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Published at 23rd of June 2020 03:55:54 PM
Chapter 568

Maximum impact, Apollon, Chrysaor, and lightning strike, any single one of these attacks could split the sky and decimate the earth . With this combined attack, the land had been turned on its own head . The shockwave spread from the impact zone and the sound shot straight into high heaven, blocking out everything in this area .

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The shockwave threatened to engulf Hinagiku & co . Like a tsunami wave, the oppressive residue came for the expedition team . Their backs started turning wet with sweat .


“What are you people doing spacing out like that?!”


Fei Fei yelled at them .


“Magicians, bring up defensive formations and spells!”


The elite expedition team finally realized that this isn’t the time to be zoning out . They took out their wands and staffs and they quickly got into defensive formations .


The shockwave fell right before Sylph and the other magicians deployed their defensive spells . A curtain of light appeared in front of everyone, blocking the shockwave .


Tang Clink Clank


The curtain of light actually lasted 10 seconds before cracking like glass on the verge of shattering . The others heaved an amazed sigh when they saw fine lines spreading across the curtain of light .


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It’s just the residue shockwave and it actually shook the curtain of light until it is wobbling in such a chaotic manner . This barrier was composed of the composite power of Sylph and close to 40 other magicians focusing on defensive spells . They wondered what kind of damage the ape king, the target, actually took from this combo attack .


Luckily, when the defensive spell broke apart, the shockwave already died down . The surrounding is also eerily silent, they looked at the area where the attacks fell and they were stunned out of their minds .


The attacks totally wrecked the whole place, it’s basically a wasteland at this point, trees and grass got obliterated out of existence with deep fissures in the ground . They had to squint their eyes to observe the trees on the far side .


A crater at least a 100-meter in radius is at the center of this wasteland . The smoke coming from the crater was denser than the faint smoke around the area . Nobody could see what it’s like in the crater due to this obstruction . Wu Yan, Mikoto, Ikaros, and Astrea floated in the sky as they looked at the crater .


The expedition team exchanged looks with each other . They gulped as they looked at the 4 people floating in the sky, their eyes filled with admiration and fear . It is only now that they are fully aware that the legends that they created in Silvaria World Institute were by no means exaggerated, it might have been understated considering the evidence at hand .


4 tier 8 individuals that took on a tier 9 monster, they actually managed to hold their own in such a despairing fight . It’s certainly something that can be entered in the annals of history . Four peak tier 6 individuals could probably win against a newly minted tier 7 . Four peak tier 7 individuals could probably fight a new tier 8 individual to achieve a tie . However, for four peak tier 8 individuals to fight a new tier 9 individual, well, those four better pray they can run fast .


It’s simply impossible to continue winning against opponents in another class above oneself as the individual progresses up the totem pole of power . What they just witnessed, is the feat of 4 tier 8 individuals fighting against a tier 9 foe and even dragging the fight out until such an extent . They are basically the pride of all tier 8 individuals .


If they found out that only one of the four of them actually reached tier 8, what would they think?


“Di-did they do it?…”

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Kinuhata Saiai was breathing heavily as she asked the girls around her . She forgot to append her favorite verbal tic due to how invested she was in this fight both emotionally and mentally .


Hinagiku and Shokuhou Misaki exchanged a look . They lowered their head in disquiet . They saw the grim looks on their allies so they wordlessly expressed their thoughts .


Sylph, Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi were changing their expressions unsteadily . They had a bad feeling in their guts .


In the air, Wu Yan was panting like crazy . He looked intently at the smoke-covered crater with Nietono no Shana in his hands . He’s also sweating very hard . Ikaros, Astrea, and Mikoto who learned how to use iron sand to levitate herself all came to his side as they watched the crater . They opened their system evaluation to analyze the crater .


They unleashed their full power and they are more or less worn out by this . However, they never let down their guards despite their exhaustion . They knew that if they slipped up, it’s not only them who would pay dearly, their comrades would be drawn into the turmoil too!




Mikoto murmured .


“Did we win?”


Wu Yan scanned the smoky area and he looked perturbed to say the least . Something told him that it wouldn’t be as easy as this…

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An ear-piercing howl came from within the crater . Wu Yan’s chest tightened and he focused on the emerging black figure . The blurry figure shot out from inside the smoke at an alarming speed .


Wu Yan, Mikoto, Ikaros, and Astrea were taken aback by this sudden burst of speed . They evaded by flying away from their original spots .


Wu Yan couldn’t escape in time and he couldn’t even catch a firm glimpse of the attacker before a heavy feeling came for him .


Wu Yan raised his Nietono no Shana in front of him, putting it in between himself and the attack . The blade only managed to mitigate the attack as the attack blew the blade away and landed easily on Wu Yan’s body .


Wu Yan got slammed into the distance like someone fired a missile with his body as the projectile . He spewed an impossible amount of blood .


“Yan (Master)!”


Mikoto, Ikaros, and Astrea yelled in horror . They forgot that Wu Yan is a True Ancestor and they committed a grave mistake of taking their eyes off the ape king . They headed for Wu Yan .


Taking this chance, the ape king bellowed and it adjusted itself in midair, heading straight for Mikoto & co in an incredible second wind .


“Don’t come here!”


Wu Yan was scared witless by this scene . He stopped himself in the air despite his severe injuries . He called forth every energy in what remained of his body to charge at Mikoto & co like never before . He got there in the nick of time to stand between the ape king and Mikoto .


The ape king couldn’t care less who stood in its way, they are all enemies to it so it just swung a fist out at Wu Yan, easily impaling Wu Yan in the chest, leaving a gaping hole in his body .


Indescribable agony entered Wu Yan’s mind . He used all his power to raise an arm, the arm with the sealing bracelet!


“Seal, release!”


A red band disappeared from the sealing bracelet . An aura that took the form of a boundless sea of blood came from a distance, almost out of nowhere and it enveloped the ape king .


The expression on the ape king froze up as it looked at the source, a figure glistening in a deep red hue .




Flandre-chan greeted the ape king with eyes flashing in bloody glints .

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