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Chapter 123: The Coagulated Sword

After the crowning ceremony, the promised day arranged between Qin Wushuang and the Redwood King had also arrived. Without anyone noticing, Qin Wushuang had placed the Seven Insects and Seven Flowers Ointment on He Yufei. Then, he sent a member of the Hunting Hawk team to throw He Yufei out of the Heavenly Royal Territory.

The Redwood King had chatted with Qin Wushuang after the crowning ceremony. These two already had a verbal war and each of them had their own ideas.

The Redwood King knew that Qin Wushuang was the one that took He Yufei. Apparently, Qin Wushuang also realized that the Redwood King had grasped this point and did not deny.

Qin Wushuang knew that with the Redwood King’s personality, sooner or later they would turn the tides.

However, Qin Wushuang understood more that this was not the time to declare a war on the Redwood King. After all, the Qin had just become a Royal family. If he rushed to declare a war on the Redwood King, it would turn the entire atmosphere of the Bai Yue Country abnormal. It would create a bad perception and people would think that the new Royal family wanted to suppress the national Royal, the He family.

To a new and growing Royal family, it was not in their best interest.

Of course, it was a consideration regarding their reputation. If he wanted to become hostile, he wouldn’t need to care about reputation.

One of the reasons that Qin Wushuang did not make a move was because he was considering the Qin’s strength.

In the current Qin family, Qin Wushuang was the only elite warrior. Although he was a Stage Nine Warrior of the Genuine Force, the entire Redwood Mansion had five Stage Nine Warriors in comparison.

Among them, the Redwood King was a formidable warrior. His strength was not at a disadvantage to Qin Wushuang at all.

Plus those four Stage Nine Elders, the Redwood Mansion could definitely match up with the strength of the Qin family. It was the so-called relative superiority where they had a total advantage.

There was only one way to turn around this unfavorable situation—

That was to enter the Upper Sky Realm!

Only by breaking through the Upper Sky Realm could he completely ignore the disadvantage in their numbers.

Regarding the gap between the differences of the Upper and the Post Sky Realm, Qin Wushuang had experienced it fully at the Martial Saint Mountain. And the Martial Saint himself had taught him the most memorable lesson!

"The time when I enter into the Upper-Sky Realm is the time of doom for the Redwood King!" Qin Wushuang silently thought to himself, "In this world, there was no such thing as restraining oneself. Since they were like fire and water, sooner or later they would enter into a life and death conflict. Regardless of you being the Royal He family, as long you pose a threat to the Qin, you deserve to die!"

When he thought there, a trace of murderous intent emerged on the corner of Qin Wushuang’s mouth.

Since he received the feudal fiefdom, he must build a Royal City. Using the Eastwood Town as the center, a blueprint of the Royal City was soon made. With the Great Cang Mountains in the back, going along in three directions, it included the River County and a new blueprint of the Royal City was finished.

Qin Wushuang had made careful considerations. Regardless, he must never give up the rich lands of the Great Cang Mountains. For some reason, Qin Wushuang always felt that in these thousand miles of the Mountain, it possessed unknown secrets and was waiting for him to explore.

Thus, he had included the Great Cang Mountains within the boundaries when the Martial Saint had asked him for drawing the feudal fiefdom. And now, the Great Cang Mountains had become a part of the Qin’s land and become their private property. It made Qin Wushuang feel as if he was sitting on top of a treasure chest.

"Three years, it will take three years to build this Royal City! In these three years, I must train a group of suicide warriors, an iron army that only belongs to the Heavenly Royal Territory!"

Qin Wushuang spent a full half a month and created many plans. It included details on how to expand the army, how to build a wall, how to build a defense system, training the team…

He did not have to do these things himself. Apparently, the current Qin and the Venerable Da Xi family had silently acknowledged Qin Xiu and Da Xi Ming’s relationship. Thus, they were able to deepen their relationship to the next level.

For many matters, the Venerable Da Xi family could help share his burden.

Da Xi Heng knew how to judge the situation and knew how to put himself into the right position. Now, River County had become a part of the Heavenly Royal Territory and accepted the rule of the Qin family. Of course, he knew how to be a subordinate.

With the Venerable Da Xi family sharing the burden, Qin Lianshan had less to carry on his own shoulders.

Now, Da Xi Ming had fully demonstrated his talent as an offspring of a Venerable family. All big and small matters, he had actually organized them fairly well.

After Qin Wushuang had finished creating all the plans, he did not participate in carrying them out himself. Now, it was the time to test out the abilities of his subordinates.

The only thing he wanted to do was practice martial arts.

Practicing martial arts, breaking through and entering the Upper Sky Realm!

Since he had returned home, he had gone to practice martial arts each day at the Great Cang Mountains. It had almost become a strict routine.

For some reason, Qin Wushuang held subtle feelings of longing toward the Great Cang Mountains. In this lifetime, he had only felt comfortable while training in the Mountains. Emerging a lot of mutual understanding, he also trained the fastest.

And strangely, while he was at the Martial Saint Mountain he felt a somewhat similar feeling to the Great Cang Mountains. Thus, Qin Wushuang had a very good impression of the Martial Saint Mountain.

