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Mainstream Armament, the excitable audience pissed their pants when they heard this, quite contrary to their previous dejected look.

Armaments enjoy more prestige than battle skills in Silvaria amongst the many magicians and warrior for a very simple reason.

In a world where might makes right it’s natural to seek out more power for various self interest reasons.

Battle skills and armaments are two main ways to do so. The biggest difference between the two is that one needs to have certain aptitudes tot rian in battle skill. If one has the je ne sais quoi then it might not take long but if the guy is a trash then no matter how hard he trains it wouldn’t do much good.

But if it’s armament it didn’t matter if you’re cat a dog a little soldier or some noble. Trashy attribute be damned, if you can swing it then voila power increased.

This is the reason why Kusanagi Sword appeared after the battle method, this one is more popular and as a result it’s the second last item to come out. Despite being the second last does one really question the quality of such an item?

Wu Yan & company are flabbergasted at the sheer speed of price change on the crystal ball projection. Their mind couldn’t deal with it and soon they tuned out.

It didn’t take long before Kusanagi Sword fetched a price beyond the previous high tier battle skill, i.e. >350’000 gold.

He subconsciously rubbed his eyes just to make sure he’s seeing right. He pointed at the figure on the projection while trying to confirm it with those aroun dhim.

“Hey.. Hinagiku, Mikoto, that’s 350’000 gold is it not?”

Hinagiku’s not surprised at the insecure inflection in his words, she’s not that much different from him after all.

“You’re not mistaken… Uu, no you’re mistaken, that’s not 350’000 that’s 400’000!”

The hell, when did it got to that level!

“How’s that possible?”

He did a chin rub as he pondered with much distress.

“It’s not the first time a Mainstream Armament is auctioned here and from past records the upper limit is around 350’000, why would it come to this kind of price this early in the auctioning?”

“Beats me!”

Came two tender and lovely voice which added to his vexation.

“Maa, just let it be, it’s a good thing anyway isn’t it?”

She shook her head in frustration. Her brown tea colored hair danced about signalling her inability to delve into this complicated issue.

“That’s right, it’s a good thing if this continues…”

He didn’t bother with the question anymore and just watched the numbers as they continued on their uptick before grinning.

This fuck ton of gold if I were to bring it to my world, moi can surely otaku my way to kingdom come… (Tl: over one billion USD)

What the 3 probably didn’t guess in their conjectures on why the abnormal premium is that this uptick is due to a furious bid war between ladies!

Given any sample it is conceivable that even if this world is divided into cultivating dou qi and magic there’s certainly females as well.

To train in magic one would need abnormal talents. In Silvaria, the ratio of magicians to warriors is a complete and utter disparity with numbers in favor of warriors.

There’s dudes and chicks in the magician stream and surely there’s dude and chick in the warrior side as well. Given a warrior path might be prejudiced against a female (Tl: fundamental physical difference between man and female think how males can develop more muscle than a female can.), it is true as well that nobody can guarantee a girl would have talent to become a magician. Thus, female warrior might be lesser number in comparison to male counterpart but they’re quite a number of them.

And here’s the deal, warriors no? Their arms of preference are normally spears, swords, polearms etc yea? Each one of this weapon tend to be made for the bigger niche of the market, namely males and thus masculine in design, look, and impact.

Let’s narrow the focus down to sword and the likes, this world is different from Wu Yan’s. In Silvaria each of the sword type weapons are mostly arming swords and the likes. Although these weapon that could match their height could be swung around easy with dou qi and the is pretty high as well, ultimately however, it’s not aligned with their aesthetics.

Some might disagree but they’re in a minority…

Then came Kusanagi Sword the game changer, it looks slim agile and light without any gold or gemstone embellishment. Relative to the broadswords this kind of weapon is more practical and certainly more popular with the ladies.

And thus, nigh every women here has their hearts taken captive by Kusanagi Sword…

It would make sense that the price shot up in such a manner.

If you tell him this he would not fry his brain matter over why the price acted so out of nature. He understand it to be a principle worth standing by…

Don’t guess what she’s thinking, even if you did it’s futile…

One wouldn’t know how he might during the entire process but at last the Kusanagi Sword is sold for 500’000 gold.


“I’m rich…”

Like a tacky duded he exclaimed. The two girls presented him the white of their eyes, only little ol’ Lirin giggled.

The auctioneer let down the gavel with a bit of glee to his strike. Maybe he’s excited but Wu Yan feels like the old dude knocked the hammer with too much excitement…

“Alright everyone, today’s auction is nearing its end, let’s take a look at the last article!”

Everyone grasped their crystal pad while keeping their sights on the crystal ball projection waiting for the appearance of the last item.

A high tier battle skill and a Mainstream Armament, what’s the last item that tops the two?

When the old dude mentioned last article a fishy light went through his eyes, even his tone changed somewhat.

Nobody picked it up though, that includes Wu Yan who’s still stuck in his gold mountain fantasy….

With a wave of the hand the projection changed. What appeared before them is a map!


Almost every one of the audience can’t help blurting out that word. What accompanied soon after is puzzlement, Wu Yan & company is also perplexed.

He raised his brows and squinted at the map.

His gut is telling him something’s not right.

This is the last item? This is supposed to be more precious than the battle skill and the armament? A mere map?

That can’t be right? Why sell this if this is a treasure map, why didn’t the firm go and dig out the treasure themselves?

Certainly, perhaps for some odd reason the firm can’t muster the resources to do the prospecting themselves and so they resort to auctioning off might be plausible. He’s not considering this as a possible though, even the other audience members probably wouldn’t, if they did they should go and sign up for learning challenged welfare money.

Who in their right and sane mind would blatantly display the whole damn map?

Everything’s out in the clear, at this point those with monstrous memory has probably recorded it down. Isn’t this just asking everyone to remember this?

What’s the point of auctioning off something nobody wants? Just memorize the whole damn thing. Is the firm mad?

That can’t be as well, if the firm is retarded it would have been out of business for operating with such poor efficacy.

Now if this isn’t fishy as hell then what is?

When a person that’s so otaku he can’t think straight would notice something like this surely the near one thousand auction participants wouldn’t all be dumbasses.

Most likely them smart alecks are having the blast of their time figuring out this issue, heh.

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