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As soon as the Fifth Palace Master had spoken, the Third Palace Master immediately followed up to say: "He is absolutely right. Second Palace Master, this unprecedented matter is not easy to allow. Once we allow it, it will turn into chaos. Next, the current internal harmony we have in our Palace will also crack."

It was not their intention to go against the Second Palace Master deliberately. It was because they did not want to make this exception and was not willing to let the Second Palace Master gain the spot of a Core student easily.

The fact was, in total, there were only ninety-six spots for the Core students.

The five Palace Masters had divided the sixty-four spots. Among them, the Head Palace Master controlled sixteen spots. The rest of the four Masters all got twelve each.

The remaining thirty-three spots belonged to the eight Shakyamuni, and sixteen Elders. The eight Shakyamuni all possessed two spots each, and the sixteen Elders had one each.

Ninety-six spots, not one less, and not one more.

If they suddenly increased the seats at this moment, it would be like creating a spot out of the blue that would give the Second Palace Master an advantage. In turn, it would break the currently balanced situation which the other three Palace Masters did not want to see happen.

Tan Zhongchi said annoyed: "This student of mine is the victor of this exam. And for this exam, it was supported by all five of us, right? Since that’s the case, of course we should reward him with this result. How could it serve the purpose to encourage people if we don’t give the spot of a Core to such a person? How could we organize future martial arts student exams?

The Fourth Palace Master, being the cold-faced, said coldly: "Second Palace Master, it’s already a privilege to give the victor from the Subordinate Country a spot in the Advanced group. If we gave him the spot of a Core, would you not be afraid of pushing him over the tide and putting him at a disadvantage?"

Tan Zhongchi said: "How would I not know my student better than you? If it was someone else, truly I would not have wanted to raise him. However, this Qin Wushuang is very different. At such young age, he has his tactics and a calm head. I am not worried at all."

"It’s your student, of course you would say all the good things about him. I would never believe it. What more potential would a potential sprout from a Subordinate Country have." Fourth Palace Master did not disguise his doubts at all.

"Haha, Fourth, don’t tell me, you are being like this because you couldn’t eat the sour grapes." Tan Zhongchi answered back sarcastically.

"Second Palace Master, it seems you have much confidence in this new student."

"Of course, an offspring from the Subordinate Country had taught himself to such a level. At the age of seventeen or eighteen, he had killed someone like Li Wuji. If I don’t trust in him, who should I?" Tan Zhongchi said with a smile.

"Whether he had killed that Li Wuji, you did not see it with your own eyes."

"Jealous, you are all jealous." Tan Zhongchi only held one attitude towards these different opinions. And it was extremely determined and simple—That was to snort disdainfully.

"Ok, stop quarrelling. Second, honestly, your request is also putting us in a difficult situation. To advance directly into the Core, this exception has rarely happened in our Star Gauze Palace. Historically, it only happened three times. And those three examples had occurred because they had made special contribution to the Palace. And for this Qin Wushuang, he may be the victor of the exam, but we did not make the promise of giving him the spot as a Core. Thus, this request is not very reasonable, I am afraid it would create a lot of dispute…" Head Palace Master finally spoke.

After hearing his words, Tan Zhongchi said angrily: "This way, this martial arts student exam was after all, a show. Since the exam victor is barely getting any attention, I can imagine the rest."

The Head Palace Master knew he was unhappy as he said with a smile: "Second, I know you are not happy with this decision. In the Star Gauze Palace, we have always valued the power to voice your own opinions. How about this, let’s call for the eight Shakyamuni, sixteen Elders and the ten Emissaries and vote anonymously. If there were more people in favor of advancing to the Core, then we will make the exception. If not, we will put Qin Wushuang in the Advanced category. As long as he has the strength, it’s only four months until the end of the year examination. If he could perform outstandingly in the exam, it would not be difficult to put him in the Core?"

After he had finished, he added: "In our Star Gauze Palace, we would never bury a talent. We are only afraid of no talent! If it’s a piece of gold, sooner or later he would shine, and not get covered by dust."

Tan Zhongchi knew that once people voted, most likely, not many people would agree. After all, the division of the Core spots were not only among the students, it even involved the balance of power between the Head of each Palaces. No one was willing to break this balance and give him the upper hand.

However, if he refused the vote, he would not become fully reconciled.

Without a choice, he said: "Then let’s take a vote and see what everyone wants."

He also knew that if he insisted on his decision despite everyone’s disagreement, most likely, he would be isolated. What’s more, it could also force Qin Wushuang into isolation as well.

Thus, he could only follow the trend and took a step back.

Once the Head Palace Matster had spoken, the order was soon passed out. The bell of the Star Gauze Palace rang three times to ask for all Shakymuni, Elders and the ten Emissaries to assemble at the main Palace for discussion.

Hearing the bell, Emissary Liu immediately said: "Wushuang, Head Palace Master is calling all to discuss matters. I can not stay with you. You can stay here for a moment, soon someone will come for you for sure."

