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Although the result from the Redwood Royal Territory had not yet been announced, the mystery of the team victory had been settled.

Now the only mystery remained was who was the first place in this entire exam. Who would soar to the sky and be bestowed the title and class of King and Marquis?

Unconcerned, those martial arts students from the Redwood was sure that their young nobleman had secured first place.

However, the other three territories did not want to think like that. Until the final result, who could guarantee Young Master Chong, a young nobleman from the Redwood would have a higher grade than the highest scorer from the Purple Flame?

Of course, everyone did not think it would be anyone else for the first place in Redwood Royal Territory. It appeared as if it was a regular thing for offspring of the Royal Families to acquire the first place in their own Territories. Surely, there would not have any concern.

Just when Yun Qingyan wanted to ask again, suddenly, she saw an official of the Zhen Wu Holy Place walked out from the tent. She ignored Qin Wushuang and Da Xi Yang as she ran over.

"Young Master Xing, it's Redwood's turn!"

Next to Xi Men Xing, a group of the city martial arts students from Southcloud State whispered. Each and every one of those hot-blooded martial arts students who was hopeful to have made the cut scrambled over.

"Wanna go take a look?" Da Xi Yang called out to Qin Wushuang. He knew he would not have any problems of making the cut. The question was, which rank would he place.

From the bottom of his heart, he wanted to be in the top ten. However, after seeing everyone's performance, inwardly, Da Xi Ming did not feel much confidence.

Qin Wushuang followed the crowd and did not try to intentionally show off.

That official of the Zhen Wu Holy Place held the results list and smiled: "Everyone, I believe that you're all waiting for the final mystery, right? No rush, the Four Honored Warriors are going to come out soon. The Great Honored Warrior still has something to say."

Just as he spoke, all the martial arts students fell silent. They all saw that tge Four Honored Warriors had come out of the tent together.

Especially the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior where his happy smile was written all over his usually serious face.

"Boys! Thank you for your excellent performance. Regarding this martial arts student exam, we, Zhen Wu Holy Place, only have these words—We are pleased!"

The purple robed Great Honored Warrior waved his long robe and held the scene. Then, he spoke again: "Among you all, who has questions about your grade?"


"Did anyone doubt the fairness of this exam,?"


To the organization, this exam had indeed achieved a perfect level. Although there was some conflict between the martial arts students, it did not affect the great outlook. After all, this martial arts student exam showed no tolerance to connections and family connections. It was one hundred percent fair when everyone entered the exam sites.

The purple robed Great Honored Warrior nodded with satisfaction: "Good, I feel very gratified that everyone has acknowledged it. When the final results come out, I believe you will not doubt?"


"Good! Just as I said, those few top tier in this exam had performed very well. The competition was fierce. However, the biggest surprise in this exam was the consecutive appearance of dark horses. Especially from the Redwood Royal Territory, they surprised us a lot!"

As soon as he said these words, martial arts students of the Redwood Royal Territory started to pant in short and hurried breaths. And those higher status ones became a little worried.

The biggest surprise was a dark horse? Could it be, in this qualifying list, there were a lot of dark horses?

"In the Redwood Royal Territory, five martial arts students crossed areas! However, there were two other who achieved the qualification to cross but did not apply. At the same time, their results was also excellent! Both have raced into top ten!"

When Da Xi Yang heard these words, that rock that had hung heavy in his heart disappeared. From the Honored Warrior's last words, one of them is him.

"Because of these martial arts students' excellent performances, in this group competition, the result of the Redwood Royal Territory was far ahead of the other three Territories. Compared to the other three, more than one martial arts students had crossed once. Instead, two martial arts students had crossed! It was an outstanding grade!"

Great Honored Warrior's tone had filled with joy and encouragement.

Two? The Redwood martial arts students boiled up. Indeed, it was an outstanding result. At least on this point, Redwood had surpassed the other three Territories.

Traces of doubt emerged on that handsome young nobleman who was wearing a purple crest: "There was another one that crossed twice?"

"Young Master Chong, don't worry. Who cares if he crossed twice? Your grade is close to having crossed three times. Of course, it is incomparable!"

"Right, it's a guarantee you'll get the first place!"

When the Great Honored Warrior saw everyone's expectation had reached a certain limit, at this time, he finally waved his hand and shouted: "Release the results!"

The results scroll was opened and hung in the most visible area on the stage.

Almost all eyes was focused on the top line at the first time.

Impressively, one name was written on the top—

Qin Wushuang!

The points listed next to the name was even more shocking—

Six hundred points!

It was a number that instantly made all the martial arts students freeze. Almost everyone's expression had instantly frozen on their face when they saw the result. After a moment of shock, someone finally regained their senses.

"Six hundred points? Are you serious?"

"This… A human should not have such number."

"Qin Wushuang, you…" Even the usually sharp tongued Yun Qingyan found her tongue had become rigid. Besides being dumbfounded, she could not utter a word.

"It's too exaggerated, six hundred points…"

Among the waves of compliments were voices filled with astonishment, envy and doubt…

In the end, all the emotion had turned into this word—Admiration.

