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Chapter 194
Chapter 194: Putting Qi Shengnan to Death with Fury

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When this move had hit its target, Qi Shengnan was out of options. With a miserable cry and rapid speed, he retreated backwards after slashing three times. His figure moved like lightning, for he wanted to escape!

These few rounds of confrontation had clearly made him understand that the strength of this Qin Wushuang was far above his! Regardless of the Upper Sky stage or techniques, he had surpassed him.

Qin Wushuang…

Suddenly, Qi Shengnan remembered. Wasn’t the martial arts student selected by the Stargaze Palace named Qin Wushuang?

He thought about the powerful Stargaze Palace and looked at this godlike Qin Wushuang. A wave of strong regret emerged in Qi Shengnan’s heart.

However, he knew that there was no medicine for regret for him to eat! The only option he had was to escape from today’s disaster.

 "Surround him, surround him!" While Qi Shengnan sped away, he called out to the soldiers of the Great Wu. He wanted to use the flesh and blood of these Pre-Sky Realm martial artists to slow down Qin Wushuang’s speed to create a chance for him to escape.

The Martial Saint was the totemic figure of a country. He was the absolute authority and the immortal symbol. When Qi Shengnan spoke, those defending soldiers truly went to surround Qin Wushuang as if they had received steroids. They pulled out their weapon and rushed toward Qin Wushuang.

Qin Wushuang knew that although he had hit Qi Shengnan with that previous move, he must have worn some abnormal armour since his move did not penetrate his defense. Since the attack did not harm his inner Qi, it did not prevent Qi Shengnan’s escape despite the pain.

In fact, this Qi Shengnan was being shameless and had ordered Pre-Sky Realm martial artists to cover him!

Qin Wushuang sneered and said with disdain: "Today, Qi Shengnan, even if you have wings, don’t even think about running away!"

As he spoke, his body moved forward rapidly. He slashed again with the Violet Sun Sword and lashed out with waves of blade light that forced the defending soldiers to stop.

He stepped forward continuously and passed through the crowd to chase Qi Shengnan.

Qi Shengnan jumped out of the camp and ran forward with his life depending on it.

Taking a long and circuitous route, Qin Wushuang threw his Violet Sun Sword directly toward the back of Qi Shengnan. He only felt a wave of strong Upper Sky Qi penetrating towards him. Immediately, he lowered his body and squatted down. He stepped with the tip of his feet and scrambled towards the forest on the side.

It seemed a wave of miraculous power was manipulating the Violet Sun Sword. It followed at high speed and went ahead of Qi Shengnan to cut him.

With a sound of "Ouch," Qi Shengnan waved his sword as he tried to slash away the attack of this Violet Sun Sword.

At this time, Qin Wushuang’s snake shape soft whip already arrived at a ghost like speed. A wave of binding Qi wrapped around the waist of Qi Shengnan quickly.


As soon as the snake shaped whip rolled up, it fastened itself to Qi Shengnan’s meat as tight as possible. Qi Shengnan used all his strength and could not get out of it.

For a moment, he was scared to death.

Qin Wushuang kept initiating the Spiritual Qi and pour it into the snake shaped whip to add pressure. It kept fastening itself tighter around Qi Shengnan’s bucket-wide waist and digging into his flesh.

Although he was an Upper Sky with powerful body, Qi Shengnan could not resist against such tyrannical binding power. He let out miserab

le cries.

 "Qi Shengnan, when you killed the Bai Yue’s Martial Saint, have you ever thought about karma’s retribution in one’s lifetime would come so quickly?" Qin Wushuang spoke with a cold tone and pulled up Qi Shengnnan. He rushed back to Flying Cloud Camp with fast strides.

In a moment, he returned to the front of the camp.

Qin Wushuang threw his whip and Qi Shengnan’s body had fell to the ground. Currently, like a dead dog, the Martial Saint of the Great Wu dropped to the ground with an extremely embarrassing look.

 "Qi Shengnan, you claim to be the Martial Saint of a country. Today, before all your soldiers, I will treat you well. I will show them how shameful their so-called Martial Saint is!"

After he had finished speaking, he swung the whip along with Qi Shengnan’s body three times onto the ground. Each time, a huge collision sound emerged from the ground and created three giant holes.

At this time, the Great Surge King had arrived swiftly with the fifty thousand soldiers before the Flying Cloud Camp. The scene before him had left the Great Surge King dumbfounded.

For a time, they did not figure out who Marquis Wushuang was torturing.

However, he looked at the soldiers on top of the Flying Cloud Camp as each of them put on a disgraceful expression and seemed to have understood something.

He only heard Qin Wushuang speak: "Qi Shengnan, did you really think that Senior Brother Qiu would lose to you? If he did not carry internal injuries, how could you have gotten any advantage over yesterday’s battle? You think you are awesome because you killed an Upper Sky with injuries? Today, you seemed lively and well, you did not suffer any injuries right? What about it? If I want you to become a circle, you will! If I want you to become a flattened meat, then you must!"

As he spoke, Qin Wushuang threw his whip directly towards the wall of the camp.

Since the powerful Upper Sky Qi had poured in, this throwing power was extraordinary. With one bombardment, there was a wave of huge trembling. On the top of the wall, a human like giant hole had appeared!

