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Hinagiku retreated to Mikoto’s side and quickly tried to calm down her flustered appearance before putting up a serious front.

“Yan, don’t you think the last item was a bit strange?”

He nodded and paced around the wide VIP room, as he walked he mused out loud.

“It would be hard not to feel something off, as long as an individual has some sense to their mind one would feel perturbed right…”

Mikoto sighed while pulling at her hair.

“Would it be more accurate to say we’re lucky? or Just unlucky? It’s the first auction we’ve been to and now this kind of thing happens.”

Well, I kinda already said it so Railgun please, don’t take a jab at it again…

Lirin is held by her hand, standing beside Hinagiku she stayed docile. She’s a bit of a brat sometimes with that little brain of hers. She might not be able to follow or comprehend what’s going on but she understands that big brother and big sisters are discussing crucial matters and therefore she should strive not to disturb them. (Tl: hnnnggg)

She rubbed her golden hair before pointing out.

“It feels like the matter is not as simple as the old gramps make it out to be…”

That old gramps in this case would refer to the tier 7 auctioneer.

“There is certainly omissions, and there’s multiple inconsistency in his words.”

Clenching her fist, this unfeminine behaviour exhibited a certain natural charm when Mikoto did this. He really wanted to tsukkomi that Railgun is the embodiment of violence. (Tl: as with any tsundere naturally…)


Hinagiku looked at Mikoto with shiny eyes, those eyes basically told tales of the master’s curiosity.

She nodded sternly before stretching out her slender hand and sticking out 3 fingers, the meaning of which is self explanatory.

“3 inconsistencies…?”

Wu Yan lowered his head and started piecing the puzzle.

Noticing that all eyes is on her, Mikoto stuck out her chest proudly. There’s nothing awfully noticeable though, she didn’t have assets there what with being a  and all…

Hinagiku took out a more serious expression before nodding.

“Let’s ignore the smaller details first, firstly, why did the firm really revealed the map?”

Hinagiku blinked in startlement.

“Isn’t that because the old gramps said something about inviting all the capable supers..”

“Is there really a need for that?”

She cut her off bluntly, for very good reason as well.

He nodded before giving his view.

“It’s as she said, there really is no need for the reveal, if they wanted strong people to come along then they could just as well had monopolized the map and making their intentions known, surely there would have been people coming along as well, so what’s the aim of revealing it?”

Hinagiku started doubting when she heard this, poking her cheeks with her finger she continued.

“It seems like that really is a redundant move, aren’t the firm afraid of other parties going ahead without them?”

“And that’s the first inconsistency!”

She then lifted 2 fingers.

“2nd point, on what basis does the firm think they can handle a party that is equal or greater to a tier 9, think about it, a tier 9 basically died trying to get to the treasure, once they made this news public, can they really handle the sheer amount of parties coming along?”

Realizing the implications Hinagiku elaborated on her behalf.

“That make sense, a tier 9 would risk his life going in there for the bounty, that’s sure to attract a lot of supers at least tier 7. No, even tier 8! or quite possibly…”

“If you’re going to say tier 9, I can say with reasonable certainty that they won’t appear.”

It wasn’t Mikoto that cut her off this time but Wu Yan.

“It’s just a random gossip from an auction firm, without absolute assurance of its certainty. Would a tier 9 mobilize?’

Mikoto concured.

“He’s right, not at least before some fodders go in to test the water first the tier 9 probably won’t make an appearance.”

“That means tier 8 can still mobilize isn’t it!”

Getting cut off twice, Hinagiku’s a bit upset now, isn’t this just making her look silly?

Ignoring her outburst there is some truth in her words, in fact it might very well come true!

He ran some scenarios before frowning.

“Indeed the chances of a hostile encounter with a tier 8 is highly plausible, the auction firm isn’t made up of retards, there should also have made some provision for this situation that’s for sure…”

“I mean, if a tier 8 came and took all the loot for himself then that would leave the auction firm in a very ridiculous state yeah? So then why even after understanding this do they still reveal the map?”

Hinagiku suggested something after seeing that Wu Yan and Mikoto are deep in their thought and is a bit troubled over the same question as well.

“Maybe, the firm has some sort of ace up their sleeves, it could surprised tier 8 or maybe the firm itself has a tier 8?”

Their eyes shone for a moment and he hammered his palm with his hand.

“That’s correct, how can this slip me, since the auctioneer is a tier 7 there could be stronger existences in the firm as well!”

“That’s just a guess…”

Still a bit unconvinced Mikoto relaxed her brows slightly.

Wu Yan and Hinagiku nodded.

“So Mikoto, what’s the third inconsistency?”

He lifted his head to look at her, he’s puzzled about why Mikoto’s dodging his eyes.

“Is there something you can’t quite say? Mikoto.”

Bewildered at her loss for speech behaviour he pursued her.

Her eyes floated away for a moment before looking themin the eyes.

“Actually.. about the 3rd point… I can’t think of any at the moment…”

Wu Yan and Hinagiku fell face first to the ground, they can’t muster the energy to get up anymore. A surprised Lirin quickly supported Hinagiku while Mikoto did the same for Wu Yan.

The two rolled their eyes at her. Now he’s really suspecting maybe it’s her Aunt flow (Tl:大姨妈来了) visiting that’s why she wanted to play a trick on them. Mikoto stuck her palms together while beaming, this looks like she’s admitting her fault or something.

While they’re fooling around someone knocked on their door, so Wu Yan & company quickly tidied up their appearance.

“Come in!”

The door opened and the sharply dressed man from the small firm before came in. The same guy that him the VIP card.

The man bowed to them before continuing.

“Boss, this is a notification to tell you that the armament auction proceeding has been entered into your gold card (Tl: for everything else, there’s mastercard.). Please confirm the amount.”

Checking, and voila the numbers check out, the 200’000 has turned into 575’000.

100’000 for the pure white crystal, Kusanagi Sword sold for 500’000 after deducting middle man fee of 5% cha ching the amout above. Yeap, 575’000 gold.

“the amount is correct! Thanks for your hardwork!”

“Say no more, it is as it should be done.”

The man beamed at him before taking out a box and presenting it to him.

“Boss, this is the article you have bid for, I took the liberty of retrieving it for you.”

He flinched before nodding in elation and receiving it.

Once the man made his exit, he quickly opened up the box, there it was, the pure white crystal resting solemnly inside. The thing looked no different than a normal stone, except for its colour there really is nothing otherworldly about it.

“This is the crystal with the life energy signature?”

The 3 girls came to his side to examine the item, they gazed so hard as if that would make a flower grow out of it.

Putting it on the table he took out the crystal and at the same time the system rang.

Hearing what the system said his whole body froze and his eyes, mouth all widened in disbelief.

“Beep, detecting a significant amount of life force unit, preliminary calculations state that it’s worth 200’000 Summoning points, exchange for points?”

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