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Chapter 549

This was too sudden for them, nobody saw this double attack coming . The creature that did this obviously expected its initial spear and water balls to be blocked so it lashed out at Kinuhata Saiai with its black tentacle . Fei Fei, Bing Ling, Bishi, and Wu Yan & co didn’t respond in time .

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Kinuhata Saiai’s nearest comrade is Frenda . She’s actually a bit weaker than Kinuhata Saiai, rather than help, it’s more like they are both in trouble .


Wu Yan & co reacted but it’s too late for them to do anything for Kinuhata Saiai, this attack is going to connect no matter what they did . Kinuhata Saiai started putting together more Nitrogen Armor to mitigate as much damage as possible, she gave up on thwarting this attack .


An icy blue light lit up in front of Kinuhata Saiai . A thick 1-meter wall of ice suddenly appeared between Kinuhata Saiai and the black tentacle .


The frosty aura of the ice expanded as the thick block of ice spun in midair . The black tentacle got repelled when it touched the spinning ice block .


Because of the immense repelling force, the black tentacle struggled for a short while, recovering from the shock, the black tentacle whipped at Kinuhata Saiai again . The 1 second bought by this ice block is enough to turn the tide of battle .


This series of attacks spanned less than 3 seconds . They realized their momentary moment of surprise almost got Kinuhata Saiai hurt . Other than Ikaros and Flandre-chan, the rest of them got angry .


Bluish-white lightning came forth from Wu Yan and Mikoto . Like two lightning gods that furiously descended from the heavens, they bashed the black tentacle mercilessly, their lightning struck the black tentacle .


Their brilliant display of power made the other expedition members gasp in shock . Before they are done closing their jaws, the lightning traveled along the black tentacle and shocked its owner hiding in the mist .




The creature cried in pain . It’s not loud but it carried the owner’s strength as it blew away weaker members of the expedition member . A mere wail of pain is enough to disorganize the expedition team .

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Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi looked at the direction where the shout came from with grim looks .


“This aura, it’s not a peak tier 7 demonic beast…”


Bing Ling’s expression darkened .


“Even Wu Yan who can fight beyond the limitation of tiers can’t put out this oppressive aura . ”


Bishi agreed with a difficult look .


“Looks like we have got a tier 8 demonic beast on our hands…”


Staring into the fog, Fei Fei sighed silently . This happened just when they are starting to delve into the deeper areas of the Giant Beasts Forest .


Wu Yan wouldn’t know what the three of them thought, he didn’t care enough to ask . The reason: He’s utterly pissed off .


Two portals rippled behind him and a pair of iron sand swords came slicing out of the portals . He magnetically controlled the blades to chop the black tentacle up into pieces .



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Bellowing in deeper pain than before, the creature groaned beyond the mist . This didn’t alleviate his anger .


He stored the blades away but his eyes are still flashing with cold golden glints . Anyone’s heart would stop if they saw his look right now .


Inhaling deeply, he calmed down a bit and he appeared in front of Kinuhata Saiai .


“Saiai-chan, are you alright?”


Kinuhata Saiai patted her chest before shrugging this off, she still looked a bit spooked but that’s it .


“I am super okay! I am so super lucky that the block of ice blocked the attack for me . It would have hurt if that attack struck me!”


Hinagiku and Mikoto encircled her as they examined her for any sign of damage . Kinuhata Saiai didn’t know how to address them so she awkwardly took it .


Wu Yan thanked Sylph .


“Thank you for saving Saiai-chan…



Sylph shook her head and she said nothing . It’s pretty amazing for her to respond, Wu Yan felt odd, they just met and Sylph has always maintained a distant attitude with them .

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It’s not because she thinks it beneath herself to associate with Wu Yan, this is just her natural personality . Only someone she truly accepts into her heart will elicit any form of reaction from her . Astrea only came up on Sylph’s radar after soundly defeating the princess . Before that, Wu Yan never appeared once in her thoughts .


But, for some reason, maybe Wu Yan’s mistaken or something, she’s been warming up to him since this morning, when they left the hilly area they camped at .


He started thinking back about his actions after returning to Silvaria . True enough, he can’t find anything that would have caused this change in attitude which made Wu Yan even more perplexed .


Wu Yan put away his doubt and he remembered he still had something to do .


“You guys…”


Wu Yan scanned the mist and he told the others .


“Stand down, I want to do this next part myself…”


Wu Yan’s tone sent chills up the spines of the expedition members who heard him . His icy tone belied the volcano-like wrath threatening to take over him .


Fei Fei and the others stopped any attempt to object .


Wu Yan has been chilling since entering this forest, no demonic beasts can invoke this amount of emotional reaction from him . Even the prospect of meeting tier 9 demonic beasts only made him frown a bit but he soon recovered . But, even a child can tell he’s royally mad .


Kinuhata Saiai almost got hurt because they were stunned .


Wu Yan felt guilty but more than that, he’s very furious that this creature tried to harm his partners .


The creature that got struck with lightning bolts also lost its cool, the creature struck first .


Swish swish swish swish swish


A rain of water spears appeared from within the mist . Easily piercing the expedition team’s defensive formations, the spears rained down on Wu Yan .


Lifting his head slightly, he met the attack with an equally impressive bombardment of iron swords . Like dark spears springing forth from a crimson abyss, he expanded his Gate of Babylon and he easily made the water spears look like shredded papers with his iron sand swords .


“How dare you attack my people…”


Wu Yan unsheathed a blade that suddenly started burning after he took it out from a portal behind him . He brandished the flame sword . The metallic shine and the raging flames reflected his indomitable resolve and wrath .


“I am going to cut you into ribbons!”


When his words fell, everyone’s vision started turning red as the scarlet-red fire filled their lines of sight . At the same time, the temperature started heating up to an unbearable degree…

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