Who was Qin Wushuang? Everyone searched with their eyes.

Those martial arts students from the Southcloud State had completely lost the unfriendly attitude, their feelings were replaced by admiration.

Those martial arts students from the Redwood Royal City were also dumbfounded. They had never expected that young nobleman who had acquired two hundred and thirty-six points would lose first place.

The more unexpected thing was he had lost through such shocking method!

A layer of coldness had settled on that young nobleman's handsome face. Appearing visibly green, he could not accept the scene before him.

After the highest points had come out from the previous three territories, he no longer felt concerned. To him, he also felt that this time, he would be in first place.

Unexpectedly, a demon had suddenly appeared out of nowhere and taken away his first place in one fell swoop!

Qin Wushuang…

To those who had a keen sense of memory, this name was not completely unfamiliar. However, as a Royal, he was never interested in the matters that had happened in the County or State.

While Da Xi Yang was shocked, he had already found his place in the poll. Seventh place! It was a place that could make him feel proud.

Below him, he had surpassed a few of the offspring from other States' Feudal Lords families.

First place, Qin Wushuang, six hundred points.

Second place, He Yu Chong, two hundred and thirty-six points.

Third place, Xi Men Xing, one hundred and fifty-two points.

Fourth place, Tong Yan, one hundred and fourteen points.

Seventh place, Da Xi Yang, eighty-six points.

As the list went down, the occurrence of similar scores increased. The lowest qualifying points of Redwood had also far surpassed the other three. It was as high as sixty points!

Those martial arts students who had gotten over fifty points sighed and complained as they felt they were born at the wrong time. With their grades, it was enough to make the cut in other Territories. Since they were at Redwood Royal Territory, unfortunately, they had failed.

The purple-robed Great Honored Warrior motioned with his palm for everyone to quiet down.

"Everyone, now we only need the ranking for individuals. According to the rules, the first ten places in the team victory will receive a reward. In the individual category, the top ten will also receive awards. All rewards, if overlapped will accumulate! The grade will take effect immediately. All the related awards will be in place in one month!"

With an overbearing look, the Great Honored Warrior looked around the entire scene. Suddenly, his tone turned severe: "This exam was fair and public. If those who were unhappy about their result wishes to seek revenge, surely, the Zhen Wu Holy Place will not forgive you easily! Think it well. Overall, you must remember, the Zhen Wu Holy Place view this exam with great importance. The corresponding result will not only take effect inside the Bai Yue Country. Whoever wishes to object, you can go argue with the Martial Saint on the mountain!"

To argue with the Martial Saint? Martial arts students did not know whether to cry or laugh. Besides those who felt they had lived too long, it would be best to follow the authority of the Zhen Wu Holy Place. Besides, this exam truly did not have a single loophole.

Everyone was just even more curious about who was this Qin Wushuang. Jumping out of nowhere without any warning sign, this dark horse was too universally shocking.

"Ok, those who made the cut can stay. Those who did not will return to your original place with the leaders in charge of each Territory. You must not disturb the citizens nor cause trouble. If anyone dares to expose the contents of the exam to the world, the Zhen Wu Holy Place will mete out serious punishment!" Then, he waved his long sleeves and gestured for everyone to disperse.

Feeling extremely gloomy, Yun Qingyan said with a thick skin: "Already disbanding? After coming here a long way, leaving like this?"

"Missy Yun, since you are sad because you failed the exam, how would you distract yourself from your loneliness on the long way back? Why don't we go together?"

"Get lost!" Yun Qingyan thought about how she was the only one who had to pack up and go home when they had come together as three people. Her gloominess was genuine. Thus, when she encountered annoying conversation, she did not hesitate to swear.

"Ah, going home is not a big deal. Haha, both individual first place and the best contributor to the team belonged to us River County folk. I will be responsible for bringing this great news to our village people. It's excellent news."

"Hey, you two, do you have any words you want me to bring back?"

Yun Qingyan walked before Qin Wushuang and Da Xi Yang and asked with a kind heart.

"Have a pleasant journey!" Qin Wushuang said with a smile.

Da Xi Yang nodded: "I will also say these four words, have a pleasant journey."

Regardless of how thick skinned she may be, right now, Yun Qingyan could not help feeling somewhat depressed and in low spirits. Maybe after this separation, the difference between them would grow even more. From today, they would no longer be at the same level.

"All qualifying martial arts student assemble according to your Territories!" The purple-robed Great Honored Warrior shouted, "We will go to the Martial Saint Mountain immediately! We will present ourselves to the Great Martial Saint!"

To present them to the Great Martial Saint?

Instantly, the martial arts students went into a furore. It was a great honor. The fact was, many aristocrats in the Bai Yue Country had wanted to meet with the Great Martial Saint, yet they could not.

Even if the Emperor had wanted to pay a formal visit to the Great Martial Saint, he had to be respectful and pick a good day.

And such honor had fallen onto their heads!

On the other hand, Qin Wushuang did not feel overwhelmed by this favor. His only question was, which stage would that Great Martial Saint's strength be?

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