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Right now, it was September and the beginning of autumn.

A few months had passed since Qin Wushuang had first started training in . Qin Wushuang was overjoyed that he had mastered the first and second levels of . He had only needed to practice the technique repeatedly.

Eventually, you were able to compete for the level of attainment and maturity when you had trained in any martial arts techniques.

Although it might be the same technique, a Stage Nine Genuine Force Warrior would be able to use it much better than a Stage One Warrior.

However, there were no shortcuts to obtaining maturity. Your only option was to practice and practice. The more you practiced, the better you would become.

Fortunately, Qin Wushuang had a foundation built from the experience he had gained in his previous life. Thus, he was able to proceed much faster through the training process. He had reached Stage Two in a month which was very quick.

Qin Wushuang was not someone that only focused on training. On the contrary, he paid close attention to his surroundings and used the things he had learned to apply the practice rules of this world.

After he had reached Stage Two of , he could challenge any Warriors at Stage Two of the Genuine Force. Even if it was a Stage Three Genuine Force Warrior, Qin Wushuang had a sixty percent chance of winning.

With his current combat ability, only Stage Four Genuine Force Warriors were his potential enemies.

However, this was not something to be proud of. To put it bluntly, Stage Four Genuine Force Warriors were like a Power Force Warrior before the Stage Eight or Nine Genuine Force people.

"Stage Nine of the Genuine Force…"Qin Wushuang chewed on these words as they represented his peak strength in his former world. Like the sky after the rain, his perspective gradually became clear.

"It seems that I must work harder!" As Qin Wushuang pointed his finger, a leaf fell one meter away from him with a "Chu" sound.

What he had just done was the specialty of the ancient martial art technique called . It was rumored that the great Da Li royal family had left behind this technique as a legacy. In the ancient Chinese martial arts society, the Royal Da Li was an ancient holy place!

Qin Wushuang was not in any hurry to practice some of the top martial arts technique from his former world. Instead, he chose two of the most suitable methods to collaborate with the inner force of to increase his combat ability.

One of the techniques was this , and the other one was the . As he used these two methods to assist the excellent internal force technique , these two's power would be able to bring out their innate abilities!

Especially the method of , because once you had practiced it to its limit, it could be upgraded to become the technique of . With this method, one's fingers could become like swords to release an invisible dual-edged Sword Qi. You could kill people with the Qi and it would be very hard for them defend against it.

However, in its current stage, he had only mastered the basics of technique and had yet to achieve the transformation stage where a caterpillar would become a butterfly.

Regarding its firmness and ferociousness, the flexible when used at its maximum power was much more powerful than technique at the same level. It had also been Qin Wushuang's main offensive technique in his former world. Of course, he would not miss the chance to relearn it.

There were nine types of palms in the technique. He had only practiced up to the third palm with his current level of .

The first palm was the "Rise of the Sun," the second palm was the "Shining Sun," and the third one was "Unleashing the Sun..."

The power would increase as you advanced through each stage, all the way until you reached the ninth palm, "Nine-Suns Destroys the World". Qin Wushuang believed that if he practiced this technique to its limit, even a Stage Nine Genuine Force Warrior would meet their death when they received this palm technique.

After he had repeatedly practiced the first three palm techniques of the , he then stopped after he had achieved some comprehension. Next, he practiced it again to consolidate his comprehensions and then rushed back to the Martial Arts Academy when he saw that people had started to appear on the roads.

A panicked Eastwood Town martial art student stopped him before he had reached his dormitory. Qin Wushuang knew this martial art student. His name was Fang Xiaozhong and was a relative of Hu Ziyan who both shared a close relationship. Notably, he was Hu Ziyan's buddy.

"Big Brother Wu…Wushuang." Fang Xiaozhong ran towards him with a panicked look.

"What is going on?" Qin Wushuang asked frankly.

"Big brother Zi…Ziyan…was taken by them."

"Who?" His prediction had been correct. When those people could not find him, sooner or later they would take it out on the people close to him.

Although Qin Wushuang had deliberately kept his distance from Hu Ziyan, he still could not ensure his safety.

"It was Zhang Xian and his people. I went to find the dean, but he was not there." After Fang Xiaozhong caught his breath, he no longer stuttered and finished the whole sentence.

"He just happened to not to be there?" Qin Wushuang gave a cold sneer. He was ninety-nine percent sure that it was not a coincidence that Jin Buyi was not here, it was more like he had deliberately "disappeared."

"Where did they take Hu Ziyan? I am going to look." In his mind, Qin Wushuang appreciated Hu Ziyan. It was evident to see that he was very loyal to his people since he had been brave enough to warn him to go back to Eastwood Town the last time.

Besides, Qin Wushuang had a principle where he would not let innocent people suffer because of him.

Hadn't Zhang Xian always sought to cause trouble for him? Sure, today I will repay my predecessor that gave me this body and remove all the old debts. I will finish what these things for my predecessor!

When he thought about this, Qin Wushuang lightly said, "Take me there."

Fang Xiaozhong said: "They went to the bamboo forest behind the courtyard. Big Brother Wushuang, let's go take another look at the dean's place."

"There is no need, let's go to the bamboo forest!" It would be a waste to go seek the dean; there was no point in searching for someone that does not want to be found.

