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Chapter 548

The dense fog didn’t go away even if they stayed stationary . They only exchanged a few simple sentences with each other . But, it didn’t take long for the fog to get thicker . They can barely make out the faces of their friends who are nearby .

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“What now? Are we waiting for the mist to clear up before we move or…”


Fei Fei asked Bing Ling and Bishi for suggestions . Both of them shook their head bitterly . They aren’t sure what to do too…


Nobody expected a weather event like this considering how spontaneously this happened . They ordered their members to stay still . If they moved around recklessly then that would be foolish of them . They hosted another brief meeting to discuss their next moves .


Wu Yan saw the four leaders talking it out so he pouted his lips in boredom . He opened his item shop to see if there’s anything he can use to dispel this annoying mist . Suddenly, his hand stopped moving .


Their surrounding is very silent, yet, a series of scuttling sound came from a distance . It got close pretty soon and they thought it’s a trick played by the wind . But, they immediately perceived something odd . Rather than the wind rustling the branches of the trees, it’s like something is brushing rapidly past the branches, something sinister .


“We’ve got company!”


Fei Fei, Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi got into battle formation . They equipped their armament, the other team members also got into their respective positions, displaying their prowess as elites who were assembled for this expedition . They made sure there’s no hole in their defensive formation .


With their keen hearing, they heard the sound of something slithering on the ground although they can’t see clearly due to the fog .


Peeling their eyes open, they scanned the area for abnormalities . Time ticked on the weird noises stayed but there are no unusual movements at all .


Wu Yan frowned .


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Mikoto shook her head .


“The wind isn’t something has a set rhythm, this feels organic, this is defnitely no wind!”




Ikaros’ eyes flashed red and she explained herself .


“My radar has detected lifeforms in the vicinity . ”


“Yes, I can vouch for that, there is something else here . ”


Shokuhou Misaki nodded .


“I can detect mental waves in the surrounding area . ”


“You do?”

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Wu Yan continued .


“Can you control them?”


“Not possible . ”


Shokuhou Misaki shook her head without hesitation .


“It’s beyond my current abilities, most likely it’s…”




Hinagiku conjured her weapon in a flurry of sakura petals . A long crystal sword appeared in her hand, glittering faintly even with the low luminosity in this area .


“It’s a tier 8 demonic beast!”


When they heard the words “Tier 8 demonic beast” their chests tightened . The noise died down and something flew at the group while tearing the air in its wake .


“It’s here!”


Somebody yelled out loud and they saw black figures emerging from within the fog . What appeared was a bunch of floating water balls .

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With around a meter in diameter, the glistening metallic-looking water ball came crashing down at the expedition team . It’s a ball of liquid but a ton of magic power imbued it .


Nobody doubted the damage it can bring, if anyone got hit then they would probably be mortally wounded or worse .


Bing Ling poured his douqi out and he covered the liquid balls with his energy . Soon, the liquid balls froze up and fell to the floor .


Bing Ling’s action was followed by others, they started defending against the water balls .


The armaments drew afterimages as they slammed against the water balls . The members are performing better than they did yesterday as they successfully destroyed or repelled the water balls .


However, there are just way too many water balls than they can possibly handle . Bing Ling neutralized a part of it and the rest also did a good job defending . They evaded if they can’t defend . Soon, some water balls slipped past their defenses, the trajectory seems to be heading towards Sylph . Sylph started giving off a blue sheen of magic power .


With a simple wave of her hand, she summoned forth a lot of ice shards, using the surrounding fog as material to conjure them . She also swiftly lowered the immediate temperature in this area .


The ice shards got engulfed by the water balls but the ice shards managed to slow the water balls down, giving the others an easier time to deal with them .


Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi defended the front while overseeing the other team members . In a storm of battle techniques, magic, and armament, they watched as the water balls got destroyed one by one . They felt a bit helpless when Sylph intervened .


To think she would have to bail them out at the start of their journey into the center of the Giant Beasts Forest .


A terrifying noise came as a fire-red figure appeared from within the mist . With its appearance, it called forth another wave of water balls that are larger than the previous ones .  


The elite team members are ill-prepared for this attack . In a panic, they did what they could but they were forced back by the entity . It didn’t take long for another gap in defense to appear .


A water spear shot out from within the fog, it passed through the gap and would soon hit Kinuhata Saiai .


Kinuhata Saiai’s turned serious, she raised her right arm and a dense packet of air appeared around her fist, it’s like a glove made of air . She slammed her augmented fist at the water spear .


Another water spear, smaller but faster, shot out at her like a lightning bolt . This spear hit her fist, dispelling the condensed air she had on her hand .


Even Kinuhata Saiai didn’t see this coming, she gasped and tried to manifest a nitrogen armor around herself . Due to that, she only managed to conjure a thin layer of compressed air .




The spear slammed into Kinuhata Saiai, dispelling her nitrogen armor in the process .


Kinuhata Saiai breathed a sigh of relief when she discovered that she’s unharmed . She was about to say something when Mikoto & Hinagiku cried out in shock while Kinuhata Saiai tensed up .


“Watch out!”


A black sticky looking tentacle came thrashing out from the mist, the target, Kinuhata Saiai .

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