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No matter how much the officials of the academy tried to block the news, it had spread across the entire River County. There was one twist that would suit him in his current situation. This twist was: the pig in the mirror showed a loser both inside and outside.

Naturally, with the Yun family as the lead, all the other girls' aristocratic families were furious and applied pressure to Jin Buyi every two or three days. They urged him to find the real culprit.

On the other hand, the Wealthy Class Xu family was not happy as well. They felt that Xu Ting was the victim. He was the one that had wanted to catch the thief for justice but had led the trouble onto himself. Not just Xu Ting, but the entire Wealthy Xu family had received a blow to their reputation which could not be remedied.

In his heart, Jin Buyi was so anxious that he wanted to swear.

Although the Martial Arts Academy was in chaos, Qin Wushuang had been left alone. At least for a few days, he would not need to worry about any disturbance from other people.

The longer he was resurrected, the more he understood about this world. When he thought about the last time Jin Buyi had threatened him with that ugly face, it did not seem strange now. He was the one that was born into the Humble Qin family, and Zhang Xian was the one that had come from the Prominent Zhang family.

Therefore, Qin Wushuang would be the one to receive the beating, and he would be the one to receive rebuke.

This was the naked reality. In this world, a lower-class identity meant that you committed the sin!

The Prominent Class belonged to the lower-class of aristocracy and ranked second last, right above the last place: Humble Class. One level of difference between classes was the sole reason for the treatment he had received.

If he were part of the Wealthy Class, then Zhang Xian would be the one to receive Jin Buyi's "admonitions". Of course, he would not be accused by others of having stolen the undergarments. If it were his predecessor, the result would be unimaginable if the accusations were successful.

The cruel reality allowed Qin Wushuang to realize that if he were not strong enough in this world, he would not live with a pride more than the pigs or dogs, especially since he did not have a strong family background.

Luckily, he was still an aristocratic child. Although he was part of the lowest aristocrats, he still retained the qualification to be a part of the nobility. What about those civilians? Most likely they had a much more difficult time to survive, right?

This world was a sharply divided and hierarchical society!

Everything had a strict hierarchical system regardless of whether they were humans or objects.

Moreover, this world highly advocated martial arts and almost all its citizens practiced it. All the power in this world must be attained through strength and defended through supreme martial arts power.

The hierarchical system was very clear to all individuals, families, and countries. The strength required at each level had a clear price tag marked on.

Different levels offered different benefits. If you wanted to enjoy more benefits, you could only increase your martial arts ability! This rule applied to all individuals, families, and countries!

Take the current Qin family as an example; they were on the fringe of the aristocracy. Of course, they were in a precarious situation, and at any time, their family could collapse. In the entire River County, a lot of powerhouses were certainly after their aristocratic seat.

In the national "Family Class Evaluation" held every twenty years, there would be an increase or decrease of nobility seats. Under normal circumstances, families were to compete over the existing seats. In the situation where places were limited, naturally some families would rise, and some families would decline; some will leap over the dragon's gate, and some would lose everything.

This session also stimulated each household to stay vigilant, maintained their competence and encouraged them not to slack off. Or else, one mistake would lead to the decline of their class, and even lose their nobility seats!

A hundred years ago, the Qin family was part of the Wealthy Class. Although their level had dropped, they still had the room to downgrade. They could decline to the Prominent Class, and then to the Humble class.

However, today, the Humble Class was already the lowest of the aristocrats.

They would become civilians if their levels dropped again!

In this world, the concept of civilians was completely different than the civilians from his previous life on Earth. Before the aristocrats, the civilians did not have any freedom. They relied on the nobilities to survive.

If one day, the aristocrats did not see eye to eye with you and came to bully you, you had no other choice but to bear it all. Unless the nobility that sheltered you were willing to protect you, or else, even in the case of murder, you would have gained nothing.

Most likely since the day they were born, the aristocrats already had everything that the civilians had wanted their whole lives.

Qin Wushuang knew that the aristocrats in this world were much more aggressive than the privileged echelon from his former world.

However, this kind of aggressiveness belonged to others. Although the Qin family was part of the nobility, they did not have the qualification to be aggressive. On the contrary, with others after their nobility seat, they were hounded with fear each day.

Take the duel between Qin Wushuang and the martial arts student Zhang Xian as an example; it appeared to be a dispute caused by students. In fact, behind the scenes, it was a struggle for fame and gain.

Also, take the underwear stealing incident as another example. If those people had successfully made Qin Wushuang guilty of the crime, even if he did not die, his whole life would have been destroyed anyways.

However, Qin Wushuang was not depressed even if he was in a pinch and with all the odds were against him. On the contrary, he received motivation, and it stimulated his desire to be challenged.

A wise man from his former world once said: ten-thousand years is too long, it's best to seize every minute.

Qin Wushuang loved these words. Thus, he did not waste a minute and ultimately carried forward his spirit as a martial arts nerd to practice.

