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Unrestrained, delighted and pleased!

Qin Wushuang slowly withdrew his power and settled his movements. He slowly breathed in to reconcile the Genuine Qi inside his body.

On this point, Qin Wushuang took a lot of caution. In his former world, he rarely paid attention to the harmony of the Qi when he used martial arts. As a result, the Genuine Qi accumulated inside his body and caused the Qi to reverse and become infuriated.

Now, since he reincarnated, Qin Wushuang was very careful on this issue as he would not allow any mistakes.

As he slowly opened his eyes, Qin Wushuang only felt his entire body relaxed and comfortable. Just as he was about to move around and go down the mountain, he suddenly stopped looking at the top of the cliff. He rubbed his eyes and could not believe the scene he saw.

Another three steps, it was a bottomless abyss ahead. However, inside this bottomless abyss, it seemed a giant treasure chest had suddenly opened.

Inside, five gorgeous lights shone out. The lights soared to the sky and became a resplendent sight.

Revealing a stunning sight, it was as if someone had suddenly straightened a seven colored rainbow and dropped into this cliff vertically from the sky.

That light had five colors. And these five light shone in an organized way as if five restless long dragons were surging up to the sky. It was as if this bottomless cliff had become their binding prison.

"What is this?" In his former world, Qin Wushuang had never seen such strange scene. Even inside the special effects of a movie, he could not imagine such a weird situation.

"Could it be, there was some treasure beneath this cliff?"

Qin Wushuang continued to think as these lights heavily attracted him as if a giant treasure chest was waiting for him to explore.

Thus, he could not help but move his feet.

Another three steps and he would be at the edge of the cliff. One more step and he would be standing over the bottomless cliff.

There was a saying of how retreating one step back would reveal to you the wide sea and sky.

However, Qin Wushuang felt a strange feeling emerged. An instinctual feeling was urging him to move forward.

A step forward would show you the wide sky and open sea.

When he thought here, Qin Wushuang decided to take a look without further hesitation. There were too many things in this world he could not understand. Thus, he decided to find out.

With his previous experience of saving Da Xi Ming, Qin Wushuang was very familiar with the structure of this sheer cliff. Since he had experience, in a moment, he had arrived at the location where he had saved Da Xi Ming the last time.

He raised his head to look up and still, smoke dwelled at the top. Only, that five lights still jumped stubbornly as if he could touch it. However, when he went to touch it, he found that it was far away.

Without hesitation, Qin Wushuang continued down the cliff. At about four or five thousand meters, he finally saw clearly the roots of that strange light.

It was about three or four hundred meters wide, an oddly shaped cave entrance was shooting out those five strange lights like a crack of that contained the mystery of the world.

"What?" Qin Wushuang immediately moved horizontally over.

He must find out or else, he could not fall asleep at night.

Moving horizontally was much easier than going down. Plus, since this part was almost at the end of the cliff, there were a lot of strange stones sticking out of the wall for him to climb.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Wushuang arrived at the edge of that cave.

These five lights existed as if splitting the heaven and earth. The rays of light gave people a subtle feeling of extreme vastness.

Regardless of how bold Qin Wushuang was, he did not dare to touch it. After all, he had not figured out the cause of these ray of lights.

He slowly approached and snapped a rattan. Qin Wushuang accumulated power in his palm and shot it toward that ray of light.

When he hit it, strange things happened.

Like a well-programmed code, this ray of light was suddenly interrupted. Immediately, the light dimmed and vanished.

The speed of its disappearance was as fast as a person blinking the eyes.

After the lights went away, Qin Wushuang looked and found out that those strange things no longer existed. Then, he crawled and walked in. It was actually a giant karst cave.

The more he went in, the deeper it became.

Stunned, Qin Wushuang walked for a while through the secluded pathway. Inside, he came to a wide clearing. In fact, it was an underground karst cave the size as a palace.

Apparently, someone had lived inside this karst cave as many artificial objects were inside it. It truly looked like a palace and gave people a majestic feeling.

When Qin Wushuang went in deeper, the terrain suddenly went up and down, and unpredictably. From inside and out, there were dozens of layers. Each layer had many different sculptures and displays. Each of these layers showed grandness where indeed, it was a different world.

"Tsk tsk, I just don't know who invented this karst cave. Such majesty and grandeur. It seems that surely something is hidden inside these Great Cang Mountains."

Qin Wushuang thought about it as he always had this subtle feeling towards the Great Cang Mountains. At the same time, he also carried a strange instinct feeling. He felt that the Great Cang Mountains was the biggest treasure chest of the Eastwood Town and one that was not explored. Surely something stayed hidden inside it.

However, as for the abstruse part, Qin Wushuang could not speak about it for now.

