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Hearing the sound, all waiters from the inn ran out. Only, their curiosity had speed their path to death.

Bang, bang bang!

Each time when the Ji Yin Old Man moved his finger, a life had died by his hand.

Instantly, a dozen of lives had been lost!

With the spreading of a blood mist, all their death appearance revealed to be distorted where their entire bodies exploded all around.

Each of those guests in the Eastwood Town inn put on a fearful expression as if they had seen a ghost. They all tried to escape by jumping through the window or wall.

The Ji Yin Old Man said coldly: "trying to leave?"

He shook both of the sleeves and shot out white flash continuously. It was as if all activities from the Heaven and Earth were hiding in the sleeve, suddenly, a giant destroyable energy wave rushed out like the violent wave.


Suddenly, the entire Eastwood Town inn exploded—

And it had vanished into a puff of smoke, as if it got extracted from this world into dust!

At least, there were hundreds of people including the waiters and the guests. In a blink of an eye, they had vanished into a puff of smoke along with the inn.

Sneering eerily, the Ji Yin Old Man walked forward.

"Still, there is the oil mill, businesses of the Eastwood Qin…" The Ji Yin Old Man kept thinking.

Currently, Qin Wushuang was talking a walk with Emissary Liu and the Martial Saint at the martial practice ground. Suddenly, all the expressions on their faces changed as they looked towards the Eastwood Inn with a surprised look.

The color on their faces had immediately changed.

"Let's go take a look!" Qin Wushuang took the lead.

After glancing at each other, both Emissary Liu and the Martial Saint followed.

In front of the oil mill belonged to the Qin, revealing a gloomy expression, the Ji Yin Old Man held his palm upward and a ball of ghostly fire had appeared. He raised his arm and directly, he threw it towards the giant oil mill. Pushed by the momentum, that fire from the palm had turned into a sea of fire dropping down.


Instantly, raging, the giant oil mill got devoured by this sea of fire. Screaming, sounds of miserable cries emitted as dozen of workers inside the oil mill got surrounded and burned by this absurd fire calamity.

"Haha, the taste of an infernal hell is good, right? If you want to blame, blame that you are at the Eastwood Town, blame for working for the Qin!" The Ji Yin Old Man said with such tone, that was filled with hatred.

Suddenly, his face turned cold. Flashes of joyous light lit up and he looked behind him.

Shooting forward, Qin Wushuang glared at the Ji Yin Old Man. Watching that sea of fire, he hissed: "Ji Yin Old Man?"

With a solemn expression, coldness shoot out from the eyes of the Ji Yin Old Man: "You are an offspring of the Qin?"

"Old Ji Yin devil, you want to cause trouble to the Qin, why killing these innocent civilians?" A noticeable anger of fire sounded from Qin Wushuang's tone.

Uncle Shui, the manager of this giant oil mill was the most loyal servant who had worked for the Qin for more than a dozen of years. Inwardly, Qin Wushuang felt both pain and hatred.

"Innocent?" The Ji Yin Old Man said coldly: "Anyone who has a relation to the Qin is not innocent. Child of the Qin, has my head disciple, Li Wuji came here?"

At this moment, both the Martial Saint and Emissary Liu had arrived.

Emissary Liu shouted: "Ji Yin Old Man, hear me out."

Sneering, Ji Yin sized the Martial Saint and Emissary Liu and said: "Another two Upper Sky? Good, I have three Upper Sky warriors to sacrifice to my head disciple. Wuji, you won't be lonely to the journey of the Underworld!"

Apparently, with his devilish tone accompanied by flickering eyes, this Ji Yin Old Man seemed to get out of the control at anytime. Both Qin Wushuang and the Martial Saint fixed their gaze on him.

Yet, Emissary Liu shouted: "Ji Yin, before you make a move, you better know who I am!"

"Identity?" Ji Yin smiled creepily, "What is so special about your identity?"

Martial Saint shouted: "This Emissary Liu is the Emissary for the Star Gauze Palace. Ji Yin devil, although your sect may be tyrannical, do you dare to defy the will of the Star Gauze Palace?"

"Star Gauze?" Stunned, the Ji Yin Old Man sized Emissary Liu and asked: "You are really from the Star Gauze Palace?"

"Of course! Ji Yin, I don't know what grudge you are holding with the Qin. However, before you make your move, I advise you to wait a while. A few days ago, I had already send a message to the Star Gauze Palace. For sure, someone from the Five Palace Masters will come to judge your crime."

It was true that the Ji Yin Old Man could not dare to restrain himself against the name of the Star Gauze. Expressionless, the Ji Yin Old Man had apparently, fell into his thoughts.

He must admit that he could not resist against any of the five Palace Masters. Each one of them had enough strength to tear him apart.

The power from the Star Gauze Palace did not just came from the existence of the five Great Palace Masters. Overall, they were known to be invincible.

In the Great Luo Empire, whoever dared to defy the Star Gauze would be looking for their own deaths. The Ji Yin Old Man was not an exception.

"Palace Master from the Star Gauze would come to this poor place? Emissary Liu, I am curious, why is that? Could it be that this Eastwood Qin is somehow related to the Star Gauze Palace?"

