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Chapter 195
Chapter 195: Kill to the Palace

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The day when the Great Wu’s plea for help arrived, the Martial Saints from each of the surrounding countries started moving out to the Great Wu Country. They were planning to solve this problem by teamwork.

On the surface, they were solving the problem for the Great Wu. In fact, it was a strategic method to protect themselves. They could only suppress the Bai Yue Country, that had appeared suddenly with a rising momentum, to ensure their future stability. They must ensure that the Bai Yue would not have enough momentum to invade any of their countries.

For the West Chu, they sent out two of their Martial Saints. Both Ba Shu and the Great Jin Countries also sent out two Martial Saints respectively. In total, six Martial Saints had moved out with great temperament.

They knew that they must rush to the imperial capital of the Great Wu without stopping. Regardless of which methods they used, they could not afford to let the capital fall to the enemy.

Only, they were two days late when they received the message. Naturally, they had a late departure. Whether they could make it on time, it was unknown.

When Yi Chenzi fought with Qin Wushuang outside the border of the Purple Flame Territory, neither of them could win over the other party. In the end, under Qin Wushuang’s National Scholar Command Plate from the Great Luo Empire, he had no choice but to bow his head and order a retreat.

Initially, he was too shameful to go back. However, since this matter concerned the future of the country, he had no choice but to step out and head over to the imperial capital of the Great Luo.

He knew that for sure, Qin Wushuang was the one that had killed Qi Shengnan. No one else could have done it. He still had some confidence regarding how much cards the Bai Yue had.

Besides Qin Wushuang, the abnormality, no one else from the Bai Yue could have killed Qi Shengnan.

He considered the fact of how Qi Shengnan had killed Qiu Lingde, the Martial Saint of the Bai Yue. This fact had made this grudge even more complicated. Thus, he did not let the Second Martial Saint step out because he had previously visited the Martial Saint Mountain at the Bai Yue Country.

Perhaps, the fact that Qiu Lingde had lost to Qi Shengnan did not relate to that visit. However, to prevent Qin Wushuang from directing his anger toward the Second Martial Saint, Yi Chenzi felt it was best to let the Second Martial Saint avoid this matter.

With a lot of worries on his mind, Yi Chenzi brought his Third Martial Saint to rush toward the imperial capital of the Great Wu.

Today was November 19th and ten days had passed since the Great Wu and the West Chu had deployed troops toward the Bai Yue.

Ten days was not long. However, the situation had been completely different. Regardless of the Bai Yue or the Great Wu, they had both lost their Martial Saints.

Ten days ago, the Great Wu had a high fighting spirit and had been in the mindset that invading the Bai Yue would be as easy as using a hot knife to cut through butter.

After ten days, the army of the Great Wu had been sent into continuous retreat. Not only had they failed in their invasion, they were now struggling to protect their own homeland. The Bai Yue had taken a dozen of their fortresses at the border. They had lost almost a quarter of their land.

The most deadly part was that Qin Wushuang, the newly risen Upper Sky warrior from the Bai Yue, was killing his way toward the imperial capital of the Great Wu.

No one knew when this killing god would appear in the imperial capital.

In the Great Wu Country, from the Emperor to the civilians, they lived in a constant state o

f fear everyday.

For a country that had lost their Martial Saint, it was equivalent to a kite in the sky with its string cut in that they could not control their own destinies.

Once the enemy had killed his way to the imperial capital, almost no one could stop him.

On the morning of the 19th, finally, Qin Wushuang stepped through the doors of the imperial capital of the Great Wu. He did not hold back and threw Qi Shengnan’s head toward the top of the door. As if entering a no man’s land, he used the whip to make way and entered the imperial capital easily.

To an Upper Sky elite warrior who could com and go like the wind, all the city’s defenses, warnings and weapons were useless. These things could not even serve to slow him down.

When Qin Wushuang arrived at the imperial capital, he headed straight to the Royal Palace.

His goal was the Emperor of the Great Wu.

He was going to use the head of the Emperor as a sacrifice to Senior Brother Qiu’s soul in the heavens.

After all, in this war, the number one criminal was the Emperor of the Great Wu and Qi Shengnan, the Martial Saint.

For these two leading criminals, he had already tortured Qi Shengnan to death. The remaining one was the Emperor of the Great Wu.

The security was extremely tight inside the Royal Palace of the Great Wu. Like the wind sighing and the crane calling, the security had reached the extent that a sentry was placed at every three steps and a mound placed at every five steps.

Right now, the Emperor of the Great Wu was hiding within the secret chamber in the Palace. In these secret chambers, besides the Emperor, many of his princes and concubines were hiding here with him.

Once they heard the slightest movement of the wind, they would run away from the secret chamber without hesitation. This secret chamber was connected to the outside of the imperial capital. If they felt the situation was not going well, they could escape out of the capital.

It was the most helpless choice. However, besides this option, they did not have any other ways to evade the blade of an Upper Sky elite warrior.

Despite this fact, it was still unknown whether they could escape death from an Upper Sky warrior.

 "Father, what is that devil, Qin Wushuang? Even the Martial Saint could not fight him? And he was killed? I feel somewhat doubtful, could it be, these are just rumors to disturb our fighting spirit?" One of the younger princes asked with asked with a stomach full of questions.

When the Emperor of the Great Wu heard this question from his youngest son, he was stuck. Inwardly, he felt extremely bitter and did not know how to answer this question.

What kind of devil was Qin Wushuang? He also heard news recently that Qin Wushuang was a student of the Second Palace Master of the Stargaze Palace. Because of this Qin Wushuang, the Bai Yue was able to advance to an Upper Subordinate Country and sit equal with the Great Wu.