In his former world, he had practiced the ancient martial arts out of interests and pursued the arts.

In this world, the environment was much crueler. Martial artists practiced it to save one's skin and to survive in the world!

He had resurrected into this world with his previous life's memory. Of course, he must practice the existing techniques from his previous world. Before, Qin Wushuang's predecessor had traveled all around the world and widely read almost all the best martial arts technique books on Earth. Right now, the memories in his brain were like a .

Under the circumstances when the academy had caused a disturbance, on the one hand, Qin Wushuang contended with them while he practiced hard. Imperceptibly, he had practiced through early spring to the end of the season. Then, he practiced until the end of the entire summer.

In the twinkling of an eye, it had been more than five months since Qin Wushuang had arrived in this world.

He had experienced an extraordinary change throughout these five months.

The current Qin Wushuang had not only grown a lot taller, but the muscles and the bones of his whole body had also reached the limit of the exterior techniques.

Any of the offensive martial techniques showcased vigorousness and were full-mouthed when he used them.

What was even better was that his blood vessels had produced a tenacity after being thickened. The muscles of his whole body had arrived at the rebound stage if touched.

This was the initial sign of producing inner strength.

Although this was not much of an accomplishment compared to his previous life, and most likely it would count as second-rate, it was still the most exciting news to Qin Wushuang who had only resurrected five months ago.

He had achieved this result through his everyday hard work, and it reminded him of the hard-core training he had in his previous life. This sensation made him feel pleasant and splendid.

Each day he gained some results and progressed onwards. To a martial artist, this would be the most exciting news.

That night, Qin Wushuang mediated on the tatami and regulated his breathing. He felt a hot wave of energy traveling back and forth in his blood vessels.

Qin Wushuang compressed his joy and led this energy wave to travel around each artery.

He knew it; it was the inner strength!

The result that he had been waiting for, after so much hard work, had finally come knocking on the door.

Superlative exterior technique led to the natural production of inner strength!

These words of the training rule were not deceiving after all.

In his former world, training the exterior techniques would not prevent you from training your inner strength. However, the training rules in this world required you to train your muscles, and blood vessels to a certain degree, to the peak of the exterior techniques and then you could produce inner strength.

It meant that there existed a long training process when you wanted to change your training from exterior to interior.

No matter how secure your exterior strength was, it was only the stage of the Power Force. And once you had produced inner strength, it marked that you had entered the stage of Genius force!

The stage of Genuine Force marked the upper levels among this world's martial artists. However, there were nine steps in the Genuine Force territory, and he only reached the first stage.

However, besides this level, he still had the experience of his former world and all those rare martial arts technique books in his head.

He believed that as soon as he entered the Genuine Force, he would not climb the steps in stages like other martial artists. With his martial arts technique books and experiences, there was a lot of hope for him to recover about seventy or eighty percent of his strength within three or four years!

After all, he had reached a crucial stage in his former world. The level of difficulty naturally decreased when he repeated his training process. He had only needed to review the methods in which he would walk a straight path instead of detouring.

Plus, the training environment in this world was much better than the one in his previous world!

He had even fostered a kind of ambition, a sort of illusion that when he recovered the strength of his previous life, there would be an opportunity for him to challenge the realm that he had failed to reach before.

With the production of internal force, you could enter the Genuine Force. Then, all the classic interior technique books from his former world would become useful.

There were too many books for him to choose. There was the masculine technique called ; the flexible and feminine method ; the ; the Buddhist's classic and also the where you could take others' inner force and use it as your own.

Qin Wushuang was not in a hurry to learn those techniques because he knew the principle of biting off more than you can chew. In fact, among these rare martial arts techniques, he had only practiced . He had never practiced the others even though he had had them memorized in his head.

With the foundation of his former world, he obviously picked as his first choice.

Combined with the supreme masculine strength and with the sun power, The Sun Force was the strongest. No water and fire would harm you, and this power would help you to block knives and firearms!

This was the summary of and the stage you would enter after success.

There was another final summary which was incredibly meaningful.

If the enemy was strong, then I am stronger. One flash of power to blast through the sun, I will carry the moon to the river. No matter how robust and bold the enemy is, I am to stand like King Kong!

Here was the final summary of technique and was stated on the first page. These words meant that on the surface, this method was full of positive force and belonged to the masculine route. It allowed one to use pure strength to overpower another force. It sought after momentum and supremacy.

A force of the sun and with the power to take the moon to the river. I stand alone like King Kong and seek the supreme momentum of self-advocacy!

(The author wanted to say that readers should know about the martial arts technique practiced by the protagonist if they read Mr. Jinyong's book. All the techniques originated from his book. However, to avoid copyright, I made some minor changes. You could trace the names from Mr. JinYong's book. If you have not read his book, don't treat it seriously, just know that those are very powerful techniques.)

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