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Inside the courtyard of the Westside Palace, Song Lingfeng anxiously walked back and forth.

And inside the room, there was another lady dressed in palace clothing. Appearing to be about twenty-six or seven years old, she had a graceful body, sweet and charming look. Indeed, she was the favorite of the current Emperor, Senior Concubine Xuan. Her name was Song Xuan.

"Second brother, can you please sit down?" Senior Concubine Xuan could not help but speak up as she was extremely annoyed by Song Lingfeng's pacing back and forth.

"Eh, Little Sister Xuan, I am really anxious. You say…"

When he spoke halfway, suddenly, he stopped and revealed a happy look: "He is here."

At that a moment, the head eunuch approached from outside. He glanced at Song Lingfeng with a serious face and a complicated look filled his face.

"Eunuch Liu, how did it go?" Song Lingfeng immediately asked.

That Eunuch Liu said with a pointy sound: "Uncle Song, this time, you made such big trouble."

Inwardly, Song Lingfeng felt a wave of fear and trepidation in the face of disaster. He asked instantly: "Why do you say so?"

The muscle on that pink and pale face of the Liu Eunuch jumped. He looked again at senior concubine Xuan: "Fortunately, Uncle Song you did not hurt that martial arts student. Or else, not to mention you, even the imperial concubine would also suffer."

When he heard that even Senior Concubine Xuan was almost involved, Song Lingfeng was incredibly stunned. Even Senior Concubine Xuan raised her head with astonishment: "Liu, have you got the information on that student's ranking?"

"I have spent all my effort, and in the end, I did not let you down. That teenager had a surname of Qin, right? Uncle, you did not remember it wrongly?"

"No," Song Lingfeng immediately said.

"Do you know, this time, the individual victor, and the highest contributor to the team competitor also had the last name of Qin?" When Liu Eunuch said this, his tone was also filled with restrained fear.

"Qin, too?" Indeed, Song Lingfeng was incredibly surprised, "Could it be, that young man was this exam's victor?"

This sounded too terrifying. From the way that young man dressed, he only appeared to be an offspring of a lower Wealthy Class.

Then, he remembered that young man's superior martial arts technique which had far exceeded the strength of his peers. If he were the victor, then it would not be impossible.

"Uncle Song, someone has already exposed the news that the victor for this exam was a super dark horse. He beat all the offspring from the four Royal Territories by an overwhelming margin. And this young man only came from a Wealthy Class," When Liu Eunuch said this, his tone was also filled with ruefulness.

When Song Lingfeng heard this, he only felt as if someone had punched him the chest hard.

An offspring of the Wealthy Class, a dark horse!

Everything matched up with that young man!

He only felt cold wind flapped across his head as he felt incredibly lucky. Thankfully, they did not entangle in the worst possible situation. At that time, if the Great Honored Warrior had not arrived on time to stop them, most likely, the situation would turn into a matter of life and death. Once that situation appeared, then his whole life was doomed. And most likely, his entire family would also get consigned to eternal damnation.

"No wonder… The tone of the Great Honored Warrior sounded as if he was treating his own nephew. I thought it was strange. So that's how it was, I see!"

Inwardly, Song Lingfeng was screaming about how lucky he was. When he thought about that worse possible outcome, he could not help but feel a remaining trepidation after the incident.

"Second Brother." This time, Senior Concubine Xuan opened her mouth to speak, "As your little sister, it's not that I have to teach you a lesson. Your Phoenix Perch restaurant, you should change its style. I also heard a lot of rumors where they talked about how your restaurant bullied your guests. If our Song family wants to survive in the Bai Yue Country for a long time, we must rely on long business. Although I could bring some convenience to the household while I am in the palace, the political outlook within the walls are unpredictable. The Song family must also cultivate the ability to deal with all sorts of the situation even when I am not here."

Song Lingfeng was submissive and felt ashamed.

"This way, after the Emperor withdrew with his ministers, I will vaguely mention this matter. If the Emperor talks to the Great Honored Warrior, he would surely give him this favor. It would be no problem for the restaurant to reopen. However, after this reorganization, if it remains the same, I am afraid I won't be any more help."

"No no. After reopening, I will use all my efforts to reorganize a new face for the Phoenix Perch restaurant. For sure, it will have a brand new look." Song Lingfeng kept promising.

At nightfall, the Great Honored Warrior smiled lightly and pulled the letter in his hand close to the candle. Instantly, it burned into ashes.

On the side, even his subordinate from the Zhen Wu Holy Place could not help but smack his lip secretly when he saw this scene. You must know, he did not burn an ordinary letter. It was the letter written by the Emperor himself.

"Go out and tell that head of the Eunuch who sent the letter. Tell him since His Majesty had spoken, then let that Phoenix Perch Restaurant reopens after a month."

"Yes." That subordinate walked out.

The Great Honored Warrior revealed a smile as if he did not even put this thing on his mind. Instead, he stood up leisurely, walked out the door and asked: "Did you arrange those two martial arts students?"

"Yes, they are well-arranged."

"Good." Great Honored Warrior walked out towards the room where Qin Wushuang had stayed.

Just when he reached the yard, suddenly, the root of his ear moved as he discovered Qin Wushuang was standing in the middle of the yard. Looking up at the vast night sky, he had a grave expression as if lost in thought.

"Young man, what are you thinking?" The more the Great Honored Warrior looked at Qin Wushuang, the more he liked him. In his lifetime, he had also taken many disciples. However, their potential was far less than this young man.

As someone who treasured talent, if the Great Honored Warrior had a choice, he would honestly take this young man as his disciple. However, he knew that although there was no one above him except the Emperor, most likely, he was far from qualified to be the teacher of this young man.