Qin Wushuang nodded: "Ok, please go."

Emissary Liu did not dare to hesitate and rushed towards the Main Palace.

Instantly, all the people had assembled together. They all understood the story after hearing from the Head Palace Master. All of them said: "Then let’s vote anonymously."

Seeing the faces of these people, Tan Zhongchi knew the result of this vote would not turn to be favorable.

Indeed, with a total of thirty-nine people, only eight voted in favor from the Five Palace Masters, eight Shakyamuni, sixteen Elders and the ten Emissaries.

Besides those Shakyamuni and Elders who usually had a closer relationship with Tan Zhongchi, most likely the rest of them all voted against.

Tan Zhongchi had nothing to say about such result.

"Head Palace Master, since this is everyone’s thoughts, I have nothing to say. However, those secular rewards, you must make it happen right?"

Tan Zhongchi was known for being overprotective and it revealed itself through various aspects. Since he had not won a spot in the Core for Qin Wushuang, he must strive for something else for his family in the secular world.

In that case, at least, it could help him to concentrate more during the training.

The Head Palace Master laughed: "Of course, I will tell the Royal family of the Great Luo Empire and urge them to hurry with the promises. The Bai Yue Country will rise to become an Upper Subordinate Country. Qin Wushuang’s family would share the same status as the ruler of the Bai Yue. They don’t need to pay homage when meeting with the king. For Qin Wushuang himself, he would be bestowed the status of the Great Luo Honorary Scholar and share the same status as the King of the Bai Yue, no need to pay homage…For the remaining rewards, I will give it out when I see Qin Wushuang himself."

As long as Qin Wushuang did not win the spot for the Core student, the remaining Palace Masters had no reason to disagree over these other rewards.

After all, everyone had all agreed for this martial arts student exam. If there was not a single rewards, even they would feel it was unfair.

Besides, to these powerful elite warriors at such levels, those secular rewards were meaningless. They were not the ones to make it happen, and how could they oppose?

Finally, Tan Zhongchi’s anger had vanished after hearing the words from the Head Palace Master. Yet, he still muttered persistently: "Only four month. For sure, my student will rise from below in the end of the year examination. By that time, none of you could oppose it if anyone of your spots get taken."

Head Palace Master smiled: "Second, when he passes the end of the year exam, of course he would become a Core. No one would dare to say another word."

Then, he smiled and said again: "Emissary Liu, go bring that Qin Wushuang. I believe everyone has been expecting him for a long time. Honestly, I am rather curious to see this teenager who had killed Li Wuji."

Those Shakymuni and Elders did not know much about Qin Wushuang. Hearing the Head Palace Master, all of them become interested and started to talk amongst themselves.

Killed Li Wuji?

Weren’t Li Wuji the head disciple to the Old Man Ji Yin? Among the younger generation in the various sects, Li Wuji was someone.

Even at the Star Gauze Palace, most likely he could be on par with the Core students!

No wonder the Second Palace Master paid a lot of attention to this student. Indeed, he had picked up a jewel.

In a moment, Emissary Liu brought Qin Wushuang over.

Before Qin Wushuang even walked closer to the main hall, he could feel the rich and deep Upper Sky presence filled inside. If a Pre-Sky Realm elite warrior walked here, most likely they could not even step over the doorsteps with their weak legs oppressed by this Qi.

"My name is Qin Wushuang. It is my great honor and pleasure in meeting with you all, Palace Masters, Shakyamuni, Elders and Emissaries." Taking large steps, Qin Wushuang walked in leisurely neither obsequious nor supercilious.

He knew that in the first meeting today, someone would surely demonstrate an test of strength. Regardless, he must not be intimidated by others over temperament. Since they would be together in the same sect, he would not having any fear.

In terms of scene, in his former world, Qin Wushuang had experienced plenty of important scenarios. Although he had never met with any elite warriors from this world, but with his past experience, he did not experience any uncomfortableness after suppressing the surging waves of Upper Sky Qi.

After staring at him for a moment, the Head Palace Master laughed: "Good! No wonder Second was thinking highly of himself. Indeed, you are a good sprout! Qin Wushuang, from today and onwards, you are a student to the Star Gauze Palace. Those rules, your teacher had blocked them for you. I would not be strict with you. Only, you must remember three points."

"Please instruct me, Head Palace Master."

"First, never betray your sect and deceive, or kill your teacher. Second, never kill students from your own sect and be fond of foolish bravery and fights. Thirdly, never conspire with foreign countries and betray your own."

For any of these three points, Qin Wushuang could do it. It was not a restraint, but the basic principle being a human being.

Of course, Qin Wushuang would never touch this bottomline as he said seriously: "I will remember it in my heart and never disobey it."

"Good!" The Head Palace Master nodded, "For this martial arts student exam, you are the overall victor within the Great Luo Empire. Thus, all rewards will be the following…"

Until now, he was satisfied with the secular rewards for his family. He was more concerned about the form of rewards the Star Gauze Palace would give to him.

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