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Killing to ensure secrecy!

While this youth was ordering them to leave, Qin Wushuang had also gotten the same idea. Just as he had finished thinking about it, it happened as he had expected.

Outwardly, the Young Master looked feeble, and his face had a trace of abnormal candle-wax color. When he spoke, his tone sounded strangely creepy. Unexpectedly, he showed no mercy when he moved and had killed those who had worked for him in order to silence them.


Suddenly, the root of Qin Wushuang's ears moved. He saw that among the four men dressed in black, one of them slightly moved his palm and was not dead.

That Young Master also appeared cautious. He quickly approached after one attack. A bag of medicine powder had appeared on his hand out of nowhere.

Just when he was about to pour the powder onto that surviving man in black, that man suddenly sprung up and charged forward like an unleashed arrow. Showing an incredible speed, he seemed to have not suffered any injuries.

Apparently, that Young Master had not expected such change as he shouted in a whisper: "Give me your life!"

That man in black laughed desperately: "He Yufei, you got me! I worked for you for twenty years, and in the end, you are going to kill me! Stay? In your dreams!"

Amidst his words, he did not slow down and plunged towards the wall.

That Young Man flipped his sleeve!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Another three spring-loaded arrows concealed within his sleeves shot out and flew directly at that black-clothed man's neck.

He guessed that this man had prepared and wore some form of soft armor defense. Thus, this attack went straight to the naked part of the body.

The speed of these spring-loaded arrows concealed in his sleeves was much faster than that man's running speed. It caught up with him.

At this moment, Qin Wushuang shot out the rocks that were in between his fingers.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

With three crisp sounds of impact, the three arrows were shot down. Like a malevolent spirit searching in the sea, Qin Wushuang came out in a whoosh like lightning. That man in black dropped when his fingers poked him continuously. Then, he pulled him and charged toward the wall.

He threw him onto his shoulder, his body light as a swallow, as he disappeared in a flash of speed into the dark.

Before the Second Young Master, He Yufei, had realized what was going on, he had lost Qin Wushuang. At first, he was stunned. Then, he immediately felt a major sense of crisis.

With his strength, he could not catch up to him even if he wanted to. Furiously, he stomped on the ground and stabbed the remaining three men in black again to ensure they were dead. Next, he turned around and walked back to the inner courtyard of the mansion.

He must report this incident to his father immediately.

Currently, the Redwood King was enjoying his sexual pleasure with one of his favorite concubines in the other courtyard. Just as he was in a high mood, he heard his subordinate reporting that the Second Young Master had asked to see him. Although he could not help but feel frustrated, he still pushed away that octopus-like concubine that clung to him. He grabbed some clothes and headed out to the hall.

He Yufei looked somewhat anxious. He could not help but pace back and forth; anxiety filled his eyes.

He immediately stood up when he saw his father walking over in large steps.

"Fei'Er, what is going on, why are you so flustered?"

"Father, the four subordinates I sent to do the tasks came back today. I killed them as per your orders. Unexpectedly, one of them was extremely sly and had worn a form of soft armor. I did not strike him dead in one attack. And a person appeared out of nowhere and took him away!"

"Someone seized him?" Inwardly, Redwood King was also surprised, "What kind of person, did you see clearly?"

"This individual moved as fast as lightning. He appeared like a ghost, and in the blink of an eye, he had disappeared into the darkness like an eastern bean goose. I could not see how he looked. That person's face appeared frozen without any expression. He was dressed in combat clothing, it was hard to see his age and face."

The Redwood King knew his second son had always acted with caution. During these times, he had been nurturing him as an heir. Although he was young, his sophisticated mind and methods were one of the most mature among his three sons.

If he had met some difficulties, then most likely, the opponent's strength was extraordinary. From his description, with movements had been as fast as lightning, at least, he should have the power as a Stage Eight Warrior of the Genuine Force to snatch the guy from under his nose.

Most likely, he could be at Stage Nine of the Genuine Force.

However, the Redwood King was, after all, an ambitious and ruthless character. He did not become panicked, and after a moment of silence, he had an idea: "Pass out my orders, all Stage Eight Warriors of the Genuine Force must gather in fifteen minutes. We will deploy emergency measures around the city and capture the assassin!"


Stunned, He Yufei was then impressed. Still, the experience counted. In a flash, his father had drawn up the best solution.

Only with the saying of an "Assassin," the Redwood Royal city could take emergency measures publicly and conduct a manhunt. They would also not need to worry about damaging their reputation.

Once the Redwood King had passed his orders, the four Stage Nine, and the eleven Stage Eight Warriors of the Genuine Force had quickly assembled.

"Everyone, it's an emergency. Please excuse me for calling you guys out in the middle of the night. Fei'Er will explain the exact details. I only have one request, we must capture the assassin who barged into the mansion!"

