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Chapter 533

From a distance, Sylph’s sapphire blue eyes fell upon Wu Yan & co . She started walking towards them after looking for a while . Bing Ling and Bishi exchanged a glance before they followed her .

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The others also noticed their approach just like Wu Yan & co . They piped down and they let them approach .


Sylph looked at Wu Yan, Mikoto, and Ikaros in turn before finally looking at Astrea . Bishi and Bing Ling also looked at Wu Yan & co . Bing Ling focused on Wu Yan while Bishi focused on Hinagiku .


The last grand tournament is still a hot topic in Silvaria World Institute . Everyone knew about what transpired in the last tournament . They knew why Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi approached Wu Yan & co .


Wu Yan and exchanged a look with Hinagiku . They looked back at the three team leaders who are here for some reason . Both parties didn’t say anything . Meanwhile, Astrea looked back at Sylph who is examining her intently . She tilted her head with a floating question mark on top of her head .


“Why are you looking at me?…”


Astrea is a bit awkward after Sylph stared so hard at her . She grumbled in a dissatisfied tone . Her honest and blunt manner of speech against a princess lightened up the mood . They sighed in a helpless manner .


Sylph replied in a plain tone .


“Next time, I will win…”



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Astrea has no clue what she is going on about but the person herself had already left .


“What’s her deal?!”


Mikoto clenched her fists .


“She stole my line, I am going to beat you next time, you hear me?!”


Sylph returned to her camp without turning around, it’s unclear if she heard Mikoto . Bing Ling and Bishi also left after taking another look at Wu Yan and Hinagiku .


Astrea stuck her tongue out at the three after wrinkling her nose .


“What a bunch of weirdos…”


Wu Yan shook his head . He couldn’t care less about what they had to say . It might seem weird to the others but he knows that they are probably dissatisfied with their losses .


The others resumed resting . Even after finding out about the sound-proofing feature of this barrier, the others still maintained a low volume when talking .

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After half an hour, Sylph, Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi stood up . They issued the same command .


“Prepare to move out!”


They gathered up their stuff and they congregated at the meeting point . After dispelling the barrier, the barrier collapsed like poured water . The situation outside the barrier became apparent to them .


Suddenly, 5 blurry figures attacked the people closest to the barrier the moment the barrier fell . Before they realized it, some of their men got jumped by the 5 blurry figures . The smell of iron permeated the air, the ones that got attacked lost their lives in almost an instant .


A closer look revealed that the cause of death was traumatic damage to the head, they quite literally got their heads eaten, blood spurted out of their mauled necks .


The others were stunned . It’s like they can’t react to the present situation . The 5 blurry figures are already on their way to attack the others .


“You fools! Take defensive positions!”


Wu Yan yelled in anger . He managed to call them back to reality but the black figures are already in a position to attack another group of men .


Bishi and Bing Ling defended their men from the attacks of the black figures . They managed to slice two of the figures into halves with their armament, a pair of ice daggers and an arming sword .


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A black sword, a sword beam congealed from dou qi, and an icy dagger struck down the remaining 3 figures . Surprised by this sudden ambush, the only thing the others noted after things settled down is the bodies of the 5 demonic wolves that just ambushed them .


Wu Yan grinned sarcastically . He closed the portal behind him and he turned towards Fei Fei and Sylph who lowered their weapons .


“Are these your so-called elites?”


Sylph and Fei Fei lowered their head . The rest of the expedition members finally realized the situation they are in . They started feeling very embarrassed about how they almost pissed their pants at an ambush . They were supposed to be better than that .


Bing Ling and Bishi both released a sigh . They returned to Sylph and Fei Fei’s sides . A heavy mood surrounded the expedition team .


Wu Yan shook his head, he continued in a cold tone .


“Save your mopping for another time . ”


Sylph & co raised their heads in a hurry and they saw it…


Jet-black fur, green eyes filled with malice, mouthes dripping with saliva, their low growls that would chill the spine of anyone who heard them . A pack of 2-meter tall wolves emerged from the cover of the forest .


Black demonic wolves: Lvl 60 – Lvl 68


This pack of wolves consisted of 30 demonic wolves that are around level 60 to level 68 . They prowled around the expedition team as they slowly surrounded the expedition company .


Excluding Wu Yan & co and Fei Fei, the others all inhaled grimly .


“Ara, we are surrounded…”


Shokuhou Misaki said as if this isn’t related to her . Isn’t she taking this way too easily? Are they not in a pinch?


“Damn, since when…”


Bing Ling gnashed his teeth . He clenched down on his icy daggers . This pack of wolves could be dispatched but he could sense 3 level 68 demonic wolves among this pack of wolves .


Fei Fei & the rest of the expedition stared at the pack of wolves in a grave manner .


Even without the System’s scanning ability, they can all feel that this battle won’t be easy unless you’re as strong as Sylph and the rest, that is .


They started channeling dou qi and magic power like properly-trained elites . A battle can break out at any moment .

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