He grabbed Fang Xiaozhong's shoulder, and ran towards the direction of the bamboo forest with a light pace, not giving Fang Xiaozhong another chance to speak.

All the martial art students knew there was going to be a show when they saw Zhang Xian and his people had taken Hu Ziyan away. They had started a commotion and ran towards the bamboo forest.

They became even more excited when they saw Fang Xiaozhong had brought over Qin Wushuang. They felt that some exciting play was about to begin!

These martial art students all enjoyed chaos and excitement. If the others fought to the death and it didn't involve them, then why not enjoy the show?

"You see, Qin Wushuang rushed over. Is this dude not scared yet?" One of the martial art students said with a disdainful laugh.

"What do you know? It is known as having the persistence of a cockroach! He probably gained his martial arts ability through beatings. Have you never heard that you must first learn to take the beatings, then comes the practice of martial arts?" The other martial art students joked.

"That makes sense, haha. Is this the traditional "taking a beating" technique? If you get beat one time, then you will advance to another stage?" That martial art student gave a creepy laugh.

"Hehe, stop talking nonsense. I am not afraid to bet ten dollars that Qin Wushuang will die this time. Zhang Xian and his people have planned a long time for this opportunity. This Hu Ziyan had bad luck and ended up becoming the funeral ornament."

"Sigh, isn't it because the Qin family has no power, but possess a rather large foundation and people became jealous? Of course, they will die, I just don't know how they will die."

"Do you think this dude's brain has some problems? He was lucky that he was alive and yet, he did not hide back at Eastwood Town. He dared to come back to the academy. He is asking for his death."

These martial art students grouped together in groups of three or four and discussed the same question: how tragically would Qin Wushuang die this time?

The bamboo forest was a pile of small mountains in the academy's backyard. It got its name because of its abundant greenness.

When Qin Wushuang had rushed over, he raised his head and saw that Hu Ziyan was hanging in between two skinny bamboos. His feet were pointed upwards and his head toward the ground. He appeared to be in a tough situation.

And Zhang Xian and his people were nowhere to be seen.

Fang Xiaozhong looked around dumbfoundedly and asked: "What? Where are those people?"

"Hump hump!" From the sound of the wind, Qin Wushuang already knew that those evil people were hiding behind the bamboo thicket. However, he did not expose them as he jumped up, grabbed the rope tied around Hu Ziyan, and pulled. Then, Hu Ziyan's whole body fell.

Qin Wushuang extended his hand and caught Hu Ziyan. However, he saw that Hu Ziyan was blinking at him with a pair of terrified eyes.

Before he knew it, two buckets came flying through the sky with a loud sound, its contents pouring downwards and emitting a strong stench!

Qin Wushuang reacted quickly, and his body immediately shot up. He twisted in the air and continuously kicked both his feet in the direction of those two buckets.

With the force from his feet, the two buckets changed direction in the air and flew towards the back of the bamboo thicket.


The power was unyielding as the buckets flew deep into the bamboo thicket, spilling the filthy contents of the bucket…

There came a lot of screaming, and a few aristocratic children whose body covered with the stench of filth jumped out. One of them was Zhang Xian.

These kids had not successfully pulled off their sneak attack on Qin Wushuang. On the contrary, their bodies were now covered in the filth and appeared extremely embarrassed.

And just in time, they were seen by that crowd of martial art students. Each of them could not stop laughing.

Qin Wushuang broke the rope on Hu Ziyan's body. He pushed him toward Fang Xiaozhong and lightly said: "You guys go back first."

After Hu Ziyan had suffered, he had also become determined and shook his head stubbornly: "I am not going back! These people will not let either me or you go. Today, I am not going anywhere. They will see that us Eastwood Town martial art students also have pride. Not everyone is a coward and cold-hearted animal!"

Among the crowd, some of the other Eastwood Town martial art students were ashamed when they heard these words. inwardly, they resented Hu Ziyan's words that attacked their hometown and believed that he was asking for a lesson.

Qin Wushuang nodded after a moment when he stared at Hu Ziyan: "Ok, then stay here."

Zhang Xian, who was bathed in the filth, snatched off his jacket and growled angrily: "You! the last time I did not beat you to death, and this time your bones are aching for another round, right? Come come come, I will teach you to remember it."

Initially, Qin Wushuang had not wanted to tangle with a group of martial art students. However, the opportunity he had today was an exception. Didn't he stay at the academy for this long to wait for these idiots to present themselves at the door? The day had finally come.

"Zhang Xian, you mean you want to deal with the old records?"

Qin Wushuang appeared at leisure. He squinted his eyes and stared at Zhang Xian sternly.

"Fight, fight again!"

"Zhang Xian, go teach him a lesson! You cannot repeat your mistake!"

Those martial art students that wanted to see a show became excited even before Zhang Xian had had the chance to reply. You could hear the crowd jeering.

Qin Wushuang who was standing among the crowd was unexpectedly enjoying it. He needed the commotion to boost support and the more noise the better.

Didn't he choose to stay at the academy to send a fatal attack to this Zhang child and to declare his prestige? Wasn't he trying to let the Qin family, whose power had declined, return to the public?

Although killing a stupid kid would damage the reputation he had as a grandmaster of martial arts, Zhang Xian was behaving like an enormous housefly. If you did not pinch him immediately, he would not stop being annoying, and you would not get peace to your ears, right?

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