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Published at 22nd of June 2020 02:25:04 PM
Chapter 567


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Wu Yan and Mikoto cried out in alarm . They turned towards the Longarm ape king with anger in their eyes . Two bolts of lightning streaked across the air, enveloping the Longarm ape king in a cafe of lightning .




The lightning struck the ape king and slightly charred the golden fur of the Longarm ape king . The attacks failed to harm the ape king but the creature is still mad as hell that someone tried to harm it . Flexing its arms, the lightning was easily dispelled .


The longarm ape king charged at Wu Yan in a blur of golden light . It made craters due to its immense weight and power . Hinagiku & co only saw the ground breaking apart but not much else due to how fast the ape traveled in such a short span of time .


Wu Yan clenched down on Nietono no Shana as he braced for impact . Flames sprouted forth from his flaming blade, he let the flames engulf him turning himself into a burning man in the process .


The ape king raised its claw in the air, it’s getting ready to give Wu Yan & co a giant bestial swipe when it is within range . When Wu Yan seared himself, if it attacked Wu Yan like this then wouldn’t it be harmed by the fire? The ape king hesitated in its subconscious mind .


At tier 9, this ape king already had basic analytical powers . A human would think twice about putting their arms in flames, this ape king had the same notion .


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But, when it saw the bodies of its followers and descendants, the ape king felt another wave of rage take over . It couldn’t care about anything anymore and it sent a mighty slap at the burning figure, slapping the human within far away!




Mikoto gasped . She took out a coin and she flipped it into the air as it fell onto her charged hand . The coin turned sizzling white and she shot the coin out as a railgun projectile that looked like a menacing orange laser . It hit the ape king without a hitch .




Shrouded by a storm of dust and smoke, Ikaros fired missiles into the dust cloud, hitting the ape king within .


Boom boom boom


The ape king swatted down the missiles while bellowing in anger . It grabbed a piece of the ground bigger than it in size and it tossed it at Ikaros like it’s throwing a small pebble .


Ikaros deployed her Aegis without flinching . The barrier looked like a holographic projection and when the boulder hit the surface of the barrier, the boulder shattered easily . How can a piece of rock possibly compare in terms of hardness against the Aegis?


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Ikaros calm look changed when the boulder shattered, a black figure appeared behind the vestiges of the boulder .


The ape king didn’t give a damn that the enemy is a beauty who could cause the downfalls of countries, it unleashed a massive punch at the Aegis .


The Aegis held on for a short while but the ape king’s terrifying strength cracked the barrier . Ditching magic and focusing on physical abilities, this ape king had one of the toughest body in all the demonic beasts . A simple punch had such an astonishing effect .


When the Aegis cracked, Ikaros appeared in front of the ape king . With a cold and indifferent look in its eyes, the ape king raised its other fist and slammed it down at Ikaros’ head . The fist pushed away the air around it, if this struck, even if she didn’t die, she would be out cold for a long time .


A bolt of large lightning broke apart the firmament at this critical juncture . This force of nature struck the ape king .


It’s Mikoto’s strongest attack, Lightning Strike .


Against this ape king, Mikoto pulled no punches, she went all out to charge and bring forth this lightning strike . She managed to smite the ape king with lightning before the ape king can land its attack on Ikaros’ head .


A pillar of flame attacked the ape king from below, the two attacks formed of purgatory of flame and lightning as they connected with the ape king .


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It’s Maximum Impact: Small flame


Lightning strike and Maximum Impact: Small flame at the same time, the ape king fell with a trail of smoke . The impact site was generously decorated by a rain of homing missiles .




Boom boom boom boom boom


Before the ape king even touched the ground it’s already scorched by the explosions . As a result, it fell to the ground with even more force .


The ape king got buried by the missiles and the falling momentum . Large chunks of rock erupted into the air as another dust storm shielded the impact area from everyone’s vision .


Ikaros, Astrea, Wu Yan, and Mikoto are heaving due to their non-stop attacks . They didn’t completely stop, even Astrea knew she didn’t deliver enough damage, what’s more to say of the others?


The ape king’s overly-developed body gave it immense endurance . Its body is a weapon in itself, it’s very perilous to be on the receiving end of its brutish strength . Wu Yan & co took advantage of the ape king’s inability to fly and limited attack range in order to gang up on the creature . However, it’s far from enough to bring this enemy down .


Hence, the next instant, Wu Yan opened up a lot of red rippling portals behind him . With countless cannons ready to fire, lightning flashed within each and every cannon . Ikaros also took out a very malevolent-looking black bow as she pulled the bowstring, a burning dark purplish flaming arrow nocked and ready to fire . Astrea made her lightsaber enlarge until it formed a heaven-piercing gigantic blade . Mikoto channeled her lightning as per usual .


“Maximum impact!!!”






“Lightning strike!!!”


A barrage of bluish-white laser came out of the cannons in the Gate of Babylon, a dark purplish burning arrow, a giant bolt of lightning, and a giant sword fell at the same time on the target hidden within the smoke .


The heaven itself went silent as if in a tense mood .



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