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Chapter 532

Giant Beasts Forest is a perfect arena to test out one’s skill in Silvaria . Anyone with a little bit of power or cultivation came here at some point in their lives to train and practice . In fact, almost everyone participating in this expedition has experienced what it’s like to fight in Giant Beasts Forest .

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This is also the place where Fei Fei first met Wu Yan . People generally stay clear of the deeper regions of Giant Beasts Forest unless they have the strength to fight off the stronger beasts inside those areas . Wu Yan also chose to stay away from the deeper areas of the Giant Beasts Forest .


Since everyone was familiar with Giant Beasts Forest, they noticed the forest had a different air to it upon entry . The scenes looked the same but somehow the forest felt different .


Tier 5 beasts and below are common in the outer areas of Giant Beasts Forest, it’s also the largest area of the Giant Beasts Forest . Those with greater strength tend to live deeper into the forest, closer to the center . The stronger the beasts are, the more likely one can find them near the center of the forest .


It’s based on this natural caste system that Lei Wang hypothesized the location of the beast king . He said the beast king is probably located somewhere in the center of the Giant Beasts Forest .


Tier 5 monsters were the apex predator in the outer areas of the Giant Beasts Forest . Yet, it’s not even 10 minutes and they have already encountered tier 7 demonic beasts .


Tier 7 monsters would have spelled doom for adventurers looking for treasures in the past . But, this expedition had tons of talented elites .


Even the weakest members of this expedition had Lvl 60 or above strength . They also had tier 8 leaders with them, killing these beasts would have been a cinch . But, since they didn’t come here to train or hunt . The leaders told their subordinates to proceed with stealth, fighting only when it’s necessary .


This was done because their main objective is to scout and fighting would only exhaust them and would probably also attract more monsters .


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Maintaining stealth with around a hundred people is arguably very hard . The chances of being spotted increased with the number of people sneaking around . But, with legions of monsters patrolling the area, if they split up and got discovered, that squad would probably get decimated or at best, be routed .


Befitting their elite status, the scouting expedition managed to sneak their way past the monsters . After that, the number of demonic beasts decreased drastically so it became easier for them to sneak past the monsters .


Since silence is of utmost importance, nobody talked . They made a lot of effort to kill the sound of their footsteps . Flandre-chan is also very obedient as she didn’t make a peep along the way .


The sun got brighter and brighter, given the intensity of the sunlight hitting the floor of the forest, it’s clear that they have been traveling for quite some time now .


Fei Fei & co did their job properly, they were vigilant of their surroundings lest they miss important clues . They also relayed orders very efficiently . Fei Fei noticed a vacant clearing in the forest and she signaled to Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi to come and check it out .


They approached the vacant area and they started surveying the area . After due diligence, they exchanged looks and they nodded .


The leader signaled for their subordinates to come over . They formed a perimeter and they started chanting with closed eyes .


Slowly, a translucent barrier started materializing and it enshrouded the area .


After the cubic barrier was set up, the others released a sigh of relief . Their tense expressions loosened up, the leaders, Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi are also relieved . Only Sylph kept her emotionless expression on .


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“Alright, everyone, rest up, we will resume after a bit . ”


Fei Fei told her subordinates . Her voice was loud, it’s okay since their barrier had sound-proofing capabilities .


The other 3/4 of the company didn’t heed her, not that Fei Fei cared . She went towards her own camp .


Sylph signaled to her subordinates with an approving nod and another 1/4 of the company started resting . The remaining half of the company proceeded towards their camps to rest up with Bing Ling and Bishi’s approval .


Wu Yan pursed his lips, he’s not amused with them . This is why he hated dealing with nobles . They are supposed to be representing humans and they can’t even work together in a time like this . He would rather be tormented by a Tsundere than to conform to their formal and senseless procedures .


Wu Yan didn’t say anything, their survival are of no concern to him, he’s here to protect Fei Fei, after all .


Fei Fei finished organizing her force and she came over to Wu Yan & co’s site .


“Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, & the other girls should take this chance to rest as well…”




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Shokuhou Misaki is heaving while blushing red, she almost couldn’t catch her breath .


“That was a different kind of hell, we had to move around for so long in such a careful manner, somebody kill me…”


Mikoto looked at Shokuhou Misaki with much schadenfreude . It infuriated Shokuhou Misaki very much but she can’t come up with a rebuttal since it’s the truth that she’s not good with anything that required stamina .


“Shokuhou, you should train your body more…”


Hinagiku said in a worried manner . The others laughed out loud while Shokuhou Misaki clenched her teeth with embarrassment .


“I don’t need to train my body! My brain is more than enough!”


Shokuhou Misaki’s forced façade only made the others laugh harder . Their chuckles attracted the attention of Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi .


Fei Fei looked at Flandre-chan with a stern expression, the person herself is busy snuggling up against Wu Yan .


“I didn’t get the chance to bring this up before but, Yan, why did you bring Flan inside this place? The Giant Beasts Forest is a very dangerous place, if anything goes awry, what are you going to do about Flan?”


“Flan doesn’t need protection!”


Flandre-chan pouted .


“Flan’s very strong, you know?!”


“Ya hear that?”


Wu Yan grinned .


“That’s how it is…”




Fei Fei rolled her eyes . She turned around while grumbling about how they didn’t take her words of concern seriously .


Fei Fei didn’t know then that Flandre-chan was speaking the truth .

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