"Natural power, what is this natural power?" Qin Wushuang sat straightly beneath the sheer cliff walls. Each day, he racked his brains and meditated to feel the natural power mentioned by the Martial Saint.

"In the everyday movements of the stars and moons, the growth of flowers and trees, thunder, lightning, rain, snow, wind, and frost, these are all the natural power. However, how to draw this natural power into my body?" Qin Wushuang pondered.

It was a brand-new topic and a field he had never touched upon before.

Before, he had trained the at noon time on the top of the Great Cang Mountains. That seemed to be a use of a natural power.

However, that type of use was apparently not pulling in the natural power. He used the natural environment to boost the movements of the Sun Force Qi inside his body.

Overall, he did not borrow the natural power and use it for himself.

There was an immense gap between the Post and the Upper Sky Realm.

"The Martial Saint had spoken about the four realms in the Upper Spiritual Martial Force. In the first three Realms, it was to control ten percent, twenty and thirty percent of the natural power respectively."

"This way, this theory is very simple. However, how to differentiate between this ten, twenty and thirty percent?"

Questions filled Qin Wushuang’s head.

"Anyways, at least for now, I don’t see any signs of myself breaking through the bottleneck. However, rushing during these time, I still do not lack my training time. It seems I have increased my mastery over the Stage Nine level somewhat. Now, I should have recovered about one hundred percent of the power I had from my former world."

As Qin Wushuang thought there, he suddenly stood up, he moved his fingers continuously and initiated a set of freely. When the motion of the sword move came, like a moving cloud and water, the qi kept flowing out of his fingers.

This evolved from . Yet, its power was many times stronger than .

This technique was about accumulating the Genuine Qi from the entire body to the five fingers and shooting it out into the air. Regardless of speed, accuracy or power, it was many times stronger than .

Its name was a sword technique. In fact, it was a super martial arts technique for the fingers and extremely extraordinary.

Ever since Qin Wushuang practiced , he had never once stopped honing . He knew that, once he mastered this martial technique, its power and destructive power would most likely be more than ten times more powerful than the .

To turn the finger into a sword, to draw objects in the air, and to kill people invisibly, these were the core meaning for .

He moved both of his hands continuously as his fingers jumped up and down like a dancing fairy. Accompanied by dancing footsteps, the sword force shot out with a whooshing sound that made the air tremble, and sent the surrounding leaves flying.

Corresponding with the thumb, he used it to point to the lung as its name was called the Young Shang Sword. The sword Qi opened up and closed widely indicating its extremely vigorous and imposing manner. When he used it, it was like a silver waterfall, or as if it were the sun and the moon moving in and out and creating a powerful momentum swallowing the mountains.

The Center Vigorous Sword was the one that had a similar meaning to the Young Shang Sword. It focused specifically on the middle finger of the right hand and covered the pericardium. When using it, it would bring forth a grandeur and heroic momentum. Indeed, it matched Qin Wushuang’s martial arts style very well.

There were six stages in .

Right now, Qin Wushuang was practicing the lowest of the six stages–Quality and formless.

The Sword Qi of this stage was called the Void Sword!

And all the ancient martial arts grandmasters, including the heirs, the Dali Bai Duan to the technique had only cut through the lowest stage. That was the Void Sword.

And the five stages above it, it was only recorded theoretically. As for the exact situation, no one could practice that Upper Realm.

From his estimation, if he wanted to practice more, he must enter the Upper Sky Realm. Or else, he could not break through the stages of this technique.

However, even for the lowest Void Sword, was a technique that can be used as a trump card. No more than ten martial arts techniques could match up to this one.

Qin Wushuang charged left and right. From one side, he used the Young Shang sword, and the other he used the Center Vigorous Sword. Combining both swords, he extended them out and in as if they were two people conducting this . The power became even more immense.

Normally, if one did not get their inner force to the peak of the Post Sky realm and a body full of Genuine Qi, just using this would pose great difficulty. Not to mention using the two technique at the same time.

Thus, there was a high standard for the user to have an advanced command of the inner force. At the same time, it also had a set of strict standards of body movements, techniques and power control.

If any of those aspects had some defects, they could not completely use this to its full potential.

Once one could not use all aspects of the technique, it would most likely devour the user. There were two reasons. Firstly, the congealed Genuine Qi could not shoot out and would cause the Qi to reverse and bite back. Secondly, if you could not shoot out the sword Qi while you were facing the enemy, it was equivalent to you selling your life to the enemy.

Thus, due to its extreme conditions to practice it, although the was extremely powerful, it did not get passed down in these few thousand years. Only the grandmaster of martial arts deserved to use this technique.

As Qin Wushuang went back and forth, his whole body felt an unknown feeling of refreshment and penetration. Each time as he shot out a sword move, he felt as if a wave of anger had gone out, which gave him extreme pleasure.


Like a rainbow, the Genuine Qi emerged from the sword flew into the sky!

Qin Wushuang shouted continuously as if he wanted to release all his desire towards the Upper Sky Realm through this set of .

He had practiced this set of sword techniques to his heart’s content for the first time since he had reincarnated.

It was a moment of enlightenment, where he suddenly opened up a wide panorama as if he had seen through the clouds!

Unknowingly, Qin Wushuang had taken the most crucial step on the path of martial arts training. Although that right now, he had no idea how important this step would mean to him!

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