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Chapter 475

The orange laser is so radiant they had to close their eyes so as to not get blinded by its brilliance . The orange laser burned a clean hole through Tokisaki Kurumi’s back .

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The Kurumi clone that got hit didn’t even react in time before another flame pillar from the sky descended and turned her into ashes like a divine judgment from the heavens .




Kotori cried out in joy . Tohka, Yoshino, Mana, and Yatsuki are also happy to see the big hero finally make an appearance . Kurumi also looked at where the flame pillar and orange laser landed with glee .


A figure floated in the air as he slowly descended with the help of invisible platforms . It looked like he’s creating miracles but this guy is not here to entertain .


His black clothes fluttered with the wind . He had a flimsy-looking blade that looked very dangerous . His calm expression belied the roaring rage within .


“Shido (Shido-san)!”


Tohka and Yoshino called out to him without holding back . They had complete faith that once this person is here everything is settled .


“Squad leader . ”


Mana and Yatsuki endured their injuries to confirm the arrival of their superior . His presence assured them that all will be well .


“Ah~ Ah~”


Kurumi moaned for some reason . She placed her hands to her cheeks while shrieking like a fangirl .


“Shido, finally, you are here…”


Wu Yan scanned the area while ignoring Kurumi . He ascertained that Kotori, Tohka, Yoshino, and Shiori are all safe and sound . He released a sigh of relief .


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He turned his attention towards Mana and Yatsuki .


He saw the wounds they sustained and he frowned . He heard about their dispatch but even after rushing here using the teleportation device on Fraxinus he’s still a bit too late . His precious subordinates are already hurt .


When the two of them were sent out, Wu Yan still didn’t know about the kidnapping that took place at his house . The two of them faced Kurumi about the same time Wu Yan came out of his room, ill-prepared as they are .


Wu Yan managed to stop Kurumi before she can execute Yatsuki and Mana . Thank the heavens he got here in time .


Finally, Wu Yan turned his attention towards Kurumi . He stared down at her with malicious intent, this intention took the form of an invisible pressure that rained down upon that place .




Wu Yan said with a low tone .


“You’ve done it now…”


Kurumi felt strange when Wu Yan talked to her like a stranger . Her body flinched on a subconscious level . She expected him to come here yelling like a berserker and attacking without saying anything but she didn’t expect this little reaction from him . She felt very uncomfortable for an unknown reason .


Her joy is greater than the unknown fear lurking within her . She laughed in a joyful manner .


“Ara ara, Shido-san, I had to invite these guests over since you kept rejecting me every time in such a cruel fashion . ”


“I said this already but…”


Kurumi showed him an evil grin while tilting her head .


“You cannot say no…”

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“Is that so?…”


Wu Yan glanced at Kurumi . He then glanced at Yatsuki’s direction, he also glanced at Tohka and the girls’ direction .


“Let them go…”


Kurumi frowned at his calm tone .


His nonchalant attitude is really confusing for her . She donned a serious look .


“Since Shido-san is already here . The prelude should be waived, I have no further use for them . ”


Arms appeared from the ground beneath Mana and it transported her over to Tohka and the others before restraining her just like it did the other spirit girls .


“You guys should sit tight and witness the union between Shido and me…”


Kurumi laughed out loud like this is all a joke to her .


Wu Yan glared at her .


“What? Are you going to threaten me with hostages?”


“Ara ara, you’re misunderstanding something here…”


Kurumi rested her head on the tip of her flintlock gun . This is an event meant for the two of us so I am not going to let anyone else interfere .


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“Why don’t you let them go then?”


Wu Yan asked in a distant tone .


“Of course, that’s to make sure you don’t reject me by running away . ”


Kurumi shut her eyes and she spread her arms .


“It’s so hard chasing you down after you run away so I have to get a bunch of spectators to make sure you stay for the whole duration of this event . ”


Wu Yan looked at Kurumi with cold eyes . He tried moving his right hand towards Tohka and Yoshino but Kurumi stopped him before he can do anything .


“Ara ara, Shido-san, I said there should be no outsiders to interrupt us . How mean of you to make me repeat that…”



Kurumi chuckled and the arms binding Yoshino and Tohka tightened as they yelped in pain .


Wu Yan stopped trying to release their seal .


“I know about the thing between Shido-san and Tohka . ”


She said with a mischievous tone .


“Those arms are strong enough to crush an unarmored spirit . I seriously advise against releasing the spirits’ seals . I don’t know what might happen before you unleash their seals, they might go splat, you know?”


Wu Yan’s expression turned grim but he took Kurumi’s words seriously anyway . He stopped trying to release their sealing bracelet . He raised his head at Kurumi .


“You went overboard, Kurumi…”


This time, he failed to hide his anger and a bit of it leaked out in his tone .


“Reine, beam teleport Yatsuki back up . ”


Wu Yan’s voice was followed by a beam of light that teleported Yatsuki away from the battlefield . He was the only one who wasn’t restrained so he decided it would be best to evacuate him before the situation changes .




He walked towards her .


“I was busy thinking about how to save you just like how I saved Yoshino and Tohka . You see, I wanted nothing more than to see you smile in bliss…”


Kurumi’s expression collapsed and before she can say anything Wu Yan interrupted her .


“But, I understand now . ”


Wu Yan’s low tone reverberated throughout the surrounding area .


“I have run out of words to persuade you . I see almost no option left that would make your anguished heart move towards the better . I see now that pain is the only way to get through to you . ”


“Kurumi, I am going to whoop your ass . ”


“Ah… Hehe… Hahaha!!”


Kurumi giggled at first but she gradually increased her tone and volume until she’s laughed with her head facing the sky . The golden clock in her left eye turned quickly .

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