While lingering inside the cave, it took him nearly two hours to thoroughly explore. Then, he returned to the cave entrance where he was at initially.

"From the terrain, it is estimated that the location beside the entrance of the cave should be close to the foot of the Great Cang Mountains. That deep babbling river flowing out. Obviously, it flowed in one direction, how else could the water move?"

"Where is that water going to? With this terrain, if the Qin could use it for the Royal family, it would be something matchless to the other Royal families in the Bai Yue Country." Suddenly, Qin Wushuang's felt more ideas emerge.

He felt that since this place showed signs of habitation, it had unquestionably happened a long time ago. Just by looking at those ancient objects inside the cave where they had mostly eroded into dust. Indeed, it was not just a few hundred years, it could be thousands or even tens of thousands of years.

He returned to that cave entrance. Just as he was about to step out and return the way he came from, suddenly, his feet felt stuck on something as if something had grabbed his feet.

Stunned, Qin Wushuang immediately looked down and did not see anything.

Besides the organized rocks on the ground, there was nothing that had caught his feet.

However, both Qin Wushuang's feet felt as if they were growing roots to the ground. No matter how he dragged it, it did not budge an inch and could not move at all.

This moment, Qin Wushuang could not help but feel somewhat panicked. It was an unprecedented event. Nothing was on the ground, how come his feet were stuck?

Usually, only soft quagmire and sandy beach could trap people, since when had hard slate developed to trap people?

It had completely overwhelmed Qin Wushuang's common sense.

"Could it be, ghosts or devils actually exist in this world?" When Qin Wushuang thought here, cold sweat helplessly emerged from his back.

Suddenly, a wave of strange power emerged from beneath his feet and raised Qin Wushuang. A large powerful geocentric magnetic field held him in the air.

This power was extremely tyrannical and did not give Qin Wushuang a moment to resist.

Since he was supported by this power, he followed the trend and sat cross-legged.

Suddenly, he felt as if a wave of strong power emerged from beneath of his feet. Instantly, it had passed through all the acupoints in his body.

After it went through all the acupoints, this power then extended to the arteries and covered his entire organs and skin.

The acupoints were points, and the arteries were lines. Then, the entire body was a surface.

From the point to the line, and from the line to the surface, this power instantly traveled throughout his entire body. It cycled back and forth.

Like an uninvited and daring guest, this power did not ask for permission from the host and had directly traveled back and forth inside the host's home. Nevertheless, it did not care about the feeling of the host at all.

Initially, when his feet became stuck, inwardly, Qin Wushuang felt extreme bitterness. However, now, he had a completely different mood. Vividly, he was enjoying this strange pleasantness.

Yes, he was enjoying it.

The great and powerful part about this power was that it did not only invaded Qin Wushuang's body, it also penetrated into his soul. Seemingly, it wanted to occupy his nerves and thinking.

However, this was a joyful baptism as if he was the believer receiving the ritual. Serious and pleasant, he was in a peaceful mood. Without any lingering, he felt as if it was the path toward eternity.

It was a form of a strong hint, like a calling from the ancients—

Like this, he would just continue to walk where in front of him, the peak of the happiness awaited for him.

Qin Wushuang was attracted by this form of calling and no other thoughts existed in his head. This pleasant feeling was like a ball of fire in cold winter, and like a bowl of ice water in the hot summer…

Like many doors in a variety of sizes, his five senses, the seven apertures of the head, pores and acupoints were opened by this wave of strange power. They had welcomed the coming of this foreign power.

And Qin Wushuang did not realize himself where those rays of five colored lights had covered his entire body. Like a light ball, and as if an egg born of the primal chaos, his body emitted a sparkling, translucent, and glossy outlook.

This five shades of light emerged from the ground and continued to travel through the entire body from the feet. It covered Qin Wushuang and made him feel as if he had returned back to the womb and received another life.

Only, this womb was not a womb in a physical sense. It was a mother's body from a universal point of view. The entire giant light bulb appeared dignified and grand like the womb that bore the baby for ten months.

Now, Qin Wushuang was at total ease where from his soul to each inch of his skin and pores, they did not resist. Instead, they follow the trend and accept the reality as if everything was supposedly going this way.

Unaware of how much time had passed in the current situation. It was as if only a blink of an eye had passed yet it felt as if an eternity had passed. A great myriad of changes had seemingly happened. Yet, everything seemed to have happened in the blink of a thought. Or, a decade had passed but when he opened his eyes, the cliff and the cave remained to be the same.

The ray of light on Qin Wushuang's body was like a five colored flower divided into five petals and peeled from the outside. Those five rays of lights also gradually darkened and softened into nothing…

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