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Published at 25th of March 2020 02:09:42 PM
Chapter 510

Tengu city, commercial center, a certain couple’s restaurant .

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Sitting at the gaudily designed table, Shiori wondered how she got herself into this mess . She stared at the menu with a serious look, it’s like there’s a winning lottery ticket for 5 million bucks in the menu . However, her head slowly lowered from the attentions she’s getting .


The other customers are more interested in Shiori and Tobiichi Origami than their own food . They are all curious about the pair of beautiful girls dining at the table, they didn’t realize their food had turned cold .


Shiori wanted to cry . Now she knew how Wu Yan felt when everyone stared at him in school yesterday .


Meanwhile, Origami is browsing through the menu like nobody’s business . When she noticed Shiori’s awkward behavior she asked her about it because she honestly didn’t know why she’s like that .


“Is something the matter?”


I want to end someone, I want to get away from here, I want to fight you on the street, I want to quit…


Shiori thought about which one she should point out but she gave up with a sigh .


“It’s nothing, let’s order, after we eat we leave, period . ”


Shiori thought about running away but that would just attract more attention . It’s honestly better than being stared like a circus sitting here but Tobiichi Origami is a very astute person .


Any attempt at standing up would earn Shiori the instant attention of Tobiichi Origami . Her stare is so piercing that Shiori dispelled any thoughts of running away .

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Shiori decided to go with the flow . The sooner they finished this the sooner she can leave .


Shiori ordered some food and Tobiichi Origami followed suit .


The waiter tried to take their order with the most professional expression he can muster and he repeated their orders to ensure there are no mistakes . The waiter excused himself with awkward laughter . So begins Shiori’s longest torture .


Shiori buried her head under the menu, Origami started talking to her .


“Let’s go somewhere else after this!”


Shiori trembled, Enduring the urge to throw the menu at Tobiichi Origami and bail, she started sweating hard .


Next place? Yeah, there’s a next place, alright, the afterlife for me .


She can’t take this anymore, her heart is weak and her mind is on the verge of a breakdown . She wondered just how many years were shaved off her lifespan from the stress she suffered today .


Finally, as if some god or spirits out there heard her prayers, her chance to bail came .


The ceiling of the restaurant caught fire . The smoke alarms started blaring loudly .


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The other couples were startled by this sudden occurrence . The fire broke out from seemingly nowhere, they only noticed the fire when they felt the heat coming from the ceiling .




Somebody cried out and all hell broke loose . They charged at the nearest exit to escape .


“What the…”


Shiori didn’t know whether it’s good luck or bad luck that a fire broke out during this date .


Tobiichi Origami’s AST instinct kicked in and she grabbed Shiori .


“Let’s get out of here . ”


Shiori nodded . They stood up and started heading towards the exit . The exit is clogged by the sheer number of people not queuing up properly . A lot of useless boyfriends ditched their girlfriends behind to escape by themselves . A lot of breakups will probably happen after this incident .


Tobiichi Origami and Shiori didn’t think they stood a chance against the burly men fighting each other for the exit . They silently looked at the people at the exit . If they made their way out of the exit in an orderly fashion, they would have made it out already . However, the homo erectus clogging up the exit only thought about saving their own asses . If the fire kept going, this would be how they died .


Luckily for them, the fires stopped as if by conscious design . If it didn’t, they would most likely end up as charred bones .


“Typical humans, their selfishness always spelled their end…”

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Kurumi amused herself with their frantic display of selfishness and cruelty . But, her smile is very cold .


Wu Yan also bitterly smiled . Kurumi isn’t exactly the biggest fan of humanity, unlike Yoshino and Tohka who are more trusting than her . She’s on good terms with Shiori because she got to know her through Wu Yan & co .


Wu Yan looked at the restaurant and he mumbled .


“I hope Kotori don’t go overboard…”


“Seriously, the scumbags ruined it . ”


Above the restaurant, the figure in red is mad that they messed up her plans . She huffed .


“Making me use extra power to control the flames, if only I can burn off all your clothes so the world can look at your disgusting birthday suits as you guys go home…”


Of course, Kotori wouldn’t do something like that . She made sure the flames didn’t burn down the whole place .


Inside the restaurant, Shiori mumbled in a low volume .


“Are we going to die like this?”


Tobiichi Origami assured her .


“It’s okay, I am not going to let anything happen to you . ”


She looked at the flames on the ceiling and she continued in a grim tone .


“I won’t let anyone important to me die to fires again!”




Shiori gasped . She didn’t pursue the matter and she noticed something odd about the flames .


“Origami-san, the flames don’t show any signs of spreading?”


Tobiichi Origami is just as confused as her .


“That looks like the case…”


Shiori pulled Origami’s sleeve and she suggested a move that surprised Origami .


“We should put the fire out! If we put it out, we will be fine!”

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