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The Martial Saint Mountain had an altitude of thirteen thousand meters. It was wrapped in clouds and mist giving it an enigmatic presence.

And the imperial capital of the Bai Yue Country was built next to the mountain and water. It's back leaned against the Martial Saint Mountain where it helped to increase the presence of the capital and the prestige of the Royal family.

In less than a day, these one hundred and twenty qualified martial arts students arrived at the imperial capital.

Visiting the Martial Saint was not an ordinary matter. Not everyone had the qualifications to do so.

Thus, after all the qualifying martial arts students had arrived at the imperial capital, the official of the Zhen Wu Holy Place explained: "Guys, you will temporarily stay in the imperial capital. Each of you could live at any of the inns as long as you present the exam verification sheet you have in your hand. All food and expenses are paid for."

"Master, then, how many days do we have to live here?"

"What else do you want besides free food and lodging?" That representative stared.

"Haha, of course not. We…We just want to visit the great Martial Saint as soon as possible, haha." Instantly, that martial arts student smiled apologetically.

"It's not like you can visit the Great Martial Saint whenever you want!" With a stern tone, that official said, "I only have one word for you all—Wait! Maybe three days, maybe five, or maybe tomorrow. During this time, if you have connections in the imperial capital, you can visit your family and friends. However, you must always wait for the call from the Martial Saint Mountain!"

"Yes!" Each of the martial arts students laughed happily.

These martial arts students were the elite among the elite. Most of them came from major families from each territory. Close to half of them were offspring of the Royal and Feudal Lords Families. The remaining were mostly from the Venerable families. They were all upper-level aristocrats.

There were very few lower level Wealthy Class aristocrats like Qin Wushuang. Besides him, the remaining ones had the lowest qualifying score.

As for the even lower level Prominent and Humble Classes, there were none.

This was the difference…

Qin Wushuang was deeply touched. The difference between social status was quite straightforward and plain. From the cultivation of the talents, the difference from each family was apparent.

If the Eastwood Qin family had struggled in the Humble Class, not to mention such high-level banquet, most likely they would not even keep their lower level aristocratic seat.

As for civilians families, they were completely cut off from this banquet.

After they had dispersed, Qin Wushuang was considering whether he should take in the imperial scenery by himself since he had no family to visit. Suddenly, a sound of a sleeve drifting came from behind. Apparently, someone had approached.

Qin Wushuang did not look back and knew that the footsteps belonged to Tong Yao's little brother, Tong Yan.

"Big Brother Qin, why are you dwelling here by yourself?"

"Haha, Little Brother Tong did not go visit your family and friends?"

"I came from a remote county. I do have some relatives in the imperial capital, but we are not close. If I came to visit them at the door, it would be creating trouble for them. Besides, I admired greatly to how you obtained first place. Now, since you have some free time, why don't we find a place to share a few drinks? It's on me."

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang knew Tong Yan wanted to thank him and to make a friend since he was the victor. However, he did not decline his invitation.

Qin Wushuang did not discount the Tong brother and sister. Especially their intelligence network and interpersonal skills, he was extremely surprised that their reach extended to the Zhen Wu Holy Place.

"Please." Qin Wushuang motioned with his hand as he accepted.

Immediately, Tong Yao revealed his social networking skills. After he had asked a few well-dressed bystanders, he acquired a few famous name restaurants in the imperial capital.

"Little Brother Tong, since it's only a small gathering, there is no need for such grand style. It's fine if we can just find any quiet place."

"Big Brother Qin, this time, you must accept to my arrangements. Don't forget; you are the victor and about to become the offspring of a Royal family. You cannot overlook style lightly. From today and onwards, each of your words and actions should be put to use in creating momentum for receiving the title of a King in the future."

Qin Wushuang smiled lightly. He admitted that Tong Yao's words made sense. However, it was not his personality or his way of doing things to show off the dignity of a Royal family and put on airs.

In the end, being a Royal required strength as a backbone—It was Qin Wushuang's logic.

While they were chatting, the two had already turned into a big street.

"This should be the Vermillion Bird Street. Phoenix Perch Restaurant, haha, the name seems very auspicious. It corresponds to your identity. This is it!"

Qin Wushuang did not argue when he saw Tong Yan behaving this way. He raised his head and saw piles of parasol trees of great height planted on the front of the long street. It was a magnificent sight, elegant and extravagant.

The phoenix perched on the parasol tree.

It was the so-called a good parasol tree attracts a golden phoenix. Initially, this parasol tree had a huge relation with the Phoenix, this god-like creature. Since many parasol trees had been planted before the Phoenix Perch Restaurant, they wanted to express this meaning.

Before he had walked close, he heard waves of mournful yelling from ahead.

Immediately after, there were some words of scolding: "If you want to seek redress over an injustice and file a complaint, go to the core of the imperial city. Even if you kneeled to death here, no one would care for you. Are you going to let me do my business, or not?"

"Are you leaving or not? If not, don't blame us for using force to make you go away."

It was a severe reprimand, where these people appeared like devils and monsters. Impatience filled their voice.

"Masters, we had no choice and nowhere to file the complaint. We heard that royal relatives often appeared in the restaurant, so we want to try our luck here. We beg the gods would open his eyes and have some aristocrats to hear our cries of injustice…"

"Get lost! Get lost! We are not the government and have no time to listen to your little matters."

"It's useless even if we had listened. If you have evidence of an injustice, you must go to the government."


"You won't go away unless I use force? Brothers, drag them away!" One of the large green-robed leaders growled angrily. He waved his hand, and a few of the muscular men rushed up and dragged three old women in shabby clothing outside. They dragged them with one hand and walked out on the street as if they were carrying animals.