"Haha, Great Honored Warrior." When Qin Wushuang regained his senses, inwardly, he was also surprised. He was inwardly impressed. The strength of this Great Honored Warrior was indeed above Xi Men Yu's.

When Xi Men Yu had paid him a visit at the inn, he was able to discover him beforehand. However, when this Great Honored Warrior had approached him, he did not suppress the sound of his footstep nor did he suppress his breath, yet he could not notice him beforehand.

This was the difference.

Being the same Stage Nine of the Genuine Force, it seemed the levels within this stage was immense.

"No need to show such formalilty. Young man, could you tell me, what are you thinking? I saw your eyes were seeing faraway as if you were lost in thought. Usually, a young man of only a couple dozen years should not have such abstruse looks. Do you have something on your mind?" The Great Honored Warrior asked with a caring tone.

"Great Honored Warrior did see things absolutely clearly. Right now, I do have a question in my mind. I would like to ask your answers."

"Oh? Tell me about it."

"Your strength is at Stage Nine of the Genuine Force, right?"

"Yes." The Great Honored Warrior smiled.

"In Southcloud State City, I have met with Patriarch Xi Men Yu. He was also at Stage Nine of the Genuine Force. How come his Stage Nine, compared to yours, had an immense difference? Could it be, within this Stage Nine, there is another layer of mysterious principles?"

The Great Honored Warrior nodded: "This is an excellent question. As you had said, Stage Nine of the Genuine Force is separated into levels. We Four Great Honored Warriors are Stage Nine. However, between our strength, there is an apparent flight of steps."

"Could I dare to ask, how exactly is this flight of steps divided?"

"Oh?" Until now, the Great Honored Warrior had not understood the strength of Qin Wushuang. He only saw glimpses when Qin Wushuang had fought with that Song Lingfeng and could not base his judgment on that.

"Young man, you are interested in this?"

Without any inhibition from this topic, Qin Wushuang nodded. He really wanted to know.

"Ok. When one achieved Stage Nine to this extent, any inch of the skin, internal organs, bones, joints will have reached the peak state in the secular world. However, it is only an achievement for the naked body. On the Stage Nine side, vividly, one would have already touched things on the spiritual end. Although, the concept of the Three Energies seems very vague on the Genuine Force level, at Stage Nine, the roots are already sprouting. Let me ask you, which level would you achieve after breaking through the Genuine Force?"

Qin Wushuang thought for a moment: "It should be the Spiritual Marital Force?"

"That's right!" Great Honored Warrior nodded, "Do you know the core of the so-called Spiritual Martial Force?"

"Please teach me." Whether in his former or the current world, Qin Wushuang had not touched on the things from the Upper Sky place. Thus, he did not know much.

"Ok. Initially, with my position, I am not eligible to say much. But since you've asked about it, I will say something extra. The core of the Spiritual Martial only has one word - Daoism!"


"Yes. Although this Dao is only one word, it contains everything. However, in the entire Tian Xuan Land, those mighty warriors who could understand one of the ten thousand meanings have are already far above the peak of this land. And I would only say this word only. Regarding what it is, I would not dare to talk nonsense. You have a bright future, and I don't want to influence your understanding of the Dao because of my lack of knowledge. To understand the Dao, the crucial part if for you to grasp it yourself. I think, if you meet the great Martial Saint, perhaps, he could solve your confusion."

The Great Honored Warrior spoke with a cautious tone as he genuinely did not dare to explain boldly.

Qin Wushuang said: "Such way, you have already touched the boundary of the Dao. Thus, compared to Patriarch Xi Men, you are different regarding the essence."

"You could say it like this. However, you still complimented me. I still would not dare to call myself touching the sidelines. At most, I only felt a little bit of its skin. From Genuine Force to Spiritual Martial Force, it is crossing from the Late Sky into the Upper Sky Realm. One of the paths one would undertake was—Dashing the Pass. To put it strictly, I am not at Stage Nine of the Genuine Force, but at a stage that is unknown—Dashing the border pass! If I succeed in dashing, I would enter the Spiritual Martial Force. Or else, I am said to be at Stage Nine or a mighty warrior at the Dashing Stage. But without a doubt, to acquire the eligibility to Dash, you must have completely grasped Stage Nine of the Genuine Force and achieved perfection. Or else, you would not even qualify to Dash."

Stage of Dashing…

Qin Wushuang was not unfamiliar to the word "Dashing" . In his former world, there was a saying of how you must go through the Dashing to enter into the Upper Sky Realm from the Late Sky Realm.

"This way, in order to enter into Spiritual Martial, the path of Dashing was something one must go through?" Qin Wushuang kept asking without any shame.

The Great Honored Warrior sighed and shook his head: "To people of the Bai Yue Country, that is the case. However, across the entire Tian Xuan Land, not everyone is like that."

"Oh? This thing has a particular case?"

"Think about it. If a Spiritual Martial couple had bore children, their kids would be raised with a golden spoon in their mouths. They would naturally have the Spiritual Power and have Spiritual objects to nurture them. Their starting point would be the Spiritual Realm. That would be matchless."

When he said this, the Great Honored Warrior's tone also sounded desolate. He gave a deep sigh: "After all, the things we can see at this level is way too low. The entire Tian Xuan Land is vast as the open sea…Haha."

Suddenly, the Great Honored Warrior felt that he lost his temperament as he shouldn't act depressingly before a young man that had unlimited potential. His words may have discouraged the young man's motivation.

Immediately, he smiled lightly and encouraged: "Of course, I have seen many surprises from you. Perhaps, your future lays at the Spiritual Martial Force! Ok, go rest. Tomorrow morning, we will head to the Martial Saint Mountain and pay a visit to Martial Saint. Perhaps, only the Martial Saint could solve those questions in your heart!"

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