He Yufei said: "That murderer barged in from the backyard and killed three of my personal guards. He took one away. His strength was formidable, at least, he had power at Stage Eight of the Genuine Force, and maybe even Stage Nine. I would like to ask each of the four Stage Nine Elders to lead a team. You will search thoroughly from all four directions, the North, East, South, and West! As for the eleven Stage Eight Elders, three of you will stay to patrol the mansion. The remaining eight will follow the Stage Nine Elders to capture the killer in two person teams!"

The Redwood King nodded in satisfaction: "Do it Fei'Er's way. You can use any personnel. During the hunt, kill any who do not cooperate!"

Now, the Redwood King demonstrated the aggressiveness as an oppressive ruler. Murderous intent flowed from his eyes, and he did not bother to conceal his anger.

"Let's go!"

With a roar, the four search teams finished organizing and started to move out with their people.

When He Yufei saw the Redwood King had an ashen face, he felt deeply concerned and bowed: "Father, this is all my fault. Please punish me, or else, I could not live with it."

The Redwood King waved his hand: "Fei'Er, I am not yet too old and stupid. Although you may be at fault for being careless, it was unexpected. If that third person had not complicated the issue, that subordinate of yours could not have escaped from your second attack. So, you are not to blame for the cause of this matter."

"Father, from your estimation, who had done it?" He Yufei asked carefully.

The Redwood King's expression gradually softened as he said with a deep voice: "Before we find any clues, estimation would only increase unnecessary worries. With the strength of the four Stage Nine Elders, I believe they can catch the real culprit. At that time, everything will reveal itself."

He Yufei twitched his mouth and did not say anything else.

Suddenly, the Redwood King asked: "Fei'Er, in these years, how many virgins have we found that were born in the year of Rabbit, the second solar month and between five to seven am? How many do we lack to reach three hundred and sixty?"

"Father, in these years, we have gathered two hundred and sixty-eight. It's still a little far from that number. Maybe we can complete it with another three or four years."

"Another three or four years?" The Redwood King muttered to himself irresolutely. The point of his fingers continued to drum on the table, "Three or four years are not too long. Tell your big brother to wait patiently. After all, he is already a disciple to the Old Man Ji Yin. Sooner or later he will enter into the Upper Sky Realm…"

"Yes, I will do it immediately." He Yufei nodded and replied.

Then, he asked again after another moment of silence: "Father, during this Sobbing Sky Mountain Range exam, third little brother had lost his first place unexpectedly. Father, do you think something else is going on with it?"

"An ulterior motive? Fei'Er, what other inside stories do you think are there?"

After some thought, He Yufei dared to say: "Could it be the Royal families had deliberately suppressed us and did not want our momentum to surge too much? To prevent the momentum of the Royal Territory suppressing the imperial capital?"

The Redwood King sneered and shook his head: "The Royal Family? The Emperor could not voice too much of his opinion before the Zhen Wu Holy Place. I heard that this time in the imperial capital, a martial arts student had genuinely hit the face of the current Uncle of the Emperor. He destroyed that signboard bestowed by Senior Concubine Xuan. This issue had directly slapped the face of Senior Concubine Xuan. However, the Emperor did not do anything either."

"Why is that the case?"

"Because the Zhen Wu Holy Place protected that martial arts student. The Great Honored Warrior went out himself and scared that Uncle to the ground. He had to close the business to reorganize. Haha, Fei'Er, do you think the Emperor is acting way too timidly to the Zhen Wu Holy Place?"

"Father, I am more curious about who is that martial arts student protected by the Zhen Wu Holy Place?"

The Redwood King's face trembled, and he said with a cold tone: "Who else could it be?"

"Qin Wushuang?"

"That's the kid!" The Redwood King showed a twisted expression, "I have no idea where this demonic kid rose up from. He acquired six hundred points alone. I could not even help but wonder if the Zhen Wu Holy Place had deliberately loosened up the process to suppress the momentum of the four Kings' families?"

"The Zhen Wu Holy Place suppress us? We bear no resentment with the Zhen Wu Holy Place, why would they do that?" He Yufei could not understand.

The Redwood King kept sneering but did not answer. Instead, he said with a strange tone: "Qin Wushuang, Eastwood Qin is, after all, a newly risen Wealthy Class. How did a lower class offspring aristocrat hold such outstanding strength?"

"Father, should we sent someone to check this kid up?"

Then, He Yufei suddenly said: "Talking about the Eastwood Qin, among the girls we caught this time, one of them is the daughter of the Qin family. Father, should we interrogate her?"

"Oh?" The eyes of the Redwood King brimmed with light, "Where did you put her?"

"The usual place, Eastside Pentium Horse Ranch."

The Redwood King Rose: "Good, tomorrow morning, you will go and put her in one room by herself. I will interrogate her myself."


Under cover of the darkness, Qin Wushuang carried the man without stopping, and in a moment, he came to Tong Yao's secret hiding place.

He threw that guy to the ground and did not bother to undo his acupoints. Instead, he sized this man in black from head to toe. A palpable murderous intent flashed across his brows.

It was a form of mental extortion. To make him talk willingly, he must destroy the man's mental defense. This way, he would answer whatever Qin Wushuang asked and tell him everything.

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