However, he never expected that despite his young age, this Qin Wushuang was an Upper Sky! And he had killed their Martial Saint!

When this news had passed into his ear first hand, the mentality of the Emperor had instantly collapsed. The reason the Great Wu was able to prosper and was able to move around with other great Upper Subordinate Countries had been reliant on the power of Qi Shengnan.

And now, the Martial Saint had gotten killed before their eyes. The Zhen Wu Holy Place of the Great Wu had no heir! Immediately, the entire Great Wu had lost their mental support.

When Qi Shengnan had fallen, it was equivalent to the collapse of the entire supporting mountain to the Great Wu.

 "Father, I heard that Qin Wushuang was studying under the Second Palace Master in the Stargaze Palace? If he is a disciple to the Stargaze Palace, he should have been the same disciple as the Martial Saint’s grandson, Qi Yinfeng. Why did he move without mercy? Shouldn’t we negotiate with the Empire?" Another prince also said.

The Emperor of the Great Wu sighed: "The Stargaze Palace is the totem of the Great Luo Empire. Why would they mind the business of two new disciples? Usually, the Mother Country rarely gets involved in the conflicts between Subordinate Countries. When we declared war to the Bai Yue, the Great Empire did not care. Now, the Great Luo will not get involved when the Bai Yue counterattacks."

 "Your Majesty, I dare to say with my knowledge, since the Martial Saint had died, the Great Wu needs to bear the shame and lower our head to the Bai Yue for now. We need to conceal our strength and to bide our time until there is a good opportunity. I believe that the West Chu, Ba Shu and the Great Jin will not ignore the tyrannical actions of the Bai Yue. Without the lips, the teeth feels the cold. These three countries received our request for help, they will surely come to our aid. For today’s matter, as long as we get through these days, we will have a chance of turning the matter around." It was the suggestion from an old official.

The Emperor of the Great Wu nodded: "You speak wise words. The enemy Upper Sky warrior is coming aggressively and we must guard against him. I only hope that the support from those countries will arrive in time."

Before the sound of his voice had dropped, he suddenly heard a sound of strong penetration emerged from afar.

 "Emperor of the Great Wu, get out here to see me!"

Qin Wushuang’s figure dropped among the Palace of the Great Wu. To an Upper Sky warrior, the hidden sentries were almost nothing to him.

However, he searched thoroughly and did not find a trace of a clue.

Qin Wushuang estimated that this Emperor of the Great Wu had definitely gone into hiding. This Royal Palace had a complicated structure. He would not find it strange if there were secret chambers.

After searching both the inside and the outside, Qin Wushuang had an idea. He stood at a high place and started to yell.

 "I know that you are definitely hiding in one of the secret chambers. Despite being the ruler of a country, you would not waste anything to be an ostrich. Is that all the pride that you Great Wu have?" Qin Wushuang sneered and suddenly, a trace of malicious intent flashed across his eyes, "If you are not going to come out, I will make you to come out."

With a deep breath, Qin Wushuang accumulated the Qi and pushed it all out: "Roar!"

This sound of the roar was the true martial secret of the elite technique . It echoed continuously and uninterrupted like the explosion of the spring thunder. The sky and the earth seemed to have collapsed as the airwave spread outwards in one wave after another.

The sound shocked the glazed roof tile of the Royal Palace into collapsing. The nearby palace guards and maids dropped to the ground after absorbing the impact of this roar.

Qin Wushuang paused slightly and sneered: "That was a warning. If you still don’t come out, I will pour more Upper Sky Qi into this sonic wave. When the Upper Sky Qi penetrates into your brain tissues, your entire Royal family will become useless idiots with irreparable arteries and lost sanity."

As soon as he had finished, he withdrew another wave of Qi and sent it out. An even more tyrannical roar had sounded through the entire palace instantly. This sound seemed to be able to penetrate all the way from the Ninth Heaven to the Yellow Springs.

Although the Emperor hid in the secret chamber, he still felt dazzled. Feeling a wave of restlessness, he could not help but feel the urge to vomit.

Indeed, Qin Wushuang’s move was extremely tyrannical. If you don’t want to come out, I will use this forceful sound to force you out.

 "Emperor of the Great Wu, I know that all your family is hiding in some place. In my next roar, it will break all your blood vessels! Next, I will start a fire to your ancestor’s resting place and destroy all their memorial tablets. So, your entire Royal line will cease to exist! Ha ha ha."

From Qin Wushuang’s tone, there was a hint of madness. The act of destroying all the ancestors was taking drastic measures to deal with the situation.

Instantly, the expression of the Great Wu’s Emperor changed drastically.

If the memorial tablets were burned, even if he had died, how could he have the pride to face his ancestors under the Nine Springs?

 "Father, this Qin Wushuang is bullying us too much." A group of the princes all stood up with a face full of righteous indignation.

 "Father, I am willing to take the blame and receive whatever punishment!" One of the princes sobbed.

"Father, let me go. I am the crown prince of this country. It’s my duty to accept the blame for you."

The Emperor of the Great Wu gave a sigh. With a withered expression and eyes filled with despair, he shook his head: "It’s useless for you guys to go out there, you will not eliminate his anger. My children, go escape through the secret chamber! The cause of this matter was due to me and the Martial Saint. Now, since the Martial Saint is no longer here, its up to me to resolve it. All of you must remember, it was not easy for our ancestors to build this country. You must put our country as the priority above everything else. You must live while bearing the shame. Only by continuing to live would the Great Wu still have hope…"

As he finished speaking, he pushed away all the princes, pushed the door open and walked out.

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