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Published at 4th of February 2020 03:18:52 PM
Chapter 476


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Tohka muttered as she watched the two of them getting into position . She’s worried about Wu Yan, he’s going up against a very dangerous opponent .


“Will he be okay on his own?”


“Shido-niisan will be able to get through this just fine…”


The timid Yoshino answered first for a change . Yoshino’s expression showed that she had absolute faith in Wu Yan’s ability to get out of this sticky situation .


“Shido-niisan will definitely win for sure…”


Kotori smiled when she heard the vote of confidence from Yoshino . Tohka was stunned at first but she beamed up .


“If it’s Shido, he’s going to be fine for sure!”


Kotori silently muttered .


“Onii-chan, you’re my reliable Onii-chan so you better not lose…”


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He narrowed his deep red eyes at Kurumi . His eyes then turned golden, a sign that he’s going to get serious .


This change in eye color also increased the pressure of his aura . The pressure of going up against a true ancestor is now bearing down on Kurumi . Not even Kurumi can ignore this immense pressure .


Kurumi didn’t feel intimidated by this weird pressure, she got even more turned on . It’s like she’s completely smitten in her own twisted manner .


“As alluring as ever, this bloody pressure that hints at a greater strength…”


She brandished her guns and she called out to her angel .




The clock turned as if in tune with her left eye . The seventh digit on the clock lit up and dark power infused the flintlock gun .


A gold glint flashed in Wu Yan’s golden eyes and the flimsy blade in his hand started burning . No, it’s doing its job as a flaming blade . The heat is no joke since she can feel the heat even when she’s still a distance away from him . The embers fluttered in the air around Wu Yan like crimson Sakura petals .




Mana cried out in shock after seeing Wu Yan clad in flames . She gasped this at this bizarre sight .

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“ There is no equipment that can spew flames like that . Could it be that the squad leader’s ability to manipulate flames came from his identity as Efreet? But Efreet’s supposed to be female . ”


Wu Yan’s flame clad figure looked like he’s the sovereign of fire . He looked just like Kotori when she had her spirit powers released . She can’t help but find herself staring at Wu Yan with a mesmerized look .


He stomped the ground, leaving a footprint burned into the ground . Jumping up, he slashed at Kurumi .


Kurumi just loaded her gun and before she can fire it, the sizzling hot blade emitted a sea of flames that threatened to engulf her . She stopped aiming Wu Yan but the flames had already surrounded her .


A wall of arms came burst out between Wu Yan and Kurumi . She retreated away in the meantime . The fire reduced the wall of arms to ashes without any trouble . As the wall crumbled away, Kurumi waited for the smoke and ashes to clear up before firing her gun once she regains vision on her target .


Wu Yan anticipated this and he unleashed lightning bolts that intercepted the Seventh bullet . The dark film enveloped his lightning and make them stop in motion .


While she is surprised, a black figure armed with a flaming sword arrived in front of her . She regained just enough sense to know that Wu Yan is in front of her but she couldn’t do anything against Wu Yan’s impending attack . Their eyes met just as Wu Yan swung Nietono no Shana at Kurumi .


In a flustered manner, she made a hasty block with her musket . It stopped the blade but the embers from the sword burned her Astral Dress slightly, a testament to its destructive power .


As if this went according to her plan, she revealed a victorious smile as she aimed her flintlock gun at Wu Yan’s forehead .


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The flintlock gun made the spectators hold their breath for just a moment but they immediately released a sigh of relief .


The bullet didn’t hit Wu Yan since he used an iron sand sword to deflecting her flintlock gun away from his body .


“Return to Horizon Waltz!!!”


Wu Yan’s Nietono no Shana started shining with a bright red crimson color .




The sword beam forced the musket against Kurumi and she felt the air leaving her lungs from the impact . Like a crazed berserker, Kurumi forcefully exerted some strength to smash the musket back against Wu Yan’s chest making him heave in pain as well .


He decided to give her a kick to the torso and Kurumi had the same idea so both of them sent each other flying with their legs .


“First bullet, Aleph!”


Kurumi used the first bullet on herself after calling out to her angel .


“Seventh bullet!!!”


The seventh digit lit up but two streams of power entered both her guns, one for each gun . She used her speed to quickly travel to Wu Yan’s back .


Still flying back from the impact, Kurumi thought she got the drop on him but Wu Yan covered his body with more flames that radiated outwards like flame whips . Suffice to say, the flame whips did more than just burn her, the sudden impact was enough to make her spit out some blood .



Bluish-white lightning surged within the flames, however, the lightning is only a distraction, something Kurumi noticed a little too late before she saw an orange laser flying her way .




She fired the first seventh bullet at the orange laser, making it stop . Then, she fired the second seventh bullet at the center of the flames with her musket .


The flames froze like it’s an inanimate painting . But, Wu Yan got out just in time before the bullet took effect .


Suddenly, a pale arm with a red sheen slammed Wu Yan after bursting out of the ground . Wu Yan got slapped hard and he flew away .


The battle began just 10 seconds ago . Their fight is already this intense at the outset .

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