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When the Bai Yue Country rises up to become an Upper Subordinate Country, it would be an honor and glory that affect the country and would be good for all citizens. Qin Wushuang did not hold much feelings for it. However, he thought it would be good since it could help the Martial Saint from the Bai Yue to fulfill his wish.

As for the Qin family being bestowed with the same status as the King of the Bai Yue, it was only a satisfaction of pride that they no longer needed to pay homage. The actual advantages of it had its limits.

For himself, being bestowed as an Honorary Scholar helped him gain the most respectful position. Even within the Great Luo Empire, people would view him as a superior being.

If he were to go to the Lower Subordinate Countries, his position would become even more notable. It was also to make it easy for Qin Wushuang so that he would not get tangled into any secular businesses wherever he went.

Basically, all Core students in the Star Gauze Palace had this privilege.

What Qin Wushuang expected were the actual material rewards from the Star Gauze Palace.

Indeed, the Head Palace Master began by saying: "Of course, being the overall victor for this martial arts student exam, you will receive your own individual rewards. However, it will not be much. As for the exact reasons, the Second Palace Master will explain it to you in time."

"Now, you have three rewards to choose from since you are in the Upper Sky Realm. The Upper Sky Initial Stage weapon, armour or other supplementary medicines. You can only choose one from these three. This is the rule of the Palace."

"Medicines? Is there a body sculpting pellet, or Initial Stage Spiritual pellet?" Qin Wushuang suddenly had an idea in his mind.

The Head Palace Master laughed and shook his head: "Body sculpting pellet is a pellet to help reach the Upper Sky Realm. Thus, it is an upgrading pellet, not an supplementary medicine. Assisting pellets are used for restoring your Spiritual Qi, healing and many other uses. These two were different from the core. To speak from the rules, upgrading pellets are usually not used as rewards because they are extremely rare. Only supplementary type of medicine are used as rewards."

Qin Wushuang was somewhat disappointed when he heard this explanation. Since he had reached the Upper Sky Realm, he needed the upgrading pellets the most. If he could acquire a body sculpting pellet as the reward, he would rather give up other options.

If one other Upper Sky warrior could appear in the Qin family, then he would have less lingering worries during his future training.

"If that’s the case, then I will choose a defensive armour!" After some thinking, Qin Wushuang felt that at least, he had one Upper Sky attack weapon from Li Wuji. Although he may not use it temporarily, at least, he had one. Now, he only needed a piece of defensive equipment.

The Head Palace Master nodded: "Ok, Shakyamuni Sacred Mountain."

One of them walked out from the eight Shakyamuni: "I am here."

The Head Palace Master said to Qin Wushuang: "This Shakymuni Sacred Mountain is the one in charge of the storage in the Palace. You will follow him to choose one."

"Yes." Qin Wushuang answered.

"Everyone, since Qin Wushuang had passed the test of the Second Palace Master and become his student, then he would not need to participate in the second round. In the following exams, everyone should pay extra attention to recruit more potential talents."


"Ok, that’s it for today. You can all go."

After dispersing, Tan Zhongchi took Qin Wushuang to the storage to choose a defensive spiritual armour. Currently, since Qin Wushuang was only an Initial Stage of the Upper Sky Realm, his rewards could only correspond to his current level.

After picking over the items, he finally chose a piece of "Cang Cloud Armour". It had a well-rounded defensive ability.

When they returned to the Green Cloud Palace led by Tan Zhongchi, he smiled: "Wushuang, today, you have impressed others for me. Nice, nice. Each one of those were waiting to see me as a laughingstock. Too bad, haha, I will let them be jealous! Wushuang, earlier, I had already fought with them vigorously for a spot at the Core in the main palace. Unfortunately, those bastards just would not agree, they were afraid of letting me having the upper hand. But that’s fine, you just have to suck it up and start from the Advanced level. At the end of the year exam, you will take down all those Core students with your strength and enter the Core rightfully. Let’s see what else can they say at that time!"

On the other hand, Qin Wushuang felt at ease. He felt that it would not matter despite the gap between the Advanced and the Core. The worst case would be the Lowest students. Yet, he would still be a student at the Star Gauze Palace. A higher starting point would have an unfavorable public opinion. Starting from the Advanced could reduce a lot of disagreements. In the future, he could use his true strength to enter the Core, wouldn’t that be much more honorable?

Regardless of how low his starting point may be, it would not be as low as the time when he had reincarnated into a mere Humble Class. His family was tossed by the rain and the wind and on the verge of collapse. Since he did not get depressed at that time, of course, he had no reason to feel sad now.

"Master, regarding the identity of a Core student, I do not mind. When I was still in the Bai Yue country, I knew that strength speaks for everything. Since I just got here, if I started as a Core student, I am afraid people would disapprove. When the time is right, no one will object when I use my strength to advance into the Core."

"Yes, you have the ambition. From you, I saw a different temperament than the other teenagers. You are not worldwise, nor pretentious, and know your position at any time. You did not lose your head even after entering the Star Gauze Palace. This is a rare quality! Wushuang, for my line, I have more than a hundred direct line students, plus the grandchildren and other students, there were thousands of people. However, until now, I have not found anyone suitable to inherit my legacy. Yet, from you, I see hope!"

