I took in Qin Wushuang as my disciple, I had promised him that I would never restrain his freedom. As long as he does not lie to his teacher and does not betray the Great Luo Empire, I would not control him in any way."

Tian Zhixing immediately said: "If we don’t restrain him, I don’t know what to say before my disciples. Second, we are both Palace Masters and long time brothers. Why not we take a step back for this matter?"

"Step back? Fifth, if it was something between you and me, I can take ten steps back. However, that Qin Wushuang is really special. I did promise him that I would never restrain him! On that day at the Main Palace, the Head Palace Master also mentioned that and I am sure you have heard it. I cannot interfere in his business easily."

 "Second, if Qin Wushuang does not take a step back, I am afraid that two of my disciples would not be able to control themselves either. When the hostile relationship increases, it would create bad blood on both sides internally. Wouldn’t that be bad?"

 "Not be able to control themselves? Fifth, it’s not my responsibility to tell you, but why do you need to restrain them?" Tan Zhongchi said seriously, "They are people of the West Chu. When the West Chu is in a crisis, they should return and you should not restrain them. It’s not right to teach your disciples this way."

Tian Zhixing was feeling depressed. How could he not understand that all the words spoken by Second were sarcasm. To put it bluntly, he was secured in the knowledge that Qin Wushuang had the strength.

A few month ago, before Qin Wushuang had become a disciple to Tan Zhongchi, he was able to kill Li Wuji, the number one disciple of the Ji Yin Sect. He was not less when compared to his two Core disciples.

In these few months, as long as he had made some progress, most likely his power had surpassed his two Core disciples.

If Tan Zhongchi had suspected that there were people who could threaten Qin Wushuang among the Subordinate Countries, it would be strange if he remained calm! With Tan Zhongchi’s overprotective nature, how could he let his disciple get bullied?

 "Second, if you speak it this way, then you are making things difficult for me."

"No need to feel embarrassed. In our Stargaze history, it’s not rare for disciples from each country to fight for their own countries. Let them go. If Qin Wushuang lost because of his lack of skills, I would punish him." Tan Zhongchi still said with a serious face.

Tian Zhixing did not know whether he should laugh or cry. Indeed, he felt powerless when he encountered someone like the Second who would not listen to any words or requests. It sounded like his words was serious and not a single drop of water could penetrate a gap.

However, since he knew his personality, it was clear that he was speaking sarcastically. If he had not known that Qin Wushuang would not suffer a loss, how could he remain this calm?

 "My good Second Brother, we have been brothers for many years, could we not be like this?" Tian Zhixing was almost using a begging tone. If Tan Zhongchi dragged this business out, this matter would not be resolved.

 "What about me?" Tan Zhongchi was feeling innocent. Inwardly, he felt joy, "Fifth, ha, Fifth, last time you were against me. This time, you are asking for my help of Qin Wushuang’s matter. Aren’t’ you dropping the stones on yourself?"

However, he only spoke these words inwardly and did not speak it out loud.

Only one could already judge his ideas from his expression His mischievous expression already demonstrated his inner thoughts.

Tian Zhixing said with a gloomy tone: "Second, just tell me, what is your final say on the matter between the West Chu and the Bai Yue? Tell me exactly, so I can answer to my disciples."

Finally, Tan Zhongchi pulled the tail wind and said boldly: "If I tell you, can you agree to it?"

 "For this matter, the faults were with the West Chu and the Great Wu. As long as it is not over the top, they have no reason to object!" Tian Zhixing bit his teeth and spoke.

 "Ok, my bottom line is simple. Qin Wushuang’s bottom line is my bottom line. However he wants to deal with it, it will represent my intentions. Whoever dares to be disobedient, then it would be the same as picking a fight with me. This is my style. Whoever dares to bully my people, they should not think about living well. Qin Wushuang is my disciple. We are from the same origin. If someone bullies him and he wants to fight back, I have no reason to not support him. Unless it’s someone I cannot offend. Or else, this is the end of this matter."

Although Tan Zhongchi did not speak loudly, his tone carried a somewhat tough temperament. It was the unquestionable tough attitude.

Tian Zhixing was feeling helpless. Not to mention others, just by looking at his expression, he knew how serious he was. Most likely, this matter could not be mediated.

Although he was not afraid of the Second Palace Master, he was unwilling to offend him. Even the Head Palace Master had to yield to him for a bit. Not to mention Tian Zhixing.

Unless it was someone in which Tan Zhongchi could not offend, or else, he would not give up. Only, it would depend on Qin Wushuang to stop this matter.

In the Great Luo Empire, how many people were Tan Zhongchi not able to offend?