"Ah, god, do you really have no eyes?"

With the women's cries to heaven, the observers felt sorrow and those who heard shed tears. People on the side wanted to console them, but when they saw these big bad guys, they had to swallow the words in their throats.

A few of the big guys walked in large strides and readied himself to throw these old women out of the Vermillion Bird Street. Just after they had taken a few steps, suddenly, they raised their heads and saw two young men standing in the center of the street. They blocked their path.

"Get lost!" After a glance, these big guys opened their mouth to reprimand the two youths when they saw that they were not any of the famous city young masters.

With an expressionless face, Tong Yan did not walk away nor did he answer them. Inwardly, he also felt outraged when he saw this scene. Regardless of the things these senior women had done, it was not something to overlook when someone had lifted them up like this.

"What? Do you two masters want to object?"

That big green robed leader strolled over. He looked at Qin Wushuang and Tong Yan's aristocratic clothing and made a guess as to the identities of these two. They were offspring of aristocrats, but they were not high level nobles nor were they the famous young masters in the imperial city.

In other words, the Phoenix Perch Restaurant had the ability to offend such people.

Of course, as business people, they had their own approach on conducting business. If the other party did not intend to cause trouble, everyone could just laugh it away, and they would be treated the usual way.

Qin Wushuang lightly glanced at that big green robed guy and suddenly asked: "Do you have ancestors?"

"Nonsense, could it be, you don't have ancestors?" That big green robed man opened his eyes widely and realized that indeed, this guy showed signs of wanting to cause trouble. Immediately, he rebuked without any courtesy.

"Then do you have parents?"

"If I don't have parents, did I jump out from stones? Young man, if you realize the situation, then make way. Don't think you can show off your attitude because you are wearing aristocratic clothing. Don't forget; this is the imperial capital, not the countryside!"

With an unfriendly tone, the big green robed man did not conceal a single trace of his mockery.

Perhaps countryside rich people may have the money. However, in the imperial capital, they were used to acting higher than others. To those aristocrats who came from the lower regions, as long as they didin't have the power, usually, they would not treat them seriously.

Qin Wushuang nodded: "So you did not jump out from the rocks. Then with their age, they are old enough to have given birth to you guys, right?"

That big green robed man rolled his sleeves and stared: "It seems you two want to fight against this injustice? The imperial capital never lacked anything. These years, we have been lacking in people fighting against injustice."

"Put them down." Qin Wushuang also did not want to start a war of words, "I will only say this once, regardless of what they had done, put them down first."

"Hahaha…" That big guy cackled to the sky, "If I didn't hear it wrong, then your head must be broken. What for? Because of your lower aristocrat status? Such a joke! This is the imperial capital! Kid, go home and plow the land in your countryside! The imperial capital is a dangerous place!"

These words had deeply wounded Tong Yan's pride. He shouted: "What about the countryside? Aristocrats from the countryside are also hundred times better than a vicious dog like you that only knows how to bully others. Let them go!"

"What if I don't?" That big green robed man sneered.

"No?" A trace of a cold smile emerged from the corner of Qin Wushuang's mouth. Suddenly, his body moved, arm raised slightly as his whole person swept past like a squall.

There was the sound of a dozen crisp "Popping" slaps. In the next moment, those big guys had all let go of their hands. Each of them covered their face and looked at Qin Wushuang with astonishment.

That big green robed guy was also dumbfounded.

Next, he took a deep breath, muscles from the throat tensed, and opened up to let out a big roar: "You hit people! People are attacking us!"

A moment after his words went out, a group of fully dressed hired thug rushed out from the Phoenix Perch Restaurant. They charged over led by a middle-aged man dressed in great clothing.

"Who? Who hit our people?" That middle-aged man asked with a harsh voice.

"Mr. Ninth Manager, it's these two countryside offspring who beat us."

Qin Wushuang did not mind the viciousness of this group of individuals. He helped these three senior women stand up and let them go first. However, these three elderly women seemed to have seen a savior as they hugged Qin Wushuang's leg and did not let go: "Young Master, this Young Master, you are a kind person. You must make the decision for us. We are civilians from the Redwood Royal Territory. In these few years, the daughters of many families have disappeared without a cause. We went to report this case to the government, and they did not tell us anything… We have no other course of action, so we came to the imperial capital…"

"Redwood Royal Territory?" Qin Wushuang was stunned, "How many families are there in total?"

"Too many. We all did not know each other before. We had gotten to know them when we fought against this injustice at the Redwood Royal City. At least, there were seventy or eighty families."

"This many? What about the others?" Qin Wushuang drew a sharp breath. If it were only one or two families, it might have been an accident. Seventy or eighty families, it was no longer a coincidence.

"The others spread out in different places to announce this injustice. However, these aristocratic old masters did not allow us to stay. They said we are ruining their business. Wu wu wu…"

Qin Wushuang became silent. No wonder, in this world, it was tough for civilian families to call for justice.

Just when he was about to console them, the sound of scolding came from behind: "Kid, you are scared to step forward after you have hit people?"

Vividly, Qin Wushuang felt this matter was not ordinary. Immediately, he urged them: "Leave here first and wait for me under that memorial arch."

He turned to look and said slowly: "I hit them because they deserved it. If you don't want to cause trouble, let it go."

Qin Wushuang intended to keep the peace. It was not because he was afraid of these things, but he cared more about that matter those senior women had revealed. Vividly, he felt that it was related to him. He could not explain the reason for having this feeling. However, he could ignore his instincts nor the subconscious feeling that there was something big happening..

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