Enraged, Emissary Liu Shook his head: "This Marquis Wushuang was the victor from the national martial arts exam in the Great Luo Empire. The Star Gauze asked him. This time, the five Palace Masters had send me to pick him up to meet them. Ji Yin, your head disciple, Li Wuji came to kill and got killed because of his lack of skills. He dug his own grave. If you insist on keep going, most likely you would not escape the same fate for angering the Palace Masters!"

The Ji Yin Old Man's face sunk: "Difficult from escaping the same fate? Just hearing your threatening words, I will put my life on the line to defy you. Today, I will also send you to your death!"

The color changed on the face of Emissary Liu, he shouted: "Ji Yin, if you remain stubborn, not to mention of killing yourself, hundreds people from your sect will for sure, get destroyed!"

Although the Ji Yin Old Man felt frustrated inwardly, he must weight the odds repeatedly. If he had killed these three, most likely the entire Ji Yin sect would get destroyed.

For himself, he could escape to other Empires. It would not be a problem to seek shelter at a great powerhouse with his strength.

However, within the Ji Yin sect, there were six of his favourite disciples. Besides Li Wuji, there were six other Upper Sky disciples in which he must consider about them.

Once he became a fugitive after killing, naturally he could not take care those six disciples.

And this Emissary Liu did mention that he had already delivered message back to the Star Gauze Palace. For sure, it would not be difficult to find out that he was the culprit behind it.

In that case, it would be impossible if he tried to take those six Upper Sky disciples from the Ji Yin mountain.

Weighing the balance, he knew the odds of losing six of his disciples by killing these three. Thus, he worked hard to suppress the anger inside his heart.

He thought: "Now, even the Star Gauze stepped out to protect this kid. If I had killed him today, how could anyone from the sect survive? Of course, this kid would not escape a death sentence after admitting killing my head disciple. Only, today is not the right time. Wait until I return to the Ji Yin sect and send out those my trusted disciples out of the country, then I can come back to slaughter the entire Qin family. At that time, after I had finished, I could just seek shelter at the Heavenly Empire. Then, what could the Star Gauze Palace do with me?"

With this idea in mind, the old demon, Ji Yin revealed a strange smile as he complimented: "No wonder you are the Emissary from the Star Gauze Palace. Such courage, such temperament. I am deeply impressed! Since it's the Star Gauze Palace, I can let it go. However, since that kid had killed my disciple, somehow, he must do something, right?"

He was planning to withdraw and erase the doubt of the other. This way, he could easily transfer his six trusted disciples without getting watched.

Once he finished transferring, it would be the time for him to slaughter the entire Qin!

Qin Wushuang sneered: "Show something? Have you not killed these many of the people that worked for the Qin, and destroyed my businesses? Are you not going to show something?"

Ji Yin Old Man jeered: "How could these stupid countryside people compare to my Upper Sky disciple?"

Such arrogant attitude had made Qin Wushuang extremely exasperated. Inwardly, he was set in killing him. Only, he knew that with his current strength, he was far from competing with this Ji Yin Old Man. It was not easy to seek revenge today!

Of course, Emissary Liu would not allow their grudge to rise to the next level. He immediately jumped out and meditated: "Ji Yin, Marquis Wushuang, I have an idea, why not hear it out?"

"Speak." Ji Yin Old Man smiled eerily.

"The grudge between you guys only rose from little matters. Now, both sides had suffered causalities. Yes, it is better to squash enmity rather than keeping it alive. Regarding the truth, you two should come with me to the Star Gauze Palace and tell the exact stories before the five Palace Masters, so you can turn hostility into friendship. Even if this grudge did not get solved, regarding how to revenge, it would be best to formulate some solutions. You must not use innocent people as your targets, so?"

This idea appeared on the surface. It was in fact, benefited Qin Wushuang much more. After all, the current Qin Wushuang had a huge gap with the Ji Yin Old Man. He could not kill both Ji Yin and his disciples.

How could the Ji Yin Old Man not understanding the meaning behind it. Yet, he did not expose it. With his own idea in mind, of course, he did not bother to get by. Thus, feigning civility, he said, "Since the Five Palace Masters are stepping forward, I will let it go. It's a deal, Emissary Liu."

"Marquis Wushuang, what do you say?" Emissary Liu asked.

Of course, Qin Wushuang would not believe that the strange, and vicious Ji Yin Old Man was someone to get persuaded easily. Something else would happen. However, it would not be a bad thing to get the Ji Yin Old Man out of the Bai Yue country. He nodded: "Since you had spoken, I would not defy!"

The Ji Yin Old Man sneered and suddenly, he said: "If that's the case, I will return to the great Luo Empire this instant. Emissary Liu, I will see you at the Star Gauze Palace!"

Emissary Liu answered: "Of course."

Like a whirlwind and the steaming smoke, the body of the Ji Yin Old Man had vanished into the air as he turned.

Hard to fathom as he had come and go like the wind. Immediately, the tightened string on the three bodies of the Initial Stage warrior went loss when the pressure had gone. Indeed, this Ji Yin Old Man had released too much power.

Even while they were talking, his power was strong enough that they did not dare to afford not being vigilant.

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