Indeed, Qi Shengnan had a supreme Upper Sky body. Or else, to any other Pre-Sky Realm martial artists, they would already have died even if they had nine lives.

On the side of the Great Wu, from the main general to ordinary soldiers, each of them lost all color in their faces. Not even in their dreams had they thought about such scene appearing before their eyes! The Martial Saint that the Great Wu took great pride in was being tortured by such a young man. He had fallen into a state less than a dog in the mud!

This scene had deeply harmed their pride and destroyed all their fighting spirits!

In one glance, Qin Wushuang knew that the fighting spirit of the Great Wu army had fallen to the depths. He shouted: "Great Surge King, give orders to attack the camp now! Kill all soldiers of the Great Wu and leave none of them alive!"

After he had finished, he waved the long whip accompanied by a wave of cold light.


Like cutting the crispy lotus, Qi Shengnan’s arms had been cut off and blood splashed to the ground.

Next, another light flashed away. Before Qi Shengnan had a chance to let out a cry, his feet flew off his body and dropped to the ground.

Qin Wushuang sneered: "Qi Shengnan, when you killed my Martial Saint, have you thought that you would encounter a much more miserable fate than him? Since you tore his head from his body, then I will return the favor by tearing your body into five pieces!"

While he spoke, his long whip had already wrapped around Qi Shengnan’s neck.

With one brush, the rain of blood gushed out. With one crispy chu sound, the head of Qi Shengnan fell from the neck like a bottle gourd.

Both arms, legs and the head had been separated from the body.

Qi Shengnan had died!

Under thousand of staring eyes, he showed no resistance. As if teaching a lesson to the dog, Qin Wushuang had torn him into pieces.

It was a deadly blow to the fighting spirit of the Great Wu. When the totemic figure of a country had died, wasn’t it equivalent to breaking the spine of a country?

As the Great Surge King gave the order, the counterattack horn sounded. With an unrelenting force, they did not encounter any true resistance and took down the Flying Cloud Camp quickly.

Close to one hundred thousand soldiers of the Great Wu’s main force, they could not even organize a proper counterattack plan. What they did was to escape in a panic by throwing away their weapons as they ran, scared out of their wits.

When Qi Shengnan died, was it only the Upper Sky Martial Saint that had died? His death had completely destroyed the fighting soul of the Great Wu.

To an army without its fighting spirit, what would they have to attack the army of Bai Yue, who was on a rising tide? What do they have to protect their homeland against the lion-like Bai Yue Country?

After Qin Wushuang had finished killing Qi Shengnan, he did not relax. Instead, he killed the generals of the Great Wu to his heart’s content. He knew that he could not kill all soldiers from the one hundred thousand army. However, he did kill all their leaders whenever he saw one. He must kill to the extent that the Great Wu would be powerless to come down the south.

The Great Surge King pursued the enemies and led the fifty thousand army to the north as if he was cutting melons and vegetables. Everywhere he went, the soldiers and their horses fell to their deaths.

When the other armies of the Great Wu in other directions learned that they had lost the Flying Cloud and their Martial Saint had been killed, the heart of the army also scattered even though they did not see it themselves. They could not gather up courage to support the main force at the Flying Cloud. Instead, they all ran away and formed their own leadership.

This pursuit continued from the border of the Bai Yue to the Great Wu country. Directly, they had killed thirty thousand soldiers of the Great Wu.

This huge victory had tremendously increased the momentum to the army of the Bai Yue.

However, all of this did not make Qin Wushuang stop.

If it were a simple war between the two countries, Qin Wushuang would consider taking a step back and would hand these matters over to the two Royal families.

However, the death of the Martial Saint, Qiu Lingde had forced Qin Wushuang’s anger to its limit. He could not stop here.

Not only would he continue to kill, he would kill all the way to the imperial capital of the Great Wu.

For this trip, he would not give up until he had killed to his heart’s content and to shock the entire Great Wu Country!

Qin Wushuang went up north and as long as he passed by a fortress, he would go in. He only had one goal and that was to kill all elite warriors of the Great Wu.

When he arrived at the imperial capital, Qin Wushuang counted that he had killed at least three or five hundred elite warriors of the Great Wu. Among these deaths, there were King of a Territory, heads of the Feudal Lord Families, heads of the armies and representatives of the Zhen Wu Holy Place.

When the Great Wu learned of the arrival of the killing god, the entire country fell into despair. The Emperor of the Great Wu had already asked for help to all surrounding countries. They had sent a mass request for help to the West Chu, the Great Jin and the Ba Shu Upper Subordinate Countries.

Not long ago, the Great Wu was in high spirits and had planned to swallow the Bai Yue.

In less than ten days, they did not expect such huge a turn of events. The formidable Great Wu had gotten caught up in a violent wind and storm. In any time, their country would cease to exist!

This was retribution and karma. The karma of this lifetime would come quickly.

With the so-called intimate interdependence, although those three Upper Subordinate Countries did not want to get caught up in trouble, they could not do nothing while facing the request for help from the Great Wu.

After all, with the Bai Yue’s current momentum, once they had destroyed the Great Wu, for sure they would go for any one of them.

Especially the West Chu, since they would be on the top of the list as they had formed an alliance to send armies together with the Great Wu!

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