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Published at 24th of March 2020 02:53:45 PM
Chapter 509

Shiori turned back and she walked away from the cafe . This isn’t what she signed up for .

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“I am going home now!”


Shiori got stopped, a pair of hands grabbed one of her hands . Origami’s expressionless face appeared in her field of vision .


Origami tried to smile but she looked very creepy in doing so . Shiori realized her perilous situation and she felt a chill climbing up her spine .


“Wh-what are you doing?…”


Shiori’s heart started racing . She knew something’s up and she subconsciously gulped . Raising her guard, Shiori didn’t know Origami’s smile is characteristic of a villain’s .


“Let’s go in . ”


She said nonchalantly, she ignored what Shiori had to say and she started dragging her towards the cafe .


“No! Let me go!”


Shiori struggled but Origami’s strength is too strong for her to resist . Origami dragged Shiori into the cafe  Wu Yan, Kotori, Kurumi, Tohka, and Yoshino watched in shock .


“They entered just like that?”


Kotori’s jaw dropped, she pointed at the cafe’s door . It’s like she discovered a new continent .


Kurumi blinked in astonishment . She smiled when she thought about something .


“Ara, things just heated up . ”


“This is too startling…”


Yoshino grabbed her hood and she pulled it down, she’s probably letting her imagination run wild because they could see her blushing .


“I knew it…”


Wu Yan is amused by this .


“Tobiichi Origami wants to get with Shiori…”

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“That girl…”


Kotori clenched her fists .


“I never pegged her for someone like that . She’s like a very quiet honor student, did she use her unassuming quiet demeanor as a disguise to do stuff like this?”


A notion came to Kotori and she yelled out loud .


“No! I won’t allow Tobiichi Origami to corrupt Onee-chan!”


Kotori tried to stomp over to the cafe but Wu Yan hurriedly stopped her .


“Kotori, what are you doing?”


“Do I need to spell it out loud?”


Kotori rolled her eyes at him, she flailed her arms and she replied .


“I am going to save Onee-chan!”


“Aiya, I don’t think that’s a good idea…”


Wu Yan voiced his honest thought on the matter .


“If we stopped them, we won’t get to watch this show anymore right?”




Kotori can’t believe Wu Yan is saying this at this juncture . She turned very dark .


“I see, so you came along because you wanted to watch this?!”


Wu Yan immediately regrets saying that . It’s obvious that Kotori isn’t in a good mood to joke around .



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Kotori stared holes into Wu Yan .


“Did you already know about Origami batting for the other team?”


“How can that be?”


Wu Yan’s eyes started wandering away from Kotori . Of course, Kotori recognized this as an admission of guilt .


Kotori almost jumped Wu Yan but Kurumi chimed in with a mischievous grin .


“Kotori, it’s not very classy to crush someone’s date, you know?…”


“You call that a date?”


Kotori is exasperated .


“If that’s the case, I will gladly do it . ”


Kurumi knew Kotori’s not going to listen to her so she just sighed in disappointment .


“Ara, that’s a shame, I wanted to see how Shiori will get herself out of this one…”


Kotori’s eyebrows jolted . She’s about to blow her top off and they are not cooling her down at all .


Tohka asked Yoshino in a small voice .


“Kotori looks dead set on disrupting Shiori’s date (of eating and drinking hard), should we help Shiori?”


Yoshino’s mouth widened but Yoshinon answered for her, the puppet laughed .


“Hehehe, isn’t it fine like this? Yoshinon wants to see what happens if she messed up their date…”


Apparently, these 3 people are here to watch the movie .


Kotori grabbed Wu Yan and she growled .


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“Unleash my seal!”




Wu Yan jumped in surprise .


“What are you going to do? I don’t want you to cause something huge here!”


Kotori smiled at him .


“Origami looks very obstinate, I have to go on a rampage or it wouldn’t garner her attention right?”


Wu Yan finds her dangerous attitude very unsettling .


“You’re not going to…”




Kotori yelled .


“I am going to burn that cafe down!”


“You need to calm down!”


Wu Yan and the other spirits are astonished by her resolve, she meant what she said . Wu Yan’s heart almost stopped from the shock .


“You should remember that your spiritual power is prone to go out of control!”


“I know, but that is if I exert myself, I am just going to start a little fire, I am going to be fine…”


Kotori continued talking .


“Stop dragging this out, I know my limits, there won’t be any civilian casualty!”


“I am not talking about that…”


He’s afraid that Kotori will blow her cover as a spirit if she used her powers here . That would be troubling indeed .


Origami blamed her parents’ death on the flame spirit known as Efreet, she thinks she’s the one who killed her parents .


Although, it was actually someone else who caused the death of her parents . But, at this point, Origami isn’t aware of the true identity of the killer . She’s going to go really crazy if she found out Kotori’s identity as a flame spirit .


“Unseal my powers right now!”


Kotori yelled at him in frustration .


“I am not going to use my Astral Dress, I will also make sure to not stand out too much, I don’t get what’s so hard about my request . ”


Wu Yan released a sigh of relief but he’s still hesitant .


“Don’t you think burning down a cafe is going overboard?”




Kotori had a nasty grin on her face right now .


“Ratatoskr can easily reimburse the damages done!”


Kotori ignored Wu Yan who froze up and she got closer to the cafe .


“Ara ara, what a reckless girl…”


Kurumi shook her head while chuckling .




Tohka asked Wu Yan in a concerned manner .


“Are you okay?”


Wu Yan clenched his fists when he saw Kotori who is very close to committing arson . He yelled out loud .


“I hate pretty girls!”

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