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When the gavel strike down 3 times, Wu Yan’s heart finally calmed down.

His mountain of gold became half it’s size but he’s not remorseful at all.

Even if it’s just 1’000 Summoning points, it’s totally worthed it.

Moreover, he didn’t believe that the System would troll him by using ‘significant’ and only yielding 1000 pts.

He didn’t know the extent of ‘significant’ but he pray that it would be as much as possible, the more the merrier, no really he could summon more so it’s merrier you see.

He has already decided who’s next on the shoujos-to-summon-list!

Amusing himself at the sight of Hinagiku and Mikoto clumsily handling Lirin’s bombard of questions like what’s System, what’s life energy, what’s Summoning points, the slick dodged aside with much schadenfreude.

This item is but a mere appetizer compared to the show that’s about to come. He didn’t give a damn whether the tier 9 died on his own or met demise at the auction firm’s hand. It matters not because the item has been obtained.

The audience also didn’t give much more attention towards the thing. In the end this item is only a tier 9’s belonging, if nobody could use it then it’s just another junk.

The auction firm didn’t have the confidence, they didn’t as well.

In conclusion, the tier 9 belonging affair has been thrown back to the recess of their minds.

Wu Yan? He couldn’t care less what the true use of the crystal is, all pale in comparison to the hallowed Summoning points. What’s more, with a System like this excluding a kid is there really anything it didn’t have? (Tl: well, if you could procreate with the summons you wouldn’t really need to buy one from the System anyway…)

The fate of this crystal has been sealed the moment Wu Yan established his ownership over the thing.

After these the old auctioneer did his job and sold off a few more articles, each and everyone of them is a fine piece of item. In fact, there’re some that sold for an even higher price than the crystal.

It’s an understatement to say he didn’t care about the items, he threw the crystal pad back to Lirin for her to please herself with the ‘bidding game’.

After some unknown period of time the lights changed again.

If one were to say the lights before the auction began were  relaxing then the lights after the commencement of auction were a prelude to a musical march.

The lights now gives off the feeling of a climax, it scertainly feels that way!

When this dazzling array of lightshow appeared the old auctioneer over at the center of the platform straightened his back. He even changed his tone from a relaxed one to a more stern one.

Glancing over the audience he raised his arms in a dramatic way before shouting out loud.

“Finally! It’s the time! All the best items we saved for last are about to be revealed!”

“This round of auction contains 3 articles, and each of them could be said to be very precious, the extent of which is noticeably higher quality than the ones before these!”

The higher priced ones sold for more than 100’000 before but at such a price it’s still enough to join the big league here. The big leagues here are way more precious.

Perhaps it’s the old dude’s serious tone, the audience all felt very tense, their hearts started increasing in pace.

The crystal ball projection expanded a few times larger. One by one rows of scrolls appeared in the projection taking up an approxomate 3/4 of the image, it made it look grand. On the scrolls were inscribed scalding gold letters – ‘Gale rending slashing method’.

“This is a high tier battle skill! It’s name is as you see, it’s a skill created by a tier 7, it’s effect is stupendously great, if one were to perfect this technique then within the same tier one could climb to the top of that tier, even if it’s against a foe of a higher tier, one might also be able to harm the foe!”

The audience all stared wide eyed with their body lurching forward as if they could reduce their distance with the item this way. Heavy breathing ensued.

High tier battle skill! Strongest within the same tier! Tier override!

These magic words had a special place in the hearts of many present, heck some of the audience began to shout ‘ Yo, what’s the hold up let’s bid!’.

Sitting high up in the VIP room, he issued a apathetic laugh against the auctioneer’s statement, he’s not hiding even hiding his derision.

A high tier battle skill is pretty nice, but high tier also means it’s hard to train!

The battle skill needs at least tier 5 to properly cultivate in it.

Strongest within the tier? More like overstatement on steroids. You have a high tier skill? Well funny the other guy has one as well, everyboday has one! Can it fight with the big ass families? Which one of the disciple/daughter/son/relative/zoidberg in them big ass families don’t have one or two high tier battle skills? Pshaw.

It’s nothing but a mere tier 7 battle skill. Suppose one were to cultivate it to perfection, magnifique and fabulous pre tier 7. When one comes to tier 7 and still relies on this sappy thing then the guy will surely get his ass handed to him.

This is all in the context of one being Wu Yan though, his situation might not be an accurate representation of other people’s situation…

Each one of his abilities are obtained from the System. And these abilities are practically crammed inside his head with perfect learning.

To him cultivating in battle skills and whatnot is totally inefficient a way to increase one strength. The dude is insensitive to the plight of other who doesn’t enjoy the same ‘privileges’. They can’t learn something instantly, never mind high tier battle skills even low tier ones have to be picked up through deliberate practice.

Now that there’s a chance to learn one naturally they wouldn’t give up pursuing it.

Just like an exquisite item it has been tagged with the price also soared into 100’000 gold.

They looked on sa the price soared through 100’000, and then 200’000, it’s still going up, the 3 looked at each other in dismay.

Finally the battle skill that might as well been another bowl of rice to Wu Yan got sold off at a consideration of 350’000 gold.

When the old dude said ‘sold’ many among the audience sighed, sighing at the fact that this ‘godly skill’ just isn’t meant for them. Wu Yan on the other hand can’t help restraining his smile.

Wiping the invisible sweat on his forehead the old dude raised his arms once more to calm the audience down.

“Everyone please don’t get upset, the next item absolutely won’t disappoint!”

When the audience heard this they sat their ass straight and tight while throwing their gaze over at the old dude. A chill went up his old spine as his chrysanthemum (Tl: chinese euphemism for anus) clenched up.

The projection changed and a slim katana without a guard appeared in everyone’s field of vision. On its side laid its sheathe, it may be a projection but that sword shine is so sharp and so alive that every one who looked at it could just feel it.

When the weapon appeared the old dude became a bit excited like the sword is his possession.

“Everybody, the next article is the second last item of this round’s auction. Here it is!”

The audience looked at the eccentric design of the weapon and casted their doubtful sight on the old dude.

Sure it looks all sharp and all but the ones who could appreciate its abilities were few in numbers. As real as it looks, it’s only a projection and not the real thing, surely it can’t be that easy for the laymen to judge it.

The auctioneer guffawed before throwing out a line that got them riled up yet again..

“It’s slim appearance be deceiving, its design be intriguing! This, my friends, is a Mainstream Armament!”

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