After some calculation, it would not be more than three people. And almost all of them came from the Stargaze Palace and it did not include Tian Zhixing.

 "Ah, Second, is there truly nothing else that can be said on this matter?"

 "No more negotiation. If your disciples wants to return to the West Chu, I will not object or interfere. But you must remember, you can only send disciples of the West Chu. If you have sent stronger Core disciple over, I will not sit by to watch."

It seemed as a form of concession, but also served as a warning.

Tian Zhixing was speechless as he knew that there was no turning around with this matter.

Initially, he thought that something could be done with this matter after putting in some good word to the Second. Unexpectedly, it did not have any chance to change.

He could only bid his goodbyes. Tan Zhongchi did not see him off and only waved his hand.

When Tian Zhixing returned to the Tiger Festival Palace, he called Lû and Gu before him. then, he told them of his trip to the Green Cloud Palace. Those two looked at each other and was speechless.

 "Listen well, you two. Don’t mind that matter of the West Chu, after the year-end exam, I would try to think of another solution. That Qin Wushuang also needs to participate the year-end exam. Unless he wishes to forfeit, I think he will not have too long to linger."

Feeling helpless, both Lû and Gu thought that this was the only way.

If they were to return now and miss the year-end exam, they would suffer a great loss.

After all, the West Chu had three Martial saints. If they could not even deal with Qin Wushuang and to get through these days, it would be unreasonable.

Immediately, these two sent back a letter to the West Chu and explained the pros and cons after departing from Tian Zhixing. They encouraged Yi Chenzi and the two other Martial Saints to work hard and get through the Laba festival.

The speed of the pigeon letter was fast. The news arrived at the West Chu was only the 23rd of November. When Yi Chenzi received the letter, he opened it with expectation. After looking at it, it was as if a bowl of water had splashed on his body from the head. Instantly, his entire body turned cold.

The letter had clearly said that he would have to lead the two other Martial Saints to deal with Qin Wushuang. Before the Laba festival, Qin Wushuang would return to the Stargaze for the year-end exam.

He calculated the time and they were still another half a month away from the Laba festival. To them, if they could get through another seven or eight days, they would be free of worry since Qin Wushuang would also need some travel time to get back to the Stargaze.

Although Yi Chenzi could not win against Qin Wushuang, he knew he could contend with him for seven or eight days. At this time, all the core talents in the West Chu should stay hidden and not repeat the same mistake as the Great Wu. As long as Qin Wushuang could not find the elite warriors, then they would not need to be worried about how he would kill at will.

He shattered that letter into crumbs. Just when Yi Chenzi was going to pass out the order, his brow suddenly twitched. Next, his expression changed as he shouted: "Second and Third, stay fully alert. You two will be in the same group and I will be by myself. Qin Wushuang is here."

Yi Chenzi already thought about strategies when he had returned to the Zhen Wu Holy Place. He was on par with Qin Wushuang in terms of strength. It would not be a problem for him to deal with Qin Wushuang alone. Although he could not kill him, he could protect himself.

And for the Second and the Third Martial Saints, they were weaker than Qin Wushuang. With two of them in a group, they could still stay alive and contend with him.

By dividing into two groups, they could help each other and acquire more confidence regardless of defense or offense.

As soon as he had passed the order, a sudden whistle sounded from outside of the Zhen Wu Holy Place. This sound seemed as if the dragon god had appeared. Swallowing the wind and singing with the rain, the overflowing temperament of this force made one feel as if the sky had collapsed and the tsunami had arrived. Rolling thunder shocked the entire Zhen Wu Holy Palace and made the imperial capital shake.

 "Yi Chenzi, I, Qin Wushuang have come!" Amid the whistle, Qin Wushuang’s voice kept gushing out, "Whether you agree to my three conditions or allow me to slaughter everyone, I am giving you one last chance to choose!"

Qin Wushuang had appeared before the Zhen Wu Palace in the blink of an eye.

A figure flashed before Yi Chenzi and next he saw Qin Wushuang drop before him with a cold face and absolutely unrestrained expression. He glared at Yi Chenzi while continuing to move forward.

 "Marquis Wushuang, I can agree to your second condition."

Yi Chenzi still did not lose hope as he could not help but ask: "Only, what is your third condition?"

 "The third condition is simple. Give me the murderer that killed Senior Brother Qiu. I will leave immediately and will not harm a single vegetation of your West Chu. Or else, what happened to Great Wu yesterday will be the tomorrow of your West Chu!"

Qin Wushuang spoke with a cold tone. It was not a threat, but his bottom-line!

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