No wonder Tan Zhongchi cared a lot. Indeed, he valued and admired Qin Wushuang very much. Before, he had a lot of direct disciples and had twelve Core students. However, not one of them could reassure him.

"I am deeply honored to be entrusted with your great hopes. Might I ask, whereabouts are your other disciples?"

"They are all training in isolation. Now, since you are an Advanced student, you could use your identity card and enter the main Virtuous Heaven Mountain Range to train. However, you can not step into the Virtuous Cloud Summit for now. The Star Gauze Palace has strict house rules, and shall not be tested."

"Teacher, could it be, that there are differences between the training grounds?" Qin Wushuang asked with curiosity.

"Big difference!"

Tan Zhongchi said slowly: "In the main Virtuous Heaven Mountain Range, besides the main Virtuous Cloud Summit, there are six other branches. However, those branches only belong to those Lowest students and outside students. Those areas would have a much weaker Spiritual Qi and less occurrence of Spiritual beings. On the other hand, the main Virtuous Heaven Summit is the place that had the richest Spiritual Qi in the entire Great Luo Empire. Most importantly, generations of elite warriors were training in the Summit. Thus, many fortuitous opportunities are hidden inside the main Summit."

"For these opportunities, if you were to look and dig for it intentionally, most likely you would not find anything in a hundred of years. However, if you were at the right time and location, you could get it at any time. It is the so-called opportunity. However, one point is certain. You would proceed at a much faster speed if you were to train at a place filled with rich Qi. It was also why I wanted to win over the spot of a Core for you."

"I see." Qin Wushuang nodded thoughtfully.

Suddenly he asked again: "Earlier in the main hall, the Head Palace Master said you would tell me why the Star Gauze Palace would not give out rich individual rewards."

"Haha, Wushuang, we have already talked about this question earlier. It is related to the overall situation of the Great Luo Empire. To put it bluntly, we are in a shortage of resources. It is not because the Palace did not want to give out rich rewards, but because, embarrassingly, we are short of goods. Regardless of offense, defensive Spiritual equipment, or medicinal pellets, overall, only one words could describe our situation—Deficient! To build a Spiritual weapon, we must prepare materials and provide a qualified and experienced weapon smith. The same goes for the making of pellets, we also need raw materials, formulas and an Alchemy Master. If we lack anything from these procedures, it could not proceed! Now in the Palace, although we may have little materials and Spiritual goods, at least, we could still provide them. However, a Weapon Smith and Alchemy Master needed nurturing. Without good students, it would be worthless."

If he did not hear his teacher talking about it, Qin Wushuang would find it hard to imagine that the vast Star Gauze Palace was unable to make ends meet.

Indeed, there was a shortage of resources in the world of the Upper Sky Realm. The absolute authority in the Great Luo Empire had such a difficult situation. Most likely, other sects would have had it much worse.

No wonder, despite Li Wuji having the formula for the pellet, he could not acquire the Dragon and Tiger body sculpting pellet. Finally, Qin Wushuang understood the reason.

"Master, could those empires surrounding the Great Luo have rich resources?"

Tan Zhongchi smiled bitterly: "Rich? How much richer could they be? Wushuang, if in one day, some country discovered that they had rich resources, then they would for sure advance within a hundred of years. Usually, the human countries all have a shortage of resources!"

While he said, he shook his head helplessly and added: "Those places with the real rich resources, humans could never step in. This is the Tian Xuan Land!"

"Oh?" When Qin Wushuang heard these words, he had immediately become interested.

"Wushuang, these were all things you will get to know later. Right now, your main task is to train. For these things, you will come to know when the time is right. However, since you are interested, I would not mind telling you a thing or two!"

Tan Zhongchi said with a tone that was filled with thoughtfulness: "In the Tian Xuan Land, there are three Upper Ranking and nine Middle Ranking Empires. Simply, they were not the real rulers in this land! The land occupied by these empires are in fact, the land unwanted by those true rulers! In other words, before the true powerhouses, these great Empires are only some secular beings!"

"Ah?" Qin Wushuang could not help but become stunned after hearing these words.

He had never heard these words before. From what he had learned before, the Upper Ranking Empire should be the top existence in the Tian Xuan Land.

And now, hearing the words from his teacher, it seemed that these great Empires were only borderline powerhouses. Could it be, that the true warrior in the Tian Xuan Land was much more than this?

Apparently, Tan Zhongchi had expected Qin Wushuang to have such reaction. He smiled: "Wushuang, it’s not your fault. The Tian Xuan Land is vast as the open sea. As for its exact size, I am afraid that even the Head Palace Master could not say exactly. You were born in a Subordinate Country like the Bai Yue and had limited information. It is reasonable. Even the Martial Saint of your country only knows very little."

"Now, my strength is in the Upper Ranking Spiritual Martial Force. In the Great Luo Empire, of course, I am unquestionably the top warrior. Even the Head Palace Master is at the same stage as me. Only, his mastery of his skills is closer to perfection than me. To people at my level, it is more than enough to intimidate someone like the Old Devil Ji Yin. However, if put onto the top stage in the Tian Xuan Land, we would not even stick out! Not to mention others, all those three Upper Ranking Empire have elite warrior at the Perfection Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force! Just this aspect alone, none of the middle ranking empires could match up to them!"

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